Spring Training Game Thread: It’s not raining in Florida


There’s nothing better than baseball on a lazy, rainy Sunday. Even if it is just Spring Training baseball.

CC Sabathia will take the mound for the third time in the exhibition season after getting touched up for nine hits, three walks, and five runs in 4.1 IP during his previous two outings. He said he was having a problem collapsing on his back leg, which left his pitches flat and up in the zone, so let’s see if he corrected that.

Meanwhile, Nick Johnson has been the team’s most impressive hitter in March after working with Kevin Long to use his legs a little more in his swing. He’s 5-for-11 (.455-.571-1.182) with two homers, two doubles, three walks, and just one strikeout, and even his outs have been hard hit. Johnson has more walks (432) than strikeouts (410) since 2003, which is pretty cool, though I’d expect it to change as he faces AL East pitching.

Anyway, here’s the starting nine…

Jeter, SS
Johnson, 1B
Cano, 2B
Swisher, RF
Thames, LF
Gardner, CF
Winn, DH
Cervelli, C
Vazquez, 3B – yeah, that Jorge Vazquez, who has played four games at third since 2003 … should be fun

Scheduled Pitchers: CC Sabathia, Jon Albaladejo, Mark Melancon, Zach McAllister, Dustin Moseley, Ivan Nova

Also scheduled to play: Greg Golson, Reid Gorecki, Brandon Laird, Juan Miranda, Eduardo Nunez, Mike Rivera, Kevin Russo, Jon Weber, David Winfree

According to a release, MLB Network has lifted the NY/NJ/CT area blackout on today’s game, so it’ll be shown live at 1:05pm ET. We’ll just have to deal with the Fox Sports Net Pittsburgh broadcast. Enjoy the game.

Photo Credit: Brian Blanco, AP


  1. Mike Axisa says:

    Stupid Nick Johnson clogging the bases again.

    • bexarama says:

      the super annoying thing about the people carping about not signing Damon/how Cashman sucks is that they’re using ST stats to go on and on about how much better Damon is than Gardner/Winn/Thames/etc., but then they still complain about Nick Johnson when he’s having a pretty bad-ass ST. Of course, none of this means anything.

  2. Andy_C_23 says:

    They’re really trying to push these Pirates season tickets. Take a hint, nobody wants to see your crappy team.

  3. Stephen in rainy Iguazu Falls, Brazil says:

    It’s not raining in Florida but it is POURING here. Sucks, waste of a day.
    Since I haven’t been able to get on a computer in about a week, how are things in Yankeeland?

  4. dennis says:

    i wonder if there r any pirates tickets available? is this a game or an infomercial

  5. bexarama says:

    Brett Gardner not wearing high socks. :(

  6. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

    So. We’ve seen Frankie in the Gazoo helmet. What do we think?

    I don’t think it looked that bad on him.

  7. Mike Axisa says:

    Way to baserun, Lastings.

  8. Poopy Pants says:

    The Pirates have a Philly Phanatic, too???

  9. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

    Re: that club they keep advertising: “Come to our ballpark and don’t watch the team! Instead, eat and drink in an isolated club!’

    I never understood people who go to games and spend the whole time texting, yapping on their phone, hanging out in the stadium clubs, etc. Why not stay home and do all that, and avoid the ticket charge?

    It’s like my younger days when I played in bands, and would wonder why people went to clubs and paid the door charge, and paid exhorbitant drink prices, only to pointedly ignore the bands playing, with their heads turned away, yapping endlessly during the quiet songs, etc.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

      Were you in Duran Duran? Are you Andy Taylor?

      • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

        God forbid!

        Nope, my bands had a lot more…edge… to them than frickin’ Duran Duran!!

        One example.

        Are we playing 20 Questions? I’m bigger than a breadbox…

        • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

          How can you not go by Andy Trash? That’s an awesome name. You punks were so cool.

          • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:


            Wait, whaddaya mean, were??

            • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

              Iggy Pop = Lou Whitaker, except it will take Lou Whitaker longer to get in the Hall of Fame.

              • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

                Unlike my major influence Iggy (at least during his Stooges days), though, no one in my bands was doing steroids. Anything else available, yes…steroids, no. No kick.

                Iggy has looked…positively wood-carven from the last time I saw him at the old Ritz in the late ’80′s, and has only gotten scarier lately!

    • Drew says:

      Eh. Not all people are like us. Many people are more than happy not watching every AB. Also, with 9 TV’s in that place it might be nice to cool off and eat some good food. Lastly, it’s the Pirates.

      • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

        Yeah, this was the subtext of my comment: I’m glad my team is worth watching, and has been since I was a wee little Bucky Dent fan…but given that you’re at a Yankees game, not a Pirates game, why would you spend the entire game not paying attention?

