Fan Confidence Poll: May 17th, 2010


Record Last Week: 3-4 (30 RS, 24 RA)
Season Record: 24-13 (208 RS, 135 RA, 26-11 Pythag. record), 2.0 games back
Schedule This Week: vs. Red Sox (two games, Mon. & Tues.), vs. Rays (two games, Weds. & Thurs.), @ Mets (three games, Fri. to Sun.)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. brockdc says:

    Once everyone’s healthy, this team will crush – and yet I voted 8. The age issue concerns me, as does the lack of minor league position-player depth to replace aging stars.

    • as does the lack of minor league position-player depth to replace aging stars

      Did someone retire or announce their retirement at the end of the season? Jeter? A-Rod? Teixeira? Cano? Granderson? Swisher? Gardner? Posada?

      • Rose says:

        I think he’s talking about when they inevitably get hurt. Although I’m not sure what exactly he’s looking for. It’s not like they’re going to have the next Pujols, Mauer, etc. down on the farm waiting in the wings…

        • whozat says:

          Well, given the age of the left side of the IF, an SS/3B with upside in AA or so would go a long way. Or someone with a legit corner OF bat so that they don’t ABSOLUTELY NEED to sign one next year.

          Remember, we’re talking about the things that would make the organization perfect.

        • brockdc says:

          Whenever I see this question, I assume the word future means within the next five years. And within the next five years, they will need a rightfielder, a shortstop, and possibly a leftfielder (depending on Gardner’s production).

  2. Rose says:

    8. But mainly because I’m going tonight lol.

    The team needs to get healthy fast. There’s a reason Pena, Miranda, Cervelli, Thames, and Winn don’t start full time and we’re beginning to see it.

    Especially when Jeter, Cano, and Arod aren’t doing much on top of it.

    • Chris says:

      A-Rod is hitting .351/.419/.595/1.013 over his last 43 PA. Not sure what more you would like to see from him.

      • Rose says:

        Arod is hitting .250/.280/.458/.738 over his last 25 PA (7 games).

        He’s not doing horrible…but once more people go down with injuries you have to step it up.

        • Chris says:

          If it were that easy to “step it up”, why wouldn’t he be doing it all the time, instead of waiting for someone to go down with an injury?

          • Rose says:

            I never said it was easy. I’m just saying he should do it. I, personally, would rather have him slump when others (who are healthy) can pick up the pace rather than when key position players go down all at the same time.

            I’m not demanding anything. I’m simply stating that I’d to have him step it up with a lot of guys going down.

            • Chris says:

              I think you’re being a bit unrealistic. Every team struggles at times, and that means that you’re sometimes not going to be at your best. If your opinion is that he should step it up when the other players are injured, lets look at those numbers:

              Since Granderson went down: .319/.411/.511/.921
              Since Johnson went down: .333/.421/.576/.997
              Since Swisher went down: .267/.313/.533/.846

              Of course that last line was based on just 4 games.

              The comments about Jeter and Cano are warranted, because they haven’t been hitting (their OPS for those same time periods are all in the 600′s or below). Don’t lump A-Rod in with them because he’s been doing his job – not in every single game, but enough that he can’t be blamed for why this team is struggling to score runs.

              Also, don’t forget that this team is the highest scoring team in baseball.

              • Rose says:

                Alright, I’ll agree with you on Arod then…but that still doesn’t take away the fact that at least 3 of Thames, Winn, Pena, Cervelli, Golson, and Miranda will be playing until the other guys get back…

                I don’t necessarily need an All Star at every position…but 3 of those guys starting on any team will make you cringe during their at bats.

                I’m going tonight so I hope Phil has found it for the long term and continues his thing tonight. I have a feeling it may be a pitchers duel. I don’t think Dice K is that great…but I just have this feeling that the Thames, Winn, Golson, Miranda, Cervelli, Pena combo might swing at his junk enough to give him the edge he needs.

    • Jammy Jammers says:

      Yeah, Cervelli is really disappointing everyone.

  3. Cnight_UP says:

    I know he is having a slow down May, but does Cano need to hit .450 for people to lay off him?

  4. Jose Mourinho says:

    brockdc: 8 is the natural choice, the Yankees are the best team in baseball, but:

    1) There are “known unknowns” out there that fall under the bad fortune category, i.e., we know that injuries will befall the Yankees, but it’s who the injury bug strikes that will make the difference.

    2) The other reason I voted 8 was the Nick Johnson debacle: I, like many others, swallowed the “Johnson will stay healthy on the DH” kool-aid. Cashman should have signed Damon.

