All’s well that ends well

Montero hits a salami in SWB win
Hughes's troubles finishing off Sox hitters
Photo credit: Peter Morgan/AP

That title comes courtesy of Matt from Fack Youk, whom I met with before the game. Along with Mike and Ben, Moshe from The Yankee U joined us as well. It was a nice little pre-game get together. I can only imagine if we had sat together all game.

This isn’t going to be a traditional recap. I had the thing written in my head in the bottom of the eighth. I’m going to include most of that — just because they won doesn’t mean there it was a blunder-free game. Still, we’ll lead with the most important stuff.

That straight fastball isn’t what it used to be

Photo credit: Peter Morgan/AP

Jonathan Papelbon did work in a few splitters during the ninth, but for the most part stuck with his fastball. It has some zip, hitting 94 to 96, but it doesn’t move all that much. When he spots it, he can be effective Thankfully, tonight he didn’t quite have everything.

The book on A-Rod is to pitch him inside so he can’t get his arms extended. That’s where he generates his power, so keeping pitches under his hands can neutralize him to an extent. He’ll adjust, as all great hitters do, but he might not do as much damage. Papelbon went inside with his first fastball to him, but also left it waist high. As soon as the ball took off the entire Stadium went nuts. This was no false alarm. We knew the game was tied before the ball landed in the visitor’s bullpen.

Papelbon actually went back to the splitter against Cano, twice actually, getting him to swing and miss on the second one. Cano was looking for a fastball in his wheelhouse and just didn’t get it. Once Papelbon got that first inside fastball across for a strike he didn’t come back in for the rest of the at-bat. He did go back inside to Cervelli, figuring, I guess, that Frankie couldn’t hit the inside heat. The second one, though, was a bit too inside.

Then came Thames, who was sitting dead red and got one belt high inside. There it went, game over, Yanks come back off Papelbon to win a game they should have had in the bag much earlier.

Which brings us to…

Bad pitchers, bad management

After their efforts over the weekend, both David Robertson and Joba Chamberlain were not available last night. With Sergio Mitre also not available, that limited Girardi’s options. Further limiting Girardi’s options was Phil Hughes, who couldn’t pitch past the fifth inning. Hughes, however, is a topic for another post. The bullpen, however, is a topic ripe for immediate discussion.

Again, Hughes didn’t make this easy. He did, however, leave with a lead, and the Yanks tacked one on in the bottom of the fifth to give them two. Problem is, without Robertson ready for the sixth and Joba for a later inning, there was no real easy call there. He could have gone to Park, but then would have had to put together two more relievers to cover the next two frames before going to Mo in the ninth.

Girardi’s choice, unfortunately, was Boone Logan. The image to the right describes exactly how I, and many others, feel about Logan’s presence on the team. He’s a lefty who has gotten crushed by same-handed hitters this year. He does not throw strikes. In fact, it was his inability to throw strikes that cost the Yankees a run last night. He threw Victor Martinez, who has crushed lefties this year, three straight pitches out of the zone. After coming back with a gimme 3-0 strike, he delivered one middle-in, and Martinez was all over it. It looked like he was guessing all the way, and it paid off.

Logan did take care of the rest of the inning. Only Logan, though, could allow David Ortiz to hit a grounder to the one spot where the infielders weren’t standing. A double play took care of that, and then he finally took care of the lefty Jeremy Hermida. In any case, the Yanks could probably use a reliever tomorrow, and there should be no hesitation to call Melancon’s number and tell Logan to go have fun in Scranton. There’s just no place for him in a contender’s bullpen.

Chan Ho Park, fresh off the DL, then came out for the seventh, which seemed like the logical move. He probably would have come out for the seventh even if Joba had been available. Again, that worked out well. He killed a leadoff single with a sweet double play. My seats gave me a great vantage point of Jeter leading Cano with the throw, allowing him to flip to first while getting out of Darnell McDonald’s way. All’s good, right?

