YES, Time Warner reach in-market streaming deal


Those Yankee fans who are cursed with rely upon Time Warner for their YES Network access will now have the ability to purchase live streaming of all YES-broadcast Yankee games this year. The deal — announced this morning by MLB Advanced Media and the YES Network — now means that nearly every cable subscriber in the YES Network territory now has the option to purchase in-market streaming upgrades as well.

The Yankees offered up more details via a press release:

The Yankees on YES Live Game Streaming in-market package will launch in conjunction with YES’ Sunday, April 4, season-opening Yankees-Red Sox telecast (8 pm ET). YES Network will offer the package to eligible Time Warner Cable customers for $69.95 for the entire 2010 regular season, or $19.95 for any 30-day period this regular season. All games will be delivered in true high definition, the highest-quality live streaming as pioneered by Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

YES Network will allow eligible Time Warner Cable customers to purchase this package and use high-speed Internet access to watch YES’ Yankees telecasts live on their computers throughout the Yankees’ entire home broadcasting territory. They also will be able to watch YES’ Yankees telecasts live on laptops or other portable computers via WiFi. Time Warner Cable has reached an agreement with the YES Network to cooperate with Major League Baseball Advanced Media to ensure that only eligible Time Warner Cable customers may subscribe to the package.

As Maury Brown notes, with Time Warner now on board, the 127 games the YES Network airs are now available for streaming through all of the city’s major content providers. FiOS and Cablevision had signed deals with the Yankees last season, and millions of in-market fans can now purchase this live game streaming package.

For the future of online streaming of live baseball, this is clearly a deal big. The most popular team has made its games available online in the country’s biggest media market, and the revenue from this deal should be substantial. I have, however, a question: Will people purchase it? As far as I can tell, the streaming option is available only within the Yankees’ home broadcasting territory. Since the streams won’t work outside of that area, do people in New York — those who have access to YES via their standard cable subscriptions anyway — purchase this? In my view, until the requirement that only those who already have YES are eligible to purchase the streams are lifted, live in-market game streaming will not replace cable subscriptions.

And so a poll, if you will:

If you are eligible, will you subscribe to the Yankees on YES Live Game Streaming package?
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  1. UWS says:

    Honestly, I don’t see the point when for $30 more you can sign up for and watch any game, anywhere.

    Also, TW is the devil.

  2. jim p says:

    There was a very very brief period a few years ago where you could have basic TW Cable and for an extra $1 a month get the Yankees game. That lasted, at the most, two months.

    Now I have TWC, but solely for the Yankees game, and it’s costing me about $70 or $80 a month. Which sucks, because after the 138th viewing of the Godfather and My Cousin Vinny, I really don’t need the cable. I’d drop it in a minute if I had a way to watch the Yankee games for $30 or so a month.

    So, if I understand aright, nothing here really changes for me. I still have to be buying TWC in order to watch the games online, right?

    • Amol says:

      I’m in the same boat. If I could get the Yankees without cable, I’d drop it in a second, which is why the cable companies are using every bit of influence they have to keep that from happening.

  3. It’s funny that you complain about being cursed with Time Warner… I live in a Cablevision monopoly area. Time Warner (or Verizon Fios) sounds like a panacea to me. I’d LOOOOOOVE to be cursed with Time Warner.

    Cablevision’s TV and internet service is just like the Knicks, Dolan’s other venture: it’s sucked hardcore for about a decade and a half now. Problem is, there’s no LeBron/Bosh/Johnson/Wade/Stoudamire/Boozer on the near horizon to make all the crappiness worthwhile.

    • Time Warner isn’t a panacea. I could go on and on about my current connectivity issues and how no one can tell me (a) what’s wrong or (b) how they’re fixing or (c) how people in the same area can have the same problem at the same time but the problem isn’t considered to be “widespread” or “upstream.” It’s an issue in life right now. But that’s neither here nor there. I’ve heard Cablevision sucks just as much, and I’m getting FiOS as soon as I can.

    • Optimum Ultra is awesome. It’s a $100 a month but you cant beat the 100 MB download speeds when you’re getting all your hdtv shows off usenet. Also, You can buy a cheap uk vpn for $5 a month that will allow you to get around all of the blackout restrictions.

      • Beamish says:

        vpn you say? I’d say tell me more but I don’t know if you can…

        I hate cable TV but will gladly pay $30/month just for Yankees games.

    • Mike HC says:

      I have experienced both and they are about the same. Similar problems, similar lack of explanation or help. But on the whole, I think they are both pretty good. I also had Comcast for awhile, a that was a straight nightmare.

    • For real? I’ve had Cablevision here in Jersey for a while. Not one problem with it. The price isn’t great but it’s tolerable.

      • My main gripes:
        1. My internet always goes out every 10-14 days and needs to be hard reset. Like, always.
        2. Bringing up the guide on the TV/changing channels takes FOR.EV.ER. Three toed sloths move faster than my TV does.

        • Mike HC says:

          ha. yea, those are both very legitimate gripes. I can second those.

          Cablevision is slightly worse in those two areas, but Time Warner has some issues there as well.

        • Tommie-

          I assume you’ve swapped your cable modem?

          And you’ve tried connecting directly to the modem with an ethernet cable?

