Fan Confidence Poll: March 15th, 2010


Record Last Week: 4-3 (41 RS, 44 RA)
Spring Training Record: 5-7 (57 RS, 82 RA)
Schedule This Week: vs. Astros (Tues.), @ Phillies (Weds.), vs. Rays (Thurs.), @ Rays (Fri., split squad), vs. Tigers (Fri., split squad), @ Astros (Sat.), vs. Tigers (Sun.)

Top stories from last week:

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. pete says:

    well since A-Rod taking steroids in 2001 means that his numbers in 2010 won’t count, it’s gonna be tough to lose that production at third base. If we had Polanco, I’d be much more confident, but we don’t, so i’m going to have to go with -210002399023

  2. Kathy Agel says:

    I gave it an 8 — I’m not happy with the way the team dumped Matsui or Damon, and the Cabrera-Vasquez trade still has me steamed. Yeah, Home Run Javy looks good (though he’s still giving up dingers), but like Suzyn Waldman says, never believe what you see in spring training or in September. Vasquez will have to prove to me that he’s worth what we gave up to get him.

    Related question, sparked by the note about Kevin Towers — I was wondering if Tino Martinez is still a special assistant to Cashman — I know he’ll be doing a few games (‘selected games’, as Michael Kay put it) on YES. He did a great job in his first YES game, and I’d like to see (and hear) a lot more of him in the broadcast booth.

  3. Mike, you left out the most important bullet point of news from last week:

    The RAB 100™, a system of 5 interconnected, tiered leagues of 20 fantasy baseball franchises each with keepers and an English football-style relegation mechanism was created, and instantly became the greatest thing in the history of fantasy sports (and possibly, the world). Due to overwhelming demand and sheer, unadulterated awesomness, the possibility of a 6th tier has already been floated.

    We give because we love.

  4. A.D. says:

    9, given nothing major has happened in weeks, no reason to change.

  5. Riddering says:

    I’ll remain a 10 as long as the YES booth doesn’t turn into a ticket selling telethon.

    • Jammy Jammers says:

      The seventh inning stretch singing performance by The Butt Pirates, Pittsburgh’s Anti-Smoking Children’s Choir, was a little too much for me to handle yesterday.

  6. Jake H says:

    9 still. Would have liked to land the SS. I don’t know if he will be ready before Jeter is done playing SS thou.

  7. Do Not Feed The Trolls! says:

    I think Nick “The Stick” Johnson will have a monster year(by his standards). .420 OBP 500 SLG kinda year.

  8. H.W. Plainview says:


    John Flaherty gave me a headache…twice, I sunk all my savings into Pirates season tickets, Reid Gorecki is getting too many cuts in batting practice when they could be going towards Montero, and the future of the eighth inning is still uncertain.

    I hope Hal gets his head out of the sand and realizes that unless he forces Cashman’s hand and makes a deal for Johnny Damon come Memorial Day (Gorecki, Fortenberry, Duff + cash)we’ll never be able to compete with the rest of the NL West, much less the Rays and Sox.

  9. Steve H says:

    9, though Nick Johnson is really concerning me. If he keeps hitting like this, I don’t know how much success we can have with the bases clogged for A-Rod and Tex all the time.

    • Agreed. Lord knows that Tex and ARod are constantly shrinking from the big moment and are eager to take a walk and pass the baton; if Nick’s constantly sitting on first (or second), those extra baserunners will unnerve the pitcher and may cause him to throw more strikes to Tex and ARod to avoid more baserunners. Nobody wants that.

      What Nick should do is take fewer walks, stop going the other way so much, and instead try and constantly pull the ball, aiming for the short RF porch but ultimately falling a bit short and hitting a long flyout, so that the basepaths remain empty for Tex and ARod to calmly and passively pussy out and work a walk, which is what they wanted to do all along.

      It’s what Johnny would do. His warningtrack popflies were always done intentionally, to build great clubhouse chemistry by not always putting guys in pressure-packed RBI situations.

      We’re gonna miss his intelligent leadership. Nick’s all about stat-compiling, not about intentionally making outs for the good of the team.

  10. Rose says:

    Why is there a “Improved Command Shows in CC’s Outing” article on the Yankees website if Sabathia threw 57 pitches (29 for strikes, 28 for balls). Normally that would be talked about as “bad command” after a game. No?

