Granderson to DL with Grade II left groin strain

Open Thread: The problems with Javy
Brackman returns as Adams & Romine keep mashing

Per LoHud, the MRI results on Curtis Granderson have revealed a Grade II strain, and the Yanks’ centerfielder will be placed on the disabled list. Mark Melancon, called up to help out the depleted bullpen, will take his place on the roster for now. Will Carroll’s initial prognosis is two-to-four weeks of missed time based on the severity of the strain, and the Yanks plan to shift Brett Gardner to center field while using Marcus Thames and Randy Winn in left. The team will probably call up another outfielder next week.

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Open Thread: The problems with Javy
Brackman returns as Adams & Romine keep mashing
  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

    Colin Curtis?

    • Tom Zig


      • Benjamin Kabak

        Correct. Curtis is on the 7-day DL with an ankle sprain. It won’t be him.

  • dkidd

    i’d love to see jon weber get a taste of the show after more than a decade in minors

    /bull durham’d

    • Jramey

      /Darnell McDonald’d

  • James

    Johnny Damon DL Stints as a Yankee: 1

    Curtis Granderson DL Stints as a Yankee: 1

    #sorry #someonehadtosayit #asshole’d

  • larryf

    Curtis would be the bigger upside. I saw him take BP in Tampa with Weber -just 2 guys in the cage and Colin has more power/younger/faster. I fear Curtis G will be out 4 weeks at least. He needs his legs with his game. This year’s Arod-duration injury but less devastating especially if Alex and tex start hitting.

  • Salty Buggah

    Whoever the Yanks call up, I hope we get lucky like Sox got lucky with Darnell McDonald. 1.053 OPS with solid D in 10 games is like catching lighting in bottle three times everyday. Whoever comes up will play about 15-20 games max I guess and I’d love a .800 OPS with good defense, let alone 1.000.

    • Zack

      I’m just expecting a 4th OF. Good time to get Winn some consistnat ABs and see what he has left, because SSS I think we all agree his bat looks slow so far.

      • Salty Buggah

        I’m just expecting a good glove, no bat too. But I will hope and pray for some Darnell McDonald magic. Low expectations, hope for the best.

        • radnom

          Except that unlike the Red Sox, the Yankees only have one injured starting OF. Whoever comes up will not get a lot of playing time like McDonald did. This means more ABs for Winn/Thames.

  • Esd

    Thames to DH, Nick Johnson to LF.
    He’s played 2 career games in left, why not?

    • mike c

      because you don’t want to see nick johnson hit the DL too

    • KK

      Thames or Winn is going to end up playing more (which is bad), but at least this means that Gardner isn’t going to be platooned (which is good, considering that he’s playing pretty well for now)

      Granderson is kind of an unlikely person to hit the DL so soon… I woulda bet good money on Nick the Stick.

  • bonestock94

    Ugh, hopefully only 2 weeks

  • Dela G

    good god my mind is already fearing thames in the field

    ugh ugh ugh

  • Joe

    Melancon will be called up

    • Mike

      Wish Granderson didn’t get hurt but hopefully it won’t take longer then 2-4 weeks for him to get back. Good for Melancon tho, he deserves to be called up. He should have been part of the bullpen from the beginning but instead cashman decided to a be stupid like he usually is with signing relievers and bring in Park who is a waste of a roster spot. Hopefuully Girardi actually has him pitch and doesn’t just leave him out in the pen to rot for weeks at a time.

      Also, did anyone see Boone Logan was hitting 97 mph today. I hope that when Granderson is healed that Melancon and Boone are both pitching well so we get rid of Mitre and Park. Look, I know Mitre pitched well today but does anyone really expect that to continue. Plus, we all know that Park isn’t any good to begin with.

      • V

        “Plus, we all know that Park isn’t any good to begin with.”

        Wrong. 100 times wrong.

        • Mike

          How can you say its wrong? Try watching the game, If was so good then why didn’t philly bring him back? Face it, he is a 37 year old journey man reliever who barely hits 92 mphs on his fastball. Only you and cashman liked that signing. The only difference between chan ho park and brett tomko is that park is japanese. The best way hr can help this team is to stay on the dl all year so we can some reliever who can actually get someone out and not use the excuse of “diarrhea” everytime he pitches like crap.