When Chan Ho came out for the eighth, I thought little of it. He’s a guy who can go multiple innings. Problem was, he hadn’t pitched multiple innings since April 13, which was the last time he appeared in a game before hitting the DL. He had a short rehab stint, in which he pitched a single inning. Girardi obviously wanted to go as far as he could with the relievers he had, but Park just wasn’t up to the task. A single and back-to-back homers later, and he had coughed up the lead and put the Sox in a good position to win. It was the second day in a row that the Yanks had blown a game in the eighth inning.

Damaso Marte might have been up to the task. He came in essentially with a blank slate, bases empty and none out, and put down the Sox 1-2-3. I’m not sure why Girardi didn’t call Marte’s number, especially with Drew leading off. I guess he’s still thinking of him as a LOOGY. In a game like last night’s though, I think he has to think a bit more deeply about it.

When Javy Vazquez entered in the ninth, it was clear that Girardi was just trying to get into the ninth with the two-run deficit. I’m sure he didn’t want to use Vazquez, that he was a option of last resort. He would have been a better option in the eighth, though, than Park. But, again, he was probably a break glass in case of emergency reliever. His four pitches will not affect his status as Friday’s starter.

A win’s a win, and last night’s was pretty sweet.

WPA Graph and boxscore


More at FanGraphs. Here’s the boxscore.

Up Next

They say it’s going to rain, but if it holds up we have CC vs. Beckett tomorrow night.

Montero hits a salami in SWB win
Hughes's troubles finishing off Sox hitters
  • Kevin G.

    I posted this in the game thread but I felt it should be reposted

    Papelbon’s reaction to A-Rod’s home run:

    • JGS

      I think he does that every time someone hits the ball in the air

      • Kevin G.

        Yeah, it’s pretty annoying

  • Tommy Fusco


    funny, in the game thread one guy was moaning ALL game long about the yankees bats being silent.
    they scored 11 runs.

    oy. lol

    • bexarama

      That person disappears right before the bottom of the ninth.

  • BigBlueAL

    Where are all the Marcus Thames haters at!?!? lol

    • mustang

      They all were DFA.


      • mustang

        And hopefully they don’t make it through waivers.

    • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

      dude. i’ll give him the credit. but he stuill sucks. even in his interview he basically was like yeah i do one thing and one hing only, hit fastballs, that is why im here so when i missed one from abrd ig ot pissed so i ddint wanna miss one again.

      eckstein has hti walkoffs…doesnt make him not suck. same with scutaro and he hti his off MO

      • bexarama

        Look at his current offensive stats. He’s unlikely to continue that, but he has far-from-sucked. In the field, no argument.

  • bexarama

    As I’ve said a million times, this game went from a laughable blowout to a nailbiter to an absolutely crushing loss to the most exhilarating win. How can you not love baseball???

    • pat

      You just can’t predict it, bex.

    • ecksodia

      Agreed, agreed. When I was about to leave for school, the Yankees were up 6-2, and right before I shut down my laptop Drew homers off of Hughes. I muttered “oh boy” to myself, not knowing what would come after. Too bad I missed it.

    • Marcy S

      Right on! What a great game this was!

  • ZZ

    This game will be a very good learning experience for Hughes and Cervelli. They will have a lot to talk about with Eiland and Posada.

    Hughes was bound to have a start like this, but in the long run those 2 will be better off that it occurred the way it did, especially since the Yankees ended up winning.

    • JGS

      Pretty lousy start for Hughes and his numbers shot up to…

      2.25 ERA, 0.977 WHIP, 5.73 H/9 (still leads the AL)

      • ZZ

        It wasn’t a good start, but with experience this is the type of game he guts through and gives you 5 or 6 decent innings.

        His stuff wasn’t that bad tonight where you would expect 5 runs in 5 innings.

        The cutters to Ortiz were a mistake and then to get burned a second time in the same game to a LH hitter on the cutter is a big no no.

        Hughes’ cutter is a very good pitch. But it is not good enough to be his featured pitch, especially when the LH hitters tonight were clearly sitting on the cutter. Most of the success Phil has had with it is because it works off his 4 seamer. Unlike, his fastball it cannot be successful on its own at this point.

        It was a hard lesson for him, but now he knows what Eiland is talking about when he tells him he can’t fall in love with his cutter.

        And now Cervelli should now that there are times when you really have to go out to your pitcher and talk some sense into him.

