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I’m sure you know what happened during today’s meaningless Spring Training game, so I’ll spare you the details. The most encouraging thing to take from it is the ten or so changeups Phil Hughes threw in his two innings of work, which looked pretty good. He even got a swing and miss on one of ‘em. Jesus Montero drew a pair of walks, though it was technically a walk and a strikeout. The called third strike was definitely out of the zone, it jut looked like the umps were ready to get out of there after such a long game. Eh, whatever.

So here’s tonight’s open thread. The Knicks, Nets, and Devils are all playing tonight, and of course there’s always the option of going on this Friday night. No matter what you choose, enjoy talking about it here.

Photo Credit: Kathy Willens

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  1. Tom Zig says:

    Somewhere Pat sheds a tear over Grant Duff’s performance.

  2. Riddering says:

    When Jesus sits on a pitch on a 3-2 count it’s automatically a ball. Umps need to get it straight.

  3. Mike HC says:

    After seeing Montero play, there is no doubt this guy is going to be a ridiculously good hitter. If there is an injury to Nick Johnson, and assuming Montero is hitting like crazy, I don’t see how you can’t bring him up.

    If the Yanks believe he can be a catcher, then he would be perfect to alternate with Posada. Keeping Posada fresh and Montero learning how to catch on the big league level. If they don’t think he would ultimately be a catcher, then there is no reason to keep him in AAA anymore. He can hit on the ML level, and the team needs a DH. He has been in the Yanks system long enough for the team to evaluate his future position.

    If he is a catcher, he is perfect to rest an aging Jorge with maybe an offensive uptick. If he is a DH, he is ready to hit right now.

    • pete says:

      “After seeing Montero play, there is no doubt this guy is going to be a ridiculously good hitter”

      so let me get this straight – it wasn’t the two dominant offensive seasons in A and AA as a teenager, but rather the 2 ABs you saw today in which he walked and struck out that convinced you he’s gonna be a ridiculously good hitter?

      /just sayin’d

      • dudes says:


        While our eyes are amazing when it comes to receiving visual stimuli, they suck at evaluating baseball players.

    • After seeing Montero play, there is no doubt this guy is going to be a ridiculously good hitter.


      If there is an injury to Nick Johnson, and assuming Montero is hitting like crazy, I don’t see how you can’t bring him up.


  4. Steve H says:

    Wow. Didn’t take much to get Boldin, picks or contract.

    • Mike HC says:

      Yea. The Jets would not have rather had Boldin rather than Cromartie for a similar package? Maybe the Braylon Edwards deal last year eliminated them from the Boldin sweepstakes.

      • The Jets would not have rather had Boldin rather than Cromartie for a similar package?

        No, we wouldn’t have. In a vacuum:
        Cromo >>> Boldin

        In terms of Jets needs:
        Cromo >>>>>>>>>>> Boldin

        • Steve H says:

          That Pats on the other hand…………

          But, in Bill I trust.

        • Shits and Giggles says:

          No, we wouldn’t have. In a vacuum:
          Cromo >>> Boldin

          Stick to baseball.

          • Anquan Boldin is:

            A.) Old
            B.) Always banged up
            C.) Not a cornerback, which is a larger area of need for a team that relies on running the ball behind a premium offensive line and playing pressure defense, trusting on their TWO cornerbacks to shut down the opposing wide receivers on an island

            Dramatically upgrading from Lito Sheppard/Donald Strickland/Dwight Lowery to Antonio Cromartie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> slightly upgrading from Jerricho Cotchery/Braylon Edwards to Anquan Boldin

            We need a corner way more than we need a wideout. Having Darrelle Revis is a double-edged sword; he’s so good that he exposes whomever plays on the opposite side by default.

            • Steve H says:

              The 4 biggest threats in the AFC are Brady/Manning/Rivers/Mr. Sex assault.

              CB is the way to go for the Jets.

            • Tom Zig says:

              So the Nnamdi Asomugha to the Jets was just a rumor or do you think it was just too cost prohibitive?

              Would he have presented that much of an upgrade over Cro?

  5. Jake H says:

    Igawa is the best!

  6. Salty Buggah says:

    Haha, check this guy out on Twitter claiming Cano is lazy. One of his examples is that he partied with Cano until 5 am many times.

    Read like his last 5 tweets.

    • pete says:

      i’ve partied till 5 am a couple of times. Believe me, it takes some serious work ethic to keep going that long. By 1 or 2 I’m generally ready to hit the hay.

    • bexarama says:

      Jake, is that you?

      Also, I used to party til 5 AM, a lot. And then I’d force myself to wake up at 10 or 11 or so the next day so I could get all the work done I needed to.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      “Stats and my eye own eyes prove that [he's lazy]. We will see this season!”