          • Slu

            I am not the biggest Park fan. In fact, I don’t really agree with the “100 time wrong” comment. I think Park is OK, but I agree that the Yankees could have received similar production from him from Melancon for the league minimum.

            But I can’t tell if your comment is satire or not. I think it is the Japanese bit.

      • Dirty Pena

        Look, I know Mitre pitched well today but does anyone really expect that to continue.

        More people expect that to continue than…

        Also, did anyone see Boone Logan was hitting 97 mph today…Boone are both pitching well


        • Mike

          Maybe he won’t hit 97 mph everytime out but you have to admit that Logan has been much better than what Marte has been given us so far. If he keeps pitching well and marte is still struggling then I see no reason for why he can’t get opportunities in the late innings against tough lefties. Try reaading the full sentence next time instead of just picking out parts of it.

          As far as Mitre goes, you know that one those typical 5 run in 2 and 1/3 outings is coming at at some point from mitre. He has never been a consistent pitcher for any of the teams he has ever been on. Lets not act like just because he has 1 good outing that all of a sudden he is as good as Alfredo Aceves.The only reason he is the team is cause Girardi had him on his team when he managed the Marlins.

          I hope that both cashman and girardi wake up and realize soon that neither mitre nor park are gonna help the pen and only hurt it. I would rather keep both melancon and logan on the team than the 2 of them because they are both young guys who can throw hard and have more potential than park and mitre. I know they both don’t have much experience but i have always been someone who will take talent over experience any day. Especially when they are 2 young hard throwing reliever who if giving a real chance i think can be pretty good.

      • Steeve Cantave

        People never look at the numbers, but write according to some bias beliefs they have. As of right now, Park is 50 times better than Melancon. Park was actually one of the few relief pitcher in the Philadelphia who pitched well. Melancon from what I have seen last year, does not have good control, and when he does throw it in the middle of the plate, you get results like you saw today with Konerko. As far as Boone Logan, what he did yesterday only cancels out when he was brought in to face a lefty and walked him a couple days ago.

  • Kathy Agel

    Can we get a do-over on the Cabrera Vasquez trade now? Home Run Javy is responsible for half of the Yankees’ eight losses.

    • Salty Buggah

      No. You make that trade almost everytime.

    • bonestock94

      Yea guys, can we please do over the Melky Cabrera trade? His below average production is already sorely missed, no way we’ll be able to repeat in 2010 at this rate. I know Javier Vasquez has only pitched like 12% of the innings he will likely do this season, but that’s more than enough time for experts like us to rule this trade a bust.

    • bonestock94

      Also, don’t forget the BATPOTBS Percentage here (Being Able to Perform on the Big Stage). Vasquez’s is only .176, compared to Melky’s .224. Can’t argue with cold hard facts.

      • JGS

        Melky has to be higher than that. Teh walkoffs!

      • bexarama

        I don’t know where you’re getting your calculations from, but that seems wrong. Seriously, Melky’s BATPOTBS has to be like in the .400s at least. I’d be surprised if Javy was like .050.

        ( ;) )

  • dr mrs the yankee

    If it’s 2-4 weeks I will be extremely happy I’m assuming it’ll be more like 6-8. Groin injuries are a biiiitch.

  • Jramey

    wheres Shelly when you need him???

  • dc1874

    Austin Jackson….calling Austin Jackson…please respond to Yankee Stadium….

  • mikeD

    Ouch. Looks like everything cash touched this offseason has turned to sh!t. About time he started taking some heat for it.

    • dr mrs the yankee

      Why should he take heat for Granderson getting hurt? Seriously.

    • JGS

      If only we could have Melky back.

      wait, what?

    • Vincent

      Yeah you are right, Johnson, Javy and Granderson look like crap.

  • Ray Fuego

    I see LoHud trolls!

    • mikeD

      It’s trolling to say Granderson Johnson and Vazquez have disappointed? You don’t think we would be better off with Matsui, Damon, and Joba still in the rotation? It’s trolling to say those guys plus holding onto the prospects we had is looking like a much better option at this point? Defend cash all you want, but this past offseason he made a number of really bad calls.

