Yanks trade Mitch Hilligoss for Greg Golson


Back in the day, a move like this would have flown under the radar. But now we have schmucks, like the guy covering MLBTR today, digging up little tidbits to satiate our transactional thirst. As MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan reports, the Yankees have sent Mitch Hilligoss to the Rangers for outfielder Greg Golson. It’s a small-time move, for sure — the Rangers DFA’d Golson last week to make room for Khalil Greene. The Yanks are the beneficiaries, trading a guy with no future on the team for a possible outfield option.

The 21st overall pick in the 2004 draft, Golson spent most of his professional career in the Phillies system. Known primarily for his speed, Golson didn’t flash much of anything else during his journey from A ball to AA. His OBP never hit even .330 until his age-22 season, in AA, and even then it sat at .333. His contact and power numbers were decent for a speedster, however, as he racked up 120 hits, 35 of which went for extra bases, over 426 at-bats in 2008. The Phillies then traded him to Texas for John Mayberry.

Golson slipped in 2009, his batting average dropping to .258, his OBP to .299, and his SLG to .334, all while in the hitter-friendly PCL. But even before then he lost the prospect luster. John Sickels extended his top 20 Rangers prospects to 24, and still Golson fell into the “others” list. Baseball America clearly left him out of their top 10, though Golson did rank as the best athlete, fastest baserunner, and best outfield arm in the organization.

For the Yanks, this represents just another low-risk move. Hilligoss, most remembered for his 38-game hitting streak in the Sally League three years ago, probably won’t amount to much, especially in the Yankees’s system. All Golson costs is one of the free 40-man roster spots, and even then it doesn’t seem like they’ll hesitate to cut him if the need arises. For now he’ll compete for a spot on the team in Spring Training, though chances are the Yankees will just stash him in AAA. It appears he was added to the 40-man roster after the 2008 season, so he’ll have options.

Credit: AP Photo/Tom Mihalek

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  1. JSquared says:


  2. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Another speedy guy with little power who strikes out a lot. The Yankees are acting like Randolph and Mortimer Duke and trying to corner the market.

  3. Rose says:

    Why didn’t Texas have to DFA anyone on the 25 man roster for Greene? Or are they going to do that later when the season nears?

  4. Looks like we’re trying to saturation-bomb our way to an LF solution, rather than bringing back Johnny Damon. Golson = more cannon fodder.

    It’s not all that bad of a strategy.

  5. bexarama says:

    He’s from the Phillies so he’s probably going to start talking about how Andy sucks and he can hit Mariano Rivera any minute now.


    Yeah, I’m not crazy about him, but it’s not like we gave up anything either.

  6. Chip says:

    Great, now who’s going to break Joe D’s mark?

  7. Mike Axisa says:

    It’s been real, Hit Streak. Following the 38 gamer was one of the coolest experiences in DotF history.

  8. ARX says:

    Minor correction: his 2009 triple slash was .258/.299/.344. Which is a shame because a .229 OBP in a full season of play would be quite an accomplishment.

  9. Bo says:

    Cant wait to we get the comments that say Golson should be competing for the LF job. Between him and Hoffmann and Gardner I dont know who the 2010 all star will be.

  10. Mo says:

    Interesting though that a trade for an outfielder was made with the Texas Rangers. Maybe, this dialogue is where the Nelson Cruz rumor started or maybe this is the failed result of Cashman attempting to negotiate a deal for Cruz. Or better still, maybe this opened the dialogue for a Cruz to the Yanks swap.

  11. Reggie C. says:

    And to think that Hilligoss was once one of the 4 players packaged in a trade proposal for Johan Santana.

  12. A.D. says:

    Best LF defensive depth in the league.

  13. A.D. says:

    Does Golson have options left?

  14. Steve H says:

    Fun fact.

    Golson has as many sacks in the NFL as Gholston.

  15. Mister Delaware says:

    Better Sept. 1st PR callup than Guzman. Sooo … that’s cool.

  16. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Gardner, Golson and Hoffmann all in the outfield. Imagine teh UZR!!11!!!1

  17. Rose says:

    Career .308 OBP is pretty God-awful. They might just be stockpiling backups for the minors or if somebody gets hurt.

    He’s certainly not the answer. The Gardner/Hoffman/Golson albatross is fine…but only because the rest of the team is so tits. You could put Tommie’s microwaved burrito out there and the Yankees would still bash heads into the turnbuckle.

    I’d still be a lot more comfortable with Reed Johnson or something with a little higher upside lol but whatever.

  18. TarHeelYankee says:

    This is how good it is to be a Yankee fans ……. If we were Met fans this would be a block buster

  19. Richard Griffith says:

    First, you call the guy a schmuck for reporting it and then you write 4 paragraphs on it. If it was not for these schmucks, you’d have nothing to write about. You owe this schmuck an apology for contributing to the “digging up little tidbits to satiate our transactional thirst”.

  20. Steve B. says:

    OMG, Joe Paw !!…calling Mike Axisa a “schmuck” !!…nice. I agree.

    What can you expect from a guy who HATES “Seinfeld” ??

  21. RollingWave says:

    i remember seeing Golson a few years back in ST games, he’s a freaking peice of human speciman that’s for sure, looks like a olympic sprinter on roids (you know, Michael Johnson) those guys in the booth were impressed simply by his look.

    It’s too bad he has no tools in this little thing called hitting a baseball.

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  23. [...] (well, one of those anniversaries anyway), but today is also the one-year anniversary of the deal that brought Greg Golson to New York. DotF Hall of Famer Mitch Hilligoss headed to Texas in the deal, and he [...]

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