Spring Training Game Thread: Oh, you again


For what feels like the tenth time this spring, the Yankees will take on the same team they beat in the World Series last year, the Phillies. With the pitching all messed up because of yesterday’s rain out, a bunch of guys already threw an intrasquad game back in Tampa. A.J. Burnett will start against the defending NL Champs, and he’ll be relieved by fifth starter candidate Phil Hughes. Both guys should be good for 75-80 pitches this time around, so chances are they’ll handle today all by themselves.

Here’s the lineup…

Gardner, LF
Granderson, CF
Teixeira, 1B
Swisher, RF
Cervelli, C
Pena, SS
Russo, 3B
Nunez, 2B
Pitcher’s Spot

Scheduled Pitchers: A.J. Burnett and Phil Hughes. Not sure who else is available if needed.

First pitch is scheduled for 1:05pm ET. Even though it’s a road game, YES will have it for you. If you’re out of market, you’re in luck because ESPN will be broadcasting the game as well. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Charlie Riedel, AP


  1. Mike Axisa says:

    Who said Curtis Granderson couldn’t hit lefties?

  2. Hangoverologist says:

    Oh my god Granderson got a double of a lefty!


  3. Rogue Trader says:

    Kevin Long is a magician.

  4. Chris says:

    Is Cervelli the only guy wearing the new helmet? I just turned on the game and I was curious if other Yankees were wearing it too.

  5. Heh. Lorenz talking about goat-boy-Werth’s new facial hair.

  6. steve says:

    Hey I am a first time poster, but I read the site and comments several times throughout the day.. I was just wondering, I thought in these spring training games the yankees pitchers might be throwing at some of the phillies for all the times a-rod got hit in the world series…has anyone hit any phillies batters in the earlier games?

  7. Steve H says:

    Since Heyman, and now George King, have taken Joba out of the competition for the 5th spot, why did they have him start in the intrasquad game…..

    These guys are pathological B-Jobbers. They think if they say it enough, it will happen, just like if a liar tells the same lie time and again, he eventually believes it to be true.

    • Yankee1010 says:

      George King, the complete gas bag that he is, never had Joba in the running. I can just picture him writing his articles with food in his mustache, a frown on his fat face and mumbling, “Joba was born for the pen. Bull in a china shop. Grunt and fart.”

      Whatever, George. If that allows you to think you have a purpose in life, go get ‘em.

  8. In New England, I’m relegated to the ESPN broadcast … John Kruk just *had* to do this game.

  9. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:


  10. bexarama says:

    AJ Burnett can’t pitch to Cervelli!!!!!

  11. Stryker says:

    hoffmann returned to the dodgers. welp, there goes that idea.

  12. Jake H says:

    Hoffman going back to the Dodgers is a stupid move. Marcus sucks.

    • CS Yankee says:

      Agreed….Thames looks like a shell of his former self (all potential with a once-n-awhile power stroke).

      Not sure why we need 5 OF’s though, doubt that Winn will get many AB’s (as 4th) unless Gardner is slumping or there is an injury.

      • Jake H says:

        True but I would rather have Hoffman than Thames any day. That guy plays no D and looks as if he doesn’t care in the field.

        • Looks can be deceiving. He’s not good at playing D but I can’t speak for how much he “cares”. That said, I’d rather take the more versatile Hoffmann over the one-dimensional Thames.

          But really, it’s the 25th spot. Not really a big deal.

        • andrew says:

          Thames probably won’t be playing much in the field. It won’t matter in the end, though, I promise.

          • Thames probably won’t be playing much in the field. It won’t matter in the end, though, I promise.


            2010 Marcus Thames = 2009 Eric Hinske (except we have him all year long)

            Marcus Thames as your 25th man is a good thing. He’ll play some LF (not much), some 1B (also not much), a little DH (not much), take some PH at bats in interleague, rarely be seen, but knock in a few timely homers.

  13. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    i just posted this in the off-topic thread. But, I just bought tickets to the NY-WASH game Wednesday night. I see the big boys Wed. night, the AAA and AA teams Thursday afternoon and both A squads Friday.

    • Ugh. My first game in YS III was that horrible game against Washington with the 6-hour rain delay.