        I don’t want to harp on the point that Posada would have been a big help for Phil tonight since I mentioned it in the game thread, but Posada has been getting a lot of flak lately in favor of Cervelli especially since they don’t really have a DH.

        Posada has been around this game for a long time and has had a ton of success. His leadership and experience behind the plate brings a lot to the table. That should not be underestimated even if it cannot be quantified.

        • Marcy S

          Yeah, I’ve noticed how commentators keep raving about Cervelli at the games; last nite they called him Posada’s “heir apparent.” That’s all well and good, but don’t bury Posada before he’s dead. I mean, can’t they give him the respect he deserves, that he’ll go when he’s ready to go, and then they can celebrate the new guy? I noticed Jorge looking at Cervelli last nite when he was at bat, with a kind of glare. It must be really hard on him, all this worship of Cervelli.

          • bexarama

            Posada always looks like he’s glaring though

  • ZZ

    And since I HATE LH relievers as a whole, this is the perfect time to say that I really hope to wake up tomorrow and see Logan was sent down.

    Seriously if this duded was RH, there would not even be a question about it. Just because he is LH does not make him a good pitcher.

    • pat

      Word. Logan has no place on this team at all. He’s been given ample rope, and all he has done is hung himself. Melancon should be called up for good.

  • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben)

    Send down Logan, bring up Melancon. Joba should be fine for tomorrow. Plus, CC will be going so we won’t need anyone, except maybe Rivera

  • Ana

    I’m really glad that Hughes’ inevitable regression (and he didn’t even get lit) didn’t result in a loss. And I”m glad we stuck it to Papelbon. Made my week.

    • Marcy S

      Oh yeah! How sweet it is!

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

    Joe West is somewhere, and he is crying.

  • Salty Buggah

    You know, after the Yanks went up 5-0, someone on Twitter said that the Yanks-Sox games are losing their excitement. I thought about it and kinda agreed. Suddenly, the Sox started their comeback. I felt bad about tempting fate and the baseball god. But, as the title stated, all’s well that ends well.

    • Marcy S

      The NY Times story obviously came out before the game ended. They went on and on about how un-exciting the rivalry has bwcome and how boring the game was. I hope they are good and embarrassed, and learn that “it ain’t over til it’s over.”

  • pat

    And, holy shit, Bostons OF defense was TERRIBLE tonight. It was like 3 Bobby Abreu (Abreii?) out there the way they were afraid of the walls. Sooooooooo bad.

    • Joe West’s Music Career

      I believe that was the ball that they were afraid of.

      • Marcy S

        And they were falling all over each other. At one point 3 of them were lying down in different places around the field, it looked like a war going on. And they kept bumping into each other. Youkillus got knocked down by one of the other guys later on. They looked like the Keystone Cops.

  • Captain Jack

    Well Boone’s Farm shouldn’t be anywhere near a major league roster and they should keep the Ho Train away from the Red Sox…but man what a finish.

  • dkidd

    incredible win. my reaction to gardner success is transitioning from “pleased but waiting for the regression” to “pleased”

    i was disappointed by how many fans left the game early. was fred armisen not paying attention last year?

    whenever phil starts to fall in love with his cutter, he should remember this game

    we did that 17 times last year. 17

    • Klemy

      Yeah. I feel the same way about Gardner. I guess I feel that way about cervelli right now too. I keep waiting for both of them to drop off, but they keep playing well and I find it very fun to watch them nightly.

  • T.J.

    Terrific game. The bullpen was really sloppy but with how taxed the relievers were over the weekend we didn’t have much to send out there after Hughes went out.

    Boone Logan needs to go. He’s just terrible and I don’t understand Girardi’s infatuation with him. CHoP is a little bit more forgivable since he’s just coming off the DL but they shouldn’t have sent him out for a second inning. Fatigue is what led to those home runs.

    Hopefully C.C. goes for a CG tomorrow so we can rest our bullpen.

  • Captain Jack

    I hope the organization doesn’t take this as in that Thames is a competent DH option, while Thames and Miranda seem to be the natural DH solution…I don’t think it’s good enough. I’d like them to acquire someone…I’m not that confident in Nick Johnson coming back.

