Injury Updates: Chan Ho Park & Nick Johnson

Game 36: Andy Returns
Vazquez skipped again

Finally, some good injury news. Prior to this afternoon’s game, GM Brian Cashman confirmed that Chan Ho Park would be activated off the disabled list in time for tomorrow’s game. He’s been on the DL for just about a month with a hamstring issue, but apparently he’s good to go after make two rehab appearances (one in Extended Spring Training, one in Triple-A) last week. With Al Aceves on the shelf for the foreseeable future, getting CHoP back is going to be a nice boost to a bullpen that been pretty shaky before the 8th inning.

Meanwhile, the news for Nick Johnson isn’t as promising. He received a cortisone shot in his wrist, and there’s only a 50% chance that it’ll take care of the inflamed tendon. If it doesn’t, he’ll have to go under the knife, which means 4-6 weeks before he could even pick up a bat. They’ll know whether he needs surgery or not within ten days or so. Just putting it all together, Johnson might not be back until August if he has surgery since he’ll need time for a minor league rehab assignment and what not.

Game 36: Andy Returns
Vazquez skipped again
  • ledavidisrael

    If johnson won’t be back till august. Does delgado make sense for this team?

    • NC Yankee Fan

      I would say no, but that short porch would sure be a nice target for him and it would give us a big time left handed power source. But I would personally stay away since his knees make him an older less talented Matsui with a little Nick Johnson mixed in.

      • ledavidisrael

        You know what they say two nickjohnsons (injury concerns) are better then one. lol

    • pete

      at this point probably not a big difference between him and miranda

      • ledavidisrael

        Miranda barely topped .200 iso in AAA last year. And was only slighlty over .200 (.208, .214) in the LOW minors.

        Delgado certainly has more thump than that.

        • ledavidisrael

          Also Miranda can’t hit righties like Delgado

          • mike c

            if delgado can play any position decently at this point, its probably worth a look… if not we don’t really need a DH, more a decent hitting bench player that we can rest our infield with

          • Zack

            Delgado is also 38 and had offseason hip surgey, I know he had a set back in ST, but havent heard anything about him since

    • Kevin

      What about Burrell?

      • Dick Richie

        Burrell? I think the Yankees already have a batboy.

    • mike c

      i don’t think adding players makes a whole lot of sense at this point unless its a ridiculous deal… i’d sooner split catching time between posada/cervelli and let posada DH on days off. once CG gets back, a posada/cervelli lineup is probably our best A lineup anyway. i know it’s a bad idea but a cervelli/montero catching with posada DH is probably the move of the future but we probably won’t see that until next year at the earliest

      • mike c

        wow, that’s bad even for me. let me correct myself:

        i know it’s a bad idea at the moment but i’d be interested in seeing cervelli/montero catching with posada DH. It is probably the move for the future but we most likely won’t see that until next year at the earliest

    • bexarama

      Delgado’s still on freaking crutches.

  • mattb29

    Optimally to me is to try and ride Cervelli when possible until the inevitable regression comes. So for me, against RHP, Cervelli catches and JoPo DHs (and please hurry back CGrand so we don’t need to see too much more Randy Winn); against LHP, JoPo catches, Thames DHs.

    Thames is a more than legitimate half of a DH platoon – dude really does handle lefties, including tough ones. Unfortunately, he’s on the short side of the platoon. So I do certainly keep Miranda around both (a) because it’s probably unrealistic that the Yanks are only going to catch him against lefties, even though Cervelli is so far superior defensively it’s not even funny (and don’t get me wrong, I understand that part of what makes JoPo so special are that he puts up the line he does out of the C spot – but my point is that while I think Cervelli may legitimately be a “better” offensive player than we anticipated, every aspect of his current line is unsustainable and bound to correct).

    What this club really needs is CGrand back as scheduled and for him to start to hit. Because then your lineup is 8 deep (assuming JoPo catches) and it’s 9 deep against LHP. That, if anything, combined with the tremendous starting pitching, buys the Yanks some time to explore options to either (a) upgrade the lefty half of the DH platoon if Miranda can’t hold it down (b get NJ back (I’d put money on not seeing him until August) and (c) just to keep giving Montero games behind the plate at AAA while keeping an eye on whether he starts to tear the cover off the ball – I’m not for promoting Jesus any time soon and in any event, his Trenton triple slash doesn’t warrant it. But if it becomes July, Miranda’s awful (and someone like Winfree prove no better), NJ is in Carl Pavano’s undisclosed location and Montero is raking, then yeah, I at least consider the call-up.

    And while not wholly relevant to the DH discussion, I really do love Ramiro Pena, but frankly he’s the one who should be optioned, not Russo, esp. given that Russo can play some outfield – Russo has at least a chance of being a league average hitter right now and while I don’t hate Randy Winn and won’t definitively write him off just yet, I can’t see how he manages to provide league average production.

  • yankswin27

    How about *gasp* Juan Miranda at DH?!?

    Or ZOMG, what about giving Posada some starts at DH?!?!!111?!?

    Or maybe even Thames against LHP????!?!?!?!?!?11?one?!!1?