      • poster

        No, he hasn’t, and we’ve all given good reasons why. When you give your opinions at least try and give us counterarguements or something. Just saying “Cash did bad” over and over isn’t convincing anybody.

        • Ray Fuego

          Exactly, here at RAB we don’t go by what you see, we go by the numbers and the production. Things need to be backed up with straight cold hard facts.

          • mikeD

            You want numbers, 4.91. Javy’s era last time he was here. He’s always been hr prone and that’s amplified by the new stadium. More numbers? In his career 4.10 k/bb with the bases empty vs 2.07 with runners in scoring position. Look at any stat that could have to do with increases pressure and you will see he has always fallen flat. The man cracks under pressure and always has. He is great in the nl with noone paying attention but will always suck when the spotlights on. And yes, cash should have known this.

            • ROBTEN

              The problem is that if you look closely at the numbers, you will see that right now all of Javy’s numbers are well out of line with his entire career.

              There are three ways we can look at this. One way was offered earlier today by Frankie Piliere and is linked to in the Open Thread. He argues that Javy’s mechanics are off. This would explain the dip in velocity as well as the control problems, thus pointing to something that can be corrected.

              Another is that Javy is injured, but is not telling anyone. This would most likely manifest in changed mechanics and, again, we are back to Piliere’s analysis. While more frustrating because it could mean that he’s unavailable, it is still something that can be corrected.

              The third is that any discussion of Javy’s performance should be based upon a half-season of stats from six years ago, a vague and unprovable “sense” that he “cracks under pressure,” and a declaration that “everything cash touched this off-season has turned to sh!t.” This can’t be corrected and assumes that after just 23 games in a 162 game season it’s all doom and gloom from here on out.

              The first two draw from a range of statistics and scouting analysis to try to rationally determine why a fairly consistent pitcher over twelve seasons is suddenly pitching out of line with his previous performance.

              The third is reminiscent of an often repeated attack on Cashman launched any time the Yankees lose.

              When there are rational discussions going on and when, even after today’s loss, the Yankees are still tied for the third best record in baseball, can you see why not everyone is ready to declare that “everything” Cashman has done this year is “sh!t” or that Javy is doomed to eternal failure?

              • mikeD

                All in all I think this season has gone well. Yanks are still my pick to win the WS. That doesn’t mean the three big additions have greatly underwhelmed. For what it’s worth I think johnson will turn things around, granderson will do what he always does, and Javy will continue to struggle until he gets traded or pulled from the rotation.

                The idea that criticisms of vazquez are based on half a year are just wrong. Show me any stat that has anything to do with pressure and it will always be horrible for him. He also pitched in the 2008 playoffs for Chicago and gave up 6 runs in 4 1/3.

                • Ray Fuego

                  CC barely ever (never say never) produced in the playoffs until last season who’s to say Javy can’t turn it around?

          • ROBTEN

            Our chief weapon is facts…production and facts…facts and production… Our two weapons are facts and production…and spreadsheets… Our *three* weapons are facts, production, and spreadsheets…and an almost fanatical devotion to WAR calculations… Our *four*…no… *Amongst* our weapons… Amongst our weaponry…are such elements as facts, production… I’ll come in again.

            • mikeD

              lol i ave no idea what you are trying to say.

              • Ray Fuego

                lol i don’t either. LOL

  • Pat D

    I just skimmed this article, since ESPN New York is a joke, but I’m just really hoping that they didn’t jerk their knees too hard and won’t be able to add more fine content to their superb site.

    • mikeD

      Well I think this just reinforced what everyone already thought. Jackson could be better in the future, granderson is better now.

      That said I’m surprised just how well jackson is doing. Early on he has much better numbers than granderson.

      • Zack

        Well when your BABIP is .500 for a month you’re numbers are going to be suprising.

      • Andrew S

        instant gratification is the cause of many problems in our society… even in baseball.

        no one could have expected granderson to get hurt, but i wish they had kept a-jax anyway. homegrown guys have much more appeal to me.