Open Thread: Busted


That up there is the bracket of the person leading our RAB Bracket Busters pool thanks to 36 correct picks and 48 total points (somewhat ironically, it belongs to a person who called themselves “Bra(cket) Busters”). It’s only been one weekend, but I encourage them to gloat in the comments. You can see my disastrous bracket here; I’m tied for 13th with 33 correct picks and 43 total points. I guess that’s not too bad, considering, there’s 149 total brackets in our pool.

What are yours looking like? Feel free to tell us all in this, tonight’s open thread. The Nets are the only local team in action, but there’s also a new episode of 24 on. Talk about whatever you want, just be cool.


  1. I’m at 59–that’s still the top half, right?

    Also, this thing is insane:

    It’s correctly guessed Mariano Rivera, Henry VII, Brian Williams and Joe Girardi

  2. JGS says:

    Both my final 2, three of four, and four of eight gone. When ranked by possible points, I’m in 147th


    • Thomas says:

      I am presently sitting in 148 out of 149 filled out brackets and 3 points behind the person in 147th. Luckily I still can get over 100 potential points, so I may move up, but after weekend one I suck.

  3. Pasqua says:

    Need opinions:

    Trade: Nate McLouth
    Receive: Ricky Nolasco

    Yay, or nay?

  4. Jack says:

    Never doubt the giant swinging testicles of Ali Farokmanesh.

  5. E Street Shuffle says:

    Im happy to say im in dead last, with zero points. I forgot to put my picks in on yahoo

  6. Steve H says:

    I watched exactly zero games this year, and am in first. The rest of you suck.

    (please ignore that I have Kansas winning it all.)

    • Spaceman.Spiff says:

      I’m in second! With more possible points mind you, but it’ll probably go horribly wrong from here on out.

      • Steve H says:

        What’s worse, the other bracket I did, I’m in 5th place. Out of 6. I picked each bracket in less than a minute, but they’re pretty similar.

  7. Dirty Pena says:

    Are the fantasy leagues keeper?

    • Dirty Pena says:

      And if so, what are the keeper rules?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Yeah. I’m not sure yet, I don’t have to sort it out until after the season. I’m pretty sure you just pick five players, and they count as your first five picks.

      • Thomas says:

        Are we doing the 7 linked leagues, where if you are in the bottom of your league you are moved down to the next league and if you are in the top of the league you are moved up?

  8. Drew says:

    What are yours looking like? Feel free to tell us all in this, tonight’s open thread.

    No. I’d rather not.

  9. Riddering says:

    Was anyone watching MLB Network to hear them cite “being too emotional” as a reason for Joba not to be a starter?

    I thought only women could be too emotional to hold certain jobs.

    • Apparently I turned it off at a decent time then.

    • bexarama says:

      oh dear lord MLB Network’s analysis gets worse and worse. Who said this, was it Al Leiter? Please tell me it wasn’t Al Leiter. (especially because Al Leiter used to be very emotional on the mound)

      • Riddering says:

        Someone on Twitter mentioned it so I have no idea who said it. I think I need to ration my internet time because too many idiotic statements in regards to Joba give me rage blackouts.

        • Dirty Pena says:

          Among many bad things about the seemingly impending announcement is the fact that all the B-Jobbers will now be empowered.

          • Maybe. There’s also been some discussion of sending down Joba to AAA.

            I don’t get it. He was sick his first start, still weak his 2nd and then terrific/good the past two. Maybe Hughes is throwing the ball better.

            • Dirty Pena says:

              I don’t get it. He was sick his first start, still weak his 2nd and then terrific/good the past two. Maybe Hughes is throwing the ball better.

              Also: it’s SPRING TRAINING. I don’t get it either. Is Girardi really making decisions based on 12-13 IP of meaningless games? I sincerely hope not.

              • ..well, it’s ST for Hughes too. And there’s only one rotation spot open. You have to make the decision sometime.

