Demo continues on 161st and River Ave.


After opening their new stadium in style last year, the Yankees’ old home continues to be torn down across the street. Gary Dunaier snapped some photos of the demolition of the Old Stadium from a moving downtown 4-train earlier this week. The escalator bank in left field is gone, ditto the rightfield bleachers and the wall above them. Make sure you click through the first link for all of Gary’s pics.

(h/t TYU)

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  • Coach6423

    Axisa, are you trying to make me cry on a Saturday…..

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      This. Bad enough I have to be inside working on a law school paper today. Now I get punched in the gut too.

  • Poopy Pants

    OW! OUCH! It hurts. It hurts…

  • bexarama

    This has now ruined my day. >:(

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      Just wait until fans start showing up at Yankee Stadium in two months and are greeted with the House that Ruth Built amidst demolition. That’ll be shocking.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/walnutcreek Adam

    Boy wish I have access to inside Old Yankee Stadium so add photos to flickr page.Must the photos which to of the new going up were photos which had largest vistors my web page http://www.flickr.com/photos/walnutcreek. We die fan will miss the place.Who took this great shot.

    Take care,

  • Bxbomber

    Breaks my heart as not only a Yankee fan, but a Bronx native.

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