Injury Latest: Granderson & A-Rod

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Yanks opt to push back Vazquez

After a relatively injury-free April, two of the most important Yankees were delivered blows over the weekend. Curtis Granderson suffered a Grade II groin strain rounding second on Saturday, leaving the team without their everyday centerfielder for the foreseeable future. Later in that game, Alex Rodriguez was pinch-run for as part of what looked like a questionable move, but it turns out he was dealing with some knee pain that kept him out of the lineup on Sunday.

Losing your centerfielder and cleanup hitter in the span of a few innings is scary stuff, but thankfully only one of the two injuries looks serious at the moment. As expected, Will Carroll touched on the Yanks’ walking wounded in today’s Under The Knife column at Baseball Prospectus (subs. req’d). Let’s start with Granderson, the bigger concern at this point…

The Yankees will be without Granderson for about a month with a Grade II groin strain. That’s a reasonable time frame no matter which way you go with the estimate. On one side, you could be optimistic and say that Granderson’s conditioning and strength will help him get back in two to four weeks. On the other hand, caution and some normal setbacks could push it to four to six weeks. There’s not really much more here to clarify; Granderson has a simple groin strain. Until he begins to jog or run, probably mid-month, we won’t know anything new.

It’s been two whole days since Granderson got hurt, and the only thing we know about the extent of the injury is what’s summarized above. His strength and conditioning could be reasons for optimism, but when recognizing that his game is built around speed and fast-twitch athleticism, a groin strain can be very problematic if not dealt with properly. There should be zero rushing back, because a setback could be even more harmful to the team.

At some point soon (likely today), the Yanks will call up Greg Golson to fill the roster spot, but Marcus Thames is essentially going to be pressed into everyday duty. The more Thames plays, the more his true talent level comes out, and the sooner he turns back into the .244-.298-.491 hitter he’s been over the last three years. The impact of Granderson’s injury goes beyond just losing one player.

Now for the third baseman…

The Yankees are also watching A-Rod. He was given Sunday off after having some soreness behind his knee. It’s minor, but the Yankees will be careful with Rodriguez for the next couple days while they monitor the situation and make sure that the symptoms aren’t overlying something that could be significant.

Yesterday’s report indicated that A-Rod will be in the lineup tonight, though we don’t know if he’ll be at the hot corner or at DH. Considering who they’re facing (Jeremy Guthrie and the O’s), I wouldn’t opposed to giving him another day of rest. As yesterday showed, the team has more than enough offense to survive with the noodle-bat of Ramiro Pena at third.

I’m always skeptical of reports indicating that an injury is minor, perhaps it’s just the pessimist in me preparing for the worst, especially with a player as important as A-Rod. Of course, I don’t believe the team would run him out there if there was any concern about this developing into a long-term issue. If the Yankees are going to make any noise this year, A-Rod’s going to have to be one of the guys to carry them there, just like last season. And besides, it’s not like they’re in a desperate situation right now. There’s no reason to rush anything, with Grandy or Alex.

Update (3:37pm): A-Rod’s in the lineup tonight, playing third.

Extra ticket for tomorrow's game
Yanks opt to push back Vazquez
  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

    You’re skeptical of minor injuries because last season, when any Met got hurt, they said it was day to day and then he was out for the whole season

  • Rogue Trader

    A Jax is only second to Cano in average

    • andrew

      Probably could’ve put this in the Jackson thread.

    • Mike Axisa

      And what does that have to do with Granderson’s and A-Rod’s injuries?

      • radnom

        Not to defend Rouge Trader but I’m assuming he mentions Jackson in a discussion about Granderson because the were swapped this offseason and he is unhappy with the deal so far.

        So…. ridiculous point for him to make, but I guess loosely on topic.

        • Rogue Trader

          Calm down guys, I messed up (didn’t finish what i was going to write and posted in the wrong thread) My bad.

          • Bill in Boston

            Stone him!

            • JGS

              No one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle. Even… and I want to make this absolutely clear… even if they do say “Jehovah”

              • TheLastClown

                prematurely hurls many stones at JGS

          • radnom

            I was the one actually arguing you were on target lol

            • radnom

              By target I clearly mean topic.

