Game 37: Playing with house money


Sergio Mitre reactions to another Sergio Mitre start. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

July 4, 2007 was a rather unremarkable day for the Yankees. In an Independence Day afternoon affair at the Stadium, the Bombers had a scuffling Mike Mussina on the mound while the visiting Minnesota Twins countered with Johan Santana. Although the Yanks had an early 2-1 lead, Mussina and the bullpen couldn’t hold the game, and the Twins won 6-2. Nearly, three years later, the Twins are still searching for their next Yankee Stadium win.

With Sergio Mitre on the mound, we might think that today’s game would give the Twins their best shot at that elusive victory, but I think we’re in for a slugfest. Because of last week’s double-header, the Yankees need to start Mitre again. There is no reason to use Javier Vazquez or Phil Hughes on three days’ rest this early in May, and so The Experience will get the ball for the second time this season. The Twins will counter with Nick Blackburn (3-1, 4.76 ERA). Despite those three victories, Blackburn has a 9:11 K:BB ratio in 39.2 innings and has allowed seven home runs this year.

Against the Tigers, Mitre was serviceable. Limited to 75 pitches by the Yanks’ coaches, he lasted 4.1 innings and gave up four runs — three earned — on five hits and two walks while striking out four. I’d imagine he’ll be on an 80-85 pitch limit today, and the Yanks would take five innings of three-run ball again.

Offensively, the Yanks are putting a weaker product on the field. Since Nick Swisher can’t bat from the left side — did you notice his AB against Jesse Crain yesterday? — the Yanks’ right fielder will sit against Blackburn. I have no problem with this decision; I’d rather see Swisher healthy now. But his absence will mean an outfield with both Randy Winn and Marcus Thames. Meanwhile, to shore up the defense behind Mitre, a groundball specialist, Ramiro Peña will play short while Derek Jeter gets a half day off as the team’s DH.

Yet, the Yankees are playing with house money. They’ve won the series and are victorious in three of their last four contests. A win today would be icing on the cake. The game starts at 1:05, and My9 is carrying the broadcast on this sunny Sunday afternoon.

Jeter DH
Gardner CF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Posada C
Thames RF
Winn LF
Peña SS

Mitre P (0-1, 3.86)

Park not activated yet
According to Joel Sherman, the Yankees will not be activating Chan Ho Park today. This news is counter to what the beat writers originally reported, and Sherman says the Yanks want to keep Ivan Nova around as a long man with Mitre limited to 80 pitches. I’d rather see Boone Logan or David Robertson exiled to Scranton when Park is activated, but the team seems to be heading in different directions with that move.

In somewhat related news, Javier Vazquez, not scheduled to start until Friday, could be available in relief today, Andrew Marchand from ESPN New York reported this morning. If Mitre can’t get outs or is limited by his pitch count, Vazquez may be available to throw a pair of frames against the Twins, and he is, in my opinion, a better choice than Nova for that role today.

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  1. EvoLuTioN says:

    Interesting lineup to say the least

    I feel a bit better after looking at the red sox lineup for today though LOL

    • Bob Stone says:

      Very true – Lowell at third and Hall at second base is not ideal. Interesting that it is the first game in a long time where both Lowell and Ortiz are in the same lineup.

      I am also surprised that Ortiz is batting so much better. I really thought he was done career-wise do to lack of steroids but look at his monthly triple slash stat line:

      April – .143/.238/.286
      May – .359/.381/.769

      • EvoLuTioN says:

        i think its safe to say he won’t hit for .300 avg again….but he did lead the majors in homers and RBIs after june or something

        • JGS says:

          RBIs from June 1-end of the year

          Ortiz: 81
          A-rod: 83
          Howard: 101
          Pujols: 93

        • Bob Stone says:

          Even with his horrendous start in 2009 he still almost hit 30/100 HR/RBI – 28/99.

          I still resent the more favorable treatment he got regarding steroids compared to A-Rod. There was an MLB Union official at his news conference supporting him . . . but not for A-Rod. That’s just wrong unless the MLBPA knew definitively A-Rod did steroids and that Ortiz didn’t.

  2. A.D. says:

    ugh Thames in the OF against a righty

  3. ultimate913 says:

    I would have liked it more if Golson got the start in the OF. He’s probably left not starting in case the game is close and Joe wants to have Golson pinch run or hit for someone so meh.

    • andrew says:

      I know Pena isn’t as fast as Golson, but we could’ve had Thames DH, Golson in the OF and then Pena on the bench. I think i trust Golson more at the plate than Pena right now.

      • I know Pena isn’t as fast as Golson, but we could’ve had Thames DH, Golson in the OF and then Pena on the bench.

        Not if we wanted to give Jeter a half-day off, which we did.

        • andrew says:

          Yes. I can see that’s what they wanted.

          Jeter got a full day off last Tuesday and a half day off on Wednesday… so thats two halves and one whole day off in the last 5 days. I can tell that’s what they were doing here, I’m saying it was unnecessary.

  4. andrew says:

    I would keep rolling with Posada at DH and Cervelli catching. Right now the difference between Pena and Cervelli at the plate is pretty large.

  5. Captain Jack says:

    When is Vazquez’s next start. Also is there a back up catcher available for days that Cervelli doesn’t start? I’d almost say with Johnson out DH Posada full time. Although that may be ill-thought out.

  6. YankeesJunkie says:

    The lineup is fine, the only good thing about the injury is that the older Yankees are getting half days off at DH. The lineup will be much better when Swisher comes back in a couple days and Granderson in a couple weeks. At least the starting pitching has been more dominant than expected to carry the Yanks to such a great start.

  7. MikeD says:

    Are they on YES today?

  8. Kevin says:

    Remember when Mitre and Gaudin combined for that one hitter last year? That was like bizarro world.

  9. Dela G says:

    For those that care, i graduated from texas a&m university yesterday!! It feels good to be a college graduate :)

  10. cjc says:

    thames making an easy play look easy how can we lose

  11. Accent Shallow says:

    AL MVP who?

