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NoMaas interviews Brian Cashman

Surely you’ve seen this by now, but NoMaas sat down for a chat with Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman. The whole thing is well worth your time, though I found his comments about trading Austin Jackson for Curtis Granderson (“What Granderson is currently doing in the big leagues, we didn’t necessarily project for Austin Jackson.”) particularly interesting. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I take it as Cashman basically saying they sold high as Jackson, that they felt his value might never get any higher than it is right now.

Either way, make sure you check it out. The mustest of must reads.

Chan Ho parking himself in the Bronx?

DUCWIDT? Anyway, Jon Heyman said this morning that in addition to the Cubs and Rays, the Yankees might be a potential landing spot for free agent swingman Chan Ho Park. Park – who had a 1.84 ERA and a .543 OPS against after June 2nd last year – would surely make a fantastic addition to the bullpen if it wasn’t for two thing: a) the Yankees have at least three pitchers on their staff that do the swingman thing already, and b) there’s just no money for him.

Park made $2.5M last season, and will probably have to settle for a little less than that this late in the offseason, but the team’s recent bullpen construction suggests they’re adverse to paying big money for a reliever, unless they have a long track record of near-elite performance. Park’s a quality pitcher, but I’m not sure they really need him, or that they could even afford him if they wanted.

Milo dismissed from UVM hockey team

Yankees’ prospect Justin Milo was dismissed from the University of Vermont hockey team this week for unknown reasons. The Yanks’ 37th round pick in last year’s draft fell because he has legitimate NHL potential and wanted the opportunity to continue his hockey career at Vermont, something that will usually scare teams away. Whether or not Milo’s dismissal from the team pushes him toward baseball full-time remains to be seen.

The 22-year-old hit .256-.432-.389 last season, mostly with Short Season Staten Island. He’s a speedy lead off type, possessing strong contact skills and walking more than he struck out in his pro debut. If he focuses on baseball, Milo could develop into a useful player pretty quickly.

Update: Matt sent in some more info. He was dismissed essentially for a lack of effort, and the Yanks are making arrangements for him to get to Spring Training. He’ll then finish up classes so he can graduate before continuing his baseball career. Between him and Jamie Hoffmann, the Yanks’ have a mean top line.

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    • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

      Brett wishes he had as much Grit as Milo. No way a South Carolina boy has more grit than a hockey-playing slap hitter.

  1. T-Dubs says:


    Does Uncle Cletus Widdle Indian Douche Teepees?

  2. Derby says:

    I’m thinking that Cashman knew that at best Jackson would be about as good as Granderson is, so he took the sure thing and took Granderson. I liked jackson but I was never a fan of his high K rate. It’ll be interesting to see how he performs in the majors, but cash money did a hell of a job this offseason and I am so happy that spring training has officially started.

    • I’m thinking that Cashman knew that at best Jackson would be about as good as Granderson is, so he took the sure thing and took Granderson.

      Not to be an ass, but where does everyone get this from? Did any scout/baseball-person actually say this?

      • Chris says:

        It’s pretty straightforward from the interview:

        SJK: Why were you willing to give up Austin Jackson for Curtis Granderson?

        CASH: Granderson is a “now player.” What Granderson is currently doing in the big leagues, we didn’t necessarily project for Austin Jackson. We thought Jackson would be an above-average everyday player. Did we see 30 HR potential? Not necessarily. It’s easier to bet on Granderson than the projections of what Jackson may or will do. If Granderson was on a $100 million contract, I wouldn’t have made the trade. He’s on a good contract. But there is risk, Austin Jackson has a lot of talent and it could all come together sooner than you think.

        • But he said they don’t see in Jackson what they see in Granderson. Frankly, I don’t think anyone should see Granderson in Jackson. I highly doubt Jackson will ever hit for the same power Granderson does.

          • Ed says:

            Right, at this point in time I don’t think there’s any scouts or front office people that think Jackson will hit for Granderson level power.

            However, when Jackson was drafted, people felt that if he put on muscle and improved his hitting, he had a chance of becoming what Granderson is. It’s pretty clear that he hasn’t improved enough over the years to reach that level, but the fans are going to come to grips with that the slowest.

        • And, I was talking more about the previous mentioning of this line, before the interview. Even around the time, that’s all people were saying, yet it seemed to come out of no where.

          • Chris says:

            I don’t understand what the issue is. Everyone seems to be saying the same thing: Jackson is not as good as Granderson.

            Just because people were saying it before Cashman said it doesn’t mean it’s not valid. The whole point was to speculate on why the Yankees made some moves and not others.

            • You’re misunderstanding me. Of course Jackson won’t be as good as Granderson; I’d just like to know where this “Jackson at his best/best case scenario will be as good as Granderson” line of thinking came from.

              • pete says:

                jackson…….=……melky?? actually, i wouldn’t be at all surprised if those two stacked up pretty evenly over the courses of their careers as solid to slightly above average defensive CFs who hit for average average, obp, and power every year with average to above average baserunning.

