Open thread: Yanks split games


Today’s game against Detroit was inevitable. After five scoreless innings, we saw plenty of headlines asking whether Sergio Mitre was the frontrunner for the fifth starter gig. Yet, as happens often in the spring, he got rocked today, allowing three runs, including a solo home run to Johnny Damon, in four innings of work. Chad Gaudin, who started the game, allowed three runs of his own in three innings. Boone Logan finished with a scoreless frame.

On the offensive side, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, and Francisco Cervelli eached picked up two hits, while A-Rod added an RBI double. Nick Swisher, Jamie Hoffmann, and Austin Romine added singles of their own.

In Tampa, Javier Vazquez had a somewhat tough go in his three innings, allowing four hits and walking one, leading to two runs, including a Ty Wigginton home run. Aceves came on to pitch four innings of one-run ball (solo shot to Garrett Atkins), while Royce Ring and David Robertson pitched scoreless frames at the end. Jorge Posada powered the offense, going 3 for 4, while Nick Johnson went two for three with a walk. Brandon Laird continued his hot spring, going 2 for 4. Johnson’s was the only extra base hit.

Now that you’re caught up on the spring training happenings, enjoy your open thread. I’ve got a radio hit coming up at 11, but we’ll have a post with details about that around 10.

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  1. Hughesus Christo says:

    via Heyman: Ryan Westmoreland having surgery for a Cavernous Malformation on the brain.

    I ,of course, have no idea what this means long term.

  2. bexarama says:

    No way I’m going out with the weather.

    For those stuck inside like me, enjoy:
    Don’t read the comments (ZOMG but he sucksssss, teh 2001!!!1//!!), but the article’s pretty great.

  3. Bob Stone says:

    It is really quiet in these parts.

  4. Kevin G. says:

    So apparently there’s a mountain lion on loose in my town.

  5. nycornerstone says:

    it was 70 here in st pete today, anybody want to trade houses ?

  6. Zack says:

    “The way I see it, the fans have missed out on watching someone who might otherwise be one of the premier postseason performers of his generation.

    Look at what Young has already done with Messrs. Buck and McCarver on the call: a .333 average (4-for-12) and two notable star turns in the Midsummer Classic.”

    Hitting 3/12 in All Star Games = Performing in the playoffs??? What?


    . . . and they called me crazy when I picked him as my #5.

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      You’re crazy to pick him as your #5

      • See!?! There they go again!

      • Accent Shallow says:


        When you wrote that post, how much of that was to stir up discussion, and how much was that was what you really thought?

        I feel like the sooner the Yankees groom Hughes/Chamberlain into successful MLB starters, the better.

        • Let me ask you this. What’s the best 2010 team?

          • Moshe Mandel says:

            I think the best team is with Joba in the rotation and Aceves as a swingman. Joba was wildly inconsistent last year and still had a 4.75 ERA. I dont see Aceves much lower than 4.3-4.4. Even if Joba repeats 2009, the difference is so miniscule as to make the development question pop up, and when you consider that, Joba should start.

            • The spread between Joba and Hughes as relievers/starters thus far has been enormous. Given Ace’s full complement of pitches, his stuff translates well as a starter, whereas Joba and Hughes have been completely different pitchers out of the pen. Does anyone believe Phil will post a 1.40 ERA as a starter this year? Look at what Joba’s done out of the pen and as a starter


              The difference is “miniscule”? If were going to argue long term over short term, then we have a difference in philosophy, which is fine. But there’s no disputing the best 2010 team has Joba and Phil in the pen.

              • Mike Axisa says:

                …whereas Joba and Hughes have been completely different pitchers out of the pen. Does anyone believe Phil will post a 1.40 ERA as a starter this year?

                Arguments don’t get much weaker. You know the best thing for the 2010 team and the best thing for the franchise long-term are completely different.

                • I know that you’ve made zero in terms of a counter argument. I also know that I stated this:

                  “If were going to argue long term over short term, then we have a difference in philosophy, which is fine.”

                  Which you just re-worded and presented as if it was a rebuttal. Again, zero.

                • Mike Axisa says:

                  I have zero interest in talking about this yet again. Every day we have to hear about who should be the 5th starter, who shouldn’t be, what should happen to them … I don’t care any more. I hope they put Mitre in the rotation and loan everyone else to the Mexican League just to fuck with us.