  12. Bob Stone says:

    Mitre looking like an ace. Love it!

  13. Accent Shallow says:

    Way more hits than IP? More walks than strikeouts? I’d like to congratulate Nick Blackburn on his upcoming CGSHO.

  14. Did Jeter not swing at the first pitch and hit it right to a middle infielder?

    Is the vortex sucking me in? What’s happening?

  15. WIlliam says:

    Uhg, thought it would be a bloop single.

  16. Bob Stone says:

    Does anyone think that the Yankees believe in Mitre more than they or any other team might because of Girardi’s experience with him at Florida in 2006 and 2007 prior to his surgery?

  17. Accent Shallow says:

    Kubel in LF? I like this.

  18. V says:

    So, how many of these called strikes have actually been strikes? So far, Gameday only has the Gardner K pitch a strike, and every other called strike off the plate.

  19. James A says:

    Why isnt graham stoneburner on the text poll?

  20. Not a pleasant Experience.

  21. Accent Shallow says:

    Wow, that made it out? I thought that was going to dunk in before Winn could get to it.

    • Mike HC says:

      Yea, the thoughts going through my head on that hit in order:

      1) I hope that does not dink in

      2) Damn, Morneau is such a good hitter that may have enough power to split the gap

      3) No thoughts. Shock that is went over the fence

  22. JGS says:

    Wow–did not think that was going out

    • Bob Stone says:

      It was a good pitch down and off the plate. Hopefully we’ll get our share of homers with the ball carrying out today.

  23. But damn, nice job of hitting. Shit’s carrying today.

  24. Kevin says:


  25. FIPster Doofus says:

    WTF? I thought that was a bloop single when it came off the bat.

  26. Well, at least Sergio didn’t increase Justin Morneau’s already sky-high .411 BABIP.


  27. Mike Axisa says:

    Sheesh, how did Morneau hit that out?

  28. Mike HC says:

    Am I the only one who could not take their eyes off that waitress in the background a couple of seconds ago?

  29. WIlliam says:

    Come on Ramiro.

  30. Bob Stone says:

    Thome could be scary today with his power and favorable wind currents.

  31. sleepykarl says:

    Kinda funny listening to announcers talk about how much range they lose defensively when Pena subs in for Jeter.

  32. Heh: Our first two starters for the Sox series (Hughes and Sabathia) have a lower ERA combined than either of the first two pitchers for Boston (Dice-BB and Beckett).


  33. Mike Axisa says:

    Heh, Chad Gaudin got DFA’d.

  34. Neighbor has been blasting Guns & Roses for about five hours straight at full blast. Then said he’s being “victimized” because I’m complaining. I’m starting to think Rose moved in next door.

  35. I’m really hoping the Dodgers, already the worst defensive outfield in the big leagues, will sign Adam Dunn or Brad Hawpe to play LF next year.

    I would watch every Dodgers game to see that.

  36. V says:

    Wow, good at bat by Thames.

  37. JGS says:

    wow, a good PA from Thames

  38. Hummingbird S. says:

    Good Ab by Thames there.

  39. EvoLuTioN says:

    lol wow

    RANDY WINN ftw!

  40. Randy Winn did that? Seriously? I need to stop drinking in the afternoons.

  41. Dela G says:

    randy winn!!!

  42. Hummingbird S. says:

    Wow, a triple by Winn!

  43. V says:

    Ah, Ramiro :-(

  44. Bob Stone says:

    Hot shit.

  45. EvoLuTioN says:

    how long do you guys give it until pena is optioned to AAA and russo is our full time utility man? they are grooming him to be this years hairston jr

    • Accent Shallow says:

      I get the impression that Russo isn’t really a shortstop, whereas Pena is.

      Of course, I doubt Russo can be a worse “hitter” than Pena is.

      • EvoLuTioN says:

        i’m sure he can hold the fort down for the few days jeter needs a day off in the 2nd half of the season

        pena is just brutal with the bat

    • zs190 says:

      If Russo could play SS, he would be the utility guy already. Jete’s 36 and there needs to be a backup SS. If Russo plays well in OF though, he might some sense in place of Winn/Thames next year as the backup OF/2B/3B, but I don’t think he’ll replace Pena.

    • MikeD says:

      I’ve been wondering that myself. If they’re trying to turn Russo into a Jerry Hairston, jack-of-all-trades types, the next question is who goes? If he can play SS, then it might be Pena, who is going to have to get some hits to stick.

  46. EvoLuTioN says:

    tolbert is trying extra hard to look like morneau

  47. BigBlueAL says:

    Watching the game on TBS since the package has the Twins broadcast. Just dreading the fact that the ALCS will be on TBS this season.

  48. Isn’t competitive cheerleading? I thought the only competitive part was in how attractive they were.

    Did I miss something in high school?

  49. Dela G says:

    that was too easy for meattray

  50. WIlliam says:

    My god, Mitre is pitching……well.

  51. EvoLuTioN says:

    Lackey is showing his true grit and heart today

  52. FWIW, regarding the “Why was Javy skipped” story:

    Javy Vazquez, career v NYM:
    23 starts, 3.37 ERA, 1.110 WHIP, .239/.281/.392 (.674) allowed

  53. BigBlueAL says:

    BTW I read the comment above about how apparently the YES announcers talked about less range at SS with Pena. Well on that Thome single David Wells on TBS said the exact same thing that the Yankees lose range at SS with Pena playing there today. No joke.

  54. E-ROC says:

    Jeter can’t buy a hit.

  55. WIlliam says:

    Damn Span, I don’t get fantasy points for your awesome plays.

  56. WIlliam says:

    Come on Tex!!!!

  57. EvoLuTioN says:

    cmon arod…

  58. Bob Stone says:

    That catch of A-Rod’s high fly ball reminded me of Castillo’s drop last year.