    /Sorry to rain on the parade.

    • bate

      there’s a lot of overexuberant thames love tonight, but he really has been a helpful addition. as expected, he pounds lefties, and he’s come up with some good hits on righties more than once. he can even fill in the outfield roster gaps that the yanks have, although not terribly well. for less than a million, we’re getting great value.

      once granderson comes back, thames becomes much more valuable, but, more importantly, if you want to pick someone up who is better, you should propose a possible solution, to be fair. if there were any easy answers, somebody probably already hit on them.

      • Captain Jack

        Fair enough, I’d hate to derail the conversation, but here I go.

        Situations that will likely happen:

        The Astros are obviously out of it maybe Lance Berkman? He has a 15M option and a 2M buy out next year…he can play first base and give Teixeira a day off if needed…probably shouldn’t be in the OF but could play it in a pinch.

        The Rockies may be looking to get in a “you scratch my back…” situation and might deal Hawpe who really NEEDS to be a DH, perhaps there’s something to be had there?

        The Indians are DEFINITELY out of it. They have Shin Soo Choo under contract for a while, but maybe they might be open to dealing him for the right price, his agent is Boras and they’re having difficulty signing him long term, so maybe they might deal him since it’s clear that they’re a ways off from contention. He’s not a “rental” or the typical deadline solution, but he’s definitely worth considering

        The White Sox aren’t a very good team so maybe they’d be interested in dealing Paul Konerko…whether you’d want him after his hot streak is over is another conversation.

        The Cubs are still pretty bad, and with Zambrano as bad as he is their immediate future doesn’t look so bright. Aramis Ramirez is a free agent in 2012, so he might be on the block.

        Then there’s the situations that will take some doing, and would make all of us pretty happy.

        The Sox tank…in which case JD Drew might be available, he’s a free agent in 2012, and the fan base doesn’t seem to like him. He could DH and play the OF sometimes too…solid player, very underrated. I’d love to have him

        The Angels continue to blow chunks and someone like Juan Rivera or Bobby Abreu becomes available.

        Those are just some situations, and if you’d like to rip me to shreds in replies that’s fine too I guess.

        • bate

          sounds fun, and your point is well taken: Thames isn’t a long-term solution, even for the season. however, the benefits of Thames have been less of what we want from a dedicated DH and more of what-we-ended-up-needing-at-this-particular-minute. injuries sapped the lineup and the bullpen, and Thames’ ability to slot into OF without an overly drastic loss of defense. it didn’t make sense to have so many pitchers on the roster (and it probably didn’t make sense to have Logan on the roster at all), until CHoP and Aceves went down and there was an ill-timed rainout. there weren’t enough innings available in the pen tonight and Vazquez had to fill in, but having that amount of innings at all is partly due to the flexibility that Thames gives. we get to call up Miranda instead of Golson, y’know?

          and, of course, we’re Yankees and we’re willing to pay for success up front, but Thames is getting $900k. still, you’ve got interesting proposals, even if I think some are premature. I’d love Drew, too. I’ll take your word that he’s not well-liked and scratch my head along with you.

          • Captain Jack

            Dude, read BDD, listen to WEEI, or anything sports media that the typical sully accesses. For whatever reason, their fanbase doesn’t like Drew. If they fall out of it, and they’re looking to deal Drew to cut payroll so that they can reload this offseason…who knows.

            • bexarama

              Their fanbase may stupidly hate him but Theo LOOOOOOOVES Drew. JD isn’t going anywhere.

        • The X

          Let’s assume Nick Johnson never comes back healthy..our final lineup would be:


          Does it really matter who that last hitter is? Plus, having the DH spot open allows for the older folk to rest up.

          • Jammy Jammers

            I doesn’t matter as long as Thames or Winn are not in the OF.