                • Mike, if you don’t want to discuss it, then just don’t. I can understand that, we’ve been doing this with Joba ad nauseum for 3 years. But the Yanks have created this ‘competition’ and it’s one of the story lines of this spring. So people are going to kick this thing around in all it’s permutations.

              • Moshe Mandel says:

                “But there’s no disputing the best 2010 team has Joba and Phil in the pen.”

                Yes, there is disputing it. Sorry, but this is major hyperbole. Assuming Hughes is in the pen, Im talking Aceves and Joba. The spread between Joba in rotation and Aceves in the pen vs. Aceves in rotation and Joba in the pen is minscule. We are talking, even if Joba doesnt improve at all in the rotation, a spread of maybe 10 runs over a whole season, assuming Joba would be back to 1.50 in the bullpen, something I dont believe.

                • I don’t think you can look at it that way, you have to consider the team as a whole. We don’t know if its Ace vs Hughes or Joba at this point.

                  In any case, my initial response was to Accent, who acted as if I posted the Ace piece just to provoke, as if no one could possibly believe it. I felt (as you did) that I did a pretty good job of arguing my case, agree or disagree.

              • Joe D. says:

                “But there’s no disputing the best 2010 team has Joba and Phil in the pen.”

                With all due respect, there is plenty to dispute there. The link you gave us shows Joba has a career 4.18 ERA as a starter and a strikeout-to-walk ratio of better than 2:1. That’s damn impressive considering he’s not yet turned 25, and was jerked around like crazy last season.

                Joba had a 2.76 ERA as a starter in 2008. His monthly ERAs in 2009 as a starter ran: 3.13, 4.84, 3.79, 2.73 from April through July.

                So we basically have two guys, both of whom will be filthy out of the pen, but only one of whom has proven he can be a dominating starter. You suggest “there’s no disputing” we should put in the rotation the one who hasn’t proven he can dominate as a starter.

                I very strongly disagree.

                • Joe D. says:

                  One further point on this…

                  The “Aceves as starter” sample size is woefully tiny, but:

                  Aceves SP: 26.1 IP, 1.4 HR/9, 3.8 K/9, 1.2 K/BB
                  Joba SP: 221.2 IP, 1.0 HR/9, 8.4 K/9, 2.0 K/BB

                  In the (admittedly very small) amount of data we have available for Aceves as SP, he’s been destroyed by Joba. Clobbered.

                  To recap: Joba has performed better as an SP. By far. His potential at SP (for 2010) pretty clearly exceeds that of Aceves. I love Ace, but this is a pretty obvious call, no?

                • That’s fine. Just to be clear, I agree that he should start and still see Joba in the rotation for 2011, I’m just saying the best 2010 team has him and Hughes in the pen. It’s a one year thing.

                  FWIW-Cash said the same thing, and then added the long term considerations. I think Cash framed the debate correctly.


              • YankeeJosh says:

                But you are placing equal importance on the role of the bullpen, and that’s where the logic fails. Starting pitching is more important than relief, because starters throw more innings and control the make-up of the game. It is harder to win games with bad starting pitching, while relievers just toil because there is no situation to use them.

                Let’s say that a player had a .667 average as a pinch hitter but was only .290 as a starter? Does that mean he should exclusively be a pinch hitter, because his numbers are better there? No, because everyday players are more valuable, even if the numbers aren’t as great in a larger sample size.

                A 4.00 ERA for a starter isn’t necessarily worse than a 1.40 ERA for a reliever. Therefore, I don’t agree that “there’s no disputing the best 2010 team has Joba and Phil in the pen.”

  8. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Really? The contract situation is the most controversial issue for Ortiz? Wow.

    At least he’ll get back to us when he gets more details. What a saint.

    • Zack says:

      “…meanwhile at the Yankees ST site, ARod just stabbed baseball in the back again, and again, and again.”

      • bexarama says:

        He couldn’t have done that… in fact, I don’t even know why we’re still talking about baseball. I mean, it died in early 2009. A-Rod killed it. ;_;

  9. Zack says:

    “@GordonEdes Jose Iglesias not only beats out infield hit, but signals himself “Safe” at the same time. Good call.”

    He can use his feet and arms at the same time? He better donate his body to science after his HOF career.

  10. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Fantasy Trade Offer to me:

    They want Justin Verlander in exchange for Rafael Soriano and Justin Morneau.