  59. WIlliam says:

    Arod’s having the most quiet hot streak ever.

  60. WIlliam says:

    Easiest trivia ever.

  61. That trivia question is easy. The answer is Ruben Rivera.

  62. Mike Axisa says:

    He’s proud of his research.

  63. EvoLuTioN says:

    jonathon niese injured
    looks like a hammy

    mets also making a ton of errors

  64. WIlliam says:


  65. Bob Stone says:

    Yanks hae been lucky with cought line drives this series. But they have been incredibly lucky in every game against the Twins for years.

  66. Mike HC says:

    I had a bad feeling that was going to be another inexplicable homerun. That last Morneau homer has scarred me.

  67. Lifetime of Question Marks says:

    Girardi looks like a bactrian camel

  68. EvoLuTioN says:

    mitre would be a stud the NL


  69. Bob Stone says:

    Does anyone know if there is another upcoming RAB get together?

  70. Accent Shallow says:

    Ah, the Olerud-Rickey story!

  71. Bob Stone says:

    I’m going back to the parade in the Canyon of Heroes. I don’t know of any taking place this year but I haven’t been on the site as much as last year so I left it open that I might have missed one.

  72. EvoLuTioN says:

    Duchscherer activated yesterday
    scratched yesterday
    back to the DL today

  73. dkidd says:

    just turned on the game, does mitre look as good as his line so far?

  74. EvoLuTioN says:

    BABIP is thames best friend

  75. JGS says:

    Gardner would be on third after that

  76. Metrics say Orlando Hudson hasn’t been a good defensive second baseman since like…2006. But Gold Gloves…

  77. Marcus Thames >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the haters

  78. WIlliam says:

    Thames hitting rightes, Mitre pitching well, and Winn being a “true” Yankee. What’s next, a home run by Garder?…..oh wait.

  79. Alex S says:

    i was at the aforementioned game on july 4, 2007


  80. That’s how you advertise Canadian tourism? Really?

  81. JGS says:

    Liriano >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mitre

  82. WIlliam says:

    Thames would have dropped that.

  83. Mike Axisa says:

    Two hands Randy, nice catch.

  84. WIlliam says:

    Seriously? The guy was hitting 220 in the minors.

  85. WIlliam says:

    Mitre could actually go 6 innings one run. Wow.

  86. AndrewYF says:

    So far, Mitre >> Gaudin on the season.


    • Lifetime of Question Marks says:


    • Bob Stone says:

      Actually . . . a lot of us here on RAB did. Earlier I commented on Girardi knowing something about Mitre from his FLA experience. Combine that with the fact that it takes longer than people think to come back from TJS and I think it makes sense. Longer term, I think this guy has some potential to be a better than average AL starter.

  87. Lifetime of Question Marks says:

    Looks like we found our everyday DH until NJ’s back.

  88. Captain Jack says:

    Probably time for Mitre to call it a day right? He was at an 80 pitch limit, and facing Morneau/Mauer the third time through doesn’t seem like a good idea for Sergio Mitre.

    • AndrewYF says:

      Would you honestly trust Marte or Robertson over Mitre (I can’t believe I’m saying this)? At least you know that Mitre can get those guys out today.

  89. Love Pena’s fielding ability but…damn, he just can’t hit.

  90. WIlliam says:

    Teh infield hit!!!!!!!!

  91. An average second basement gets him out by a step.

  92. WIlliam says:

    Wow, that’s the perfect hit and run.

  93. EvoLuTioN says:

    nice swing jetes

  94. Pretty sure all teams practice situational hitting, Kay. Maybe not the Mariners since they never have more than one man on and it’s always Ichiro.

  95. Hummingbird S. says:

    bad ab gardy

  96. EvoLuTioN says:

    cmon brett

  97. Hah.

    The Twins are some unlucky summamambitches.

  98. WIlliam says:

    Well, they had to start falling in for hits sometime.

  99. larryf says:

    May is fairer for Mark Texeira…….


  100. WIlliam says:

    With A-rod streaking and Cano slumping, I’d walk A-rod.

  101. WIlliam says:

    Damn, he hit it hard.

  102. EvoLuTioN says:

    arod has 3 run, 1 hr, 7rbi in the past week……much from that grand slam

    cmon heat up!

  103. Robinson Cano, past 14 days: .227/.320/.273

    Tommie: not aroused

  104. Hummingbird S. says:

    Mitre against the top of their order, for a third time. That might not be a good idea.

  105. WIlliam says:

    With this new poll, I’ve lost all faith in commenters. Nearly half the people said Tori Hunter is the best defender in cf, in all of baseball.

  106. cjc says:

    man I think he’s really pushing his luck here having him out for the 6th

  107. Bob Stone says:

    On NESN the announcers were saying that Minnesota doesn’t have much luck against the Yanks after showing the last highlight. Talk about having and acute sense of the obvious.

  108. WIlliam says:

    Why would you ever thing of using Logan Kay? With the tying run on deck.

  109. Mike Axisa says:

    You got this, David.

  110. 28 this year says:

    both those first two balls to Mauer are in the strikezone according to Gameday. I just started following the game, is this umpire’s strikezone tight?

  111. Dela G says:

    you’ve got to be kidding me

  112. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Haha Lackey for 5 years is going to suck.

  113. cjc says:

    its amazing how horrible he is this year comapred with last especially his fastball command

  114. bexarama says:

    Ohhhh David Robertson. Throw strikes, please. Not the ones that they murder.

  115. WIlliam says:

    Come on k-rob, what the hell is this?

  116. Hey Mr. Robertson, please throw strikes.

  117. You know what I hate most about Mauer and Morneau?

    How perfect and ostentatious their eyeblack lines are. Trying to shove their grittiness in my face and whatnot.

    Get bent, losers.

    • Steve O. says:

      I don’t mind Mauer’s, after all, he is a catcher. But Morneau? What’s gritty about a great hitting first baseman?