          • Brian in NH

            I believe that there was a post about not having a rotating DH spot and instead having some stability at the position. come on man…read up your RAB a little better.

            that said…Juan Miranda will probably serve as the primary DH unless a regular needs a half day for the foreseeable future. Let him prove he can do something at the major league level. he’s already proven all he can at SWB. If he fails then we’ll find someone else, if he succeeds then we have a nice success story. Besides, he wants to play 1B and he’s currently blocked by Tex so he has every reason to prove himself for when he’s a free agent

          • Captain Jack

            Yeah, because it’ll likely be to give one of those regulars a day off…which means that Ramiro Pena and Marcus Thames will be getting regular playing time in the field. Not something I’d be fond of.

    • Marcy S

      I’m hoping Nicky J does NOT come back!

  • mustang

    Pain, humiliation, and suffering all at the hands of the Evil Empire.

    Red Sox= MISERY

    Theeee YANKEES WIN !!!!

    • Captain Jack

      Michael Kay’s call was the best. Loved it.

  • Shane Schofield

    Did watching Marcus Thames’ blast look eerily similar to Aaron Boone’s ALCS-winner? Especially with him in the ballpark.

    • Rose

      They showed Aaron Boone on the big screen just before the Yankees came up I believe (might have been the half inning before that though maybe)

      • Chris

        Boone and Nomar were calling the game on ESPN.

  • Rose

    Sat with the creatures tonight…great times.

  • mustang

    Boone Logan
    Forget Scranton can they just return to sender.

  • Salty Buggah

    ESPN had some good stats tonight:

    • Jonathan Papelbon’s home run to Marcus Thames was the first walk-off shot the Red Sox closer has given up.

    • Prior to Monday’s game, Papelbon had never allowed four earned runs in one game.

    • Papelbon has allowed three homers this season. All three have come against the Yankees.

    • This was the first time in his 282 relief appearances that Papelbon allowed two home runs. The only other time it’s happened was in his major league debut (a start) in 2005.

    They all bring a smile to my face.

    • mustang

      I even love the Stats tonight.

    • Sean C

      I cannot and will not get tired of watching A-Rod and Thames’ homers. I concur with just about every comment about Logan needing some (if not a whole lot of) AAA work and leaving Park in a little too long being a bad idea, but the emotional victory from a walk-off is just too awesome. And against the Sox and Papelbon? It doesn’t get much better than that.

      And how about the ESPN guys “purely speculating” that Joba was injured and therefore unable to pitch? Seriously? Since when can’t a reliever get a day off? Come on, you’re supposed to be better than that.

      And one last point, I really like this Gardner fellow. Getting the leadoff double to get it started in the 9th was awesome. It immediately gave me the feeling of last year’s (and this year’s) team: No lead is safe.

  • Tackaberry

    I had the pleasure of going to the game tonight (last night?) and it was my first Yankee game (I am 20, I am a late bloomer, it sucks) BUT WHAT A GAME. It was such a roller coaster ride and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    I was in the grandstands (434b!) and the fans up there were just hilarious. No boston fan was safe from heckling, but the passion was great; I felt at home. No friend here in Jersey really feels the same way about the Yankees, or baseball in general, as I do. I need to go back this season – it is too much fun.

    Instant Yankee Classic, great first game memories.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

      You’re lucky.

      My first game was a 7-1 loss!

      • Joe West’s Music Career

        /mets fan’d

      • DSFC

        Mine was a 4-1 loss. I was 5. All I remember is they lost to the White Sox, and Reggie got ejected for arguing a strike three call.

  • YankeesJunkie

    Thames has been very valuable so far, however I would not trust him in a long term situation. However, Thames and Miranda will be much more limited to their strengths when Swisher and Granderson are healthy.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    I like the Shakespearean headline, but I prefer to paraphrase Charles Dickens,
    “It was the best of times it was the worst of times…..then it was the best of times again”

  • YankeesJunkie

    Fun Fact: Phil Hughes cutter has been the best cutter in all of baseball and it was two cutters that cost Hughes two long balls.

  • pat

    This photo shop really doesn’t make any sense, but I can not stop laughing at Thames’face.

    • U Can’t Hit What U Can’t See

      It makes a lot of sense. Thames gave him a Pap Smear, eh?

    • dkidd

      just did a spit-take with my coffee

      nomaas is the pavarotti of photoshop

  • larryf

    A bad 2 days for cutters (Mariano and Phil). This pitch has been so successful but the law of averages catches up once in a while. I guess we’ll see a few more back door cutters now rather than inside-in.

