Aceves pulled with stiff lower back

Open Thread: Pray for rain
Trenton walks off with a win as Romine's streak comes to an end

Update by Mike (8:46pm): Aceves will be out for two or three days, which isn’t all that bad. Phew.

7:24: Aceves exited with a stiff lower back. He’s had back problems before, as recently as Spring Training.

6:51pm: The injury bug continues to bite the Yankees. While pitching in the bottom of the sixth, Alfredo Aceves finished his delivery awkwardly and injured himself. The team has yet to announce what happened, but Joe Girardi and the trainers pulled the versatile reliever without hesitation. We’ll update this post as news comes in.

Open Thread: Pray for rain
Trenton walks off with a win as Romine's streak comes to an end
  • Tom Zig

    ay dios mio!

  • Yankeefan91 Arod fan

    If i had to take a guess I would Ssay it was his back.

    • B-Rando

      i dont think so, it looked like something in his left leg

      • Mike Axisa

        If you’ve ever hurt your back, then you’ll know you can make some funny movements. He limped a bit, but he’s had back trouble in the past and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it popped up again.

      • B-Rando

        d’oh! good call guys

    • Chris

      I agree. It looked like he may have had a spasm in his back. If he did indeed hurt his back this would be the third time in two years that he has had back issues (last year, and this year in Spring Training). I’m getting ahead of myself though, it could certainly be a different injury, maybe something with his legs.

  • Johan Iz My Brohan

    This is honestly ridiculous

  • A.D.

    When it rains, it pours.

  • Captain Bawls

    Gameday says injury delay after the Tex HR – did he break his ankle during his home run trot?

    This injury bug is absurd

    • mg

      Nah, not a Yankee hurt this time.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Ramon Ramirez left the game after throwing a ball to A-Rod.

  • Neil B.

    Hey Ben,

    Can you please not post threads with the title “Just Stay Healthy?” Thanks!

    • Benjamin Kabak

      That was Mike, not me. Sure thing!

  • Hughesus Christo

    No Yankees on the cover of SI, ever again. Sportsman of the Year followed by “The Core Four” was just asking for trouble.

    • dr mrs the yankee

      Yeah CC was terrible last year after they put him on the cover

      • bexarama

        Mariano sucked in the postseason.

  • Bryan

    Come on now! This is just getting silly!

  • JPK

    It looked like his back to me

    • vin

      Yep, me too. He wasn’t limping or anything, which would indicate a leg injury.

  • adeelmd

    we should’ve traded Aceves and Nick Johnson for Murphy and Pagan while we had the chance..

    /runs and ducks for cover.

  • Jake H

    It looked like a hammy with the way he landed.

  • danny


  • Kristen

    As per Marc Carig, it’s a stiff lower back.

  • Richard Iurilli

    Aceves with a stiff lower back, according to WCBS.

  • Yankeefan91 Arod fan

    i knew it was his back.

  • andrew colin

    even before they took him out,aceves was throwing up meatballs. Lowell just missed a fat one, fouled it off. Aceves not as impressive as last year. If its the back,go to a chiropractor.

  • Anksy

    Another injury?…Can someone sacrifice a chicken already?!?

  • 28 this year

    Even if he is out for just a few days, I think the Yankees need another long man out of the bullpen for those few days. Mitre can only go like 65 to 75 pitches, who knows what Javy is going to give us so that is two days back to back where it is possible we get less than 5 innings from our starters. Sanchez can only get us so far but I think to be safe we could really use someone else. Maybe demote Robertson since he has pitched the last few days and maybe can work out his kinks in AAA.

  • poster

    Whew! Good news!

    Lost in this injury mess is that the Yankees have been very lucky. Only two players actually went on the DL, and even those two players will hopefully be out only two to four weeks, which isn’t bad.

  • Jim

    I just realized that Tyler Clippard in ’09 and so far this year is putting up mean numbers. Where the heck did that come from.

    • pete

      crazy delivery, decent FB, decent change. I actually think it was pretty dumb of the yankees not to give him a shot in the ‘pen considering both those factors as well as his control and minor league success. But I’ll admit i never thought he’d amount to anything when he was traded, and I had some hope for Albaladejo.

  • pete

    It has been insane with the recent injuries, but in reality only NJ and Grandy are going to be out long-term, and neither looks like it’ll be THAT long-term.

  • Joeytime

    Well the pens going to need some to step up now, we don’t have chan ho or ace…
    This is where it would be great if we hung on to gaudain… Considering everyone else we got left standing… Oh well…

    • Zack

      Well if they still had Gaudin then he wouldnt be available because he’d be in Pettitte’s spot (because they would have to cut Mitre to keep Gaudin on the roster).