Granderson roulette: Russo, Winn or Pena

Hard to beat a good team three times
Some good, but mostly bad in Javy's latest

On May 1, Curtis Granderson injured his groin in a game against the White Sox, and the Yankees fell to 15-8 on the season. Since then, the Yankees have gone just 13-11, and even though Granderson is hitting just .225/.311/.375 on the young season, he brings depth to the Yanks’ lineup and bench. His return from the disabled list — rumored to come tonight — is a welcome development indeed.

When Granderson is activated, the Yanks will have their center fielder back. Granderson told reporters that he is at around 90-95 percent. “The groin is actually good. I haven’t felt anything with it,” he said. “If you dig in and touch it, it’s still tender to the touch. But I don’t feel anything with it.”

The Yankees, notoriously tight-lipped, haven’t yet decided on a corresponding roster move. As far as I can tell, the team has three options. Because Joe Girardi prefers a full bullpen, they will ship Kevin Russo back to the minors, designate Randy Winn for assignment or send Ramiro Pena down to AAA. Let’s evaluate.

1. Send Kevin Russo back to AAA

Our first option remains both most likely and least popular with the fans. By virtue of a few clutch hits and some solid work in left field, Kevin Russo has turned himself into a household name. He could still find himself ticketed to Scranton.

Why Russo will go: With Granderson’s return, the Yankees will have their three starting outfielders, Randy Winn, and — gulp — Marcus Thames as their five outfielders. For his defensive capabilities, Russo is a better long-term option than Thames ever will be, but he’s hitting just .250/.286/.350 and has a career Minor League OPS of .763. By sending him down, the Yankees can give him some every-day experience and work on his infield and outfield skills. He’ll remain under team control and would probably be the first guy up in case of emergency.

Why Russo could stay: Randy Winn looks like toast. Ramiro Peña, not known for his offense, hasn’t hit a lick this year. If anything, Russo is the best of three less-than-desirable choices.

2. Designate Randy Winn for assignment

I have to admit that I’m no fan of Randy Winn. I expected him to be a decent enough outfielder with some bat, but he’s shown no ability whatsoever this year. He hits like Melky and seems to throw like Johnny Damon, and his bad play in the Citi Field games did little to endear him to fans. The Yanks are paying him a guaranteed $1.1 million with some performance bonuses, and they could easily just cut him loose.

Why Winn will go: Handed the left field job when Curtis Granderson went down, Winn did everything in his power to lose it. He’s hitting a weak .213/.300/.295 this year and can’t seem to get around on a fastball. On the bright side, he has a 1.4 UZR in left field but with an arm below average. He is easily replaceable.

Why Winn will stay: With that positive UZR, the Yankees could utilize Winn as a late-innings defensive specialist. They don’t particularly need his bat with Granderson’s return to the lineup, and once the team cuts Winn, they won’t be bringing him back. With Russo or Peña, the team can simply summon either player from AAA and be none the worse for it. The Yankees like their old veterans, and Winn fits that bill — at least for a few more weeks.

3. Send Ramiro Peña to AAA

The Yanks’ final option would involve sending out their lone back-up middle infielder to AAA. The all-glove, no-hit 25-year-old could head back to Scranton to take some innings at the corner outfield positions with an eye toward replacing Randy Winn if he can handle the job.

Why Peña will go: If you thought Randy Winn’s bat was slow, get a load of Peña’s. He’s appeared in just 18 games this year and has come to the plate 42 times. Whatever offense he might have is just withering away, and he’s hitting .211/.244/.237. He somehow managed to hit .287 last season, but his minor league career triple slash — .255/.315/.320 — is more in line with his 2010 numbers than his 2009 campaign. In a very small sample, his defense has been nothing spectacular this year, and he is, simply put, dead weight on a roster with too much dead weight.

Why Peña will stay: Only one trait is keeping Ramiro in the Bronx: He can play short stop. The Bombers do not appear to believe that Kevin Russo could man short should Jeter go down, and the team would prefer to keep their only versatile back-up infield at the big league level. It’s flimsy reasoning at best, but it should be enough to save Peña’s job for the next few months as Russo learns short.

As roster moves go, the one the Yanks must make later today is rather inconsequential, but it certainly provides us with a glimpse into the inner workings of a GM’s mind. Someone will have to go, and while three candidates could be shipped out, which one goes will have an impact on the make-up of the current Yankee roster.