  118. ShuutoHeat (Gardy = Thunder&Lightning) says:

    Sit your ass down Mourneau….

  119. Raf says:

    ill take it.

  120. Mike Axisa says:

    There you go. Cuddyer can’t touch your curve, go for it.

  121. WIlliam says:

    K-rob with the k!

  122. zs190 says:

    Man, that was a lucky call, totally a ball there. DRob has looked really bad so far.

  123. JGS says:

    I shouldn’t be complaining about this, but give me robot umps

  124. Mike Axisa says:

    Ain’t no thang. Good job, David.

  125. Raf says:

    DRob, not sharp but gets 3 outs


    You sorry, sorry bastards. I admit it, I’m starting to feel bad for the Twins.

  127. JGS says:

    Geez, the Twins must be feeling snakebit

  128. zs190 says:

    Haha, thank you, Cuddyer, man has he been the GIDP machine this year. He’s on pace to shatter the all time record I think.

  129. Bob Stone says:

    Unbelievable. Yank’s luck against the Twins is OFF the bell curve.

    • MikeD says:

      I’ve been fearing a market correction the past couple years, but so far so good.

      • Bob Stone says:

        Totally agree. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, as there’s a good chance we could meet these guys in the playoffs again.

  130. claybeez says:

    Lucky again, to get out of that one. Thanks, also to the HP ump.

  131. dkidd says:

    lol twins

    admit it: you can’t win in new york and you know it

  132. EvoLuTioN says:

    drob ftw

  133. WIlliam says:

    Hahahaha. Way to induce the ridiculously hard hit line-out double play K-rob. I’ll take it. But seriously, shouldn’t these guys be freezing on line drives until they see it fall in for a hit?

  134. bexarama says:

    Woo woo David Robertson! (That was lucky, but I’ll take luck aaaany time.)

  135. MikeD says:

    Fortunately that ball was hit right at Pena, since he has no range.

    /TV broadcasters

  136. WIlliam says:

    Come on M’s!!!

  137. JGS says:


  138. WIlliam says:

    SS should have got that. Another hit for Posada, his avg is sky-rocketing.

  139. EvoLuTioN says:

    wat is toronto on this year?
    john buck(!) showing power.. 8 homers 23rbi with a .276 BA
    jose bautista with 10 bombs 29 rbi
    alex gonzalez with 10 bombs 29 rbi
    vernon wells also with 10 bombs 29 rbi

  140. WIlliam says:

    The ss learns his lesson.

  141. Orlando Hudson is overrated. Why don’t writers and sportscasters know that?

  142. ROBTEN says:

    So, where did the Twins get the reputation for “playing the game the right way”? Or, do they just play sloppy baseball against the Yankees?

  143. WIlliam says:

    yay, Ichiro up with runners on 1st and 2nd wit no otus and a run already in.

  144. Lifetime of Question Marks says:

    Bad baserunning by Jorge. Needs to be on the inside of the baseline to affect Morneau’s throw.

  145. Logan and Robertson haven’t been great, but they are both major league pitchers. Nova is still young and needs more time in the minor leagues to develop.

  146. ShuutoHeat (Gardy = Thunder&Lightning) says:

    Didn’t notice it till now… but Jim Thome is DHing but he has eyeblack on. What’s the frigging point?

  147. Jason Kubel does nothing but walk and strike out. Dude’s struggling.

  148. Kevin says:

    K-Rob making Kubel look silly on the 3 pith strikeout.

  149. WIlliam says:

    Must every batter get to a full count K-rob?

  150. ShuutoHeat (Gardy = Thunder&Lightning) says:

    Casilla needs to mow that thing off his chin, its weird looking…looks like a Chia pet disguised as a chin strap…

  151. How do you walk Casilla? Seriously.

  152. EvoLuTioN says:

    lol@dan haren

  153. WIlliam says:

    Why do you want to keep him for 1 inning Joe? Why?

  154. JGS says:

    Balkin’ Bob strikes again

  155. bexarama says:

    No problem, David’s got this.

  156. Gah. That didn’t even look like a balk.

  157. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Why is it such a damn crime if Joba pitches more than one inning?

  158. Sign #8,945,124 that umpires suck:

    There’s an umpire that has a nickname for the portion of the rulebook he likes to call more than any other umpire.

    • On the other hand, if he’s right in calling it, we should praise him for getting a call right that others aren’t.

      It does seem like he’s probably some idiot inserting himself into the game because he’s self-important, but you know, he may not be.

      • JGS says:


        any way to find balk splits by umpire? b-ref doesn’t seem to have it

      • On the other hand, if he’s right in calling it, we should praise him for getting a call right that others aren’t.

        Oh, sure, but that’s just the other side of the suck coin. Either there’s one renegade ump who calls the game the wrong way, has done so for years, will continue to do so indefinitely, everybody knows about it, and nobody is correcting it


        There’s only one good ump in all of baseball who calls the game the right way and the other hundred-odd guys are lazy idiots who aren’t doing their jobs.

    • ROBTEN says:

      It’s like umpires are fighting back against technology by becoming “personalities.”

      Trying to stave off change by getting people to pay even more attention to your biases, errors, and inconsistencies – that’s the kind of nimble thinking that makes you such a valuable part of the game.

  159. dkidd says:

    pena is solid in the field

    viva monterey

  160. Lifetime of Question Marks says:

    TBS broadcast is talking about Joba to the pen; consequenty, making my ears bleed. And bexarama, I am not suprised by this.

    My ears bleed all the time?

  161. WIlliam says:

    Why does Matt Garza have pubic hair on his chin?

  162. I would never have recognized that as Graeme Lloyd, and I’m good with recognizing faces.

  163. BigBlueAL says:

    David Wells just said he and Pettitte tried to teach Mo a cutter but eventually Mel Stottlemyre is the one who taught it to him. So someone is lying.

  164. WIlliam says:

    Teh grit!

