Open Thread: Recapping the season preview


Over the last month or so, the three of us have broken down and previewed just about every aspect of the 2010 Yankees. It was quite the undertaking but we’re very pleased about how it all turned out. Here’s a link to each post, in case you missed any or just want to go back and relive the magic…

You can always just search for 2010 Season Preview in the sidebar to find any and all of those posts. Hope you enjoyed them.

Anyway, here’s the open thread for the evening. The Knicks and suddenly hot Nets (three wins in their last four games!) are both in action, but go ahead and talk about whatever you want. Just don’t be a dick.

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  1. Just don’t be a dick.

    (puts shiv back under mattress)

  2. MasterShake says:

    Just a fantasy baseball note, league 6 currently has 1 opening with the draft on Friday, so if anyone is still looking for a team there’s an open spot. I forgot the password but the league id is 490945.

  3. Alex S says:

    will Beckett’s extension put the Red Sox over the luxury tax threshold?

  4. bexarama says:

    just wondering: what does everyone think will happen to Lidge this year?

  5. On the heels of the “Is Lester an ace or not” convo from the previous thread:

    All pitchers’ best two year stretch:

    Felix, 2008-2009: 439.1 IP, 146 ERA+, 10.8 WAR
    CC, 2007-2008: 494.0 IP, 148 ERA+, 14.6 WAR
    Johan, 2004-2005: 459.2 IP, 168 ERA+, 15.3 WAR (ZOMG!!)
    Halladay, 2002-2003: 505.1 IP, 151 ERA+, 15.8 WAR (DOUBLE ZOMG!!!)
    Verlander, 2008-2009: 441.0 IP, 112 ERA+, 11.6 WAR (almost all his 2009 season, Verlander’s only true “ace” level campaign so far)
    Greinke, 2008-2009: 431.2 IP, 159 ERA+, 14.3 WAR (just like Verlander, but both his 2008 and 2009 seasons were slightly better

    Lester, 2008-2009: 413.0 IP, 141 ERA+, 11.3 WAR

    He’s a notch below them, but not a big notch. Mainly, it’s because he hasn’t shown workhorse-level innings yet.

    IMO, he’s far closer to a #1 than to a #2. Maybe he’s a #1A.

  6. bexarama says:

    Girardi on MLBN right now.

  7. dayman says:

    need some advice guys…

    should i order mlb extra innings or directv’s eastern sports package, which includes yes, nesn and sny.

    mlb extra innings obviously gives me every baseball game but having the yes network all the time would certainly be nice. thanks for the advice

    • Jose says:

      What are the prices?

      • dayman says:

        they’re about the same, the yes network is probably about 5 dollars less a month

        • Jose says:

          I like the MLB extra innings package because I sometimes watch other team games. Then again I have cable so I get YES anyways. If you really only watch the Yankees and don’t mind the announcers you mind as well get the cheaper package.

          • dayman says:

            yea that’s what i was leaning towards, thanks for the help

            • Rick in Boston says:

              Hope it’s not too late. I have Directv with their full sports package, but because I live in Boston I also get the MLB Extra Innings package to watch the Yankees. Get both, it’s worth it if you like college sports even a bit – I have to make a spreadsheet to help me decide which football games to watch on Saturdays in the fall.

  8. Mike HC says:

    Anybody else watching the McDonald’s high school all american game?

    Also, any St. John’s fans here. Thoughts on the Lavin signing? I’m a fan of it.

    • I like it. Ironically, I think they lucked out that Hewitt didn’t take the job, I bet Lavin can outrecruit him.

      I think Willard at Seton Hall is probably a slightly better hire, though. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pirates outrecruit/outperform the Johnnies.

      • Mike HC says:

        I agree that Lavin is a better hire than Hewitt. I was happy Hewitt turned the job down.

        As for Seton Hall, if they out recruit the Johnnies, that would be a sad day. Although, they would just join every other big east team which has managed to take all the best nyc players right out from under us.

