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The following a guest entry from regular commenters tommiesmithjohncarlos and The Honorable Congressman Mondesi. If you’re involved in one of our many fantasy baseball leagues, I suggest you read up…

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the RAB 140™!

You are part of the inaugural season of one of the most interesting and exciting ventures in all of fantasy sports.  The RAB 140™ is a system of 7 linked, tiered permanent fantasy baseball leagues of 20 teams each, with year-over-year keepers and team promotion/relegation.

Most of you are fantasy regulars, so there’s no need to go over basics.  Please remember to read the roster rules and the scoring setup on your league page (all leagues’ settings are the same). Instead, let’s discuss the specifics of the tiers and the relegation and keeper formats.

Leagues of The RAB 140™

There are seven tiered leagues in the system.

1.) The RAB Premier League™
2.) The RAB Championship League™
3.) The RAB Baseball League One™
4.) The RAB Baseball League Two™
5.) The RAB Conference American League™
6.) The RAB Conference North League™
7.) The RAB Conference South League™


All seven leagues play head-to-head seasons.  At the end of each year’s play, the 20 teams in each league are ranked from #1 through #20, based on their final standings (including playoff victories).

The top four teams in Tiers 2-7 (i.e., the league champion, runner up, and two semifinalists) are promoted to the tier above the one they played in that season.

The bottom four teams in Tiers 1-6 are relegated to the tier below the one they played in that season.

The middle 12 teams in each Tier remain where they are.


At the conclusion of the fantasy year, all team rosters for all 140 teams in The RAB 140™ will be frozen.  At a date (to be determined in 2011), once the new team/league arrangements (post-relegation and promotion) have been announced in accordance with the above relegation structure, all teams will decide on THREE (3) players that they would like to keep on their roster for the new season.

These three keepers will be the team’s first three draft selections in the new season’s draft.  If a team decides to have only one keeper, that keeper will be the team’s 1st round pick; if a team decides to have only two keepers, those keepers will be the team’s 1st and 2nd round picks.

Since the promotion and relegation system will result in some player overlap (i.e., a player being owned on two different teams in the same league), teams will choose their keepers in an ordered First-Second-Third-Fourth priority structure as follows:

1.) The RAB Premier League™
FIRST PRIORITY: The top 16 teams
SECOND PRIORITY: The 4 teams promoted from The RAB Championship League™

2.) The RAB Championship League™
3.) The RAB Baseball League One™
4.) The RAB Baseball League Two™
5.) The RAB Conference American League™
6.) The RAB Conference North League™
FIRST PRIORITY: The four teams relegated (demoted) from a higher league
SECOND PRIORITY: The #1 team promoted from a lower league
THIRD PRIORITY: The middle 12 teams (league holdovers)
FOURTH PRIORITY: The #2, #3, and #4 teams promoted from a lower league

7.) The RAB Conference South League™
FIRST PRIORITY: The four teams relegated (demoted) from The RAB
Conference North League™
SECOND PRIORITY: The sixteen league holdovers

Once a player in selected as a keeper on one team, he cannot be a keeper for another team.

Important note: similar to how there will be some players in a given league who are owned by two or three teams, there will also be some players in a league who are owned by nobody.  After the promotion/relegation is complete, but before teams select their keepers, all team owners will be provided with a list of noteworthy players in their league who are unowned and thus draft eligible by default.  Owners should use this information wisely; it may be beneficial to choose fewer (or no) keepers in order to retain a higher draft slot to select certain players you have an eye on.

After the selection of keepers is complete, all non-retained players are returned to the draft pool.

That should cover it for now; we’ll continue to work out any kinks as they arise (with your input, of course). Welcome aboard, and happy drafting!

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  1. Spaceman.Spiff says:

    19th pick!

    • Jamie says:

      I’m right there with you Rebecca….i feel like i need a powerpoint presentation on this to understand

      • I get relegation, it’s the keeper thing that’s kind of throwing me off, but I figure I’ll worry about it when the time comes.

        • Okay, think of it this way:

          You’re in Tier 4, The RAB Baseball League Two™. Let’s say you came in, oh, 10th in the league, so you’re staying put where you are.

          The new league for next year will consist of you, 11 other holdovers, and the 4 worst teams from T3, The RAB Baseball League One™ (the relegated) and the 4 best teams from T5, The RAB Conference American League™. We need to create an ordered system of who gets to pick keepers first, due to the high probability of players being owned by two or three teams.

          Here would be your order in the scenario outlined:

          #1: The best of the 4 teams moving down from T3
          #2: The second-best of the 4 teams moving down from T3
          #3: The third-best of the 4 teams moving down from T3
          #4: The worst of the of the 4 teams moving down from T3
          #5: The league champion from T5
          #6: The team that came in 5th in your league
          #7: The team that came in 6th in your league
          #8: The team that came in 7th in your league
          #9: The team that came in 8th in your league
          #10: The team that came in 9th in your league
          #11: The team that came in 10th in your league (you)
          #12: The team that came in 11th in your league
          #13: The team that came in 12th in your league
          #14: The team that came in 13th in your league
          #15: The team that came in 14th in your league
          #16: The team that came in 15th in your league
          #17: The team that came in 16th in your league
          #18: The second-best of the 4 teams moving up from T5
          #19: The third-best of the 4 teams moving up from T5
          #20: The fourth-best of the 4 teams moving up from T5

          Basically, if you’re a holdover, there are 8 teams joining your league that may have a player that you already have, but only 5 of them can choose to keep one of those players before you. Also, there’s 8 teams that left your league, and all the players on their rosters can’t be keepers (unless they’re also on one of the 8 new teams).

          Does that help?