  165. What? No upper-deck shot?


  166. WIlliam says:

    The edge commercial is soooooo bad.

  167. Question from two weeks ago: IS THIS METS HOT STREAK FOR REAL!?!?!??!?!

    Answer today: No, it wasn’t.

  168. Even Jamie Moyer would have an uptick in velocity for an inning. God!

  169. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Yeah too bad Hughes has succeeded as a starter Flaherty.

  170. EvoLuTioN says:

    thanks micheal kay, he wasn’t hitting 94 last year even in the bullpen so obviously he regained velocity after his should injury. He can hit more than 91 as a starter

  171. MikeD says:

    Michael, that’s not quite right. Joba was throwing mid-90s as a starter in ’07 prior to hitting DL, and for most of last year he was at about 93 as a starter. As a starter or a reliever, his velocity is still down about 3 mph from his ’07 and early ’08 seasons.

    • “As a starter or a reliever, his velocity is still down about 3 mph from his ‘07 and early ‘08 seasons.”

      Actually, as a reliever in early ’08 he averaged 95-96 MPH with the fastball.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      you gotta love how when it comes to joba opinions become facts. These guys watch the games on a day in day out basis but yet make so many incorrect comments.

      Kay in detroit: Joba hasn’t thrown that hard since 2007.

  172. dkidd says:

    why is michael kay acting like this is a blowout?

  173. bexarama says:

    No worries, Joba, you got this.

  174. Bob Stone says:

    c’mon Joba

  175. EvoLuTioN says:

    flaherty and kay are like, whoa joba shows a curveball? this is new

  176. Mike Axisa says:

    Doesn’t look like Joba’s joining to be available for both games of the Sox series, but they’ll live with Hughes and CC going.

  177. Oh, come on. This is getting ri-god-damn-diculous!!!


  178. dkidd says:

    catching = masochism

  179. bexarama says:

    Joba’s got this.

  180. Mike Axisa says:

    Dammit Tex. DFA him.

  181. EvoLuTioN says:

    damn, that little hesitation cost us the out but an excellent job by teix to stop that

  182. bexarama says:

    What was that…? Okay, Joba. Next guy. Get him.

  183. EvoLuTioN says:

    enter sandman

  184. BigBlueAL says:

    Mo for his first 4-out save of the season. Bullpen might be a bit short tomorrow but at least Park should be available.

  185. EvoLuTioN says:


  186. bexarama says:

    Oh gosh come on Mo…

  187. dkidd says:

    robots now

  188. EvoLuTioN says:


  189. Andy_C_23 says:

    If Mo doesn’t believe in himself is that blasphemy?

  190. bexarama says:

    Aaaargh it’s okay, Mo gets the next guy

  191. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Hey all just getting in to watch. What is up with Mariano walking in a run…

  192. EvoLuTioN says:

    wow wtf

  193. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Umm what

  194. bexarama says:

    What the——-

  195. ShuutoHeat (Gardy = Thunder&Lightning) says:

    OMG…its Jason fucking Kubel.

    • ShuutoHeat (Gardy = Thunder&Lightning) says:

      …Jason fucking-I’m-a-scrub Kubel

      • MikeD says:

        He’s not a scrub, just off to a slow start. .300/.369/.539 slast stats last season. Of course, no one is supposed to hit Mo, scrub or HOFer.

  196. Mike Axisa says:

    Well that was unexpected.

  197. Hummingbird S. says:

    Watching on gameday, 3 of the 4 balls to Thome caught the edge of the strikezone.

  198. EvoLuTioN says:

    nooo :(

  199. Brent says:

    What the hell just happened?

  200. dkidd says:


    and yet, we’ll still win

  201. V says:

    Thanks, asshole umpire. Thank you for not doing your job correctly when MARIANO RIVERA is pitching. Ass.

  202. pete says:

    I’d like to voice my complaint. Jason Kubel is NOT allowed to hit a HR off of Rivera.

  203. Hummingbird S. says:

    I’m speechless…

  204. Sheepmeister says:

    Wow, the umpire calls a strike. That’s unexpected.

  205. WIlliam says:

    Shit, perhaps we’ll see our 1st walk-off of the season.

  206. EvoLuTioN says:

    well arod and cano are coming up
    we need to do something

    and i swear if we see pena fucking hit in this inning i’ll blow

  207. Mike Axisa says:

    Who’s ready for some pie?

  208. Jose way there is more than one JOSE? That's uncalled for! says:

    wow that’s just unfortunate

  209. WIlliam says:

    Sergio Mitre’s great start is ruined by poor relief from Chamberlain and Rivera, wait what?

  210. V says:

    I swear to god, if this umpire doesn’t squeeze Rauch, I’ll be pissed.

    Wait, I AM pissed.

  211. Just have to throw up your hands and laugh when something like that happens.

  212. bexarama says:

    Ugh. That sucks. But it happens and the game ain’t over yet.

  213. V says:

    Too bad Al Leiter isn’t in the booth, so someone can ask him about human error.

  214. EvoLuTioN says:

    what was the text poll question again?

  215. V says:

    So, um, yeah, Alex. Could you stop doing that?

  216. EvoLuTioN says:

    how many pitches has cano seen today? 5?

  217. dark side of the goon says:

    Just got in and need to ask: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

    • ROBTEN says:

      Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

      Oh, and Mo gave up a grand-slam to give the Twins the lead.

  218. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Wow… 4 and 5 hitters hit nice easy grounders… no late fire this year

  219. V says:

    So glad the heart of our lineup consists of such patient hitters.

  220. WIlliam says:

    What happened, how’d they get 2 outs.

  221. Hummingbird S. says:

    I hope Cano and A-Rod enjoyed their day-off so they can comeback strong tomorrow.

  222. EvoLuTioN says:

    time for the red sox to witness valverde’s dance moves

    • Hummingbird S. says:

      I seriously dont get it why some people think valverde’s celebrations is too much? Who are we to say how much celebration is too much? If he gets the job done, let him celebrate, just like we let Joba pump his fists and celebrate the way he sees fit.

