The Boss stops by

Rosenthal: Hairston close to deal with Pads
Yanks bullpen in good hands

So here’s an interesting if typical late January story: George Steinbrenner stopped by Steinbrenner Field late last week and spent four hours in the office. He said he is “feeling good” and is excited for the upcoming season. It’s a typical story because this seems to be the extent of the media’s exposure to George. It’s interesting because this is the first we’ve heard from Steinbrenner since the season ended. Clearly, the Boss is not at full strength anymore. His days of roaring are over.

Rosenthal: Hairston close to deal with Pads
Yanks bullpen in good hands
  • Meat Loaf

    Not to disagree with you Ben, but I see this another way: When the Yankees won the WS, it seemed like George was at death’s door, ready to die any day. I’m glad to see, at least, that he isn’t bedridden and dying a slow and painful death.

    • JGS

      and here I thought his death was imminent as soon as they renamed Legends Field after him. good for him

      • Mike D

        I’m with you on this one. It’s been obvious for a few years that Mount St. George was no longer going to erupt, but it also seemed like he was a rapid decline. We wouldn’t see him for months at a time, and then when he showed up he seemed worse than the last time he appeared. It looks like his health has stabilzed for the time being, so good to see he’s capable of showing up, putting in a few hours, and enjoying his team in his later years wile Hal and company run the organization.

  • Tom Zig

    I’m glad to see he is able to make appearances every now and again. I’m also glad that his days of being so controlling are over.

    • Bo

      Because his controlling ways were bad? The value of the team only went from 10 mil to over a billion.

  • Drew

    How the mighty fallrelinquish their power to their children… Thank Mo for The Boss and I hope he’s around for a while! Let’s get another for Big Stein!