Hard to beat a good team three times
Some good, but mostly bad in Javy's latest
  • Cnight_UP

    I think alot was said last night with Russo getting the start against the righty. I think Winn is gone.

    • mikea

      why not send miranda down

  • RR

    DFA Winn. Keep the kids. ‘Nuff said.

    • Count Zero

      What he said.

    • tc

      Right on! Viva los niños! The article is mistaken about Peña: he’s extremely talented at defense, has speed and his bat will only improve. On the other hand, it wouldn’t kill anybody if he hadda go to AAA for a spell.

      • Matt Imbrogno

        What shows you Pena’s bat will improve? Last year’s .699 OPS was a career high. Think about that for a second. His bat is not going to improve and no one should be counting on that. He’s in the Majors for one reason: he can play defense.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    That Granderson quote reads strange.

    • Cnight_UP


    • rek4gehrig

      Thought so too…who would be digging into it and why?

      • whozat

        The trainer? To investigate the progress of the muscle’s healing?

  • bonestock94

    I’ve been wanting Winn gone for a while now. I expect Russo to be sent down but I’m hoping for the headline “Randy Winn designated for assignment.”

    • Dirty Pena

      Aren’t we all?

  • Chris

    Normally I would say that the Yankees would like to keep Winn around because that gives them more roster flexibility, but I think the fact that Russo has played instead of Winn for the last 4 games is somewhat telling.

    • Dirty Pena

      The problem is that the “winner” of this battle will be doing what Winn has been doing the past 4 games. They will use the “get him regular at bats” (like the past 4 games) excuse.

  • Matt Imbrogno

    I’ve got no problem with pretty much anything the Yankees do in this situation. It’d be nice to see Russo stick, but with Granderson around, how much is he really going to play? At the same time, though, he may not get many reps in the OF considering Huffman, Golson, and Winfree (when he returns from the wrist injury) getting time. However, Huffman’s been getting time at first base with Miranda absent from Scranton, so perhaps Huffman can play there while Russo plays the OF? As much as I’d like to see Winn go, I’ll understand if he stays.

  • A.D.

    Yankees could utilize Winn as a late-innings defensive specialist.

    But for who? certainly not Gardner or Granderson, and thus far Swisher has put up a similar UZR

    • JGS

      Good point–I guess if Winn continues to be a zero with the bat and Gardner’s slump continues, he (Gardner) might be benched against a lefty leading to {gulp} Thames in the outfield.

      • 007

        That is possible. It is also possible that Granderson will have to be benched against lefties since he cant hit them.
        The Yankees will be better off shifting him to LF and keeping Gardner in CF since he is the teams best center fielder.

    • Pete


  • lardin

    why not send down Miranda? Swisher can back up first, Russo can play just about anywhere. Pena is the best defensive infielder the team has. Thames can DH against lefties. You can use Russo and Pena to give Arod and Jeter and Cano Days off. On the Day when you want to give Tex a day off, play swisher at first, You can play Thames, Russo or Winn in Right.

    • A.D.

      Most pitchers are right handed, Miranda should be playing most of the time, and is a better bat than Russo or Pena.

    • tc

      Yes! Miranda be gone!

    • Joseph Pawlikowski

      I can’t get behind a plan that involves Marcus Thames playing the outfield.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Miranda is a DH replacement for Nick Johnson, not an OF candidate. That’s why he’s not being considered. Because the Yanks have games in NL parks coming up and because Miranda is a power threat, he won’t be sent down.

  • ADam

    Please for the love of god DFA Winn.. Please Please Please…. Keep the kids as Double R said.

  • The Revenge of Ruben Rivera

    Miranda adds power to that DH slot that is open (especially in YS). The big issue that is being missed is that winn can not hit left handed pitchers. Plus he has been above avg at first base.

  • Steve H

    Send Russo down. He’s not going to get enough innings to be a major upgrade over Winn (and there’s no guarantee he would be anyway). Get him regular AB’s in the minors, as well as time all over the field at several different positions. If you keep him around to play once a week, it puts a huge damper in his development (especially if he’s a jack of all trades utility guy) and it wouldn’t be nearly enough of an upgrade. If the Yankees needed a starter, I’d be ok with keeping Russo around. If they need a 5th OF, it’s a waste to have it be Russo.

    • Ted Nelson

      Russo is 25, I’m not sure how much more he can develop in the minors. Not sure why having Russo as your 5th outfielder is any more of a waste than Winn.