  223. bexarama says:

    Eesh, I know it’s bad but all of a sudden we have no heart, guys?

  224. BigBlueAL says:

    No point in letting Mo pitch the 9th.

  225. Joe D. says:

    Egad, blaming the ump on those borderline-at-best pitches is goofy.

    Mo got owned. It’s going to happen once every few years. Today was one of those times.

  226. EvoLuTioN says:

    PeteAbe: Not sure what is more stunning, that Mo Rivera just gave up a grand slam or that Scott Schoeneweis just got two straight outs. 5 minutes ago reply

  227. WIlliam says:

    Posada is having a great series.

  228. Bob Stone says:

    Mariano got squeezed. But the umpire has been doing that all day. At least the umpire has been consistent. I still like the idea of robots and/or much more instant replay calls.

    I think it is ridiculous, in this day and age, that each umpire has a “different” strike zone (and I know Mo has often gotten the benefit of wrong calls going his way). It’s time to use some of our incredible technology.

    “Charm of the game be damned”. And I am not just saying that because this game is going south. The umpiring is getting worse every year. Again, against the Twins, in the playoffs last year, that ball that was called fair in left field in front of Melky was just ridiculous.

    Replace the umpires with computers. And this comment isn’t coming from some young techie with no respect for tradition. I love the tradition and the long-time stats of the game. I have been watching baseball for 55 years. I just want to see calls being made accurately.

  229. MikeD says:

    That grand slam reminds me of the HR he gave up to Ichiro. Very deflating. At least we still have a chance to respond.

  230. WIlliam says:

    Does that mean Swish has been used and is out for the game, or no?

  231. EvoLuTioN says:

    oh cmon
    i like miranda but just let swish bat righty

    why burn the bat already? we have WINN AND PENA DUE UP IN THE 9th.

  232. dark side of the goon says:

    what were all those guys doing on base in the first place? Has Mo ever given up a grand slam? Wait what?

  233. dkidd says:

    read him his rights, juan

  234. EvoLuTioN says:

    Nats promote RHP Drew Storen, their 2nd No. 1 pick last year behind you-know-who. Will join team in St. Louis tomorrow.

  235. Hey guys, just got home. Did I miss anything?

  236. Mike says:

    BTW Why did the Yankees announce to the world that Swisher can’t hit from one side fo the plate?

  237. Slu says:

    Does Pena play left next inning or Miranda?

    • Yeah, this is the problem with the short bench we have now. Girardi had made 8th inning defensive substitutions with Golson, then Swisher get’s double switched out, so mow Pena’s playing RF.

      You could blame Girardi for the Swisher AB, the rest he would do the same all over again if he had to.

      • Zack says:

        Well if he didnt put Swisher in, it would have been Golston v a LHP, or PH Miranda in against a LHP.

        • Right, but he has to figure Gardy would make the pitching change there. That goes to show how valuable all of our switch hitters are, it wouldn’t have mattered if Swish wasn’t hurt, he’d bat either way.

          • Zack says:

            Right, he knew Swisher was going to get an AB against the LHP. He wanted to force them to bring in a RHP, so he could use Miranda against him instead of against a LHP.

            Those were good moves made by Girardi, he used what he had to get the best match up he could.

  238. EvoLuTioN says:


  239. WIlliam says:

    Shit, the 9th ain’t looking to pretty.

  240. Mike Axisa says:

    I’m curious to see how the outfield defense is going to shake out now.

  241. Mike HC says:

    Wow, I change channels to watch Magic vs Celtics for 15 minutes and the whole thing falls apart.

    Joba and Mo combine to lose a game for us? I guess they are not perfect after all.

  242. Hummingbird S. says:

    With Winn and Pena due up in the 9th, this one is pretty much over. Well, shit happens. Tomorrow we’ll put a hurting on the Sox so we can all feel better.

  243. Kannon965 says:

    MIRAMDA BLOWS!!!!! You cant even stand there and foul off ONE pictch???!!!Fanning at all those with a guy on down 2 was disgusting.

  244. WIlliam says:

    I predict a walk-off grand-slam by Gardner next inning, book it.

  245. bexarama says:

    If we lose, which isn’t a guarantee, this is an upsetting loss, but not really one to get that terribly worried about, you know? Mariano ain’t gonna do that too often.

  246. Hummingbird S. says:

    I didn’t know Nova threw 94. What else does he have in his repertoire?

  247. Pat D says:

    Typical crap from them. Mo gives up a big hit, then they all pack it in.

    • bexarama says:

      Really? REALLY????

      • Dirty Pena says:

        It’s all because of the influence of that gutless coward Javy.

      • Pat D says:

        Just can’t seem to remember too many times where Mo blew a lead and they were able to collect themselves enough to come back and win.

        But knowing me, my memory is wrong and they’ve done it plenty of times.

        • Dirty Pena says:

          I can’t really remember too many games where they’ve gone down 8 after 3 innings and won.

        • Zack says:

          Mariano has blown FOUR games from 2008-2010, so if they are 0-4 in games that Mariano has blown than that’s a fucking small sample size considering its stretched across 2+ seasons

          • Pat D says:

            What about tie games that he’s lost? Those wouldn’t be considered “blown” games.

            Being down 8 after 3 innings is a lot different than being down 3 after 7 innings.

            Jesus H., I post a couple of things and I’m getting jumped on from seven different directions. I’m starting to think that everyone who posts here is just out to prove that they’re smarter than everyone else. My god, bitching about a blown game is panicking? Really, people.

            • bexarama says:

              Nope, it’s not. This is panicking, or at least, do you see why it might not be taken so well?:

              Typical crap from them. Mo gives up a big hit, then they all pack it in.

