Sunday stories: Spring training, Posada, Montero, Rivers

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Edwar, we hardly knew ye

There’s nothing new from us yet, but while you drink your morning cup of coffee check out these stories.

  • Arizona ponying up for spring training. Florida has long been the favored site for spring training, but this year, for the first time, they will host the same number of teams as Arizona. The state has done a lot to accommodate teams, including subsidies for training facilities. Plus, I’m sure players enjoy training in the dryer weather. Give the Yankees fan base in Florida, I doubt they’ll ever make the move.
  • Jorge not thinking about the end. Clearly, a ballplayer won’t admit weakness, especially to the press. So when Jorge says that “they are going to really have to rip [the uniform] off me” to get him out from behind the plate, we can just attribute that to his competitive nature. But at a time when many focus on Jorge’s shortcomings, it’s nice to read a laudatory article on him.
  • Marc Carig has a Q&A with Jesus Montero that you’d probably have found anyway. My favorite quote: “I like to have fun when I’m hitting. I love to hit. If we don’t hit in baseball, it’s not baseball. This is the best thing in my life: hit home runs, have fun, hit batting practice. Hitting for me is the best thing in my life.”
  • It sounds like Mickey Rivers wants a full-time gig with the Yanks. He usually appears as a special instructor in spring training, but wants to work as a minor league instructor.

Finally, I have a serious question for people who read on the weekdays:

Should RAB focus more on weekend stories?
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Open Thread: Updated tribute video
Edwar, we hardly knew ye
  • Zack

    “Hitting for me is the best thing in my life.”

    Watching you hit will be the best thing in all of our lives Jesus.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)


  • Christos

    I would be all for Mickey Rivers. It would be similar to what the Mets did with Rickey Henderson a couple years back to help Jose Reyes

  • Camilo Gerardo

    So what is the difference between a weekend stoy and a week story again?

    • Mike Axisa

      Nothing. We just don’t post anything substantial or as frequently during the weekend.

      • aldot

        You’re doing a yeoman’s job as it is. I trust when there’s something news/discussion-worthy, weekday or weekend, you’ll be there. No need for fluff anyway. That’s the beauty of RAB.

  • Matt Imbrogno

    IMO, it doesn’t really matter. If there’s a big story, we know you guys will get it. If not, we know you won’t just throw fluff up there and that’s not a bad thing.

    • Big Juan


      • SamVa

        Agreed to the max. If there is something that is big you guys are always on it.. but I don’t think you should go out of your way to create something to write about. RAB gets me through the week… No need to turn into the MSM and start talking about Jeter playing somewhere else.. How are people even making that into a story? Sorry.. Rant.

  • dalelama

    No probs with the way it is…you guys deserve some down time

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      For all the money I spend on this site I demand…….wait a sec…

    • Cecala

      Agreed, plus right now there really is not much to write about besides the daily spring training update. Plus once the season comes around there will be weekend games so it evens itself out.

    • kimonizer

      Totally agree with this. Considering the amazingness of the RABbis, we would all be fools to ask for more. If the site can get better, the three of you will figure out the best way to about it. In my mind there is no question that this is the best blog for any of the teams I follow.

  • Reggie C.

    Aside from the Sunday stories post and afternoon open thread, updating RAB over the weekend isn’t needed. Last thing the readership needs is for the site-runners to get burned out. DoTF is looming and that’s a big enough gig, so you guys get your rest.

  • Dan Novick

    So it kinda sorta sounds like Jesus might want to stick at catcher. Am I reading that correctly?

  • Drew

    The format you currently follow is perfect so I don’t see a need for change.

  • lordbyron

    How long before the Pirates sign Edwar?

  • Bob Stone

    I didn’t vote in the question Joe posted today:
    “Finally, I have a serious question for people who read on the weekdays:

    Should RAB focus more on weekend stories?”

    I think the mix of stories, their frequency and their content is great the way it is. Why would a weekday reader care about weekend stories one way or the other. If you read on the weekdays, you can always scroll back to the weekend stories and vice versa.

    Maybe I am being a little dense here, but I don’t understand thequestion the way it is phrased. I think everything is great the way it is. Does that merit a No answer or I don’t Care. I’m not sure

  • KeithK

    There’s another reason the Yankees won’t ever move spring training to Arizona aside form the fan base. YES. The network is broadcasting a dozen spring training games this year. They’re not going to want to deal with the time difference.

    Plus you have the Tampa Steinbrenner’s.

  • zzzzzz

    you guys do a good job on the weekends as it is. relax a little!

  • Johnson
    • Big Juan

      No one is laughing.