      • Steve H

        Because Russo is working on playing several positions, giving him value down the road as a utility guy similar to Derosa or Hairson. That’s why it’s a waste, you give up a year of that development for 75 AB’s in the majors for a minor upgrade? Don’t think that’s worth it.

        • Ted Nelson

          He’s got a full season of AAA under his belt and handled AA and AAA pitching the last two years. At 25 I feel like the Yankees might as well get a look at how he handles ML pitching. I just don’t think a few balls hit his way every game will improve his defense as much as drills which can be done as easily in the majors as minors.

  • Doug

    not sure how good idea it is bring back a guy whose groin is only 90-95%. he reinjures it, he’s gone thru the all-star break.

  • rek4gehrig

    Winn doesnt win this one

  • A.D.

    “If you dig in and touch it, it’s still tender to the touch. But I don’t feel anything with it.”

    So he’s not actually healthy?

    • baby carlos

      does this mean there is a slight element of panic in the Bronx. would seem that with the stretch of competition the Yankees are facing, Granderson is less needed than during the stretch he missed.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      For him to be entirely healthy, he’d have to miss a lot of time. I injured my groin once, and it took about 4 months to feel 100 percent. But I was running after one. He’ll be fine, but he’ll be getting treatment after every game.

  • baby carlos

    anyone know what the Yankees are on the hook for with Thames?

    Seems that they could get rid of both Winn and Thames but still looking for who would fill their shoes via trade or DFA list.

    Just some bad choices for bench fillers.

    • A.D.

      Thames is making 900K for the year.

      I really don’t see the point of DFAing Thames, they brought him in to hit lefties, he’s done that quite well, now that there is an opening at DH it makes even more sense to have him play there.

    • Steve H

      Thames has been a great choice as a bench filler. He’s hitting .339/.453/.508. He’s terrible in field, which was known when they signed him, he shouldn’t ever be out there.

      • Chris

        I agree. If he could actually field, then he would have a full time job as an outfielder somewhere.

        • pounder

          “Are there no prisons,are there no workhouses”

          Charlie Dickens

      • CS Yankee

        Thames has done well with the stick but I don’t think anyone thought his glove would be that of a confused 70 year old. He was decent in recent years and Joe still takes chances with him…I sure hope that he limits him to the lumber.

        Winn hasn’t been half of what they had to expect…with Grit’s bat over performing & Grandy on the DL, it was time for Winn to seize the day. He has failed to date, the question that Joe & Cash must be thinking is can Winn get better and not waste the million investment OR will Russo continue to perform beyond his projections?

        Pena is what Pena was…Gazoo has been way above expectations…Thames is adding value…so, keep Winn because they believe this is a SSS, or cut bait & keep Russo?

  • Am I the only Kevin?

    I have to think optioning Russo is the move that is going to happen. I dislike Winn with a passion – his swing is beyond ugly, and his defense is overrated. But, I think the Yanks want Russo to become a super sub, and he needs time at AAA to prove he can play SS. I can see them optioning Russo and having him play nothing but SS and OF for a month or so with an eye toward bringing him back up to the bigs as your right-handed fourth OF and primary utility IF. Pena is too much of a black hole to give ABs when you want to rest one of our IFs, but he is a necessity until Russo can play SS passably. Given that he has looked solid in the OF, Russo could also down the road replace Winn as the Gardner/Granderson sub against tough lefties.

  • A.D.

    The Yanks are paying him a guaranteed $1.1 million with some performance bonuses, and they could easily just cut him loose.

    Realistically money shouldn’t matter, especially on a 1 yr deal, as its all a sunk cost at this point, you’re paying him regardless its just a matter of if he’s worth a roster spot.

    • Ed

      Yes and no.

      Winn’s salary is a sunk cost. Russo’s and Pena’s salaries aren’t – if they get sent down, they earn about 1/10th of what they make if they stay up. So keeping Winn is a little bit cheaper than letting him go.

      Of course, I do realize that probably only the Marlins would put any significant weight to money issues this small.

  • E-ROC

    Just DFA Randy Winn. Russo can play the corner outfield spots in a pinch. If something happens to Granderson, Gardner can slide over and man center. What about promoting Eduardo Nunez and demoting Ramiro Pena?

    • Dirty Pena

      What about promoting Eduardo Nunez and demoting Ramiro Pena?