  9. The X says:

    Sry if this has been mentioned before, but a thought that I had that’s been giving me nightmares ever since:

    The Rays trading for Adrian Gonzalez mid-season. Slot either him or Pena into DH for the rest of the season. They have the prospects to pull the deal off, and A-Gon will make it so that the Rays can take the hit of both Pena and Crawford leaving as FA (giving them 4 compensation draft picks, as I assume they’ll both be type A).

    If they’re in it mid way, and their young pitching continues to improve, they could really, really, be frightening.

    • They have the prospects to pull the deal off,

      But they wouldn’t trade the prospects needed to pull it off, though. They’d keep the prospects and just try to win with them.

      • The X says:

        I dunno. They might be willing to trade one of Brignac/Beckham. And they’re MLB pitching staff is so stocked with young talent that some of their good pitching prospects may be expendable as well. The prospects might not have a place to play.

        Their MLB team is young, cheap and good. They can afford to trade away some prospects, and their MLB team will STILL be young, cheap, and good in the future.

        • Sure, but Brignac/Beckham wouldn’t remotely be enough. Hoyer will ask for David Price, minimum, and that’s when Tampa Bay hangs up.

          • Accent Shallow says:

            What makes you so sure that’s the case? They could probably put together a nice package without including Price, such as both Brignac and Beckham.

            (Not that I’d include both of them, since I don’t buy Jason Bartlett’s star turn at all)

            Of course, after all that, I see the Pads have a 2011 club option on Gonzalez — for $5.5M. I bet he’s staying until July 2011.

            • That’s the main reason. The Pads aren’t super-motivated sellers who have to get something, so they’ll hold out for an ace in waiting.

              They refused to do any deal with the Sox unless they coughed up Buchholz. I’m sure they would have demanded either Hughes or Joba from us. They’d ask for Price from the Rays. Maybe they could be talked down into Wade Davis or Jeremy Hellickson, but they’re not moving Gonzalez to the Rays without getting at least one of those potential future aces, no way.

              • Accent Shallow says:

                If the Pads were willing to move Gonzalez for Hellickson, I do it so fast Hoyer’s head spins. He doesn’t have the raw stuff of the other two, he’s more of a command/control type.

                (Not that the difference between his stuff and theirs is as stark as Joba/Hughes v. IPK, but it’s a dropoff, no question)

    • Either at DH would be a waste; they’re both top-notch first basemen, so, by extension, they would overpay for Gonzalez’s ability while only using a portion of it.

      • The X says:

        Which is ok, since Gonzalez could just be Pena’s replacement at the end of the season.

      • pete says:

        eh Gonzalez’s bat would stand up against just about anyone’s at DH. You’re not “wasting” him by not having him play defense. Sure you’re not maximizing HIS individual value, but the team wouldn’t suffer anything from it, as it would still have a top-notch defensive 1b, regardless, and two bats that would form a more than capable 1b + DH duo

  10. 28 next year says:

    Well the red sox have released one Papelboner off their team. Too bad they won’t screw up the paper work and accidently release the douchier version.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      I always wonder why they didn’t try fraud-style trades . . .

      *phone rings in anonymous MLB GMs’ office*
      “Hello? Oh, Theo, what’s up man? You’ll trade me J. Papelbon for a few guys in the low minors? You’ll pay the salary? Done!”

    • bexarama says:

      My favorite was some player with the last name LeBron in the Indians’ minor league system getting caught with steroids and kicked out

  11. VO says:

    So, to the creators of RAB, how did you guys come up with the name River Avenue Blues?

  12. Accent Shallow says:

    So how did Phil Hughes look today?

    And how grounded is Denard Span?

  13. Heh, Keith Olbermann just mentioned Denard Span and said, “Why does this seem familiar?”

  14. This is taking small sample sizes to ridiculous proportions. Via MLBTR

    “Talks between the Rangers and Red Sox for Mike Lowell have accelerated, reports ESPN’s Gordon Edes. Perhaps the Rangers’ interest picked up after Lowell hit two doubles today.”

    John Daniels: I thought he was old and injury prone, but he hit 2 doubles in a spring training game.