  11. Reggie C. says:

    I’m down from 9. The thought of Joba’s 140 plus inning 2009 workload going down the drain as he’s designated to the ‘pen is looking more realistic. Joba’s 3rd start is gonna be a must watch.

    • Steve H says:

      I still think Joba is the leader for the #5 spot. He apparently looked strong in the 1st 2 innings last time out and then got fatigued (which is not proof he’s destined for the pen). Fatigue in ST is understandable, especially when coming back from losing 8 lbs. with the flu (and why the hell can’t I get the flu?).

    • Rose says:

      Wouldn’t go that far. The good thing for Joba is none of the starting pitchers are looking that great. So at least he can camouflage himself amongst the other disappointments for the time being…

    • The thought of Joba’s 140 plus inning 2009 workload going down the drain as he’s designated to the ‘pen is looking more realistic. Joba’s 3rd start is gonna be a must watch.

      Didn’t Girardi already say that he doesn’t start looking at guy’s spring stats/performances until after the third start anyway? Can’t remember what game, but I think I remember Joe saying something to that effect in one of the ST in-game interviews with Kay and the booth.

      I wouldn’t worry about Joba going to the ‘pen “looking more realistic” yet. Nothing that’s happened yet really matters (not Joba’s struggles, not Ace’s excellence), up until now it’s all just been guys getting into shape and trying things out. The last few starts of the spring (and the accumulated evidence from prior years) will be the ones that make the difference, IMO.

    • MattG says:

      I don’t care if his era is 62.00, if he’s healthy and hitting 94 on April whatever, he starts. I will adjust my grade downward if the Yankees start using spring results to decide roster spots!

      • JGS says:

        I don’t know. If he gives up 127 runs in the next 16.1 innings, I don’t think he should be starting

        • MattG says:

          I just picked 62 because I think that’s his uniform number, I’m not sure. If it takes him 6 starts to get ready, all that matters is he’s ready. If he’s health, throwing hard, and throwing strikes, he’s got everything you want from your fifth starter, including no innings limitation (which distinguishes him from Hughes). He is the best choice, and although that’s just technically an opinion, it is based on facts, and nearly a fact itself.

          • JGS says:

            I know (and completely agree), but a 62.00 ERA is really really really absurdly high. I was curious how many runs that would mean he would have to give up assuming he throws 20 ST innings (that’s how many he threw last year), and it came out to 127

        • pete says:

          or relieving.

    • pete says:

      if joba ends up in the pen then that means that the yankees have five starters who are better than Joba Chamberlain. That, my friend, would be an exceedingly good thing (not that I think Joba pitching out of the ‘pen in just about any non-playoff situation over the next 2-3 years could possibly be an ideal scenario for him, but it would undoubtedly be an indication of ridiculous strength in the starting rotation, and would likely also result in a truly dominant bullpen, so I can’t say that I’d let that affect my confidence

  12. steve s says:

    I am at 8 (lowest of the post-season) as I did not like hearing that one of the reasons Ace may be better off as the 5th starter was due to back problems. Also, in looking back at 2009 stats, it just occurred to me that the combined W-L records of Ace, Bruney and Abaladejo last year was 20 and 2! That is a remarkable result that is more fluke than anything but sort of indicative of a year of many breaks and comebacks that is not readily subject to duplication.

    • pete says:

      in ’09, the yankees were crazy good late in games which is unlikely to be duplicated, but then cashman went out and replaced Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera, and Hideki Matsui with Curtis Granderson, Brett Gardner, and Nick Johnson, who, if healthy, should be able to put up similar offensive numbers while massively upgrading the defense, and replaced ’09 Joba Chamberlain with innings eater Javy Vazquez, which caused the (hopefully) better 2010 Joba to replace Sergio Mitre/Chad Gaudin/Chien Ming Wang. Also, Alex Rodriguez will be replacing about 30 games worth of A-Rod replacements with 30 games of A-Rod.

      Undoubtedly, the yankees will catch some bad breaks this year, just like last year, and you don’t want to rely on catching the same good breaks again. But that’s why they went out and (significantly) improved the team from the team that won 103 games in ’09.