      You’ll get banned with talk like that around here.

    • Steve H

      Russo can play the corner outfield spots in a pinch. If something happens to Granderson, Gardner can slide over and man center.

      I don’t think waiting for that pinch to happen is worth hurting Russo’s development. If something happens to Granderson, Scranton is a short drive away and Russo can come back up. I don’t think getting Russo 75 AB’s this year at the major league level does much to help the team, and it certainly hurts his development. If it was 300 ab’s, then I’d definitely want him over Winn, but that’s not the decision that needs to be made now.

      • Ted Nelson

        Again, he’s 25 years old not 20. I don’t know how much more developing he can possibly do.

        • Steve H

          Defensively he has a ton of developing to do.

          • Ted Nelson

            But is it going to happen in the Minors? Tell him to come in for a few hours every morning and take fungos. He would get infinitely more repetitions that way than in Minor League games.

    • Mac

      DFA Winn, Thames, demote Pena

      Call up Nunez, Montero and Romine

      Do it!

      • Dirty Pena

        Call up Slade Heathcott!

        • Steve H

          And Brackman!

    • Am I the only Kevin?

      Not going to happen. Even disregarding the fact that Nunez is a butcher with the glove, the reason Pena is and has/been up is because he is seen as a non-prospect having no chance of being anything other than an all-glove no-hit UIF. You are not spoiling Pena’s development by him getting 2-3 ABs per week because he never is going to be any good offensively. In exchange for his good glove and decent speed, you accept the fact that he is a black hole offensively.

      Nunez’s progress the last two seasons puts him in a different class. Anyone who has any level of “prospect” status is not going to be promoted until they will get sufficient ABs, or until the brass feels that he has progressed all he can at AAA.

  • Patrick

    Winn hits like Melky?
    Are you kidding me?

    • Dirty Pena

      …? What part of that offends you?

    • EvoLuTioN

      seriously, melky is better


    • Benjamin Kabak

      Are you offended because I’m insulting Winn or Melky? I truly don’t know. Let us not forget how awful Melky is at the plate. He’s a career .267/.330/.379 hitter with a horrendous 86 OPS+, and this year, he’s hitting just .235/.313/.295 for the Braves. Winn was, historically, much better than Melky, but now that Randy’s 36, his bat seems gone. For what it’s worth, Melky’s OPS+ is 65 and Winn’s is 66 this year.

      • Cnight_UP


        • JGS

          Melky in high leverage situations: .250 wOBA (and that’s with a .385 BABIP)

      • CountryClub

        It really is confusing that some (a lot) fans have suck a skewed vision of Melky.

        • Cnight_UP

          have suck a skewed….

          never has there been a better freudian slip…

        • Steve H

          And probably hated him while he was here.

      • Patrick

        Fantasy baseball has skewed the minds of fans and so-called experts alike.

        Melky has had a horrible start of the season but is hitting .500 over his last 7 games or so. Winn is basically a zero. Melky still has potential and is still only 25 years old.

        Melky also had a ton of big hits for the yankees last year alone and I’m not only talking about his 3 walkoffs. Either way it really doesn’t matter because it is only your opinion, but IMO you have lost all credibility.

        And even if Melky went on to win an MVP one day, would you lose your job for making a foolish comparison, no, because you work in a business where there is no accountability and basically you can say whatever, it makes no difference. Just know that your foolishness does not go unnoticed.

        • jay destro

          melky sucks and so does your analysis.

        • dr mrs the yankee

          Melky is an average player at best really that is is ceiling. I don’t hate him like Ben does but be real: he’s a fourth outfielder.

          Take off your leche colored classes.

        • JGS

          Things that will happen before Melky wins an MVP:

          Omar Minaya will give a coherent press conference
          Mike Francesa will be courteous and apologetic
          Ozzie Guillen will be eloquent
          Joe West will not be an asshole
          The Apocalypse

          • Patrick

            You could also add to your list:

            JGS will get paid for his opinion.

          • Steve H

            David Ortiz will address his positive PED test.

            • JGS

              oooh, good one

          • Steve H

            Bobby Crosby will win an MVP.

            For Diamond Cutters, I’m Peter Gammons (who didn’t lose my job for my foolish prediction)

            • Ted Nelson

              Even if he did lose his job, Theo Epstein already has him on the Sox payroll… or at least it sure seems that way…

        • Steve H

          7 game SSS FTL.

