Gov. Paterson in ethics trouble over Yanks tix


It hasn’t been the best of weeks for David Paterson, New York’s beleaguered governor. Under siege for his role in a domestic abuse cover-up, Paterson has now been charged with an ethics violation by the state’s Commission on Public Integrity. The claim: Paterson asked for and received free tickets to Game One of the World Series from the Yankees. He may also have testified falsely under oath that he had said he would pay for the tickets when he had no intention of doing so. The Attorney General the Albany district attorney will continue this investigation.

The governor is legally barred from accepting gifts from the Yankees because the team is registered as a state lobbyist, as The Times put it, “in connection with financing for their stadium.” Our friends over at YFSF don’t view this is a big deal but the law is the law. For his part, Paterson has denied these allegations, suddenly a common theme from his administration.

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  1. *refrains from making snide comments about Paterson given that she is a New Jerseyan and not qualified to make snide comments about possibly corrupt politicians*

    • I hope we get a few more excellent Patterson-Spitzer SNL Weekend Update bits before David rides off into the sunset.


      Seth Meyers: OK, OK – can we please get back to the poll?

      David Patterson: That’s what he said! To a prostitute!

      Eliot Spitzer: Nice one! Seriously, that poll must’ve been a pretty crazy phone call to get… “Hello”

      David Patterson: “Yes?”

      Eliot Spitzer: “Uh, who would you rather have as Governor – the prostitute guy or Mr. Disaster?”

      David Patterson: “That’s a tough call to make since all options are terrible. It’s like judging a beauty contest in NEW JERSEY!

    • …and it’s not like NJ is squeaky clean on these matters. Or any other state, for that matter.

    • thurdonpaul says:

      Im also in New Jersey, Passaic County to be more exact. Yeah our politicians are not to honest either.

  2. Not The Rays says:

    Legally Blind Gov $ells Out For Yanks Tix.


  3. I remember asking this to Ben: How many whores would you give Spitzer to get him back as Governor?

    Patterson is a disaster.

    • I’m not saying he’s a good governor (he’s not), but frankly, 100 men/women out of 100 would have been judged to be a disaster if they had had David Paterson’s job running New York State.

      Albany’s been morally bankrupt for decades, but the GFC made it fiscally bankrupt as well. Paterson’s in a no-win situation. A good, skilled, savvy, excellent statesman would also have failed to get anything accomplished over the past two years.

      There’s just no money coming in and no way to cut the budget either.

      • Sure, he’s being scapegoated to a degree. The legislature are who really deserve the blame. Still, it seems even under terrible circumstances, he’s been incompetent at best. He should at least step down and let the Lt. Gov try and make some headway with a budget. Patterson is nothing but a veto slasher right now.

      • “There’s just no money coming in and no way to cut the budget either.”

        That’s what Greece said (TWGS?) and now they’re looking at the IMF doing it for them.

      • Lanny says:

        Thats a bad excuse. No problem is insurmountable. Just to say no one could have fixed it is ludicrous. They said the same thing about Louisiana and Jindal fixed it. They said the same thing about NYC in the early 90′s and Rudy fixed it. Gov’t problems are fixable if you work hard, cut spending, promote small business, cut useless programs, end handouts. Patersons problem is hes a tax and spender who doesnt get how to fix the economy. You dont just throw money at problems and raise taxes on people. It is kind of the same problem his buddy Barry is dealing with right now. More gov’t, more taxes, less enterprenurial spirit doesn’t work.

    • PsiFighter37 says:

      Yeah, having Spitzer back would be kind of nice now.

  4. Drew says:

    Dude’s got issues.

  5. It’s a shame, because I really like him. Only NY Gov I’ve actually liked for many years. He’s a big Yankee fan, big baseball fan. I’ve heard him do radio interviews and he really keeps up with the team, so it’s not just PR. He’s said all the right things about the out of control state budget, done his best with the impossible State Legislature, actually delivering a budget on time for the first time in eons.

    His sex life is none of my biz, but this one is going to be impossible for him to deal with. He’s already on the outs with the State democratic party, who wanted him to step down a while ago. So it just figured that sooner or later someone loyal to the party would take him down. It’s a shame.

  6. ADam says:

    did you check out this snl skit about patterson

  7. So all I have to do is be governor to get free Yankees playoff tickets? Hrmmmm

  8. Lanny says:

    Another Democrat in NY is a crook. Paterson joins a nice crew. Spitzer, Corbin, Barron, Malcolm Smith, Good ole Charley Rangel, etc etc etc. But hey the Democrats are looking out for everyone!

    It’s a good thing the NY Times is carrying the water to get rid of him since every politician is so afraid to be called a racist.

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