How well do you know your 2009 Yankees?


If you’re looking to kill some time at the office, or are just bored at school, then take this quiz to see if you can name every player who played for the Yankees in 2009 in under six minutes. I missed just one stinkin’ relief pitcher, and it made me hate him even more. Once you finish, tell us how you did in the comments. But don’t cheat, I’m sure there will be some spoilers in the thread.

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  1. Moshe Mandel says:

    Epic fail on my part- missed Shelley Duncan and Brett Tomko.

  2. Brian says:

    I missed Towers and Cash- I kept trying to type in Chris Stewart as the 4th catcher.

  3. Slugger27 says:

    i missed shelley duncan, josh towers, and michael dunn

    even after seeing their names i dont even remember them playing

  4. DP says:

    I missed Shelly, Tomko, Towers.

  5. Thomas says:

    Missed Dunn, Towers, and Xavier frickin’ Nady. Also, why was Nady listed for LF, since he only played RF and DH.

    • Slugger27 says:

      he was one of the last guys i remembered, and thinking of a LFer really threw me off as well

      • Mike Axisa says:

        I got him pretty quickly, but IPK took a while. I was sitting there saying to myself “who the hell pitched in just one game? Swisher! No wait…”

        • DP says:

          Haha this site made me think of Kennedy. I had players running through my head and I was thinking “Joba, Hughes….oh Big Three! IPK!”

        • Thomas says:

          By the end, I was just trying to think of people in the DotF that may have come up. I was like “Brackman? No. Garcia? No. Kennedy? Yes.”

          Also, Stephen Jackson wasn’t on the list. He definitely should have been with a 0 games next to his name.

          • Slugger27 says:

            the last 1:15 i didnt enter a name, just sat there frustrated

            the 42 names i got, i got in the first 4:45

            apparently shelley duncan doesnt have the memorable personality i once thought he did

            • Salty Buggah says:

              Haha, same here. Veras, Ramirez, and Shelley took forever. But once I though of Veras, I got the other two.

              • Not the Rays says:

                Veras was the first name that came to me. Before any starters. Even after the championship, I can’t quite get the taste of his epic suck out of my mouth.

  6. Sean says:

    I got 43/45 I missed Anthony clagget and kept spelling Johnathon instead of Jonathon albaledejo. 94th percentile ill take it

  7. Rey22 says:


    I am in class though…that has to count for something.

    • Mattingly's Love Child says:

      36/45 for me too. I was on a conference call, not doing anything in the call, but I was supposed to be paying attention to something else. But really, it’s still a failure.

  8. Christos says:

    32, i suck

  9. Salty Buggah says:

    44/45. Missed Josh freakin Towers. So close.

  10. Pedro (from Brazil) says:


    I had a hard time to put all the relievers names….couldn`t spell the names right….

    • ColoYank says:

      Good job, Pedro! Spelling, especially names, can be difficult.

      Glad to have you on the site – the reach of RAB: around the world, to all corners of the globe!

  11. Stryker says:

    missed kevin cash and josh towers. kept trying to spell “jonathan” rather than “jonathon”.

  12. bexarama says:

    Phil Coke appeared in 69 games? Whoah.

    I missed Towers, Nady, Ramirez, and freakin’ Bruney. How could I forget Bruney? Maybe I was TRYING to.

  13. Mac says:

    Forgot: Guzman, Clagget, Veras

    Could not spell: Albalajejoioieoe

  14. vin says:

    37… but I missed at least 2 minutes because I’m at work.

    Berroa, Nady, Duncan, Hinske, Bruney (doh!), Melancon (yeah my head just wasnt into it), Towers, and Kennedy.

  15. ADam says:

    Im just a bad speller

  16. JeffG says:

    I can’t spell worth a shit and waisted half my time on Jonathon Albaladejo – I think they screwed me because of jonathOn and not jonathAn…

  17. JMK the Overshare’s Mystique and Aura says:

    Yet another reason to hate Albie.

  18. 39/45

    i missed dunn, guzman, powder, tomko, towers, shelley

  19. RCK says:

    Why wouldn’t it let me put in Melancon?

    I missed a few of the relievers and Xavier Nady! Can’t believe I forgot about him. Maybe if they’d had him right field! But I kept saying to myself, “left field? who the hell else played left field?”

    Also, I’m going to use the at work excuse. I had to click away when my boss came over to talk to me and lost about 30 seconds.

  20. joemomma says:

    i barely did it…made it till 22 seconds. i was missing Miranda and clagget and Dunn

  21. Missed Guzman and Towers. Remembered Kevin cash at the last second.

  22. John says:

    37, i missed clagget, towers, guzman, marte, nady, cmw, albaladejo and someone else.. So upset at myself. If anyone says they got towers or claggett then you deserve a prize

  23. J.J. says:

    I got 40/45. I missed Guzman, Dunn, Towers, IPK, and of course… stupid Brett Tomko!!!

  24. Riddering says:

    That was more fun than I’d like to admit. I was so mad at myself for forgetting Alphabetsoup, Ramirez, Miranda, and Guzman even though I got Dunn, IPK, and Clagget.

    The memory works in freaky ways.

  25. king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

    i missed towers (easily forgiven yes?)…

    …and Nady and Wang.


  26. Head Scratcher says:

    I got 41/45. I forgot K-Rob, Aceves, Melancon, and Edwar. All the more reason to DFA Edwar!

  27. Chris A says:

    Missed Jose Veras. I completely wiped him from my memory.

  28. arosen15 says:

    Towers and Clagget got me. I also need to spell out Tex’s name more. That cost me 40 seconds. I got Duncan and Nady under the wire

  29. Chip says:

    I just about missed it but remembered that Wang actually did pitch for them. I was going, how am I missing 12 starts?!?!?

  30. AndrewYF says:

    I totally forgot Angel Berroa played for the Yankees in 2009. That sure was a tale of two seasons, huh? April and the rest of the year. Seems to be the way the Yankees tend to go.

  31. Big Juan says:

    44/45. Forgot about Clagget. For some reason, Hairston took me awhile too. I think it’s cause he was listed at 2B and I was thinking of him in the OF.

  32. BG90027 says:

    I tried this yesterday and got 39. I lost some time due to work and struggling with the spelling of a few. I wouldn’t have gotten Towers or Clagget no matter how much time you gave me and I somehow spaced on D Rob. I ran out of time trying to spell Tex’s name right and it wouldn’t accept my spelling on Berroa (“That guy who sucked who beat matsui for ROY”) or Guzman (“that other fast guy”).

  33. Lucas A. says:

    Ehh … missed 5 (Claggett, Tomko, Kennedy, ShellDunc, and somehow Nady)

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