          We can all play that game. From April 27th to May 7th Winn hit .384.

          I won’t even address the rest of that nonsense.

        • shaun

          Potential will always be skewed by people putting more worth into players than they deserve..

          The fact of the matter is Melky is what Melky has been, at 25, he’s fulfilled his potential. You may think he still has a ton of potential, but I can assure you, he doesn’t. This Melky we’re seeing this year.. the one that’s hitting .235 is the only Melky there’s ever going to be.

          “But that’s still better than Randy Winn”

          Randy Winn is a career .285 hitter, and unlike Melky, he’s been around long enough for me to actually call Winn a proven major league player. Also unlike Melky, his career stats can’t be skewed by a big year. Even WITH last year, Melky still isn’t hitting .285 for his career.

          But hey, I’m sure you have Major League teams knocking your door down to be their GM..

          • Patrick

            Meanwhile, he was the starting centerfielder for most of the year for a world series winning team, he just received a raise and is making $3 million a year, was traded for a runner up in the cy young voting.

            Yeah, you know more than the Braves GM. Hope you don’t apply this logic to the rest of your life…I feel sorry for those who have to deal with you on an everyday basis.

            • Joseph Pawlikowski

              You’re being a real ass here. I don’t think any third party reading this conversation would disagree.

            • Steve H

              was traded for a runner up in the cy young voting.

              Ok. And Joaquín Árias was traded for Alex Rodriguez.

            • shaun

              You, from your arm chair and all those empty cans of beer nuts on your floor, could be starting centerfielder in last year’s Yankee line up and have very little positive or negative impact on the way the team performs. Melky was a starting centerfielder on a team that didn’t have any other options last season.

              When Melky helps the Braves win a World Series, then we can talk, but it sounds like your crush on Melky has clouded your view of the fact that he’s still not actually a starting anything.

              I don’t feel sorry for you or anyone you know, because I don’t think willful ignorance is anything to have pity on.

              • Patrick

                You keep digging yourself into a further hole. Quit while you are ahead, you continue to expose how sad and pathetic you and your opinions are.

                Like or not, admit it or not, Melky contributed to the Yankees winning a world series last year. Until you can produce evidence of the contrary, I am done with you.

                If he were cut, released, you would have a point, he wasn’t, bottom line he was traded for a quality pitcher. The GM of the Braves had the same information as any other fool, if he sucked as bad as you claim they wouldn’t have made the trade. Obviously they saw potential.

                • Steve H

                  Arodys Vizcaino.

                • Steve H

                  Obviously they saw potential.

                  Yes, so much potential that they traded Boone Logan for him.

                • Ted Nelson

                  No one is saying Melky didn’t play CF for the 2009 Yankees. Just because someone starts for a WS winning team doesn’t make him an MVP candidate. Melky is an MLB player, but he’s not a particularly good one. He’s shown no consistent improvement over his 4+ ML seasons that would lead me to believe he has vast untapped potential. He’s an average defender with a below-average bat.

                  Your personal attacks on others in this anonymous setting only reflect poorly on you.

                • Cnight_UP

                  David fucking Eckstein has a WS MVP, can we sign him up?

                • jay destro

                  Dear patrick,

                  you luv melky’s .235 BA. and .313 OBP.

                  ur not so smart.


                • Dirty Pena

                  Brett Tomko contributed to the Yankees winning the World Series last year. And Aaron Miles started for the 2006 Cardinals.

        • Mike HC

          So, somebody loses all credibility if they think a career .285 hitter with little power, hitting .213 this year. hits like a career .267 hitter with little power, hitting .235 this year?

          Seems pretty equal to me hitting wise, which was Ben’s only claim. Bringing up potential, and pay raises, and WS rings, and what you think the Braves GM was thinking, is besides the point. You claim Melky is clutch. Winn has had his fair share of clutch hits during his career as well. Including a go ahead three run homer earlier this year to win a game.

          You think Melky is a better hitter. Thats fine. But is it really so unreasonable to think they are about the same. I mean, it seems pretty close.

          • Joseph Pawlikowski

            Oh no Mike there goes your credibility!

