FOX set to air seven Yankee games in ’10


The good folks at FOX have released their 2010 slate of baseball games, and for Yankee fans who have no desire to hear more of Tim McCarver and Joe Buck than is necessary, the news is not comforting. The Yankees will appear on FOX seven times this season, and two of those games will be dreaded Saturday night baseball games. I can think of few people with whom I would rather not spend my Saturday night than McCarver and Buck.

“We’ve been thinking about taking a few of our afternoon dates to prime time dates for quite some time now, and this season’s schedule is so strong that the time seemed right,” FOX Sports President Ed Goren said in a press release. “There is still no platform that has the reach of prime time broadcast television.”

I personally can’t stand Saturday night baseball games. Especially during the summer months, baseball is a game meant to be played during the day on weekends under the bright sun and a blue sky. Maybe that’s the romantic baseball nostalgia in me talking, but I’d rather spend my weekend days watching games and my weekend nights doing something else entirely. As always, baseball has put itself and its game start times at the mercy of its TV partners.

Anyway, mini-rant aside, these are your Yankees games set to appear on FOX this year. All games are on Saturdays and start at 4:05 p.m. unless otherwise noted: April 10 @ Tampa Bay (3:05 p.m.); April 24 @ Angels; May 8 at Boston (3:05 p.m.); May 22 @ Mets (7:05 p.m.); June 26 @ Dodgers (7:05 p.m.); July 17 vs. Tampa Bay; and August 7 vs. Boston. The full MLB on FOX schedule can be found right here.

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  1. Mike Axisa says:

    Great, there’s seven guaranteed losses.

  2. A.D. says:

    I can think of few people with whom I would rather not spend my Saturday night than McCarver and Buck.

    This will be watched at the bar, preferably one that doesn’t play the sound.

  3. A.D. says:

    7 games and only 2 at home, sheesh

  4. pat says:

    If you have a new enough TV or a surround sound system you can turn the center channel speaker off and just listen to all the background noise. Makes games much more enjoyable.

  5. i went to a bunch of saturday met games (free tickets) and for some reason the majority of them were at 7 pm,. this really ground my gears

  6. espresso says:

    For us out of town fans I need Fox and ESPN to carry as many games as possible. I can’t talk my wife in to getting Extra Innings so I am at the mercy of national broadcasts. We left coasters appreciate the later start times too.

    The day game against the Angles during the playoffs had me raging that MLB let them put a game on in the middle of a week day when. That one of the teams was from the west coast just made it harder to take.

    • Drew says:

      When I lived in Miami I had to get Extra Innings so I could watch. Best $180 I ever spent. I’m not sure how much it costs now a days but you’ve got to convince the better half to get it.

      • Andy says:

        When it works! I find the ED sums up my thoughts on it…

        http://encyclopediadramatica.com/MLB.tv (lots of swearing)

        This will be my sixth season and to be honest I’m dreading the technical aspect of it as they always screw the pooch to within an inch of its life. It feels like they’re in a constant state of beta, Silverlight was bad enough but Flash is crippling at the higher resolutions! I sorted out a PC strong enough to play it and ended up watching the final few innings of several big games at a later time due to losing connection to the MLB.tv servers.

        Having said all that I’m stuck with it, Channel 5 canned their coverage in the UK and ESPN is me paying multiple times the MLB.tv subscription for UFC and other rubbish that I’ve got no interest in just to pick up the odd game.

    • Lanny says:

      It really is worth the money.

    • Yankeegirl49 says:

      If my other half told me no, my response would be “I work, I’m buying it, too bad”.

  7. Drew says:

    …this is the cost of winning the WS.

  8. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    There is nothing in this world less enjoyable to listen to than a disinterested Joe Buck. After the “success” of his HBO, and me very well be jaded AND disinterested. Scary thought.

  9. Lanny says:

    There are plenty of fan bases who would happily change schedules.

  10. Riddering says:

    I get so excited for baseball until I remember the announcers we have to put up with so often.

    And then I cry to myself in the shower.

  11. gc says:

    At the risk of alienating the RAB faithful, I have to admit I don’t really have an issue with Buck or McCarver. Honestly, I find the rage against certain announcers to be rather silly. I remember reading several articles from Yankee fans railing against Buck and McCarver as being so obviously anti-Yankees that it was embarrassing. Yet I watched one of the WS games at a friends house last year who had a bunch of Phillies fans in attendance. They wouldn’t stop going on and on about how Buck and McCarver were so obviously anti-PHILLIES, that Buck/Mac were so rooting for the Yankees to win and worshipping them and what not. The whole thing made me chuckle. It’s all a matter of perspective. People hear what they want, I suppose.

    That being said, I do miss the old Saturday afternoon NBC Game of the Week with Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola. Good times. :)

  12. ant says:

    ugh terrible, i just hope that none of the games in my ticket package are fox games. Because the extra long mid innings and games starting a half hour late are pretty gay.

  13. Tom Zig says:

    Does anyone else find it funny that Keith Law asked Jim Caple if he was writing the “Runs are the most important stat” piece as a parody?

    Am I allowed to link to ESPN insider pieces?

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