The RAB Fantasy Baseball League (Part Seven)

The proper evaluation of Joba Chamberlain
Open Thread: Busted

I think you know the routine by now. The settings are the same as all the other leagues (click here to see them), except that the max number of moves per week is capped at eight. If you haven’t joined one of the other leagues and want in this one, go to Yahoo! and sign up with this info…

League ID: 500175
Password: riveraveblues

Also, someone dropped out of the fifth league, so if someone wants to sign up for that one, the ID is 442039, and the password is riveraveblues.

The proper evaluation of Joba Chamberlain
Open Thread: Busted
  • Nick

    Slipped into the open spot in the 5th League.

    Cano’s Work Ethic

  • T-Dubs

    The ultimate battle of Peter Gammons’ Dentist vs. Pavano’s Butt Doctor

  • adeel siddiqui

    how could the league be full with only two comments on here?

    crap; why do these things happen when I am busy doing other things.

    • EvoLuTioN

      i know the feeling…

  • Dax J. aka The Bull in the China Shop Effect

    I want to join either league. Is that on Yahoo?

  • Doug

    Too late unless they add an 8th….come on Mike :-)

    • NYQ

      one more! one more!

  • V


  • Mark C

    yea, I tried to join this at 6:30 and it was full in under 5 minutes

  • Doug

    sounds like the demand is certainly there for another league

  • d-ness

    I would definitely join one!