    Nolan Ryan: Sonuvabitch! Pull the trigger!

  15. ESPN’s Rumor Central (insider), emphasis mine:

    How good is David Aardsma?

    Before looking at how good Seattle Mariners right-hander David Aardsma is let’s look at how good he was in 2009, his breakthrough season in the big leagues.

    He saved 38 games in less than five months after setting up for the first six weeks of the year, posted a 2.52 ERA and punched out 80 batters in 71 1/3 innings. It all sounds great, and is actually backed up by a more important statistic than ERA, pens ESPN Stats & Info’s Derek Czenczelewski.

    Czenczelewski writes that ERA is aimed at starting pitchers but his new RPA statistic — runs per appearance — is a better tool on which to judge a relief pitcher. Aardsma ranked No. 4 in the American League with a .315 mark, proving that he was that good last season.

    RPA? Anyone heard of this? Where’s it found? How’s it calculated? It’s not actually on the ESPN stat pages/player profiles, despite it being the apparent brainchild of an ESPN employee.

    I’m intrigued, but want to know more info (who gets charged with the runs? How are inherited baserunners handled, etc.).

    • Ah, nevermind, found more info (also insider):

      So, with this in mind I set out to create a stat that took into account the two most important stats for a reliever: runs allowed, and inherited runs scored. Rather than divide this number by innings, I chose to divide by appearances.

      The result is the following formula that I dubbed “Runs Per Appearance” (RPA): Runs allowed plus inherited runs scored divided by pitching appearances.

      Joe Nathan- .229
      Mariano Rivera- .288
      Jonathan Papelbon- .288
      David Aardsma- .315
      Andrew Bailey- .368
      Brian Fuentes- .415
      Joakim Soria- .468
      Bobby Jenks – .481
      Frank Francisco – .529
      Fernando Rodney- .534

      The league average among all relievers last season was .935. That takes into account all long relievers, closers, setup men, and specialists…

      Is (R)uns (P)er (A)ppearance (RPA) a perfect stat? Absolutely not. However, RPA does tell a much more accurate story for relievers than ERA. If nothing else, this should be something interesting to track in 2010.

      Interesting, yes. I’d love to see something with linear weights and leverage index per appearance, but this is a nice start.

    • Jose says:

      12 appearance | 10 appearances
      4 runs | 4 runs
      10 innings | 12 innings
      .333 RPA | .4 RPA
      3.6 ERA | 3 ERA

      I assumed there were never any base runners when they came in to pitch. They also never left the game with runners on. That test scenario doesn’t pass the smell test.

      The whole thing seems very reactionary to how people are using newer stats. They created a metric calculated in a slightly different way from a traditional metric and are trying to pass it as more useful.

  16. E Street Shuffle says:

    Hey all, three of my friends are doing this charity run from Bostin to Austin this summer. yeah boston to austin its nuts i know, but they really need support from everyone that can. Their running for three different charities. Here is their website if anyone can help in anyway it would be much obliged….

  17. Steve H says:

    On ESPN front page:

    Jake Peavy showed Chicago he’s the real deal last year. Now he’s prepared to blow everyone away.

    It was 20 innings. Twenty. Didn’t Ian Kennedy do the same in his 1st 3 AL starts?

  18. bexarama says:

    I was trying to think up dumb reasons people wouldn’t vote for certain HOFers and I couldn’t come up with anything for Maddux other than the generically stupid “my childhood idol didn’t get in unanimously so I refuse to vote for anyone, just cuz I’m a dick.” So I need suggestions.

    • “Only won one title, thus not as much of a winner as Jack Morris”

    • Jack says:

      Greg Maddux: Not Chinese

    • Jose says:

      He only has one ring? Low K/9? I’m struggling to find real negatives.

      • bexarama says:

        it’s probably the only one ring/”bad playoff record” thing

        • bexarama says:

          that said, I’m fully expecting him to get in with well over 95% of the vote, as well he should. He’s a highly-regarded pitcher with no personality issues and multiple Cy Youngs. Reminds me a lot of Tom Seaver who IIRC has the closest-to-uninamous vote ever.