      Lmao, suuuuure.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I hate that shit. The only reason people complain about other people staying out until 5am is because they don’t have the social lives to do so themselves.

      • Dela G says:

        bingo. Being 22, i have no problem partying till 5 am. I’ve done it many times in new york, and i even do it here in tejas, even though clubs close at 2.

        if you got friends, you can do it big all the time

      • Tom Zig says:

        I wish I could party with Cano. That’d be neat.

        • Nigel Bangs says:

          My sister lives in Miami and was at a party w/ Cano right after the World Series. She was wowed by how ripped the dude has become. Homie’s got muscles.

  7. Steve H says:

    Wilfork resigns with the Pats, 5 years/$40 million. $25 million guaranteed.

  8. BigBlueAL says:

    All these moves/rumors and not one peep from the NY Giants. If they keep the same team good luck even winning 8 games this season.

  9. Dela G says:

    I have a legit question to ask:

    Can someone explain the fascination with the fact that granderson can/cannot hit left handed pitching? Do the yankees face more left handed pitchers than any other team in the bigs, or am i missing something? I mean i know he’s never been great against lefties in his career, but i never understood the hype behind it.

    • The other 29 teams in baseball petitioned Bud Selig. They’re all allowed to share Johan Santana and use him to face just Curtis Granderson in every single one of his at bats (without having to remove their regular pitcher already in the game).

      Also, the other 29 teams are allowed to take pieces of rebar and repeatedly pummel Nick Johnson as he steps into and out of the batters box.

      Now you know.

    • bexarama says:

      It’s a pretty big weakness of a pretty darn good player. I don’t think the Yankees particularly face more lefties than other teams do.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        The Yanks had 1,714 AB vs LHP last year, AL average was 1,643. And, of course, they didn’t have to face CC and Andy regularly like the rest of the AL East.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Obviously, this isn’t the most scientific approach to answering this question.

          • bexarama says:

            Huh. Interesting. Thank you.

            That said, the Yankees hit lefties juuust fine if that chart is any indication. Losing Matsui (who crushed lefties) and getting Granderson will probably hurt there, but I don’t see them turning into Baltimore.

            The Yankees were 20th-highest in PAs against righties, but it looks like they actually hit lefties better. I guess there are just a lot of lefties in the AL East (both Baltimore and TB faced more lefties than NY).

        • Dela G says:

          wow they do face a lot of LHPs i guess. I had no idea

          thanks mike

          • Of course, everyone wants to throw a Lefty in Yankee stadium if possible. The outfield is tilted in their favor. Plus, the Yanks have typically built teams to take advantage of the short porch, which means Lefthanded power hitters. You either want to turn them around if they’re switch hitters and/or try to neutralize their power.

            I would be surprised if there was a year when the Yanks DIDN’T face more Lefties than Righties.

        • Steve H says:

          So less than 1 extra AB every every 2 games.

          • Greg says:

            He won’t face a rhp after the 6th inn. Yes. It’s a huge concern

            • Mike Axisa says:

              Not really. He’ll come up against a LHP late in the game in a big spot maybe once a week. There will be lots of blowouts and games in which the Yankees are ahead and times the other team does have a LOOGY.

              • Yeah, and I think they’ll want to see if whatever adjustments they’ve made have taken effect. So I expect to see him face Lefties late in games until he proves he can’t handle it, which could be mid-season or later.

  10. Salty Buggah says:


    That’s so wrong yet so funny

    • pat says:

      All you do is type in “blcak people stole my car” then when Google suggest the correct spelling of black you type “white people stole my car” into the search bar.

  11. Jake H says:

    Is chrome better than firefox? I’ve just started to use Chrome and I like it.

    • Dela G says:

      for my mac, i like ffox better because of some of the awesome addons

    • Tom Zig says:

      I love chrome, but for some reason it hides my task bar/start menu.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Chrome is good, but it eats up a ton of memory.

      When it comes to internet browers, here are your options:

      1. Fast
      2. Uses minimal memory
      3. Good add-ons

      You get to pick just two.

      • Tom Zig says:

        Well I always have a bunch of tabs open and usually play random flash games in my free time. So #2 doesn’t exist.

      • Jose says:

        Chrome eats up a lot of memory because each tab is a separate process and is partitioned a sum of memory. This helps in freeing up the memory after the tab is closed. So you can use the browser for longer periods and close out of tabs and not have the memory usage continually rise.

        I don’t think memory usage should ever factor into picking a browser. With most machines starting to come standard with 4GB+, it is less a concern about how much it is using and more whether the memory consumption is leading to better performance.

        Pick a browser based on how fast it loads(cold start and hot start), security, features(built-in and add-on), and how quickly it performs(example java and flash).

    • Big Juan says:

      Chrome’s the shit. I’ve been using it for a year and a half.