      My sister was in town from the West Coast, and we were all going to go. My Father got bronchitis and bailed since the weather was so nasty, my sister decided to stay home and keep an eye on him, my stepmother bailed, too…so it was just my girlfriend and me. The 1:00 PM start was pushed back to 3:00, so we got there at 3:00…and spent 4 hours wandering around with everyone else, too many people for us to get into any of the “attractions” like the museum, nasty, nasty day…walk aound, get something to eat, wipe down the seats and sit for awhile, rinse, repeat…then they finally played the game…and we wished they hadn’t, as they looked pathetic losing to the Natinals.

      A bad memory. I’m still pissed they didn’t call the game. Surely, they could have gotten creative with a cross-town doubleheader wthe the Nats visited the Mutts Mess Mets?

  14. A.J. is just missing his spots, not sharp.

    Considering this is, what, his 2nd? 3rd? start of the Spring–he was rained out twice, right?– it’s to be expected, though it makes for a long day.

  15. Hangoverologist says:

    They just showed Joba’s line from the intrasquad game. It was:

    5 IP
    6 H
    2 R
    1 K

    It didn’t show anything on walks though.

  16. I really thought that was gone. It had a heck of a sound to it.

  17. Any comments from the intrasquad game this morning? How did Joba/Andy/Mo/Park/Marte/DRob look?


    Sarah Palin is SO going to kick Beeebzy’s ass for that comment clearly making light of children with special needs.

  19. Steve H says:

    Didn’t they overwork Joba today? He pitched like, 5 appearances at once.


  20. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Eat. My. Shorts. Axisa.

    Eduardo Nunez, 2010

  21. Nick “Hollywood” Swishahouse sellin’ it.

  22. Hangoverologist says:

    Tex got his revenge homer for his last deep fly out.

  23. I want to sign Jayson Werth to a fat 5 yr/65M deal this offseason, force him to get a shave and a haircut, then immediately trade him to whomever at that point has the rights to Elijah Dukes.

  24. Drew says:

    Just got in and checked the box score. I don’t like the idea of our pitchers hitting in ST. Did AJ just stand at the plate and let 3 pitches go by or is he actually swinging?

  25. bexarama says:

    That inning lasted .002 seconds.

  26. I can’t decide whether to call him “Rolls” Royce Ring, or “Rose” Royce Ring.

    I’m leaning towards the latter.


    Screaming Jon Heyman

  28. kunaldo says:

    Per Bryan Hoch on Twitter:

    -”Girardi said Joba was up to 93-94 mph today, changeup better than earlier this spring”

    -Girardi on fifth starter competition: “It seems like it gets muddled more every day.”

    Right, but Hughes is still the clear cut frontrunner though, right Mr. Olney and Mr. Heyman?

  29. bexarama says:

    “We’re looking for – well, that’s not what we’re looking for.” – I laughed out loud at that one, Girardi

  30. Drew says:

    OMG Hughes came in in the middle of an inning! He’s falling behind Joba in the 5th starter race!

    Now he gives up a HR. He’s not as good out of the pen, he’s back in the lead!

  31. Drew says:

    Was that a hooters girl? The Phillies are on to something.

  32. That image of John Kruk sleeping earlier today makes me jealous that he’s not currently sleeping now.

  33. Drew says:

    C’mon Teix. Give em the crazy eyes!

  34. The irony of the previous conversation is definitely not lost on me. Ravech basically said it’s pretty easy to find a replacement closer and the others seemed to agree, yet I know that they will all continue to over-value closers all season.

    • Which is all the funnier considering that Kruk was on the verge of retracting his Twins pick based on the Nathan injury, even though the Twins have a good 3-4 guys who are all capable of filling Nathan’s shoes with aplomb.

      • 1. Fantastic use of aplomb.
        2. Kruk was clearly too busy eating to hear Ravech’s sound argument.

        • bexarama says:

          Ravech’s sound argument

          Does not compute. (I’m watching the YES broadcast so I dunno what they said.)

          • They were talking about the Twins winning the Central, Kruk said he might retract his pick in light of Nathan’s looming TJS, Sutt said that the Twins will find someone to close “just because they always find a way” and then Ravech made a comment about closers being pretty easy to find, they pop up out of no where, etc.

            • bexarama says:

              That IS a sound argument. I am now frightened.

              Frankly, closers don’t even need to be that GOOD. Look at the 2009 Angels. Fuentes is pretty terrible. He still led the AL in saves. (I will admit I do think having an elite closer like Nathan can help in a division that’s relatively tight like the AL Central, though. You might as well get as many advantages as you can get.)