            • Mike HC

              hahah. Luckily I can never be fired from my job as RAB commenter. (on second thought, maybe I can be)

          • Accent Shallow

            Thought I’d chime in at the end here — while Melky is pretty unlikely to have as good of a career as Randy Winn has had, Randy Winn’s pre-2010 seasons have zero impact on the Yankees. Before this season, I’d much rather have Melky going forwards, and Melky’s craptastic start has done little to change that, and at this point in their careers, it probably is fair to say that Melky is the better hitter. (Not that certain posters above aren’t being overzealous in Melky’s defense, because that certain poster certainly is)

            That said, Vazquez + Winn > Melky, unless Melky really does turn into the 80XBH hit monster that Joe Sheehan (and no on else) semi-expected, or Vazquez really can’t pitch here (which I doubt, although I wouldn’t rule out an injury)

            • Dirty Pena

              I don’t think anyone is disagreeing that they’d rather have Melky going forward. Ben compared 2010 Winn to Melky, not Winn’s career to Melky’s.

            • Zack

              He really said 80 XBH? That’s insane.
              ARod has had 80 XBH once in a season since he came to NY.

  • Ted Nelson

    If the Yankees really want to send Pena down, how about sliding A-Rod over to SS when Jeter needs a day off? Something more serious than a day off and they can recall Pena. PR wise it’s risky, but A. it’s a better offensive line-up than anything involving Pena and B. in the unlikely case that Jeter bolts in the offseason or suffers a serious injury the Yanks would get a better feel for whether A-Rod can still handle SS.

    • Rick in Boston

      A-Rod is never playing SS as a Yankee unless it’s an emergency. And by ’emergency’ I mean Pena, Jeter, and Russo are all hurt and the Yanks are using the backup C at 3B in that scenario.

      Alex is just too bulky now to play short.

    • JGS

      Last time this was a good idea: 2007

      A-rod isn’t that young anymore, had hip surgery a year ago, and hasn’t played a game at short in five years, and more than 3 in a season in seven

    • Ted Nelson

      A-Rod was a far better defensive SS than Jeter when he played there: 2nd best defensive SS in the MLs in both 2002 and 2003 based on UZR. Jeter is a pretty average defensive SS currently and 2 years older than A-Rod. Maybe A-Rod has aged poorly or let his range/mobility go while playing 3B, but I’d be willing to bet he could still be a better defensive SS than Jeter if given the chance.

      • Zack

        1. He’s 1 year older, not 2. June 26, 1974 v July 27, 1975
        2. He hasn’t played SS consistantly since 2003, that ship has sailed.

        • Dirty Pena

          And as someone said, A-Rod is bulkier than he used to be.

        • Ted Nelson

          And in 2003 he was a WAY better SS than Derek Jeter. The fact that he has not played SS is not proof that he cannot play SS. Maybe he can’t anymore, but if I were the Yankees I would have found out in spring training.

          I know the Yankees WILL NOT do this, I’m saying that if they want to win the most games the SHOULD consider it. SS A-Rod & 3B Russo is a better offensive pair than SS Pena & 3B A-Rod, and there’s no proof it’s any worse defensively. A-Rod is a below average 3B (has been every season since 2005)and was a Gold Glove SS. It would be a fraction of the games, but on-field wise it might be the best solution. If the Yankees are, in fact, only keeping Pena up because he can play SS and would otherwise option him… this solution is at least worth considering. After they’ve played together for so many years, bruising Jeter’s ego shouldn’t really be a concern to me. As the captain he should suck it up.

          • XP

            A-rod is not SS anymore .
            You don’t do that “now” .
            People have no sense about this thing .
            Maybe 3~5 years ago . It’s OK .
            But not “now” .

          • XP

            ..and ya maybe A-rod should suck his ego when torre bat him “8” in the playoff,too.

  • paul

    I also hope Winn is gone. Thames as a DH-fine. OF-heck no!

    • YankeesGalaxy


  • bebop

    Could Arod play short and Russo third in a pinch?

  • Cult of Basebaal

    Kevin Russo has played 8 games at SS in his MiLB career, all in the last 2 seasons.

    He’s not likely very good out there, but he *can* play short, at least literally speaking.

    In any case, Pena’s not the one going down, we know that now:

    Derek Jeter SS
    Curtis Granderson CF
    Mark Teixeira 1B
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Nick Swisher RF
    Juan Miranda DH
    Brett Gardner LF
    Ramiro Pena 3B
    Chad Moeller C

  • bebop

    I’d much rather see Russo playing 3b today considering how dreadful our offense has been.

  • themgmt

    Quoting Russo’s total minor league numbers mean nothing. Take more than two seconds to look at them and you will see the clear trend.