              You seem like a good guy and I don’t want you to feel not welcome here, so let me explain. Personally, that was the phrase that really annoyed me. You act like Mariano giving up a big hit, and then the team giving up, happens all the time. It does not.

              • bexarama says:

                saying “typical crap” about a team that has the second-best record in baseball, even with a ridiculous schedule and some pretty important injuries, is gonna annoy people. I know I’m coming off as condescending here and I apologize, I’m just trying to explain my POV.

              • Pat D says:

                Thank you for being courteous.

                Yes, I can see where that can be taken badly. But are we all that touchy, really? I was reading it in their body language, too. After grounding out, ARod and Cano both seemed to be in post-game mode already. That’s the way that I read it.

                I’m actually going to research Mo failures now, just so I know, and don’t go saying something without having all the facts. In other words, I’ll try not to be a politician looking to fuel people’s hatreds. :)

                • bexarama says:

                  Okay. :) Like I said, you seem like a good guy. I think people ARE probably annoyed and touchy after Mo gives up a grand slam, and the horde of people that showed up to genuinely panic and overreact that weren’t here before, are annoying. It’s easy to overreact, but there are a bunch of people that never show up/say anything when the Yankees are rolling along in series and winning.

                  FWIW I remember one time last year when Mariano got REALLY beat up in a tie game. I think he gave up like four runs. Versus the Rays, maybe? And then the Yankees scored two in the bottom of the inning.

                  • Pat D says:

                    Yea, like I said, I’m going to spend some time later tonight to look into that. And like I said, I didn’t post because I wasn’t in front of my computer. I also don’t post as often as I’d like to since during the week I’m always at work during the hours when the games are on, so I can only post if I’m off or on Saturdays/Sundays.

                    And the “typical crap” comment obviously didn’t refer to anything that has happened this year, since Mo had been perfect till now.

  248. V says:

    Btw, I’m so glad that Joba succeeded in grunting and farting in that inning.

  249. WIlliam says:

    Can we pinch hit Cerve for Winn?

  250. WIlliam says:

    Seattle just lost the lead.

  251. BigBlueAL says:

    You know Wallace Mathews is going to have an article on about how now the Twins believe/know that they can beat the Yankees and Mo which could mean if they play in the playoffs the Yankees wont have the psychological edge or some bullshit like that.

  252. ShuutoHeat (Gardy = Thunder&Lightning) says:

    Lol Punto copping a feel off Jeter.

  253. nathan says:

    Time to start the 2010 comeback magic ride.

    A naive question, Siwsher cant hit anymore? even though he didnt get to the plate?

  254. EvoLuTioN says:

    safe to say glaus is back?
    3/5 with a HR, 2 runs, 2 RBI today

    • WIlliam says:

      I’m pretty sure i game doesn’t have much affect on anyone’s overall season.

      • Zack says:

        I think it was more about Glaus is heating up after a slow start, he’s raised his OPS almost 100 points in the last 10 games.

  255. EvoLuTioN says:

    did flaherty jus call him spam?

    • ShuutoHeat (Gardy = Thunder&Lightning) says:

      anything goes at this point…case in point
      Michael Kay: “so does he have twitchy fingers? or itchy fingers…itchy fingers…twitchy fingers….twitchy fingers….”

  256. BigBlueAL says:

    Span wouldve been safe by a mile if they wouldve sent him.

  257. EvoLuTioN says:

    thanks mr 3rd base coach

  258. WIlliam says:


  259. Mike says:

    Pena, game-tying HR.

    /Heroin dream.

  260. EvoLuTioN says:

    for some reason fangraphs doesnt have mo giving up that grand slam or even coming in at all

    jobas WPA is -.753

  261. Alex S says:

    Who wants pie?

  262. EvoLuTioN says:

    so happy that pena is in

  263. Rauch HAS to be the tallest (and most tattooed) pitcher in Baseball.

  264. WIlliam says:

    1st walk-off win of the season, obviously off the Twins.

  265. ShuutoHeat (Gardy = Thunder&Lightning) says:

    Rauch, another example of ugly body art on an athlete.

  266. BigBlueAL says:

    LOL at Pena trying to bunt his way on with the 3B playing in already.

  267. WIlliam says:

    Sooooo close.

  268. ShuutoHeat (Gardy = Thunder&Lightning) says:


    /alittle too excited and early

  269. EvoLuTioN says:

    oh wow

  270. BigBlueAL says:

    If the Yankees come back and win this game…..

  271. dkidd says:

    places pie in oven…

  272. WIlliam says:

    Hehehehe, base-hits to Winn and Pena.

  273. EvoLuTioN says:

    the fuck was that jetes?

  274. First Time Poster says:

    Just got in. Seen on my phone up 3-1. Then seen the misfortune. Good game. Mitre good or lucky?

  275. EvoLuTioN says:

    wat the fuck are you doing? stop swinging out of ur shoes

  276. Yankees #1 Fan says:

    Come on Derek!!!!! Show us your so called “Clutch”

  277. BigBlueAL says:

    Jeter trying to tie it up with that last swing.

  278. WIlliam says:

    Damnit Jete, don’t get out!

  279. Bob Stone says:

    Ugh. Tampa just came from behind to win 2-1.

  280. nathan says:

    Jets gonna dunk one in RF

  281. WIlliam says:

    So, my gardner gs prediction is holding water.

  282. Bob Stone says:

    C’mon Captain

  283. Yankees #1 Fan says:

    Hey,William might actually be right, Lets go Gardner!

  284. Mike Axisa says:

    Well at least he didn’t GIDP.

  285. Yankees #1 Fan says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid jeter

  286. WIlliam says:

    Damnit Jeter.

  287. BigBlueAL says:

    Must say a pretty awful at-bat by Jeter but then again he has been having many of those lately.