        • 1. Fantastic use of aplomb.

          A plenteous vocabulary embiggens the smallest man.

  35. bexarama says:

    Andy looks tired. Also, I know they all do it, but every time I see a pitcher with their arm all wrapped up, I freak out, then remember it’s normal.

  36. “Antonio Bastardo” is a plus-plus name. I give it a 90 on the 20-80 scale.

  37. Interesting that J.C. Romero is on the DL after off-season elbow surgery. Didn’t he get busted for steroids last year?

  38. Nick Swisher has so much raw charisma, he clearly is throwing Ravech/Sutcliffe/Kruk off their interviewing/broadcasting game.

  39. The key to that? Swisher’s fucking awesome, that’s the key.

    • At museums, he’s allowed to touch the artwork.

      • True story:

        My father does stained-glass restoration for a living. About 20 yrs. ago, I was working for him full time, when we restored a series of Tiffany windows for an exhibit at the Smithsonian. Every one of us was wrist-deep in every single window, pulling them apart, repairing them, etc.

        Fast-forward three months to the opening night of the exhibition in D.C.; we’re there, in black tie, and I’m discussing one of the repairs with a co-worker. I guess my finger got a little too close to the glass, a guard ran over and asked me not to touch the glass, as it was “very fragile”.


        Nick Swisher is more awesome than me (if barely).

  40. I can feel the grit coming off of the screen and through my speakers right now.

  41. You know Howard doesn’t poke it down the 3B line? Because he can hit the ball over the fence. A lot. He’s really good at hitting home runs so I’d be okay with Howard trying to do that.

    • bexarama says:

      from Gene Woj’s article on why you should root for the Phillies in the World Series:
      And Howard, who has led or shared the majors lead in regular season RBIs three of the last four seasons, does all of this in a quiet, understated way — and usually against a huge defensive shift to the right side of the infield.

      Yeah. That’s because he hits the ball wayyyy the hell over their heads a whole heck of a lot.

  42. kunaldo says:

    Damn, this is turning out to be a pretty good Hughes outing.

  43. Sweet Jeebus, Curtis Granderson is a good interview. He makes Derek Jeter look like ARod.

  44. Javy: Potential fantasy bust? orly, ESPN?

    You’ll rue the day you crossed me, Trebek.


  46. Drew says:

    Phil knows how to cruise.


  47. Spaceman.Spiff says:

    Juan Miranda, what a lazy Cuban, preferring to toss the ball to the pitcher covering. Gritty Teixeira would’ve sprinted full speed to get that unassisted putout.

  48. Curry: “…Yanks say they have no interest in Elijah Dukes….

    For those watching ESPN.

  49. bexarama says:

    for those of you not watching the YES broadcast, Jack Curry basically just said that the Yankees aren’t interested in Elijah Dukes because of the personality issues.

    • To be fair, he didn’t specifically say “personality issues”.

      Just that a couple of brass said they “have no interest”.

      The rest is implication only.

      • bexarama says:

        didn’t he say they have no interest because of the personality issues? He definitely didn’t just say “the Yankees aren’t interested in him,” he said something about the personality.

        • Just rewound it on the DVR.

          You’re right, he did mention off-the-field issues, I must’ve missed that, but it’s unclear whether he’s giving his own opinion, surmising from what the Yanks implied, or actually reporting what they said.

          • camilo Gerardo says:

            right, sounded like he said the yankees aren’t interested in Dukes (don’t understand why not), and then chimed in that dukes has had a murky history.

    • Fabio says:

      I don´t think that being a douche or just a dislikeable person should influence much when a team decides to hire a baseball player, but there are some things I rather not overlook. If this was my company, I´d not hire Dukes, Lugo, Myers and Giles. First and most important because it would cross my own sense of rightousness, and second because I think this can be somewhat damaging to my mark, which is the most valuable asset a baseball team has.

      I´m not a moralist freak or anything, done plenty of illegal shit both here in Brasil and also in the US, but I draw a personnal line at the cowardice of wife beaters.

      • bexarama says:

        I can’t disagree with you on this. Wife-beating just makes me really uneasy.

      • You make good points.

        My retort: I don’t think Dukes really hurts the Yankee brand much. He wouldn’t be the first guy we signed with past character issues; he won’t be the last. And there’s reason to believe that his character problems may be behind him.

        He’s also not filling a prominent role. Easily eliminated if he causes problems, and people will barely remember he was here.

