Johnson to miss several weeks with inflammation

Looking Ahead: Cliff Lee
Game 29: Just stay healthy

Via Marc Carig, an MRI revealed tendon inflammation in Nick Johnson‘s right wrist. He received a cortisone shot, and is expected to miss several weeks according to GM Brian Cashman. Hopefully several weeks translates into two to four, and not say, six to eight. Once Juan Miranda heals up (he took a pitch off the elbow a few days ago, and hasn’t played since), I expect that he’ll come up for his first extended look at the big league level.

Looking Ahead: Cliff Lee
Game 29: Just stay healthy
  • pat

    Cue teh haterz.

  • Benjamin Kabak

    I feel like this is the only response to a Nick Johnson injury that involves his missing several weeks:

  • DJH

    You know it could of been worse then a several weeks with Nick. This is probaly as good as it was gonna get.

  • Zooboy

    I blame Beckett.

    • Steve H

      I blame A-Rod.

  • matt damon wayans

    so is now a good time to overreact and sign carlos delgado?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Probably not because he’s recovering from surgery and still approximately 6-8 weeks away from resuming baseball activities.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      A better overreaction would be Jermaine Dye for DH.

    • bexarama

      Seeing as he’s on crutches that’d probably be worse

  • Steve H

    So does this mean more Jorge at DH or a Thames/Miranda platoon at DH? I can definitely see merit in either, and I’m guessing it will be a mix of both anyway.

    What about the lineup though, Swish to the two hole? (TWSS)

  • theyankeewarrior

    I didn’t believe all the hype about the Nick Johnson injury bug when Cashman inked him this offseason. Now I seriously believe that he just has a weak body. Literally, an all around weak body. It was not built to withstand any kind of consistent athletic movements. No one should ever tear, pull, strain or break things in their body at his age the way he does.

    I think Cashman should view him as a bat off the bench from here on out and begin looking for a full-time DH right now.

    What a joke. It’s not like he’s 35 or got hit by a pitch. Lets see his BABIP increase from NY Presbyterian Hospital.

    • pat

      He had wrist surgery. People of literally any age can have wrist surgery.

      • theyankeewarrior

        2000 – Strained muscle in his right hand checking his swing. Out entire season .

        2002 – Bone bruise in left wrist occurred during a caught line drive. Out 24 games .

        2003 – Stress fracture in his third metacarpal bone in his right band. Out 61 games .

        2004 – Lumbar strain. Out 46 games . Returned, fractured right cheekbone. Out remainder of season from August 20th on .

        2005 – Suffered right heel contusion trying to avoid a tag. Out 24 games .

        2006 – Fractured right femur in a collision on September 23. Out remainder of season and entire 2007 season .

        2008 – Injured right wrist tendon sheath swinging a bat on May 13. Out remainder of the season .

        2009 – Strained right hamstring. Out 15 games .

        2010 – Will miss more games than he plays in before the All-Star break because he swung a bat and ran to first. (wrist and back)

        Yeah, you’re right. These things are pretty normal.

        • theyankeewarrior

          My personal favorite is the 2005 heel contusion avoiding a tag. The guy is a walking disaster. Pun intended.

          • V

            Let me guess…. ‘theyankeewarrior’ has never, in his life, played a competitive athletic sport.

            • theyankeewarrior

              I was the captain of my High School football team and then played four years of D3 ball in college. But that has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything that I’ve written.

              What about you, V? Are you some sort of masked vigilante?


            • mustang

              Please its a lot of injuries for anyone.

        • pat

          Only people over a certain age can pull muscles? Is that what you’re saying? Two of those injuries were freak accidents. People get hurt, it’s part of the game.

          • theyankeewarrior

            My point is that he pulls, strains and tears tendons in muscles at an obscene rate. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard about someone who has been able to tear more muscles and tendons than Nick Johnson. Forget the freak injuries. He gets hurt simply by swinging the bat and running in straight lines. It’s not like he was hit, bumped, tackled, or run into. He gets injured simply by performing everyday athletic movements. His body is weak. His body is injury prone.

            Also, he has sustained most of these injuries in the prime of his athletic career. Are you telling me it’s not more common for people of older ages to sustain injuries? He’s not old. He is a professional athlete who can’t even run ti first base without straining his back or leg. And he can’t swing his bat (the only job he has) without ripping tendons in his wrist. BOTH wrists to be more specific.

            This is not common. This is abnormal. This is my point.

    • Mike HC

      I’m with you. It clearly goes beyond simply being a little injury prone at this point. It is almost a lock he can’t hold up. I agree that you can’t trust him at all for the rest of the season. I don’t think you do anything too crazy to get a DH though. Maybe sign a guy like Jermaine Dye or something if Miranda/Thames can’t get the job done. Or if Cervelli keeps hitting, use Posada as DH more often.

    • mustang

      Bingo !

  • pat

    I would much, much, rather see Nj DHing, but I am excited to see Miranda get some solid PT. He’s done nothing but crush mil pitching. Too bad Vazquez is recovering from an appendectomy, he would be a good candidate to come up too.

  • Rich M

    Chad Jennings is reporting a torn tendon in his right wrist. Sounds a lot worse than inflammation.