    Should I? First time playing Fantasy Baseball… but I don’t think it’s a good deal.

    My Roster:

    Wieters, Youk, Uggla, Longo, Bartlett, Choo, Pence, Kubel

    KSuzuki, Hawpe, Rasmus, Helton, Hardy, JDDrew

    Verlander, Felix, NFeliz, Hughes, Lackey, Sherill, Marcum, ESantana, Volquez

  11. Riddering says:

    My favorite Zack Greinke quote at the moment:

    “I just wanted to make this clear: I can’t live without baseball…It’s to the point where it caused problems with my girlfriend because she knows baseball is more important than her. I say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry. I love the game that much. You’re not even close to being No. 1 — that’s how much I love baseball. I couldn’t live without it.”

    His brutal honesty is hilarious and I’m pretty much going to use that same line when necessary in future relationships. There more Greinke quotes here. Well worth reading through.

    • bexarama says:

      He’s a bit like Moose in his snarky intelligence.

      • Riddering says:

        I think Greinke doesn’t process things in an ‘average’ way so to him his words aren’t unusual or offputting even though they might be to the next guy/teammate/reporter. Whereas Moose just didn’t give a shit half the time even though he knew exactly how his words would be taken.

    • As a woman, I half love that quote and half want to throttle him, haha.

      But you know what? I totally understand him. Because I have *so* been there.

      • Riddering says:

        If it was anyone but Greinke I’d grit my teeth and start a rant on why womenz aren’t a weight dragging men from enjoying their manly man interests or careers. But because he’s so outside the box I don’t take the statement to be indicative of him having a low opinion of women and/or a woman’s place in his life.

        Also because it’s baseball and baseball is everything.

    • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

      …I’m pretty much going to use that same line when necessary in future relationships…

      Rids, if you find it necessary to use that line for the same reason Grienke did, I submit you are dating the wrong guys! ;-)

  12. CapitalT says:

    Any ideas why Jesus doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of time behind the plate in games this spring?

      • CapitalT says:

        Romine needs it more than Montero?

        • whozat says:

          No, Posada, Cervelli and other guys who might actually have to see time in MLB this year do.

          Are you basing this on any numbers, or just your sense of things? With split squad games, games not on TV and the rainouts, it seems like it’d be hard to have an accurate picture of who’s getting which amounts of playing time without looking it up (if info on defensive innings played is even available for ST)

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Montero has played in 6 games so far. Romine has played in 5.

    • Riddering says:

      The Yankees know Jesus will be starting the season in AAA so he doesn’t need these catching innings as much as those guys who will be working behind the plate like Posada, Cervelli, and the other guy who is 3rd on the depth chart and whose name I cannot remember.

    • whozat says:

      Because he’s not breaking camp with the big league team and will have plenty of time to play back there in minor league camp, which continues for several weeks after the MLB season starts.

      Replace Jesus with the name of any other player in baseball who’s guaranteed to start the year in AAA (regardless of his promise) and ask yourself if you’d still be wondering about this.

  13. Moose12 says:

    Did anyone watch todays game where Javy pitched???

    For the life of me, I can’t stand Tino Martinez as a color commentator. Great player, and great guy, but AWFUL announcer – cant understand a word he’s saying half the time and he repeats the same comments which a monkey could figure out.

    Does anyone know if he’s the permanent 3rd wheel in the booth this season? WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO CONE-HEAD!? he was great.

    • bexarama says:

      Coney left for whatever reason :( Apparently Tino is going to replace him… meh. I love the guy so much, but he just doesn’t have a broadcaster’s voice and his points are, as you said, pretty banal. He’s actually not TOTALLY terrible, though, which is more than you can say for his stints on ESPN. I think I can deal with him for now.

      I do wish Cone was still there, very much. Does anyone know how much Leiter is gonna be in the booth this year, if at all?

    • Andy_C_23 says:

      Cone was the man, but I think he said he wanted to spend more time with his family. I didn’t see the game today (live out of market), but I can only imagine how bad Tino was.

    • Drew says:

      The only issue I have is that Tino doesn’t add anything from a players perspective that Kenny can’t. If it’s going to be Kay and Kenny, I’d like to have a pitcher or a catcher as the third man so they can give insight on the pitching side of the ball game.

  14. Hangoverologist says:

    I’m doing another fantasy draft later on tonight. Hopefully I can snag Tex or someone like that toward the tenth pick.

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