        I’m not talking about people who are mostly paying attention, but take an inning or two off. I mean the annoying ones yapping on their cellphones to their wives/girlfriends the entire game. That bewilders me. Why not stay home or go to a bar/restaurant?

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      Sounds like the Audi Club…

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

        Is Chop Shop on iTunes? I’d love to throw some cash your way. I’ve been waiting on a new RAB Podcast since December. Fucking slackers.

  10. V says:

    Yikes, anyone else see the news about Westmoreland??

    I don’t wish that on anybody. Damn.

  11. Drew says:

    Pleaseeeeee come to our games! We have concerts and bobbleheads! Fireworks too! PLEASE!!

  12. Dirty Pena says:

    Is this a baseball game or a telethon? Good Mo, this is shameless.

  13. mikebk says:

    the 20 game plans are pretty sweet even as bad as the pirates suck.

    im waiting for jerry lewis to come out already.

  14. bexarama says:

    Are there Pirates tickets available?

  15. BklynJT says:

    Holy shit… I rather listen to Joe Morgan than this. Time to put the TV on mute and turn on the MLB at bat audio.

  16. OldYanksFan says:

    Hey Guys…. Anyone know if this game is on ‘Extra Innings’?

  17. Jack says:

    Their suites have temperature control?!?!?!? I’m fucking in!

  18. JobaWockeeZ says:

    They’re talking about

  19. BklynJT says:

    lmao they just slammed on CC tree trunk thighs.

  20. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:


    …I guess there are few enough Pirates season ticket holders that they can mention every single one by name during the first few innings of a baseball game?!!111!

  21. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    The average age in Bradenton? Dead.

  22. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    How awkward is it for the lady to see that Lastings Milledge and Andrew McCutchen have stolen her hairstyle?

  23. Mike Pop says:

    CC looked pretty solid today, I love how this broadcast just keeps filling us in on the ticket plans.

    Hey guys, any input on me dealing Greinke for Kemp…

    Smart move or bad move?

  24. V says:

    I know they say that Spring Training stats don’t mean much…

    But Albaladejo isn’t earning himself a major league job right now.

  25. ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

    Okay, talking to no end about the season tickets plans is one thing, not showing the game because of your “interview” with some chick of the Pirates PR department crosses several lines.

  26. Souter Fell says:

    as annoying as this broadcast is, it would be nice to know that your team REALLY wants you business

  27. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Is it possible to be re-assigned during a game?

  28. Yankeegirl49 says:

    But Pirates tickets don not include the same seats for the post season.

  29. sleepykarl says:

    Does anyone kinda wish that they let Albaladejo go instead of Edwar? I just loved that change-up. I realize that it really doesn’t matter at all, just a thought.

    • Johan Iz My Brohan says:

      Alabaladejo is probably the next one to go anyway.

    • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

      Problem is, Edwar had nothing else. You need a quality second pitch to keep hitters guessing, unless your main pitch is a blazing fastball with movement, or another pitch with movement: cutter/splitter/slider.

      Edwar was never going to succeed in the AL East.

  30. V says:

    Look at that slow jog by Nick Johnson. He’s not nearly as gritty as Damon!

  31. Mike Axisa says:

    The Pirates’ broadcasting team needs to update their stats. Melancon’s saves record at Arizona was broken about two years ago.

    • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

      But they have some really good stat guys seasoning in the minors! They’ll contend stat-wise in a couple years!

  32. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

    Nice throw there…

  33. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

    OK, this is getting to be like a cheesy late-night used-car ad.

    I’m waiting for: “Come on DOWN!”

  34. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

    I’m cracking up: “…we’ve got the Cleveland Indians coming in. If that’s not big

    If you think the 2010 Cleveland Indians are gonna sell tickets for you, you’re just frickin’ delusional!

  35. Jefree says:

    I did not know that Maz was the greatest 2nd basemen of all time. Thanks guys!

  36. Mike Axisa says:

    I can’t believe these idiots are talking about Mazerowksi being the best second basemen ever.

    .260-.299-.367 career hitter, 27 WAR.

    Joe Morgan had 27.1 WAR in the first 9 seasons of his career, before he got to Cincinnati.

    • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

      As I noted above, Mazeroski, along with Don Larsen, is the poster child for breaking the HOF rule that “you don’t elect someone for a single accomplishment, but rather what they’ve done over their career”. Which implies that his career wasn’t that great…

      I suppose I can understand Pirate fans idealizing him, though; outside of Clemente, they don’t have much else in the modern era. And that was a pretty big event for them.

      • bexarama says:

        Willie Stargel was awesome. He also had a great hat.

        • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

          Right, forgot Stargy. Pirates were pretty decent in the ’70s. Parker was OK for a minute there too.