                • Dirty Pena says:

                  I did mean for both of them (Hughes has thrown 13 IP) I just think if spring training wasn’t part of the discussion, the choice would/should easily be Joba. So is what amounts to 2 full starts of innings (including, as you said, when Joba was sick) really enough to swing the decision to Hughes?

                • Here’s the thing. If you think highly of both players, and think they’re both well suited for either role, then you have to make the decision now. It’s a close call, not a slam dunk either way. That’s why this competition wasn’t as bogus as many (including me) initially thought.

                • Dirty Pena says:

                  Sorry, I guess by me pointing out the innings, it’s making you think I think the decision should wait a week or so. I don’t, I agree the decision should be made now. I just think that the decision shouldn’t be based on spring training, however many innings are logged during spring training. I do think very highly of both, I just worry that if Joba goes to the bullpen he may stay there for good.

  10. ARX says:

    Well, my 98th place bracket is missing half of its Sweet 16, half of its Elite 8, half of its Final Four, and its Champion (fuck you Kansas), so don’t feel too bad.

  11. bexarama says:

    I have Oakland’s “30 Clubs in 30 Days” on in the background. They just referred to their fifth starter as “a nice competition.” Why can’t it be that for the Yankees??!?! Instead it’s like life, death, and a decree on their personality, likes and dislikes, etc.

    Also I wonder if John Hart knows a word to describe players other than “special.”

  12. I’m thinking of opening a Twitter account. My first Tweet will be-

    Joba announce he quit Baseball-To join WWE and change name to ‘The Jobber’

  13. bexarama says:

    Attention EVERYONE: Mo might have been wearing high socks today. This would be a glorious development.

  14. Ana says:

    So ready for this damn fifth-starter crap to be over. Between Joba and Hughes, I’m not even too worked up about which one of them gets the job…just sick of the whole MSM “read between the lines” = JOBA TO TEH 8th 4EVA stuff. Please announce it soon, Joe… then at least all we’ll have is second-guessing and irrationally angry people as opposed to pointless and baseless speculation.

  15. Rogue Trader says:

    Why Carl Crawford?

    Career: 295/335/437 OPS 772

    What’s the big deal; 50 Stolen Bases?

    I still think Matt Holliday was the right choice, for just 3M more per year you get:

    Career: 318/387/545 OPS 933


    • Mike Axisa says:

      1. You don’t know it’s just $3M more per year. It might be $4M, or $6M, or $500K.

      2. Chances are it’ll be a shorter contract. What did Holliday get, 8 years? CC might get half that.

      3. Holliday is no slouch with the glove, but CC is the best defensive leftfielder in baseball.

    • Drew says:

      Career 284/353/455 on the road for Holliday. Holliday cost 120 million dollars.

    • Steve H says:

      You’re leaving out defense. And what’s Holliday’s career line outside of Coors? Also, Holliday has spent the vast majority of his career in the inferior league. And that contract Holliday got is horrible. I would have given him 4/60. What he got? Insanity.

    • Hey ZZ says:

      Crawford was also in the big leagues when he was 20 and the Rays stuck with him through some growing pains so that skews his career line.

      Aside from an injury riddled ’08 his on base skills have been steadily improving.

      • Steve H says:

        Wow. Good point on the age.

        Crawford since his age 24 season (which was Holliday’s first season) .301/.349/.453 .801

        Holliday on the road .284/.353/.455 .808

        Pretty damn close, but one of them provides great defense, speed, and will be cheaper.

    • Meh. If I’m the Yankee GM and have a choice between Crawford and Werth for a similar deal in terms of length, I’m taking Werth. More pop, better arm, better OBP, better fielder. Just more toolsy than CC everywhere except for speed. Move Swisher to LF, put Werth in RF.

      • Mike Pop says:

        Have to disagree here. For the Yankees, they have the pop they need. Give me Crawford with that speed and defense. Plus Steve H’s comment above since he was 24. Solid.

        • pat says:

          Not to mention Crawford is 3 years younger.Werth’s strikeouts and durability history (or lack thereof) give me pause.