      • Nigel Bangs says:

        Agreed. I’ve really fallen for Chrome. I particularly like how you can type in a website that has a search function (take hit tab and search that site without having to load it. Quite the nifty time-saver.

  12. Anyone convinced?

    I’m not. The Yanks tend to outperform their pythag, so that’s nothing alarming. Age? Could be a problem, but not enough of one to sink them completely. They have able replacements for #4 starter, Catcher and yes, closer. Jeter’s the only one who they don’t have a decent replacement for, but I also think he’s the least likely to decline rapidly. Even if all 4 went south at once, I still think they have a 90+ win team. They’re loaded with pitching depth and the two teams chasing them (Rays/BoSox) have lesser lineups. A drop off just means they fall back to the pack, not necessarily behind.

    BTW-Vagaries of the post season? Is anyone NOT subject to that? How is that unique to the Yanks?

    • ROBTEN says:

      Yes, I am convinced that the Yankees are a baseball team in the AL East and more or less have to confront the same issues as the others. However, I am not convinced that these problems are necessarily or significantly any worse for the Yankees than they are for the other teams.

      For instance, guess which other team in the AL East out performed their Pythagorean W-L last year and, if this link is up-to-date and correct, has a roster that is older than the Yankees?

      I’ll give you a hint: they finished second.

      • Oh yeah, and their much-ballyhooed starting rotation has significant injury concerns. Lackey, Beckett, Dice-K and Wakefield have all missed time in the past few seasons. Their upside might be a bit higher than the Yanks, but the Yankee staff is far more likely to show up for work, and is therefore more likely to outperform over the course of a season.

  13. ultimate913 says:

    Have you seen or heard of this, Mike?

  14. Hangoverologist says:

    I’ve been pondering this thought for a while. When Mo retires (blasphemy!), who will succeed. Will it be his setup man or do the Yanks sign someone out of the organization. I personally think that D-Rob will be able to take over the closer role from Mo.

  15. Nice piece by Joe today.

    Jorge is in an area of his career where few have been able to continue producing. Nobody has a crystal ball, but it’s something you can’t just dismiss.

  16. I’ve had the same phone for about five years now. Apparently, I can upgrade. I’m on the Verizon network and I’d be doing a 2-year.

    Can anyone recommend a good phone? I’d like to be able to take a few notes in it, have a few apps (like train times, gps, stuff like that), iTunes if possible, the web. Fairly basic stuff.

    Also, can someone fill me in on what a “data plan” means. Is the $29.99 a p/m cost?

    • I have the Tour, with mixed reviews. Forget about posting, once you enable Javascript you might as well just take the battery out. And no, I don’t have a bunch of apps on it. Almost zero.

      Good for e-mail, web browsing, calls, organizing all your shit. What you’d expect from a Blackberry. Has a camera, mp3 player, and places to store all that stuff. Easy to use, can’t complain there.

    • ROBTEN says:

      I don’t have a cool new phone, so I can’t recommend one, but I can say that with any “smart phone,” the $29.00 “data plan” is required and is a p/m cost. I believe some “multimedia” phones have a lower required “data plan” at $9.99 p/m. The data plan is what allows you to surf the web, send email, use apps, etc.

      They’re also said to be rolling out a their 4G network over the next year, which, of course, would require an upgraded phone over any that they currently offer.

      • ROBTEN says:

        I should also say that several family members have the BB Storm through Verizon and that they really like it. Runs between $70-$100 per month w/voice and required data plan.

    • Drew says:

      Palm Pre baby. I’ve had a Palm for about 8 years now. Love em.

      I’ve got Sprint, it’s 69.99/mnth for like 500 anytime minutes and unlimited data(texts, email, web, google, navigation..). The biggest perk on my phone is a patch you can download. It turns my phone into a mobile hot spot. It gives internet access to 5 devices, using your phone as a router.
      If you’ve got doubts about the Pre, or cheaper Pixi, go to, hit up the forums and you’ll find a bunch of pros/cons about the phone(s).

  17. Praveen says:

    The Cuban SS Hechavarria is now a FA.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      If the Yankees interest is as heavy as it is reported I have no doubt he is a Yankee.

      Now if they sign either DePaula or this Matias guy I’ve been hearing about that would be pretty damn awesome.

  18. YankeesJunkie says:

    I have bought Baseball Prospectus from 2007-2009 and every year I am dissapointed with both the predictions and the comments are okay. However, I just get irritated with their predictions and they just seem plain bad. Is there any good book or magazine to buy to give nice preview for the 2010 season?

  19. AndrewYF says:

    Montero interview with Francesser:

    I like how when Mike asks him his age Montero says “21″, and quickly changes it to “20…20, yeah”. I betcha he parties until 5am too.

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