  3. Ed says:

    I saw that Cashman comment about Austin Jackson last night and immediately thought the same thing. A-Jax always seemed to be more about what he could become than what he already was, and each year the upside seemed to be less. I’d imagine that more time in AAA without developing power would really hurt his trade value and of course limit his appeal at the major league level.

    • . A-Jax always seemed to be more about what he could become than what he already was, and each year the upside seemed to be less. I’d imagine that more time in AAA without developing power would really hurt his trade value and of course limit his appeal at the major league level.


      • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

        don’t we still want to hope that Ajax becomes Granderson if not better? doesn’t it still reflect well up on the Yankee farm system/draft team if Ajax does well?

  4. pat says:

    I wonder what the deal with Milo is? I’m pretty sure the Yanks put special provisions in his contract that he could go back and fulfill his remaining NCAA eligibility.

  5. bonestock94 says:

    Wow, the cashman interview was really great.

  6. radnom says:

    The Nomaas interview was SO good.

    95% of mainstream coverage of the team is superficial and redundant to fans who follow the team at the level we do, yet 100% of access is given to this portion of the media. It was so refreshing to see some of the questions they asked him, I thought they really did a nice job.

  7. radnom says:

    The Milo story has been updated (in the same publication) here:

    Sneddon declined to elaborate on the reasons why the Edina, Minn., native was removed, but Milo said he was told that “basically they didn’t think I was giving it my full effort.”

    Junior forward Justin Milo called his dismissal from the University of Vermont men’s hockey team“unfair” Tuesday evening, saying he was banished for a lack of the attributes he most takes pride in having as an athlete.

    • T-Dubs says:

      Reeks of “more to the story”ness

    • radnom says:

      Seems weird,

      He described the meeting with Sneddon as brief and that he was told “my attitude and level of play were not consistent” and that he was being removed from the team.

      it said he was second on the team in points? The coach isn’t talking, but I wonder what his side is.

      As far as the Yankees are concerned:

      He said the Yankees are making plans for him to attend spring training “to get into baseball shape,” and he will then finish up his courses and graduate before joining one of the minor league teams.

      Asked if the decision had to do with Milo’s minor league baseball career, Sneddon said, “It was certainly nothing to do with baseball; it had everything to do with hockey.”

  8. Milo’s a nice kid from what friends have told me. That’s too bad. But hey, if it pushes him toward baseball, that’s great for us. UVM has been horribly inconsistent this year and rumor has it the coach has been losing control of the team. They cut the baseball team last year, so he’s pretty much done with his collegiate career unless he transfers AGAIN, but that makes no sense.

    Anyway, Milo will be staying in school and graduating in the Spring, so if he were to join the team, he probably wouldn’t be ready until May.

    There’s no money for CHP and if anything we’re looking for a better lefty, not righty. Sure, he was overall pretty good with the Phillies, but look at his stats before that. Meh. I just don’t see a spot for him unless he’s interested in a ST invite and a deal with lots of incentives.

    The NoMaas interview was solid. Good work on their part.

  9. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Could you imagine if Milo plyed for the Rangers and the Yankees? Mike would have a new favorite player.

  10. vtbando says:

    My co-worker has a sports talk radio show here in VT and he heard it had to do with Milo’s attendance at an “inappropriate party” combined with a heated shouting match he had with Coach Sneddon. He’s interviewed Sneddon for his show a few times and had lunch with him another — so he’s going to try find out more on the story. If it was due to “conduct detrimental to the team and university” it wouldn’t be terribly surprising that he was dismissed. The team is going nowhere this season, and the school has had a quick trigger with regard to dismissing players ever since the whole Elephant Walk fiasco years ago.

  11. T-Dubs says:

    Another story about the Granderson trade. This from Detroit’s perspective. Found this part interesting:

    Leyland declines to criticize Granderson, whom he said is, “everything that is right about baseball, good-looking, bright, articulate, a good player with a chance to be a helluva player.”

    The only negative that Leyland raises, if you even want to call it that, is that Granderson might have been too occupied with his community and charitable work in Detroit.

    “I do think we took a little bit advantage of him from an organizational standpoint. He was one of those guys who wouldn’t say no to anybody,” Leyland said. “And there were some things he and his agent were doing on their own.

    “Did it hinder his performance? I can’t answer that question. … But if he comes into New York and tries to do too much (off-the field work), that will be tough for him. New York is a little bit different than Detroit.”


  12. The Three Amigos says:

    My favorite line from the interview… besides from the video…

    SJK: When God created OBP, did he also create Nick Johnson?
    CASH: Well, he would be in that category. I just hope for good health, because if he’s healthy the numbers will be there.

  13. Henry says:

    I actually attended the University of Vermont. Sad our baseball team got cut. It’s funny how many times I met Milo and never really thought he’d be a Yankee one day.

  14. [...] to find out the Yankees had signed Chan Ho Park to a one-year deal when I woke up this morning. We heard some rumblings about the team having possible interest in Park last week, but I wrote it off as the typical [...]

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