        • Fabio says:

          I can understand your retort to my second point, and you are probably correct, although if he did some serious bullshit while playing for the Yankees, MSM would still harp on the fact that the team hired him knowing his past.

          But my main objection is still private. There isn´t much of a debate there, it eithers ircs you to the point you decide to not touch it or not. I can understand people not caring enought about it if it makes the team better.

          • Yeah, I get what you’re saying. If the team decided to institute a “we don’t ever hire men with histories of violence against women” policy, it’s something I can’t really complain about. I get that policy, and it makes sense.

            I personally give people second chances when they’ve shown personal growth, but there is something to be said for taking a stand and making a point.

  50. Drew says:

    Since we’re taking Thames North, I wish we would’ve invited Shef to camp. Stupid comments and all, he’s a better bat than Thames.

  51. jramey says:

    Brighthouse is a very nice field

  52. jramey says:

    nasty change

  53. So, players with multiple consecutive years of 40 HR and 130 RBI:

    Ruth: 7
    Griffey: 4
    Sosa: 4
    Howard: 4

    You know who probably would have been prominently on that list if he didn’t play for a perpetually pathetic and shitty team?

    Adam Dunn.

    • Chip says:

      O come on, everybody knows that if Adam Dunn were a better ballplayer he’d have more RBIs and that he’s just not the complete player that Ryan Howard (who is equally as valuable as Pujols) is!

    • Drew says:

      But he doesn’t like baseball.


    • Jose says:

      Add Barry Bonds to that list. He had 5 consecutive 40 HR seasons. He broke 130 RBI once in 2001 with 137. The year he had 73 HR.

  54. bexarama says:

    Hughes has looked pretty darn good I have to say. I want Joba to win the fifth starter role, but I won’t be pissed if he gets it. Aceves, Gaudin, Mitre… yeah, I might be pissed with those guys.

  55. jramey says:

    wait, Cody Ransoms a Phillie?

  56. jramey says:

    wow 48 pitches, thats effecient. He’s only hitting 90 though…on 48 pitches?

  57. jramey says:

    that wasn’t a bad pitch. but Joba and Hughes are neck and neck now. I was going to want Hughes to win but I don’t care at this point

  58. kunaldo says:

    Phil has Javy fever today

  59. Heh. This game/day is HILARIOUS.

    Phil looks nasty most of the day but served up some absolute MEATBALLS in the beginning and end of his appearance. Meanwhile, Joba pitches effectively but unspectacularly against 5 non-starters in the intrasquad simulation.

    I can’t wait to see the idiotic overreactions of the MSM after today.

    • Drew says:

      AP pitched to the same guys and got lit up. I too am anxious to hear the spin of the day.

      • WIlliam says:

        Joba outpitched the winningest postseason pitcher of all time, therefore, Joba will be good in the postseason. Rivera is good in the postseason, therefore by the reflexive property of douschebaggery, Joba should be in the ‘pen.

        /Makes more sense than Heyman’s logic

  60. YankeesJunkie says:

    I wonder what the ESPN radar gun had Hughes at? Good appearance overall just bad last two hitters in a hitter friendly park.

  61. Paul Canales says:

    Eh. Now the statline doesn’t look so good.

  62. The worst part about these Spring Training games on Yes is when I don’t get to the TV fast enough to turn it off before Francesa’s show comes on…


  63. Stryker says:

    it’s kinda funny to experience phil hughes’ career thus far. people swore up and down he was a #1/#2 type guy, now the same people don’t even think he has what it takes to crack a major league rotation.

    • Drew says:

      Care to explain? I haven’t heard one person say Hughes can’t crack a rotation.

      • Stryker says:

        seems to be the consensus among yankees and non-yankees fan friends of mine. when he threw that near no hitter in texas way back when, they thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. now there’s a massive overreaction because he got lit up today or how he’s “struggling” to make it in the majors (they cite him being relegated to the bullpen last year after being “non-2007 hughes” or their acquisition of javy being a sign that the yankees don’t see hughes being able to make it in the MLB [boy did i get a laugh out of that one]).

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      No kidding, at least he is still very young hopefully both Hughes and Joba will be in the rotation next year in 2011.

  64. bexarama says:

    if this was Joba that pitched like Hughes did today, we’d all hear about how he can’t hold a lead and he blew a save and he gave up so many HRs and blah blah blah. And then they’d still use that to say Joba should be in the pen.

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