Bronx Banter Breakdown on the Yanks’ competitors

Open Thread: Recapping the season preview
Steinbrenners in talks to sell Yanks to Dolans

Over the course of this week, Joe and Mike are previewing the Yanks’ AL East competitors. I got in on the action last week when Alex Belth of Bronx Banter asked me to join him and Cliff Corcoran on his SportsNet NY web-only video series Bronx Banter Breakdown.

In the third and final installment that we recorded on Friday, we discuss the state of the AL East. Cliff thinks the Red Sox are the Majors’ most improved team this winter, but I’m more worried about a looming Tampa team featuring a pair of guys playing for contracts. Check out the video below.

For those who missed the two other installments, the first piece examined the Yankee pitching while the second looked at the team’s offense. Thanks to Alex and Cliff for having me on, and be sure to check out Bronx Banter.

Open Thread: Recapping the season preview
Steinbrenners in talks to sell Yanks to Dolans
  • Nostra-Artist

    OK, somebody needs to say this. What they hell is it with Cliff where every time they introduce him he does the ‘Austin Powers’ Hello with one eyebrow up, one down and the little head move. STOP THAT!

    Never, ever trust a man who does that. It’s a sign of narcissism and self delusion.

    • Bo

      I think he has an email address.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Red Sox most improved? They’ll win what 2 or 3 more games this season compared to last?

    They changed a lot and improved sure but I still don’t think it’s enough to overtake the Yankees. I agree with being more worried about the Rays. Their pitching is wonderful and they have a pretty solid offense too. Defense is top notch as well.

    Perhaps this year is where it’ll be an actual 3 man race til the very end.

    • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC


      No love for Seattle?

      I know their offense is weak, and some here have gone into a reactionary I’ve-heard-so-much-about-how-improved-Seattle-is-that-I’m going-too-far-the-other-way mode, but I don’t see how the Sox are more improved than the Mariners.

      A better team, Hells-to-the-yes. More improved? I’m not convinced.

      • Bo

        You just said it.

        Their offense is weak.

        You dont win 90+ games with Casey Kotchman hitting 3rd.

  • Cecala

    If only Ben concluded with a “Stay classy San Diego.”

    • Accent Shallow

      Really? Really?

      • Cecala

        Yes, discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina.

  • nz

    Love the turn towards the camera at the end.