Johnson takes swings, set to play Monday

Happy Birthday, Frankie
Tynan shippin' up to Boston

Nick Johnson, the Yanks’ own version of Mr. Glass, became the first casualty of Spring Training last week when his back tightened after he caught his cleat on the turf in the batting cage. While many in the media were up in the arms over the Yanks’ reliance on the fragile lefty, Nick and the Yanks insisted he was fine. The team opted to take it slowly so that the DH would be feeling strong, and he probably could have played had it been the regular season. This morning, we learn via Joe Auriemma that Nick took 50 swings in cage, is feelin’ good just like he knew he would and plans to play Monday. And exhale.

Happy Birthday, Frankie
Tynan shippin' up to Boston
  • bexarama

    Enough with your optimism, Kabak!!!

    (Nah, this news makes me happy, not that I was panicking.)

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    Christian Garcia AND Nick Johnson are going to play in the same game?

    Someone. Will. Die.

    • Tom Zig

      Now only if Alan Horne or JB Cox could make an appearance

    • Steve H

      ::head explodes::

    • Accent Shallow

      On a bunt, they both collide attempting to cover first, and are out for the year.

  • Joseph M

    Nick Johnson is a joke. This is only the beginning.

  • Dalelama

    Awful tough turf in Florida.

  • Pete C.

    Nick Johnson should have a talk with Carl Pavano about his Yankee teamates patience with phantom injuries.

    • Joseph M

      Unfortunely, Nick’s injuries are very real and happen all the time. Check swings, bending over for a batting helmet, rounding the base at a bad angle, the big stat in Nick’s portfolio is not OBP but ODLP (on disabled list percentage). Cashman’s offseason blunders will cost this team bigtime, Nick Johnson is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • bexarama


        Do tell.

  • Charles Hudson

    Speaking of which I thought Humberto Sánchez was supposed to be on his way to semi-stardom by now.