      And I’m just not sold on the fact that having a fifth starter candidate who could potentially beat out Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes is a sign of weakness. If your fifth starter is better than either of those guys, then you’ve got one hell of a rotation (not to mention either a hell of a backup-starter duo or a hell of a bullpen).

      In a vaccuum (or compared to historically average baseball teams), I would have voted an unquestionable 10 in this poll – I don’t think it’s really possible to construct a significantly better team without getting ridiculously lucky with FA, drafts, and timing. I voted a 9, however, because right now, and for the next five or so years (at least), the AL East will have 3 of baseballs top 5 or 6 teams, year in an year out, and you could make an argument that this year they have the top 3. Not only does this give the yankees very little wiggle room for bad breaks, but playing against such high levels of competition could also bring down the W-L records, which could affect the status of the Wildcard as an AL-East safety net.

      It’s hard to fault the Yankees based sheerly on the fact that two other teams in their division are awesome right now too, but it’s also hard to give out a 10 to a team that is going to have to continue to compete intradivisionally with two of baseball’s best teams every year for the next few years. But i would not harbor doubt for the 2010 yankees based on the fact that Alfredo Aceves is a legitimate starting candidate, nor that the 2009 team got some good breaks. All world champs do. What is important is that the FO was not blind to this, and has gone out and filled the holes and fixed the weak links.

      I know 8 is still pretty high, but if this team is an 8, I’d love to know what a 9 or a 10 look like to you.

      • steve s says:

        The down and dirty response is the same team with a younger Arod, Jeter, Mo and Andy are slam dunk 9′s. Hearing about Ace’s back problems and with the inherent difficulties involved in repeating as WS champion (even if I loved every post-season move the Yanks made) a rating of 8 out of 10 is still very confident but wary of the difficulties and luck involved in the process. To me, a 10 means you are so confident you should be willing to go to Vegas and bet the house on the Yanks to go all the way and over the last 50 year period you would have been right 9 times but right just 4 out of 8 times (pending 2010) regarding a repeat WS champ (62; 78; 99; and 2000). Those odds are too long for me to lay down a bet the house 10.

        • bexarama says:

          I don’t think the question is really “how confident are you that they’ll win the World Series?” though I understand people interpreting it as such. It’s “how confident are you in the Yankees as a team?” I think everyone’s aware how hard it is to repeat as a WS champion, especially with how much of a fluke the postseason can be.

          Also, the reason guys in our bullpen had so many wins was that, for a good portion of the season, the fourth and fifth starters were either on a strict inning/pitch count and/or absolutely terrible, though the Yankees caught up or won for good late in games. With Javy and whoever the fifth starter ends up being this year being a big improvement on the Wang/Mitre/Gaudin/God only knows who else bunch, the bullpen will probably get fewer wins.

          • steve s says:

            Good point regarding how the 20-2 record came about and I’m not saying that the 2010 Yanks can’t duplicate the wins in some other way this year. It just hit me as so flukey that it made me think about all the breaks a team needs to repeat no matter how well-put together the roster is.

        • pete says:

          gotcha. i was thinking more in terms of “how good can a team realistically be, ridiculous outliers like the ’01 Mariners and ’98 and ’27 yankees notwithstanding”. IMO, the 2010 yanks are currently around 95th percentile, so i could go with a 9 or a 10

          • LI Kevin says:

            “ridiculous outliers like the ‘01 Mariners and ‘98 and ‘27 yankees notwithstanding”
            One of these things are not like the others.
            O ver ra ted

  13. Matt says:

    I’m actually downgrading from a 9 to an 8. This injury to Cervelli is really highlighting a lack of depth in a very important position. I just have zero confidence in Posada staying healthy at this point in his career. If Cervelli is also a health risk then we have problems. Last year, the Yankees lost both their #1 and #2 catcher at the same time; I would hate to see that happen again this year but I think it’s likely.

  14. TLVP says:

    10 up from 9. Why? At this time of the year you want everyone to report, start playing and find out that there are no hidden injuries. Any news in March is likely to be bad news. Crossing my fingers, i’d say that the spring so far has been uneventful

  15. bexarama says:

    Who the heck is voting 1?

    I voted 9, just because 10 means our rotation would be, like:
    Josh Johnson
    Ubaldo Jimenez
    Plus we’d be in like the AL Central or something.

    I am very happy with the current state of the Yankees, though.

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