          • He’s a highly-regarded pitcher with no personality issues…


          • Jose says:

            See I don’t understand the whole unanimous thing. Technically Gehrig was elected unanimously in a special election. Who cares how much of the vote they get. As long as they get in that is all that matters. Personally I think that the exact percentages should be secret. Difference between a 76% and 100% hall of famer is irrelevant.

            • Jose, the problem is, you’re looking at it rationally. People who make up their own rules about unanimity and first-ballot-worthiness are not operating from a rational viewpoint.

              It’s all about “I have this power, so I’m gonna use it”.

              Like when people refused to vote Matsui for ROY, because “he’s not a rookie, he played 10 years in Japan”. I’ll bet the same people voted for Ichiro (aside: where can I look this up?)!

              People like this, who make up their own rules, should have their voting privileges rescinded.

              • bexarama says:

                Thing is, I can totally understand people who wouldn’t vote for Matsui for ROY… if those same people didn’t vote for Ichiro for ROY. And let’s face it, they probably all did.

                (Also, Berroa was a pretty good choice. Really.)

                • See, here’s the thing, though…I don’t understand people who fatuously declare “I know what’s best for baseball…so I’m making up my own rules, and I’m proud of it”. Work to change the damn rules, then. But take your responsibility seriously enough to go under the rules while you’re working to change them.

                  And it only gets worse when the same boneheads turn around and break their “rule” to vote for another player…on a different team…perhaps a team they…don’t hate? The way they hate the Yankees? If you’re going to protest, don’t vote for anyone, and be consistent. Don’t change your “rule” as soon as another team has an eligible player.

                  It’s wrong-headedness, on top of arrogance, served over a lack-of-ethics…with a side of childish I-hate-the-Yankees-they-have-too-much-money.

                  An altogether undigestable meal.

    • pete says:

      Several reasons:
      1. No beard
      2. Relied too much on his fielding
      3. Losing record in the playoffs
      4. Wore glasses sometimes
      5. didn’t have “it”.

  19. Chops says:

    So I just fantasy drafted last night, what do you guys think

    16 teams

    C Jorge Posada
    1B Carlos Pena
    2B Ian Stewart
    3B Chase Headley
    SS Troy Tulowitzki (STEAL at 24)
    IF Nick Johnson
    LF Jason Kubel
    CF Matt Kemp
    RF Andre Either
    OF Josh Willingham
    UTIL Orlando Cabrera
    BENCH Chris Young (CF)
    BENCH Jeff Clement (C, DH)
    BENCH Matt Joyce (RF, my last overall pick)

    SP Adam Wainwright
    SP Josh Johnson
    SP Brett Anderson
    SP Wade Davis
    SP Randy Wolf
    BENCH Derek Holland
    BENCH Chris Young (the Padre one)

    We are using Holds as a stat as well

    RP Andrew Bailey
    RP Leo Nunez
    RP Evan Meek
    RP Sergio Romo

  20. bonestock94 says:

    I’m giving up Sheets and Ajax for Webb and Marmol. What do you guys think? It’s risky on my part but the potential is big. Marmol would be my 3rd closer, that is if his control is good this season.


    Nice job by Ben and Cliff. I found I agreed more with Ben than Cliff, but who cares. Both made good cases to back up their point of view.

    Lombardi, on the other hand, just made no sense whatsoever. Even when he’s a little bit right, the arguments he makes to back up his positions are just pointless and dead wrong. Ugh.

  22. Quick question-

    How do you upload pics from a Blackberry Tour phone to a format I can use on WordPress? I went to the stadium today, took a bunch of pix of the old building, surrounding areas and I want to make a weekend post out of it, but I’ve never uploaded pics from my phone to my computer before.

  23. Zack says:

    “Kemp won a Gold Glove for his season in center field and Ethier, according to one National League scout, ”Plays right field better than Kemp plays center.””

    What? Not even close.

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