    Somehow, having Bard at 98/99mph pitch the eighth makes Papelbon’s 94/95 in the 9th very hittable and that is a good thing.

    and today…NJ has wrist surgery and will return sooner than you think to take more pitches. The guy who swings the least gets the wrist injury!!!

  • larryf

    I didn’t read RAB until this morning but I got some major laughs-thanks guys and gals!

    So what is Sterling’s Thames HR call?

    Is it “Marcus-cry me a river-Thames”?? C’mon Rebecca-I looked at your travel blog the other day….

    Also, someone commented on why Gritsky only got a double in the 9th? Because he is SMART!!!!

    Lastly, Cerv does tend to lean in over the plate and he will get dusted and hit a bunch more this season as a result….

  • wilcymoore27

    The Yanks need some new relief pitchers. Anyone counting on Boone Logan or Chan Ho Park to be acceptable relievers is obviously not familiar with their career records. Park has not been an effective pitcher since he left the Dodgers following the 2001 season. And Logan, though younger, has never exhibited a scintilla of control.

    • MattG

      Logan: not a lot to speak of.

      Park: sorry, but thanks for playing. 2009 as a reliever: .231/.296/.280/.576. There are plenty of reasons to expect regression in those numbers, but he “has not been an effective pitcher since he left the Dodgers following the 2001 season” is demonstrably false.

  • Chris

    Bad pitchers, bad management

    You suggest bad management, but then don’t point out anything that he could have done differently. Girardi needed to piece together 4 innings from the bullpen, and his choices out there were Logan, Park, Marte, Mo, and Vazquez in an emergency. He could have used Park for the 6th and Logan for the 7th, but that’s not really any different. It seems to me that his hands were tied because Robertson and Joba (and Mitre, if you want to include him) were unavailable.

    • Matt Imbrogno

      If Vazquez was going to be in the bullpen, he should’ve been used immediately after Hughes exited the game.

      • Chris

        I disagree. If he’s now a reliever (and Mitre is in the rotation) then sure, but he’s not. He’s an emergency reliever for this game because he’s still in the rotation for Friday’s start.

  • TheLastClown

    I only watched the first three innings live, then had to duck out to a birthday party & came back to watch the rest on TiVO. The emotional fan in me loves these back & forthers, nerve-fraying as they may be.

    Things I didn’t like:

    Hughes’ pitch selection. Let Ortiz choke on a steady diet of 4seam heat until he proves he can handle it. The cutter’s a great pitch, but I wish he’d use it a little more sparingly, establishing the FB & mixing in the cutter for deception. FB/Cutter issues aside, I felt like he should’ve thrown Scutaro a curve somewhere in the mix. You can’t predict, etc., but I can’t help but feel like as Scutaro saw various speeds of FB, six in a row, he was measuring it better & better, and thus would be more susceptible to rolling over or striking on on a hook. Maybe Hughes’s just too “proud of his fastball?” /had to

    FWIW, i remember a period when Andy fell in love w/ the cutter, hitters adjusted, and he struggled. I’m not worried about Hughes, I mean. This is a great learning opportunity, and I’m sure Hughes *& to a lesser extent Cervelli* will take a lot out of this one.

    Girardi’s use of the ‘pen, though without D-Rob or Joba it wsa a tall order. I also don’t know the threshold beyond which Javy couldn’t start on Friday. If they could let him go, say, 30-40 pitches, I’d have liked to see him in the 6th & 7th, Marte/Park matchups in the 8th, & then Mo. If he could only go one inning 15-20 pitches then Park 6th, Marte 7th, Javy 8th. The actual order’s not super important, but I wouldn’t have tried to coax two innings out of the just-returned CHoP, though the way it shook down was understandable.

    Things I liked:

    5 quick runs off Dice-K. Everything Brett Gardner does. The continued awakening of the sleeping centaur. Playing Gallagher to Papelbon’s watermelon.

    My reaction to winning the game, after I calmed a bit, was “Good. About time the offense bailed out the pitching, like the pitching has bailed out the offense so far this year.”