          Have you gone into your router’s settings via browser (usually and asked it to “release and renew” its IP address?

          • All of the above.

            I think it’s simply that both Cablevision and TW use old, shitty modems and frequently sweep their lines for hackers stealing connections, which resets modem/cable box settings remotely (probably by accident, but still).

            Fun Fact #2: During the last month, all five cable boxes in my house changed their default “Power On” channel from my chosen “last channel viewed” setting to “Fox 5″. Not all at once, mind you, no… progressively, one by one. Why? I have no freaking idea. (And no, there were not any power outages during this time.)

            • I suspect you’re right, but it was worth a try. Also, add “shitty infrastructure” to the list.

              Re. your “Power-On” channel changing: this happened to me, as well. The cable co. flashes your modem remotely, sending a new version of the firmware to the modem; and either the new method of saving your settings isn’t compatible with the old method, or the firmware programmers screwed up, or the company just doesn’t care and told the programmers not to bother saving the settings (DING DING DING! we have a most-likely-winner!).

              I have watched over the months as my Time Warner DVR/cable box was updated, and the onscreen Guide’s features went from great, to worse, to shitty- if I changed channels in the guide, the actual channel I was watching would change, too! TAlk about worthless!– back to decent again.

              Definitely annoying.

        • Haven’t felt the sting of the first gripe, but yeah, the Guide thing does take forever. Sometimes the channel info thing just won’t show up for about a week. “No data available. Changing date to 03/24/2010.” That was a week ago?! You’re changing the date to a week ago? Why? What? Just…what?

          Again, I’m coming from Comcast, so as long as it works every now and then, I’m fairly happy.

          • I love the fact that my non-DVR box remote has no Guide button, to get to the channel guide you have to push the iO button in the middle and then choose the Channel Guide from the iO pre-menu.

            The DVR box remote, meanwhile, does have a Guide button. You press it, and voila!, you’re taken to… the exact same stupid iO pre-menu that the iO button on the non-DVR box remote takes you to.



            • Heh. My Father’s on Cablevision now, and it takes up to 10 seconds sometimes for the television to obey remote commands to change the volume.

              And the Mute button on the remote actually switches the TV from Input 1 to Input 2, instead of doing what it’s supposed to and muting the sound– which actually panicked my Father and Stepmother, as the screen went to “snow” and they couldn’t figure out the problem! 3 remote exchanges did nothing to help.

              Do you know where I’m going with this, especially when I tell you that my Father cannot stand to have the volume on during commercials?

              Yep. He whacks the Vol. Down button ’til the sound goes off. Then, when the ads are over, he presses the Vol. Up button–and nothing happens. So he hits it again and again– and when it finally obeys, the sound COMES ON AT THE HIGHEST POPSSIBLE VOLUME, so he starts frantically whacking the Vol. Down button…you get the idea.

          • Mike HC says:

            ahhahah. So true, After 4 years of Comcast, just having a service that kinda works is like heaven.

  4. I have and am simply not willing to fork out even more money on top of that and cable to watch a few Yankees games at work or at my desk at home if I’m too lazy to change rooms.

  5. Ahhh. I’m just happy about this. Seems like it took forever.

  6. Mike HC says:

    I might order it, but only on a monthly basis. If there is a month with a bunch of afternoon games, I might take the plunge. On especially nice days outside, I might not want to have to stay in and watch the game, but might want to watch the game on the computer outside depending on where I am.

    I think it is a good idea.

  7. Poopy Pants says:

    For the last few days, I’ve been considering canceling my whole TW cable subscription. Prices are just out of control.
    I can listen to every game on the radio.

  8. Solution for all of you: drink far more at your local bar.

  9. Nick says:

    All these game streaming services are totally backwards to me.

    MLB: Can watch any game online..except in market.
    NYY: Can only watch in market games(IF you already subscribe to TV).

    WDF? That means if I am an in-market fan..sans a tv subscription..i’m f’d. Totally f’ing pointless.

    Why would I pay for TV, and then pay to watch yankees games online..when I can watch them on my tv? The only value is if you are never home for these games.

    I’m still mulling whether or not to renew my subscription, they raised the prices. However, that in conjunction with VPN’ing into Chicago..allows me to look like I’m watching from Chicago, and thus allows me to watch yanks games.

    O well…maybe one day they’ll break the bond of “in market/out of market”.

  10. king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

    …screw it. my wife just said i could get directtv for two years, as long as i switched it back to cable at the end of the contract if she didnt like it.


    YES channel here i come!

  11. Jramey says:

    i live in va (out of market for yankee GAMES). I also have verizon and YES network, for some bs reason the play everything except the games (pre and post game). Can I get these games online since I have verizon, or do I have to be in market?

    • The BS reason is territorial. You’re out of the territory for the Yanks’ broadcast rights so YES can’t air those games even if you get it via satellite. You also can’t pay to get those games via in-market streaming.

      You should, however, be able to get them via for more money.

  12. jimmy says:

    i’m fairly new to technology, particularly when it comes to cell phones…anybody know if you can stream games over verizon’s 3G network? I have a droid if that canges anything

  13. I found a link to this blog on Bing and really enjoyed it. Thank you!

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