RAB Fantasy Baseball League Part Five


Alright folks, the league settings are the same as the other four leagues (see them here), though remember that the maximum number of moves per week has been capped at eight. We don’t want people swapping out starters every day to build up those win and strikeout totals. If you missed out on the other leagues and want in, go to Yahoo and sign up using this info…

League ID: 442039
Password: riveraveblues

If you’ve already signed up for one of the other leagues, please don’t double up. Give everyone a chance.

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  1. WIlliam says:

    I’m in. Awesome!!!! I am “The Best Team”

  2. Also, don’t miss this convo from the Open Thread:

    We’re anticipating that this fifth league will be part of a linked 5-league tiered relegation keeper league system called “The RAB 100″.

    Win, and your reward is moving up to a higher league. Let the games begin.

  3. I. Am. In.

    Dammit. Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in.

  4. Mattingly's Love Child says:

    Well I made it in. But I need a real team name…using my handle from here is pretty lame. In my other leagues I’ve always been Evil Empire, but that is kinda lame in a league with Yankee fans….

  5. WIlliam says:

    Can someone explain to me how the pitching draft works. I’ve only used fantasy, where you pick pitchers as a team, generally in middle rounds. When and how does this work?

  6. I Wish I Was Swish says:

    I got in. Man, this league filled up fast. Prepare for a nice dose of reality boys!

  7. Tommy S says:

    Took all of 6 minutes to fill up.

  8. YankeesJunkie says:

    I finally got in. I was relieved to say the least.

  9. Devil Dawgs says:

    Bull chit 10:02 and full already!!!!We Friggin need more !!!!

  10. Tommy S says:

    You could probably get 10 leagues, that might be too much though.

  11. I Wish I Was Swish says:

    Shit, this is bad. I’m now in 5 leagues. Idk how I’m going to keep track of these teams. 4 Yahoo leagues and my ESPN keeper league.

  12. This draft is gonna take like a solid 3 hours. Intense

  13. #51 says:

    I signed up at 10:05 and the league was already full.

  14. Shit, do we need a 6th tier?

    The RAB 120™?

  15. Devil Dawgs says:

    What the heck does a commish do ? 6th maybe?

  16. Spaceman.Spiff says:

    So why no OPS instead of OBP again?

  17. Fucking crap. I end up arguing with a writer from NESN who wrote that “all indications are Ellsbury is a fine defender.”

    Because of that I lose out on joining RAB fantasy.

    Oh well.

  18. WIlliam says:

    I’m doing a mock draft,a dn got pujos as the 3rd spot. Someone took utley 1st, then hanley. I get hanley….sorta, put Utley? Crazy people scare me.

  19. Mike, do you have access to all 5 leagues? Can you post up a list of who’s in all five of them? I’d love to know what 100 guys are in so far.

  20. donttradecano says:

    ill comish a 6th league if were makng a 6th

  21. I Wish I Was Swish says:

    We gotta cap the keepers around 4 or 5 if we do a 6th league. Also how soon does Jesus come off the board?

  22. donttradecano says:

    west Virginia should be embarrassed for letting 24% shooting Cincinnati to stay in this game.

    in other news if Cincinnati has some shooters coming in next year and the young guys stay they could be extremely dangerous.

  23. I wonder if in all the leagues there are any repeats of team names.

  24. Mock draft thus far, not in order:

    I have Mauer, Helton, Uggla, Beckham (G), Ramirez (alexei), McCutchen (Andrew), Eithier, Pence

    Hernandez (Felix), Johnson (Josh), Mo.


  25. TJ says:

    I’m in for another league if someone starts one.

    I’ve also never played fantasy baseball before so I’ve got that beginner’s luck on my side.

  26. YankeesJunkie says:

    I will be interested to see where a guy like Strasburg, Montero, Hughes, and Joba go since it is a keeper draft.

    • WIlliam says:

      What exactly is a keeper league?

      • I Wish I Was Swish says:

        Depending on the rules, you can “keep” a certain # of players on your roster from year-to-year. Say you get to keep 3 players from your mock draft, you decide to hold onto Pujols, Kershaw, and McCann. Then the following season you will lose your first 3 draft picks as they will go to those 3 players. However, the commish could assign draft values to the players you hold onto depending on where they were drafted, their performance, etc. so that if you choose to hold onto a Pujols, you lose more than just 1 draft pick. It can get pretty intense, but the jist is you hold onto X number of players from year-to-year.

  27. WIlliam says:

    When are draft placements released?

  28. AJ says:

    I just traded Adam Lind for Jacoby Ellsbury (non-keeper). I have a lot of HRs but I need everything else (Runs, RBIs, Average and Stolen bases). Did I get the better end of the deal?

  29. WIlliam says:

    My final mock draft results for my first mock draft ever were:
    1. Albert Pujols (StL – 1B)
    2. Roy Halladay (Phi – SP)
    3. Brian McCann (Atl – C)
    4. Jayson Werth (Phi – OF)
    5. Brian Roberts (Bal – 2B)
    6. Chone Figgins (Sea – 3B)
    7. Jason Bartlett (TB – SS)
    8. Clayton Kershaw (LAD – SP)
    9. Matt Cain (SF – SP)
    10. Raúl Ibañez (Phi – OF)
    11. Jason Kubel (Min – OF)
    12. Francisco Rodríguez (NYM – RP)
    13. Edwin Jackson (Ari – SP)
    14. José López (Sea – 1B,2B)
    15. Hiroki Kuroda (LAD – SP)
    16. Plácido Polanco (Phi – 2B)
    17. Adrián Béltre (Bos – 3B)
    18. Phil Hughes (NYY – SP,RP)
    19. Vernon Wells (Tor – OF)
    20. Andy Pettitte (NYY – SP)
    21. Maicer Izturis (LAA – 2B,SS)
    22. Elijah Dukes (Was – OF)
    23. Nick Johnson (NYY – 1B

    P.S. I had 3rd pick

    • Scott says:

      Don’t know what the format is, but you’re going to be in good shape on Runs and SB’s, but I think you might be in trouble in HR’s and RBI’s. Pujols at the 3rd overall pick is fantastic value. McCann will also get RBI’s, but the rest of your guys are top-of-the-order speedsters, who won’t contribute a lot to RBI’s.

      Roberts is having back-problems, so it’s good you’ve got several guys with 2b eligibility.

      You’ve got one closer, who’s peripheral numbers are on the decline (K-Rod), and on a team whose possibility of winning is questionable. You’ve got a bunch of starters, would’ve like to have seen a couple more RP’s on your staff.

  30. YankeesJunkie says:

    I am suprised that Nick Johnson was left in the 23rd round and I am not in love Roberts going so high due to his injuries, but it looks like a really solid draft.

  31. Matt says:

    I would join if another league was made.

  32. Marc says:

    Lets’s get a 6th league, I’ll commish it if that can make it happen.

  33. Matt says:

    How about we do an auction draft for this one? I heard theyre really fun and theyre now on yahoo.

  34. Bulsworth says:

    i would be in if there was another league set up. i kept missing the others.

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