    You know, it felt to me like this team’s offense has been, tops, 75% of its potential. Early, guys like Cano, Grandy, & Swish were offensively carrying the team, but have since gotten hurt or cooled a bit. Cervelli & Gardner have been producing consistently, and while Cervelli I expect to come down significantly *I’ve never seen anyone w/ more bloop hits w/ RISP*, I’m feeling more & more every day that BG is legit. Posada’s been solid but dinged up. Jeter will come around.

    You guys…this team is 1st in runs, 1st in BA & OBP,2nd in SLG, 1st in OPS! Sick! Fielding a team chock full of the Thames’ & Penas & Winns of the world! Not to be too exclamatory, but dare I say, the team as it is can win, and once it gets healthy, or even 90% healthy…


    • Church of the Perpetually Outraged

      Playing Gallagher to Papelbon’s watermelon.

      This made me laugh a lot more than it should have. Now I have to go clean up all the coffee I just spilled.

  • Meat Loaf

    Everyone keeps saying Cervi’s stats will plummet any day now.

    Newsflash: that was two weeks ago. He’s still a .400 hitter. I’m not saying he’s going to be a .400 hitter, but Christ enough with the he’s-about-to-suck comments. I think the kid has enormous value to this team, and there’s no reason to think he’s about to go on an 0-for-50 to bring down his average.

    • Joseph Pawlikowski

      Other than sentences 2 and 3, this isn’t a bad comment. But seriously? You’re saying that Cervelli is going to keep this up all season because he maintained it for two weeks after people noticed that his BABIP was enormously, unsustainably high? It still is. Just because he’s still there doesn’t mean he’ll end anywhere near there.

      I’m not saying he’s going to suck, but I’m saying he’s going to hit a rough patch where that .450 BABIP turns into a .350 BABIP. If he’s really unlucky, it might get down to last season’s .328 mark. Maybe lower. You never know, especially with a player with as little experience as Cervelli.

      • Meat Loaf

        I understand, Joe, but again I’m not trying to say he will maintain his BA by any means – far from it. But it feels like people expect him to be hitting barely above the Mendoza line, which is kind of tiresome.

    • Zack

      See, this is an example of looking at a discussion and just picking out the extremes. No one said he was going to go 0-50 or hit .150 on the season, but he’s not hitting .400, and he’s probably not going to hit .300 last year- he is a flawed player (no power, no patience) and the more playing time he gets the lower his numbers will go.

      No one is denying his value to the team, but let’s not get caught up in it- he is a very limited player.

      • ROBTEN

        It’s like AJax in Detroit. Right now, he had an otherworldly BABIP that everyone pointed out was unsustainable and, guess what, it is not. Since May 1st, AJax is hitting .276/.311/.362 (and since the Yankee series it’s .120/.185/.120). Now, is AJax a .120 hitter? No, but at this point in his career at least he’s not a .377/.427/.526, either.

        In Cervelli’s case, he’s also not a .400/.471/.517 hitter. Yes, it is exciting to watch. And, nobody is actively hoping that he declines. However, what people are pointing out is that his current line is not sustainable, is based upon some level of luck (a .453 BABIP), and that we shouldn’t be surprised (as some will) if he starts to decline over the next few weeks. It’s not to disrespect Cervelli, just pointing out that we need to be rational, even as we watch a young player on an exciting streak.

        • LI Kevin

          How about this then?
          He’s a huge improvement over the Panda.

        • YankeeScribe

          AJax is slumping as expected. How long his slump lasts and whether he can match his April performance again this season is anybody’s guess. FWIW, he had an unusually high BABIP throughout his minor league career.

          On Cervelli, he’s just good at baseball. He’s having good atbats against good pitchers at the ML level. He rarely looks overmatched and as far as his lack of power goes, he’s only 23. His power may still come in the future.

  • Rod

    I don’t think Hughes looked bad tonight. The Sox just fouled off a ton of pitches to run up the pitch count. As for the cutters, he just needs to really bust them in on the hands and not leave them over the plate even if it is on the black.

