Granderson runs pain-free


Yesterday we got injury updates on both Nick Johnson and Chan Ho Park. In today’s Daily News we get an update on Curtis Granderson. He ran pain-free, and could continue his rehab by taking batting practice and maybe even shagging fly balls today. We’re at the two-week mark for his injury — though it seems much longer — so we shouldn’t expect him to get into rehab games for another week, week and a half.

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  • Tom Zig

    Come back soon Curtis. We need you.

  • YankeesGalaxy

    I hope curtis is 100%

  • Guest

    It seems longer because of Randy Winn.

  • Matt Imbrogno

    This is good news, but take it slowly, Curtis.

  • Matt :: Section 105


    Good to hear good news on the injury front. Keep it slow though.

  • Reggie C.

    I hope Granderson takes batting practice asap. With the weather warmed up significantly in the past couple weeks, i can definitely see Grandy a power jump in the numbers.

    Though its great news to hear Grandy can run pain-free, perhaps Joe G. can “ease” him back into the OF by having him return as the LF.

  • Captain Jack

    Here’s to hoping Nick Johnson has a similar recovery.