        • I think CC is a wee bit overrated by some folks. Good player, but not in Werth’s league as a talent. My only question with Werth is if he’s a product of that ballpark, which I’d have to investigate further.

          Here’s Carl

          Here’s Werth

          • Mike Axisa says:

            Werth is on the wrong side of 30, has bad knees, and has a much shorter track record. You’re banking on three years of ~5 win performance vs about six years of 4-4.5 win performance.

          • Steve H says:

            I hope Gardner proves he can be at least a 400 AB platoon guy this year and the Yankees don’t go overboard on either CC or Werth next year.

          • Drew says:

            Put Craw in our stadium and lineup. You know you love it.

            • Good player, I just think Werth is better and like the flexibility I detailed above.

              • Hughesus Christo says:

                How is that flexibility? You’re talking about LF and RF, not SS and C.

                • Right, I like leaving LF open as much as possible, and it’s only tied up for the 2011 season. You can move aging/declining players there, since it’s the least demanding OF position.

                  Here’s what I mean. By having LF open after 2011, you can target a RF or CF as a FA/trade, and move Grandy/Werth to LF if needed. If you sign Crawford, you’re locked in at the other two spots. Also, it’s open for Jeter or Alex if need be, both of whom will be in their late 30′s. Loads of flexibility my way.

                • Here’s what I mean. By having LF open after 2011, you can target a RF or CF as a FA/trade, and move Grandy/Werth to LF if needed. If you sign Crawford, you’re locked in at the other two spots.

                  No, you’re not.

                  Above, you claimed that:

                  [Crawford]’s a really good player, but I like the flexibility of signing Werth for RF and letting Swish walk after 2011.

                  Your “flexibility” in your Werth scenario isn’t related to Werth or Crawford, it’s related to letting Swisher walk and shifting Werth from LF to RF.

                  You can just as easily sign Crawford and then let Swish walk and shift Crawford from LF to RF. It’s the same “flexibility”. Crawford does not afford any lesser amount of flexibility than Crawford does; in fact, since he can’t play CF, he affords LESS flexibility than Crawford does.

                • Hey ZZ says:

                  Given the dimensions of Yankee Stadium wouldn’t a move to RF be better suited for Jeter/A-Rod if the Yankees were to go down that route?

  16. bexarama says:

    oh my goodness the Indians’ top two starters:
    Jake Westbrook
    Fausto Carmona


    • Steve H says:

      That makes the 5th starter debate much more tolerable.

    • Ian Kennedy was AZ’s #3 starter last time I checked. Ouch.

      Upshot of that is Dan Haren is their #1, and Webb should (hopefully) be back soon.

      • bexarama says:

        Edwin Jackson has gotta be higher up than IPK (sorry IPK)

        • Mike Axisa says:

          1. Haren
          2. Jackson
          3. IPK

          Webb’s going to start the year on the DL.

          • bexarama says:

            Durr. I forgot about that, thanks. Haren/Webb/Jackson is quite nasty if everyone is healthy, though.

            • Dirty Pena says:

              Let’s try to avoid putting Edwin Jackson and nasty in the same sentence.

              Take out 1st half of last year, career numbers:
              5.13 ERA
              1.61 WHIP
              6.15 K/9
              4.33 BB/9
              1.42 K/BB

              No thanks.

              • bexarama says:


                Still, he’s relatively young. Maybe he’s putting it all together.

              • Drew says:


                Past two years, as a 24/25 year old pitcher in the AL(East one year):

                He’s a young starter on his way up.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  I would love Edwin Jackson on my staff in the NL any day. Probably AL too.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  lol @ that.

                • Dirty Pena says:

                  4 out of the 5 numbers you presented are not good. In the AL East, he had a 1.51 WHIP and a 4.88 FIP. Last year, in that first half I cited he had a .249 BABIP. In the 2nd half he went back to being his usual self- 5.07 ERA, 1.52 WHIP. You can have him.

                • Drew says:

                  So.. you’re the same type calling Joba a bum because of some shitty periphs extremely early in his career?