  • ultimate913

    So Thames will take over the DH spot? Who is taking Johnson’s spot on the roster? Russo?

  • Hey ZZ

    Miranda/Thames DH should be more than adequate. Will be interesting to see how much Miranda can rake at YS.

    It sucks that NJ got hurt, but this is really not a big deal. He is the easiest guy lineup or rotation to replace on the team.

    • Hey ZZ

      And to add one thing to that. Thames/Miranda probably outproduce both Burrell and Ortiz.

  • Heidenreich

    Nick Johnson hurt again, what a shock. The Nick Johnson signing was a disaster just begging to happen. Cashman was second guessed when signing Johnson over Matsui but now Cashman looks plain foolish.
    There is no denying it, Cashman had a terrible offseason and yet this team is real good. Can you imagine if they had A-Jax in CF, Matsui as DH and Joba as the 5th starter? Yet, they are paying huge dollars for Granderson, a player who can’t hit left handers. Johnson, who is a walking, talking, breathing injury and Javy Vazquez, a player who loves to shit the bed when wearing the pintripes.


    • Brien Jackson

      God love him, but Hideki Matsui is hitting .230/.307/.389, and has time bombs for knees.

      • Steve H


        And if Matsui doesn’t end up on the DL this year I would be stunned.

    • pat

      Cashman is blamed because Granderson hurt himself? That’s his fault?

      • Kid Kelly

        He’s blamed for bringing in a guy who can’t hit lefties.

      • CJ

        Granderson is never hurt. It happened, it’s a long season. Nick Johnson’s injury was a matter of time.

        Nobody has a crystal ball just history and common sense to guide them moving forward.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      There’s plenty of denying that Cashman had a terrible off-season. Your hindsight is looking pretty good though.

    • Mike HC

      It’s tough to argue with you here. Considering Johnson and Javy are one year deals, it is not looking good for those two to pay off huge dividends at this point. I hope they both produce down the line but they have not exactly instilled a ton of confidence that they can do it.

      It is too early to call the Granderson for A-Jax, Kennedy and Coke deal. You have to give that a year or two before making the definitive call, but it clearly has not looked too good up to this point.

      • Cult of Basebaal

        I read the DrunkenRant’d at the bottom of the post as a /sarcasm tag, I think he was kidding.

        • Mike HC

          I took the drunken rant to mean he clearly knows he is going a bit over the top, but he was not kidding.

          And even if he was, up to this point, Cashman’s off season moves have obviously not looked good.

  • AndrewYF

    So does this mean the Yankees should have signed Matsui? I could get behind that argument.

    Maybe the Angels will trade him to the Yankees once they fall 10 games under .500.

    Then again, the entire AL West could be 10 games under .500 at that point.

    • Raf

      Matsui isnt doing too hot himself at the moment.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Hideki Matsui is hitting .230/.307/.389 and has knees that are about as reliable as Nick Johnson’s wrists. To that, I say meh. I’m more annoyed that Scott Boras was a little bitch about Johnny Damon’s contract.

      • mike c

        i’m more pissed at cashman than boras… it’s the agent’s job to be an egotistical shiester
        cashman should have put his emotions aside and worked out the deal

  • Ty

    Was anybody really expecting 150 games from Johnson? They signed him hoping for 110-130 games of .400 OBP and despite how ugly it’s been he’s really done what they hoped so far. He’s playing the most replaceable position on the diamond and if it’s going to be 6-8-10 weeks they always have the resources to add on. Swisher and Granderson (when he’s back) can hit in the 2 hole for a month if needed, this shouldn’t be unexpected.

  • Dela G

    i still think the yanks should’ve traded for adam dunn somehow last off season. Nonetheless, i still supported the NJ signing and think it was the right move. Plus, miranda will get his shot soon

    • Hughesus Christo

      I think the Yankees should have traded for Justin Upton and Tim Lincecum somehow

  • Steve

    Update – inflamed, not torn tendon, per Chad Jennings retraction.

  • CJ

    You do not have to be an orthopedic surgeon to know that Nick Johnson is shot. Move on! Anything else is sheer denial.
    Option A: Bring up Jesus Montero DH everyday
    Option B: Make a trade now for al those names mentioned on the blogs during the offseason
    Option C: Deny the problem, assume Gardner will continue to hit well above .300, play Thames and Winn, and pay through the nose for a bat in July when you realize the reality that was clear in early May

    • CJ

      Just bring up Montero. There are enough AAA pitchers in the majors for him to figure it out. If in fact he was benched for not running out a grounder for SWB, Jeter, CC, Girardi et al are exactly what he needs right now.

    • Zack

      ‘Option B: Make a trade now for al those names mentioned on the blogs during the offseason’

      Who are you going to trade for on May 7th?

  • http://steves steve s

    To Mondesi and Tommy: I guess we can now conclude our discussion from a few months ago as to the meaning of “inexorably destined” when applied to Mr. Johnson.

    • CJ

      There was a define RAB love affair with Nick Johnson signing.

      AB + DL>>>>>>>>>>>>>OBP WAR

  • Bo

    I’d just like to point out that — OW!!! My wrist!!!