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When last we heard from Ronan Tynan, Will Leitch had profiled the troubled singer. Exiled from Yankee Stadium this fall after his anti-Semitic remarks became public, Tynan has since seen his public bookings dry up and his persona grow diminished in the eyes of his former fans.

The Times today checked in on Tynan and found that the one-time Yankee celebrity is moving up to the land of the enemy. He has sold his Upper East Side apartment and will be decamping for Boston shortly. Writes Corey Kilgannon:

He insists he has not given up on New York — he will keep a rented apartment here. Nor is he angry at the city. He said he was moving mainly for a change and because he had family and friends in Boston.

When pressed, however, he admits that life here has become strained: the barrage of angry e-mail messages and letters; the death threats; the surgeon who wrote saying he would let him die on the operating table, if Mr. Tynan were his patient; the prominent chef who steered him away from a table of customers because one of them was a Jewish man who refused to meet the singer.

“It hasn’t driven me out, because I love this city so much, but it has saddened me,” Mr. Tynan said in an interview this week at a friend’s apartment in Manhattan. “I’ve cried and I’ve laughed with New Yorkers, irrespective of creed or whether they’re Jewish or Catholic or Protestant.”

Tynan continues to claim that his remarks about the “Jewish ladies” were misconstrued and that he’s not an anti-Semite because he sang at an Anti-Defamation League. His remarks, still, were out of line.

When the news of his departure to New England popped up in the press this week, one publication wondered if he would come sing for the Red Sox. Tynan refused to speculate, but considering Red Sox Nation’s tolerance for anything Yankees, it’s hard to see them accepting him.

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Johnson takes swings, set to play Monday
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • owine

    “… the land of the insensitive, and the home of the annoying voice.”

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    Bay-Bee Ruuuth?

  • http://fmylife.com JobaJr

    Have fun chillin’ with Peter Abraham!

  • Christos

    Does it look like i care about him?

  • mike c

    he’ll fit in perfectly

  • Poopy Pants

    It’s a sad story. The guy did absolutely nothing wrong and lost a lot of work.
    For anyone who cares, one of the NY rags actually gave him a chance to tell his side of the story. It’s worth looking for.

    • scoopemup

      Imagine if the women were lesbian or black.The poor dude would be boiled in oil.Don’t mess with the Zoltan,oh no, don’t mess with the Zoltan.

  • Poopy Pants

    Sadly, it looks like Ben Kabak here at RAB didn’t bother to research Tynan’s side of the story either.
    We live in a very ignorant society.

    “His remarks, still, were out of line.”

    I wonder if Kabak sought more information (like the ACTUAL comments or context) before typing this and further trying to ruin someone’s career?

    Sorry. I just get mad when journalists are irresponsible.

    • http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0902/mlb.alex.rodriguez.through.the.years/images/1993.alex-rodriguez.jpg Drew

      Tynan says he didn’t mean it in a derogatory manner! His remarks were taken out of context! That must be true!

    • http://twitter.com/riddering Riddering

      RAB reported on this story and Tynan’s comments soon after the incident last year. The details were shared then–this is just a follow up.

      As for Tynan: he made a crass comment about Jewish people hoping to get a laugh out of it. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have the kind of fame that can recover easily from an incident like that after it’s been reported.

      • Poopy Pants

        “As for Tynan: he made a crass comment about Jewish people hoping to get a laugh out of it.”

        More ignorance. That’s not what happened. If you actually read the story back then, you’d know you’re making a very false statement.

        • http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0902/mlb.alex.rodriguez.through.the.years/images/1993.alex-rodriguez.jpg Drew

          RE Agent: “Don’t worry they are not Red Sox fans”

          Tynan: “I don’t care about that, as long as they are not Jewish,”

          Buyer: “Why is that?”

          Tynan replied that Jewish ladies had been looking at the apartment before and they were “scary,”

          Tynan afterward: “It was stupid of me to be so callous, and I would never want to hurt anybody’s feelings,”


          Most of us read the story when it happened. We’re not ignorant to the situation.



          • http://None Michael

            In Europe anti semitism isn’t looked at the sane way it is here.
            In NY, if you’re a public figure, it’s hard to convince people that you’re not a bigot, or in Tynan’s case, just good ole, off-the-boat dumb.