  • pat

    I wonder if Girardi would consider flipping Swisher and Thames in the field to try and minimize Thames exposure to Death Valley.

    • Steve H

      If Granderson’s injury was longer maybe you’d consider it, but I don’t think it’s worth it to consider for a short term change. Thames has almost no experience in RF. Also, this week you’re playing 3 at Fenway, in which you definitely want Thames in LF. If you had to switch them depending on the stadium they are playing in, I think it would do too much to screw with routine.

    • JSquared

      I think they’re going to call up golson and put him in CF and gardner back in LF before they make swisher switch, he’s playing good right now, let him be.

  • Regis

    Noodle bat.

    • JSquared

      I enjoyed that a lot as well.

    • Jammy Jammers

      I’ll take noodle bat any day over noodle dick.

  • Klemy

    I hold my breathe every time a ball is hit to Left when Thames is playing out there. This next 4 weeks is going to really test my physical health.

    • Klemy


    • Andrew

      Good news, tonight you have the distinct pleasure of watching Randy Winn almost fall over himself trying to throw the ball in to the infield.

    • Grgoyldef2

      For me, it will be like old times. I used to always hold my breath when a ball was hit anywhere near Johnny Damon.

  • Reggie C.

    If Guthrie “loses” control, i doubt it’d be against Arod. Be alert Cano! Arod should take it easy tonight & smack a couple homers. It’d let him stretch out the kinks in his knee.

    • Jammy Jammers

      If he does, at least we have Mark ‘The Enforcer’ Teixeira.

      • Thomas

        The Teixectutioner?

        • JGS

          Nah, already done–Joakim “The Mexicutioner” Soria

          • Thomas

            Yeah, but he is in KC, so it doesn’t count. No one cares about the Royals. If anything, Soria is preemptively stealing Teixeira’s nickname.

            Or we can just go with the Teixticle, because he is just so ballsy.

  • Cecala

    I hate seeing Thames in the field. These next four weeks can not go by any faster. Please Mo, let these extra innings in left field make Thames slightly less than horrid. Amen.

  • Rose

    Update (3:37pm): A-Rod’s in the lineup tonight, playing third.

    If anybody knows the where-abouts of Curtis Granderson’s Update…please contact us at Unsolved Mysteries – PO Box 11449, Burbank, California 91510 – 1449…

    Robert Stack

    • Jammy Jammers

      It was last seen placing suitcases in the trunk of a mid-80’s sedan and appeared upset.

    • Thomas

      I heard the Babysitter Bandit got him.

    • Rose

      Haha the Dennis Ferrina ones just aren’t nearly the same…


  • larryf

    If, by some miracle, Winn homers Sterling will say:

    Randy Winn Rrrraaaaaandy Winn!!!!!!! (as in Thuhhh Yankees win in case not understood)

  • bonestock94

    Phew, at least the Arod thing appears to be nothing. Sucks about Granderson but hopefully this is the “big injury” of the season.

    • RKelly39

      I am not convinced the a-rod things is nothing. His power numbers are down, and he’s not been able to drive the ball. The injury report actually explains a lot, IMO.

  • CountryClub

    I think Winn will play against righties. His bat has been weak but his D is solid. In a wierd way this could work out well. If Winn gets some extended playing time, the Yanks will see if he has anything left in the tank. They can then make an educated decision on whether to keep him for the year.

    • Steve H

      If Winn gets some extended playing time, the Yanks will see if he has anything left in the tank. They can then make an educated decision on whether to keep him for the year.

      Good point. Winn has looked terrible, but hasn’t had enough of a chance to totally write him off. Maybe the next 3 weeks will do that, and they’ll have to find his replacement. Better to search now than in August/September.

  • Jim

    I have a question: Why does anybody bother to ask managers about injuries? We all know by now that they are going to lie.

    And if we are going to persist in the charade, let’s at least report the answer in a way that we can all understand and appreciate, for example:

    “There’s nothing wrong with Alex. We’re just giving him the day off,” he lied.

    Brought to you by the Committee for Truth in Interviews, a completely futile organization.