    • Andrew says:

      Hey it’s still only 50/50 that Johnson’s out until August/September, maybe that cortisone shot was the magic bullet? In the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas…so you’re saying there’s a chance (that Cash didn’t totally flush $5.5 million)

    • Rose says:

      2) The other reason I voted 8 was the Nick Johnson debacle: I, like many others, swallowed the “Johnson will stay healthy on the DH” kool-aid. Cashman should have signed Damon.

      I was actually excited because it seemed as though most of his injuries were flukes and he never really had the same injury twice (until now). Now the signings look a little bad but everything comes with a risk and nothing is guaranteed. There’s no saying that if Johnny Damon were here that, not only would he be performing the same way, but that he would be guaranteed to stay healthy either. Plus, he would still be here next year as well which would only increase the risk factor even more.

      Delgado is ready in July though…

    • JohnnyC says:

      Uh, Cash offered Damon 2 years at $14 million. He ended up on Detroit for 1 year at $8 million. Was that Cashman’s fault?

    • Jammy Jammers says:

      Just because Nick Johnson might be out until August doesn’t mean you can judge the signing. 5 months is far too small of a sample size. We should wait until at least mid-September.

  5. I’ll, as usual, go with a nine, though I thought about an eight. I’d like to see a more fluid DH situation–either a Thames/Miranda platoon or even carrying a third catcher and letting Posada DH full time.

  6. Went 7 for a few reasons.

    Bullpen’s a little shaky unless you’re name is Mo…and most times Joba. Still looking for more consistency from guys like Marte and Robertson. Chan Ho will be big if he can come back and be reliable.

    The injury bug is also an area of concern. It’s forcing guys like Winn and Thames to be everyday guys, which exposes a bench that I though was a little on the weak side.

    All-in-all, still pretty confident.

    • whozat says:

      I moved down to a 7. Basically, Jeter’s early season struggles and the injuries have hammered home just how much of an issue injuries and decline _could_ be for this team, over the next 5 years.

  7. Riddering says:


    The team has shaky parts but they’re still winning series at a great clip. May has gone by pretty quickly so Granderson should be back soon. Park is returning. Tex and Alex are killing the ball and Jeter is getting back on track. Facing teams without Denard Span in the outfield will help even more this week.

    There are concerns about Marte and D-Rob. I’m not worried about Joba or Mo. Sometimes the best is going to be beat. Joba isn’t going to put up zeroes across the board every time he comes out of the pen. To dog him out for not being perfect in a game that makes perfection over a season impossible is irrational.

  8. CS Yankee says:

    8 or 9 seems fair, they had a tough week with injuries and losing 4 games. I’ll give it a 8.

    The power bats are beginning to heat up, the bench has been fair-good, the pen has been fair but the SP has been unreal…very impressive display of starting arms.

    Another tough week here…2 BoSox, 2 Rays & 3 with the Mets, who have played beyond most peoples projections. Would like to go 5-2 this week, and regain the 9.

    • JGS says:

      The Mets have lost 7 of their last 8 and are playing .472 ball for the year. That translates to a 76-77 win team, which is probably very close to where they will end up

  9. dkidd says:


    joba blah blah fart blah

    don’t really understand skipping javy again, but every time i question a move of girardi’s (pinch-running alex etc) it turns out it was injury-necessitated. hope that’s not the case here

    please bury the red sox

  10. bexarama says:

    I was gonna vote my usual 9 but then I realized that the Yankees are not a 25-12 behemoth, merely an underachieving 24-13, so… a 2 sounds about right.

    (thanks to JamalG_BB on Twitter for that one. Check the last paragraph.)

  11. Mike HC says:

    Still a 10. I still think the starting pitching is scary good and even better than last year, the back end of our bullpen is scary good, and our hitting is scary good even when we are a banged up. That is the recipe for postseason success.

    My biggest concern has nothing to do with the Yanks, but with the Rays.

  12. YankeeScribe says:

    8 because the Yankees can’t seem to get rid of the injury bug. Hopefully most of the squad can stay healthy through most of the second half.

  13. rek4gehrig says:

    Gave 7/10, due to the injuries and the Big 3 (Thames/Winn/Miranda) plus bullpen (except Mo and Joba and maybe Park)

  14. Hangoverologist says:

    I voted my usual 9. Even though NJ is out for the remainder of the first half, I’m confident Granderson will be back in two weeks and hopefully the return of the Ho train will stabilize the pen a bit.

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