  2. Seventh league, eighth pick. Crossing my fingers.

  3. Joey (Tier 7) says:

    Alright, 12th pick, happy with that. Lets get this bad boy going already!

  4. YankeesJunkie says:

    I have a quick question about the relegation and promotion. Are the leagues going to be static or since this is the first year the winnners will move into one league and the losers will move in the last league, etc.

    • We’ve contemplated the former. The breakdown of the tiers is luck of the draw, but this will be the starting point and we’ll build on this season. If you place 6th in the Premier League this season, you’ll be in the Premier League in 2011, there won’t be wholesale changes.

  5. Dirty Pena says:

    I never plan on falling out of the Premier League so I skipped past the relegation part.

  6. Tommy S says:

    It’s gonna be tough switching commissioners if one of them gets relegated.

  7. I appreciate the h/t but tommie put this post together, which was much appreciated.

  8. This is going to be epic.

  9. Tom Zig says:

    7 different leagues is kinda nuts. I play fantasy baseball every year, but I always suck. So we’ll see how this goes.

  10. Joey (Tier 7) says:

    Hope there are no little children viewing this thread, it’s gonna get nasty lol

  11. YankeesJunkie says:

    Joe Mauer or Tulo at #7, or maybe even someone else

  12. bexarama says:


    Have fun, guys. I think this is why I don’t do fantasy baseball haha, but it should be awesome.

  13. Ah, I got 12th pick….not sure what I think about that, haha

  14. Joey (Tier 7) says:

    12th pick, got Mauer and Greinke. Wanted King Felix with 2nd pick, sonofabitch took him right before me!

  15. Evilest Empire says:

    3rd overall. I have no problem with drafting A-Rod first, heh.

  16. Tom Zig says:

    Who else is in league 7?

  17. Brad Toughy says:

    Got the last pick in League 5. I’ve never been a fan of picking late in the draft, but back-to-back picks is alright.

  18. MasterShake says:

    Quick comment because I haven’t done a keeper league before: are the leagues in yahoo all keeper leagues? I know from my other yahoo leagues, once the season ends the teams/league dissolve.

    This is more administrative I guess and if you guys are still working on the details that’s cool, I was just wondering how exactly the league set up will work out next year.

  19. Joey (Tier 7) says:

    Wow the comments here are quiet, guess everyone’s busy drafting

  20. I have officially bowed out of my draft. Twice, early in the draft, while it was my pick, I got a message from my screen saying “connection lost, reconnecting” and when it came back a moment later, Yahoo had made some horse-shit pick for me. Curious if anyone had the same problem.

    As I said in the draft-room, I’ll be pissed for like an hour and then get over it, and it’ll be a fun season. Good luck to everyone with their drafts. Tier 6, I’ll see you sooner than expected, apparently.

  21. mike says:

    how do i know which league tier im in to start? im in the
    River Ave. Blues lite league. I think #2 or 3 that was set up.

  22. matt says:

    how about we do like the top 3 teams in each league go into the top league, 4,5,6 go into the second league etc for the first offseason because otherwise the 7th league takes forever to get to the top. We could still do the keepers. Also, with the next years draft order, will it be by performance even if you skipp a keeper?

  23. Dan says:

    Dangit! I can’t believe I missed the entire draft (RAB American League) breaking up with the now-ex! Ugh! My pre-draft ratings seem to have worked out alright – lots of Yanks! (Arod, Cano, Posada, AJ)

  24. Brad Toughy says:

    Will the standings be decided by regular season standings or by the final order determined by the playoffs?

    For example, a team finishes in first by 10 games in the regular season, but loses in the first week of playoffs. That team would stay in his/her current league for the next year?

  25. Thomas says:

    I love the idea of this system, fully interconnected leagues, but I am afraid of the execution. I am opposed to this system (obviously it doesn’t much matter now), because of one major reason (other than the embarrassment of demotion), teams that get moved up get screwed.

    If you get moved up you have a solid possibility of losing your best players, because the other teams have first priority of keepers. Thus, when a team get promoted they become weakened tremendously, which is fair teams in the upper league deserve priority, but once the promoted team is weakened they have a very solid chance of demotion (which is the plan of system). Now, if this team is demoted in year three (taking this current year as year one), they have priority of the keepers, but they’ve already loss their keepers from year two. Therefore, rather than having 3 top 60 players to keep, they are more likely to have 3 top 100 players and this team is likely screwed for that year and a few upcoming years.

    Now, obviously players value changes. Players decline, breakout, and get injured, meaning the top 60 players in year one likely won’t be the same in year three. However, most of the top two round players are likely top 60 players for the foreseeable future (i.e. Hanley, Pujols, Utley, Braun, Fielder, etc). Even, players that decline are often still likely top 60 players, for example Abreu is not the player he was 5 years ago, but even after a tremendous decline he is still a top 60 player.

    Maybe I am just over thinking this and everything will work out great, but I just fear that a promoted team, gets royally screwed.

    I would have liked to voice this complaint earlier, but I always kept missing the posts on it, same as this time.

    • Brad Toughy says:

      Same concerns here, especially since the leagues are randomly ranked. The top 20 players aren’t in the best league and the worst 20 aren’t in the bottom league.

      I like the system, but with the fluidity of leagues and teams and players, utilizing a keeper format may not be best served in this case. It makes a lot more sense to simply redraft year after year.

      This type of system is groundbreaking, so there will be kinks that should be worked out, one of which is the keeper issue, which lends itself to teams that were able to sign up faster or sooner than others, rather than the skills of players.

  26. 12 says:

    so i am in “River Ave Blues Lite” (which was the second league made) does that mean its the “RAB championship league” or am i missing something?

  27. Michael says:

    Anyone know if the promotion/demotion thing is still happening for the RAB leagues this year? Or are we just sticking to our leagues from last year?

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