  • Marsha

    BigBlueAl said in last night’s thread: I blame Mike, Ben and Joseph for being at the game tonight.

    Well, I think Mike, Ben and Joseph should go the game every night.

  • MattG

    “Only Logan, though, could allow David Ortiz to hit a grounder to the one spot where the infielders weren’t standing.”

    You know that ground ball left me flabbergasted. As I watched it go past the Yankee wearing a 2 on his back, I was wondering why Rodriguez apparently switched jerseys with Jeter. What was Jeter doing straight-away, with the bases empty, against Ortiz?

    That will be the only ball Ortiz will slip in between second base and the shortstop, on the left side of the infield, for the rest of his career.

  • PR

    Girardi’s bullpen management of Joba and Robertson is mind boggling. These kids are in their mid 20’s, I don’t understand limiting them so much especially against the Sox. Joba is going to max out at maybe 100 IP on the year anyway, you think throwing him3 out of 4 games for a few batters is going to hurt him?

    Girardi is a control freak and will never admit when he makes a mistake with the bullpen….luckily its worked out in his favor to this point. However his continual mismanagement of these arms will come back to bite them in a serious way this season at some point.

    The formula should be easy: Park/Robertson in the 7th, Joba/Marte in the 8th, and obvi Mo after that. Mix and match Aceves and (regrettably) Boone Logan where necessary and stop the damn Micro-Management!

    • Zack

      He’s not going to reach 100 IP, this isn’t a video game- you have to give guys rest. Just like how Randy Winn wasnt going to start 2 games of a double header, sure none of us wanted to see Thames in LF, but he was the option.

      Why is the formula easy when no one except Mo/Joba have been effective out of the pen?

  • MattG


    1. totally agree

    2. Girardi’s had great results with his bullpens, so what the hell do I know? We’re both probably wrong.

    3. You forgot inning six. Hughes only gave him 5 yesterday.

  • Pat D

    This might be slightly off-topic, but it does really pertain directly to this game, so I thought I’d link it here.

    Further proof why ESPN New York is an absolute joke. And this didn’t even come from Wallace Matthews! But, yep, ARod hits a dramatic home run to tie the game, and the point of the article is “Why did ARod use boli in the first place?”

    • rbizzler

      Ian O’Connor is way worse than Matthews. He is an absolute A-Rod hater and the author of the infamous column early last year how the Yankees are better off with Ransom at 3rd base.

      Too bad his newspaper scrubbed it from their archive otherwise I would toss a link your way. You can search the RAB archives to see some discussion of the column.

      • Pat D

        Ah, I see. I wasn’t following this site at that time. For some reason I guess I thought Pete Abraham wrote that. Well, glad to see that he realizes he can’t write about anything relevant so that he’ll keep writing about his masterpiece.

  • viasistina

    Overlooked here is the fact that for the second night in a row we lose the DH. How many other ML teams have had that happen this year? Coupled with Giradi’s penchant to overmanage the bullpen and we have a situation that is not a recipe for long term stablity of the lineup. Of course the Yankees normally do not complete their bench situation until July, but playing with a short bench with a lineup of veterans prone to minor injuries is not an ideal situation.

  • tbord

    C’mon Mike. What’s not to like with a player that has two last names, Boone Logan? Give the guy a chance. Not only are you showing impatince, but his name sure beats the guy he replaced, Phil Coke.

    • Ana

      Lucas? Is that you?
      …Nah, “Don’t Bring In The Lefty” loved Phil Coke, too.


    I hope the deal with Logan is that they believe that there is something they can fix, but that if it doesn’t work out that he’ll be gone shortly. In other words, see what you have, fairly evaluate, then decide.

    Of course, he’s doing pretty much what you would expect, given his career numbers thus far. He just seems to be one of those relievers that managers and teams become infatuated with, especially because he’s a lefty, and hope that they can “fix.” In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still able to move him to another team that believes they will be the ones to get Logan on the right track despite whatever numbers he continues to put up.

    I think he should be sent down this afternoon based upon both his performance and the need to have fresh arms in the bullpen, but I won’t really start to worry unless he’s still on the roster in June, at which point I’ll have to believe that he’s got compromising pictures of Girardi.