    • EvoLuTioN says:

      beyond awful, hes supposed to pass the baton yet hes trying to hit a walk off homerun when its not even possible

  288. Yankees #1 Fan says:

    Come on Gardner!!!! I have you in fantasy

  289. nathan says:

    AJ get the pie ready

  290. Hummingbird S. says:

    Winn and Pena reach base and Jeter strikes out swinging. What a crazy game

  291. Yankees #1 Fan says:

    WHat the heck is wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. pat says:

    Please float a curveball to Tex so he can send a Message to RF

  293. BigBlueAL says:

    Shit, that at-bat by Gardner was even worse than Jeter’s.

  294. nathan says:

    It would be so cool if Gardenhire walks Tex to get to ARod and load the bases. :-)

  295. Alex S says:

    come on now Tex

  296. Hummingbird S. says:

    Gardner is Melky-like agaisnt the high cheese

  297. EvoLuTioN says:

    gardner swings at one at his eyes.

  298. Sheepmeister says:

    Now the ump expands the zone.

  299. BigBlueAL says:

    WOW, now the strike zone has expanded.

  300. EvoLuTioN says:

    rauch is the new papelbon

  301. V says:

    So, those pitches were balls when MARIANO RIVERA threw them, and now they’re strikes?

  302. Hummingbird S. says:

    That’s the problem with umpires. Mo couldn’t get the close pitches but Rauch gets strikes on the edge of the zone, against Tex no less.

  303. EvoLuTioN says:


    oh well

    thanks for nothing jeter

  304. dkidd says:


  305. WIlliam says:

    Damnit, it was right down the freakin’ middle Tex!

  306. V says:

    Wow. Umpires 1, Yankees 0. Wow. That was utterly awful.

    I want that guy fired. Now.

  307. nathan says:

    That strike zone changed in a hurry, that ball was the carbon copy of the Rivera pitch to Thome

  308. BigBlueAL says:

    Not gonna lie, this game has put me in a bad mood that will most likely last the rest of the day. lol

  309. Mike says:

    I wanted to feel good about Tex vs. Rauch, but…

  310. boogie down says:

    wow, what an ass-backward bottom 9th

  311. Randy Winn and Ramiro Peña tried to win it for us, but the big boys wouldn’t help.

  312. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    So that Rauch kid clearly is a HOFer, getting calls that Rivera, (you know him? best closer of all time? Most intimidating pitcher in the past 20 years…) wasn’t getting?

  313. Hummingbird S. says:

    Nice job by the ump! somebody had to step in and end the Twins’ losing streak.

  314. Bob Stone says:

    Damn – Game over. Streak vs. Minnesota over, Mo’s O.OO ERA over. It looked so promising when Mo came in. It’s still a beautiful afternoon. I’m forgetting this one. We still took 2 out of 3.

    It was a freaky, screwy game. The Yanks were overdue for one of those against the Twins. At least it came in May instead of the play offs.

  315. Of all the losses we’ve had so far this year, this one makes me the happiest (or, at least, saddens me the least.)

    • BigBlueAL says:

      Ben is going nuts on Twitter about this game, calling it the worst loss of the season. lol

    • V says:

      I get you mean (about predictive for the future), but I find it SO frustrating that a non-player can change the game so drastically.

    • Bob Stone says:

      Yeah – Just one of thsoe games. We were WAY overdue for one like this against the Twins.

    • mbonzo says:

      I felt like Mo was due for a blown save. For some reason I feel the same as you, I think its because I know if there was an umpire out there with eyes they would have won. Just bad luck. It was really the first lose where the Yankees clearly played better than the other team.

    • bexarama says:

      Personally, I’m sad because I LOVE Mariano to death and now Jason Kubel, who I liked before this, is my sworn enemy. But yeah, when you lose a game because it’s that one time when Mariano doesn’t have it, you can’t get too upset for what this means over the long term.

  316. V says:

    Heroes of the game: Posada/Thames/Winn/Mitre
    Goats of the game: Jeter/ARod/Cano/Joba/Rivera

    Wait, what?

  317. yoo-boo says:

    ah… Park is activated today but not for Sunday’s game. Me duh! Now, it is easy call that Nova will be optioned right after the pathetic game today.

    Jeter’s head moved during swinging. Does it mean he forced hard to pick up some bat speed? If so then he came up empty big time. If he continues swinging terribly then it is time to send him a serious message. Move him back into 7th or 8th hole. I dont care whether or not it is slow start because he flat out sucks right now.

  318. V says:

    Joba was absolutely horrid in this game. So much for ’2007 Joba is back!!!oen!!elvelen!!311!

  319. LiveFromNewYork says:

    Mitre’s all like “I hate you guys”


  320. rek4gehrig says:

    Joba was fine. Tex catches that ball..inning over.

  321. rek4gehrig says:

    Tex makes that play 99.9% of the time. But since we are in the blame game, gotto blame someone. Perhaps Joba or Tex or Jeter or Arod or Gardner or evem Girardi. Bottom line is that it was no-one’s fault.

    • bexarama says:

      It was a bunch of peoples’ faults, too much to pin on one person. Joba and Mo weren’t quite Joba and Mo. Tex couldn’t make that play; I dunno how easy or hard it was. The offense was mostly provided by, like, Winn.

  322. larryf says:

    Just one of those law of averages games. Mo gets fired up and this doesn’t happen again. Tex catches that ball 9 times out of 10. Joba might have covered first and they still might have had a play. Strange game but we’ll take it as a wakeup call for tomorrow.

    I know Posada is slow AND a terrible baserunner but was anyone else bothered by the fact that even he might have hustled and been on second on that LF pop?

  323. Jake H says:

    I do think that Joba could have covered 1st but also why not let him get out of it? Mo is your best reliever but Joba has been dominating. I would have liked to see what Joba would have done there.

  324. Pasqua says:

    Well, I suppose it makes sense that Minnesota would break that skid in dramatic, unexpected fashion, as that’s exactly the way we’ve been beating them (game after game) for a while now.

  325. Hughes vs Dice-BB tomorrow, can you smell an easy win?

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