          • aldot

            Why did he appear in the hallway at the very times the broker came with prospective buyers? He must have been lurking behind his front door, thinking of himself as a self-appointed one-man co-op board. What a pompous ass.

  • Ben

    as a hasidic jew, I don’t know nor do I care what he said. I think that people tend to blow things out of proportion very fast. So he said something big whoop, I don’t take everything said about us anti-sematic.
    but wat I am against is stereotyping, u can’t label “jewish ladies” because of what u had or have seen of one or two of them, (whatever his comments were) every person is different no matter to what race or religion they belong to.

    • AndrewYF

      From what Tynan said, his real estate agent mentioned them as “two Jewish ladies”. After meeting with them, Tynan referred to them as the same thing to his real estate agent. I don’t actually think he’s anti-Semitic in any way (and I don’t really think anyone on the Yankees does either), but it’s not what I think matters, it’s what everyone else thinks. And if everyone else thinks he’s anti-Semitic, that’s their right, and the Yankees had no choice but to part ways with him.

      Frankly I’m glad. I never liked his voice at all.

    • Bob Stone

      I am surprised that a Hasidic Jew cannot spell Semitic.

    • http://None Michael

      Ignorance does not go away because you ignore it.

  • Gary

    I do NOT like Ronan Tynan in the least, find his singing annoying, but that’s just my personal taste, I’m more of a rock ‘n’ roller…But let’s face it, he is a great talent. People: FORGIVE! Let it go! Wipe clean the slate and start anew. As a human being, by definition, he is going to fail, as are you and me. He deserves to be forgiven.

    • LarryM, FL.

      I agree with with Gary, Forgive the comment. The man should not loss his livelyhood and move away from his beloved New York for his comment. I’m sure he’s learned a lesson in sensitivity. Now, Mel Gibson has a problem IMHO.

  • bobmac

    The way the Yankees are treating this guy is disgraceful.He has apologised if he offended anyone and people should move on.The Yankees should bring him back.

    • owine

      The Yankees simply relieved him of his occasional duties (which was not his day job). They owe him nothing.

  • Mike Nitabach

    Good riddance. He sang like shit, and all that God Bless America crap has no business at a baseball game anyway. I hate all that bogus fucking militaristic flag shit at sporting events.

    • Bob Stone

      Bring back “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”.

      • Kiko Jones

        re: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”: +27

        But it won’t happen; at least, not while the Boss is alive.

        • Bob Stone

          I thought, perhpas incorrectly, that MLB mandated the playing of “God Bless America”, not the Boss.

    • http://None Michael

      No one loves the military like the Yankees.
      Make sure you don’t have to go to the bathroom during God Bless America.

    • The Ghost of Phil Rizzuto

      Here, here. For those of us who are less than thrilled with the interminable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and who are not believers in supernatural beings, let alone ones who could be induced to provide “blessings” for particular nations (and by implication, all of their actions) I would like to see the ritualistic playing of this song at baseball games retired permanently. It makes me very uncomfortable.

      • misterd

        Phil Rizzuto would disagree.

      • Kiko Jones

        I am one of those who is “less than thrilled with the interminable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan” while at the same time a believer in a “supernatural being”, as you call it. Regardless, I’d rather hear “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” than “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch. But more importantly, I don’t want to see anyone harassed for getting up to use the john, stretch their feet, etc. during the latter song. That is just unacceptable.

  • Mister Delaware

    “I’ve cried and I’ve laughed with New Yorkers, irrespective of creed or whether they’re Jewish or Catholic or Protestant. But not Muslims. I mean, c’mon, right?”

    • Bob Stone

      I hope you were being sarcastic.

      • Mister Delaware

        I don’t know how I could have better conveyed my sarcasm unless I put *SARCASM ALERT* above the ridiculous pretend quote.

    • http://None Michael

      There is way too much racism on this site.

  • Abyss

    Ok, I read RAB every day, though I don’t comment often. I did read the story about Tynan when it first happened, and honestly I viewed it as someone who tried to crack a joke to the wrong people. I don’t doubt the he’s not an anti-Semite, and I don’t think he meant for it to be offensive. IMO, anyone who takes offense to this is over-sensitive. Again, just IMO. I think people need to be lenient when reacting to other peoples’ comments and take into account the possibility of someone just straight up failing at making a joke.