          But that’s still not much, compared to, say, a certain team in Gotham…or even that team in Cincinnati.

          • bexarama says:


            I was gonna say the Pirates had a long and storied history, but I was looking at the franchise history and I didn’t realize how generally bad that history was. They were great in the ’70s and good in the very early ’90s (as in 1990-1992). Other than that, though, other than some things here and there, it’s a lot of meh. I really love Clemente though, so I may be thinking the Pirates were better off than they were throughout history.

            They did have fantastic uniforms, though.

    • Jack says:

      Rogers Hornsby and Eddie Collins must be rolling in their graves.

  37. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Albie’s ST stats

    2IP 15H 11R 10ER 1HR 2BB 1HBP 0K

  38. bexarama says:

    zomg we can’t beat the Pirates!!! Truly we are haunted by the ghosts of 1960.

  39. ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

    Teix and A-Rod should use Moseley as their personal pitcher in this year’s homerun derby.

  40. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:


    Yep, “you’ve gotta act quickly to get Pirates tickets”. Mmm hmm.

    Right. Sure.

    Because if you don’t, you’ll…still be able to get lots of ‘em.

  41. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

    …waiting for Bexy’s post:


    • bexarama says:

      Nah. Inspired by a certain other site, I’d rather get mock-upset that the Red Sox and Rays have better ST records than we do.

      • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

        I’ve been meaning to mention that to you. It’s funny, you seem to love to torture yourself going to all these mouth-breather sites and reading the comments, then getting upset. I’ve found it’s better for my mental health to stay away from the comments on, mlbtraderumors, etc. because I get dragged in to defending the boys in blue. I stay away from LoHud entirely. And I’m a happier person for it!

        mlbtraderumors’ posts are good, but the comments there…

        • bexarama says:

          I generally don’t get upset. If I did, I’d stop reading them. I’m more highly amused.

          I never go to MLBTR or the comments on

          • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

            OK. But you seem to get so upset at some of the idiot things you re-post here…just concerned for your well-being.

            After all, no one else on this board has said they love me!
            WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY?


            (Walks away with fingers in ears)

            • bexarama says:

              Nah. Good example, there was someone’s Twitter I was reading the other day, and I was like, wow, do you even *like* the Yankees? So I stopped reading it. I saw like two comments on the Mo article from the Daily News today and stopped reading them because they infuriated me. But like, that thing from Bleacher Report from a few days ago? I just laughed and laughed and laughed at that.

              I love all Andys. Though of course, you are special.

  42. fresh says:

    nice! definately could use a little shot of NOVAcaine after albie and mosley.

  43. Poopy Pants says:

    The Pirates paid off the Yanks pitchers to help them sell tix.

  44. Jack says:

    Bobby Crosby = MVP candidate. You heard it here first.

    For Diamond Cutters . . .

  45. bexarama says:

    Delmon Young is on the Pirates???

  46. bexarama says:

    this is exactly like all the commercials for the Nets that are like “hey come see LeBron!”

  47. WIlliam says:

    After reading the comments in a lohudd game thread of this idiot, dubbed “whatever”, I will never read their comments again. I mean, I though SBGLMJ were bad.

    I”’d rather have Melky, a guy who PLAYS every day and can make an impact on the field everyday than Javier Vazquez who only pitches once out of every 5 days and has proven nothing but unclutch in the American league. BAD TRADE.”

    “granderson hitting 214 this spring, i have a feeling he’s the next gary matthews jr, a bust.. don’t like it at all.. melky has been outperforming him this spring training, check the stats, they dont lie.”

    “OH PLEASE.. tell me in the 8th inning with the Yankees down 2 runs and Jon lester on the mound.. who would you rather see up there facing LESTER? Granderson who can’t hit lefties or Melky, the switch hitter who has been nothing but clutch in pinstripes.. its not even close.. i’m not having this argument again, cashman made some really bad mistakes this off-season.
    TBR 9-2
    BOS 7-3 1.5 GB
    TOR 6-3 2.0 GB
    NYY 5-6 4.0 GB
    BAL 2-8 6.5 GB
    As you can see, the much more talented Red Sox and Rays are ahead of the Yankees by quite a margain. This is how you can expect the season to be.”

    • A.D. says:

      Wow, someone likes to put a lot of stock in spring training.

    • WIlliam says:

      I just realized this, but he actually shows a games back next to the teams. its like he thinks we’re are actually competing with them right now,

    • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

      Yes, your first mistake was reading the comments at LoHud.

      Some of the posts aren’t bad these days, but the commenters…eeeh

    • bexarama says:

      LoHud is a really good site but the comments are… um… that comment with the AL East placing by ST was special. To be fair, most of the other people leaving comments completely trashed that person.