                • Dirty Pena says:

                  Joba has thrown ~900 professional innings less than Jackson. Joba is two years younger than Jackson. Joba’s FIP last year was lower than Jackson’s in 2008. Jackson doesn’t even have good minor league peripherals. He beat Randy Johnson in his debut (7 years ago)!!! That’s why everyone loves Edwin Jackson.

                • Dirty Pena says:

                  Jackson’s AAA career- 4.39 ERA, 1.38 WHIP, 4 BB/9, 6.9 K/9, 5.2 BB/9, 1.33 K/BB.

                • Drew says:

                  So it’s not extremely early in E-Jax’ career? Just because he was called up when he was 19 doesn’t mean he’s not a young starter learning his craft.

                • Drew says:

                  double negative fail

                • Dirty Pena says:

                  It’s early, I wouldn’t say it’s “extremely” early. I agree there’s room for improvement, but I just highly, highly doubt he’s some future ace, since there’s nothing he’s done to suggest that. Can he be slightly above average and therefore useful? Yes. Is he “nasty”? No.

                • Drew says:

                  Well, most people reserve that nasty tag for guys with big K ability. He’s really not a K pitcher.
                  He’s got a lot more experience than Joba, but he’s only 2 years older. He was probably brought up too early, but not too much to do about that now.

                • bexarama says:

                  I just meant “nasty” in the way that that’s a tough 1-2-3, not that they’re particularly high strikeout pitchers (though Haren is and Webb is up there).

    • bexarama says:

      Carmona’s actually been very good this ST. I think he had a 1.30 ERA going into this Cubs/Indians game I have on, and he just pitched six shutout innings.

      …I think this goes to show us ****Spring Training means bupkis****

  17. pat says:

    Oh my God, Big Bang Theory sucks so hard. I need to stop subjecting myself to this.

  18. ultimate913 says:

    Why does Cloey make those facial expressions? Uhh. One day, I like her. The next, I see that constipated looking face that makes me want to punch her in the face.

  19. ultimate913 says:

    Holy ****. Wow. Nice twist, writers of 24. Nice twist.

  20. Drew says:

    The above convo about Werth makes me think. Imagine if he could’ve stuck at catcher.

    Instead of being a really good player the past 2 years, he’d be one of the better players in the game if he was a catcher.

    That goes out to anyone that questions Montero’s value as a catcher as opposed to just rushing him into the bigs to fill a hole we may or may not have.

  21. Pasqua says:

    Please forgive yet another opinion solicitation, but my keeper league is insane:

    Yay or nay:

    I trade: Pujols / Nate McLouth
    I receive: Ryan Howard / CC Sabathia

  22. bexarama says:

    “Alfonso Soriano faces an odd situation for him: a base on balls.” -the Cub announcers. I laughed. They also made a joke about how long Yankee/Red Sox games are har har.

  23. Mike Axisa says:

    There has been a major ripple in the RABiverse.

    Melvin Croussett, the Melvin Croussett, is on Facebook.

  24. donttradecano says:

    So i can still win my pool if:
    Baylor, Cuse, Kent make the final 4 and someone other than cuse or kent win the championship.

    worst part is all year i thought Tennesee would get to the final 4 but didnt pick them because of kansas. regretting that now

  25. Cecala says:

    My best bracket. It is beating 98.8% of the country surprisingly.

  26. donttradecano says:

    “No credence that that rumor, but you get the distinct impression that word was somehow passed to the Knicks that having enough cap room for just one max player was not going to cut it for a certain free agent, which was why they were willing to throw so much into the Jeffries deal to get McGrady’s contract. I ask this…: Why would anyone in their right mind trade away what amounts to three No. 1 picks just to clear cap room? It’s just plain crazy … unless there is a confidence among the Knicks their Plan A will succeed.” Chris Sheridan, ESPN

  27. Tom Zig says:

    The B.S. report just had Jonah Keri on. Probably one of the best BS Reports about baseball i’ve heard in a while

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