    • http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0902/mlb.alex.rodriguez.through.the.years/images/1993.alex-rodriguez.jpg Drew

      Eh, it’s horrible judgment on his part, beyond a joke fail, imo.

      When you don’t know someone, do you really say, “Hey, as long as he/she isn’t black/white/Catholic/Jewish/Muslim/etc..?” Let alone the fact that the stranger he said it to was in fact Jewish. It’s just flat out idiotic on his part. I understand why people are pissed at him.

    • Mister Delaware

      “… and honestly I viewed it as someone who tried to crack a joke to the wrong people.”

      Out of curiosity, who are the right people to crack an “oh those annoying Jews” joke to?

  • Mike HC

    If you were to fire every person who has ever inappropriately cracked wise about Jewish people, Jews included, there would probably be very few left with jobs. It is not like he made this remark to a journalist, or at a place of work, or even in a public place. He was standing in his very own hallway of his apartment building. There is no reason for any comment made there to become public.

    People are able to gladly ignore things that they know are going on, but just don’t see or hear with their own eyes, and then when a relatively innocent comment about Jews become public, they are outraged and get up on their high horse. Not me. Was it a stupid, inappropriate comment? Yes. Should it have been made public, resulting in death threats, running him out of the nyc and the loss of his job? No.

    • http://None Michael

      At the end of the day, a lot of Jewish people are buying those $1200 seats, and luxury boxes.
      If they were offended, then so be it.

      Who is a non Jewish person to tell a Jewish person when they should be offended?

      You’re right though, people make anti Semitic remarks all the time.
      And like those people, Tynan is guilty of two things: the first is anti semtism,
      and the second is ignorance.

      In Alabama, Tynan keeps his job. In NY, he gets fired.

      Good luck in Boston, where their most beloved player in decades is Kevin Youkilis, and in case you didn’t know, he doesn’t roll on Shabbas.

      • misterd


        So far as anyone knows, he made a grand total of one anti-semetic remark (and even that is debatable). No one is saying that the reported comment should not offend anyone. The problem is the magnitude of offense is well out of proportion to the offensive comment. The man was embarassed. He apologized. He has lost thousands of dollars in income. When is enough enough? Why should one dumb remark plague him for the rest of his life?

        • http://None Michael

          Yea, I’m sure he was an anti Semite for several seconds and the rest of the time he’s a well educated accepting professional.

          The Yankees made the right move. Ironic because they’ve been of racism before.

      • Jeremy

        “Good luck in Boston, where their most beloved player in decades is Kevin Youkilis”

        That is a crazy statement.

        First of all, and most importantly, if any member of the current Sox can be considered the “most beloved player in decades,” it’s David Oritz.

        Second, I doubt more than 5% of Red Sox fans know that Youkilis is Jewish. Neither he nor the team makes a story out of it (unlike, for example, Shawn Green and the Dodgers).

        Red Sox fans won’t like Tynan because he’s associated with the Yankees and got stuck with a bad rep.

        • http://none Michael

          “First of all, and most importantly, if any member of the current Sox can be considered the “most beloved player in decades,” it’s David Oritz.”

          This is soooo subjective.I was making a point that anti Semitism wouldn’t be tolerated in Boston.

          It was Papi’s team. Now it’s Youk’s.

  • misterd

    Poor bastard. It’d be one thing if he was a holocaust denier, or attended a Klan rally. He made one stupid remark. I don’t care what the context is. Everyone here is guilty of saying something stupid that we wish we could have taken back. To have his career ruined by this is simply not right.

    • Mister Delaware

      If you don’t want your career ruined by making a joke at the expense of a race / gender / denomination …

  • HC

    The Jersey Shore is the most popular show on TV but when it comes to other groups your life and career is over as soon as you make one comment that can be construed as enforcing a negative stereotype. How many Jews do I know who don’t want to associate with JAPs? How many Italians that don’t want to be surrounded by Guidos at clubs? Come on, get over it- the remarks were in bad taste but people are getting real tired of over-sensitivity.