      Also, even if this WAS the regular season, quite a “margain”? It’s four games. And they’ve played like 10-12.

      • JGS says:

        It’s like most websites. has some good articles, but the comments there make lohud seem tame for their sheer righteous rage and idiocy. Heck, just check out the comments on that article on Rivera posted earlier

        another reason why RAB is awesome

    • Jack says:

      It’s too bad we’re slowing down on the memes. Granderson = GMJ could be a fun one.

  48. charles poet says:

    I think Mike and company should start running an “Odds” list to the right of all threads.

    The Odds should allow us to vote or bet (not with real money) on how soon the idiot comments from above will surface during in game threads once the season begins.

    Very comical to say the least. And for all of you who complained about hearing about the season ticket options for the Pirates, you know you are secretly jealous you won’t be able to see the powerhouse known as George Thorogood following a game. Ok not really but thought that part was a sad indication on the need to sell tickets – might as well offer a free Prius drawing.

    • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

      You know, I’m starting to think that going to a Pirates game during the season would be a lot like…going to a Trenton Thunder game. Only not as much fun.

      • charles poet says:

        My money is on the Thunder vs Pirates.

        • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

          I meant the minor-league atmosphere, not the quality of the players. Bobbleheads of minor-league players, fireworks, lame promotions, sausage races…oh wait, there’s a major-league team that does that, right?
          Laughs ass off, thanks Mo my team doesn’t have to do such nonsense

          • WIlliam says:

            The phillies are an odd team in that they are actually good, but have a minor league atmosphere. I think the pirates think if they do that, they’ll be like the Phillies.

  49. bexarama says:

    You know you’re a Pirates fan when: you’re worried about a 7-run lead in the bottom of the ninth.

  50. Stephen in Rainy Iguazu says:

    Wait so ESPN is running a story that the Phillies and Cardinals discussed trading Pujols for Howard. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  51. Eirias says:

    Can somebody work up a Pythagorean expectation for our ST?

    Given that this season’s Spring Training record seems to be more important than last season’s postseason record to some unnamed individuals, I’d like to know whether we are out- or underperforming our expected winning percentage.

    • bexarama says:

      we’re probably actually outperforming it because the 11-0 loss to the Twins would weight it fairly heavily against us

      You know it’s ST when: the Twins beat the Yankees ;)

      • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

        Yeah, have we lost an actual real game to them in, like, 5 years?

        We swept ‘em last year in the season and playoffs, I think we mighta swept ‘em the year before, too, or almost…

        • bexarama says:


          Since they introduced the unbalanced schedule:

          2001 2-4
          2002 6-0
          2003 7-0 (10-1 inc. playoffs)
          2004 4-2 (7-3 inc. playoffs)
          2005 3-3
          2006 3-3
          2007 5-2
          2008 6-4
          2009 7-0 (10-0 inc. playoffs)

          I was reading a Twins fan’s blog and it said that since 2002, they’re 3-22 at Yankee Stadium… yikes. I think they haven’t won a game there since 2007.

          • JGS says:

            It gets better. Two of those three were to Johan Santana, and the third the Yankees used three pitchers in the game: Jeff Karstens, Ron Villone, and Brian Bruney

          • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

            Hmm…I was a little off, then. Shows how fallible memory is. I guess my mind conveniently forgot about ’05 & ’06.

            But we still pretty much dominate them, except for 2001…but that was the year of the strike, like ’04, anyway!
            Evil $$$ beats gritty small-mindednesssmall-market-ness once again!

            Thanks for looking that up, I was too lazy.

            • JGS says:

              Twins 2010 payroll: $94.7M

              • bexarama says:

                that’s more than the Dodgers.

                But I have nothing against the Twinkies. Possibly ‘cuz we do very well against them and all, but they don’t cry poverty or anything.

                • bexarama says:

                  also, imagine if the Twins had kept Santana, Garza, Bartlett, and Hunter? They’d be quite scary.

                • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

                  I often amuse myself thinking how much better the Royals could have been if they’d kept a few of their players over the years, to go along with Mike Sweeney and Grienke: Johnny Damon, Carlos Beltrán, Raul Ibañez, Jermaine Dye, etc.

                  Although, of course, most of those guys are past their expiration date now, and wouldn’t all have played together. Still…

                • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

                  Ooh, and Paul Byrd!

                  continues studying Royals FanGraphs page

                  Wow, totally forgot Chuck Knoblauch was a Royal in ’03…and Ron-D.L. White…

              • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

                Dude, you *do* realize I was 100% joking with that characterization, right?

                Just checking

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Actual: 5-7
      Pythag: 4-8

  52. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

    Ooh, 189 comments on a meaningless Spring Training game. Yay!

    Uh oh… and like half of them mine! Yikes! I need to get a life!

    (Goes off looking for a life…)

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