Minor League Game Thread: Triple-A Scranton @ Indianapolis


There’s nothing like morning baseball, and today the MLB Network is bringing us Triple-A Scranton’s game against Indianapolis. First pitch is scheduled for 11:00am ET, and your starting pitcher will be Romulo Sanchez, who we saw in Boston two weeks ago. Indianapolis is the Pirates’ Triple-A affiliate, we’ll also get a look at Pedro Alvarez and former Yankee farmhand Jose Tabata.

If you’re able to watch the game, go ahead and use this thread to chat about it. Enjoy.

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  1. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    These announcers are great. How are they only doing AAA baseball?

  2. Why is Corona still batting 2nd?

  3. Wow. A RF actually CATCHING a ball. Weird.

  4. Lots of room in here……ECHO….echo…..echo….HELLO???…..hello…hello.

  5. JohnnyC says:

    Do you think the Gazoo helmets make it to MLB anytime soon?

  6. pat says:

    Just scooped up a milb tv account. Yay workplace inactivity!

  7. BklynJT says:

    Did Montero’s stance change since spring training? It seemed more upright in spring

  8. pat says:

    Romulo if you ever figure out where to throw the ball he could be very very good.

  9. rbizzler says:

    Teh Jesus grounded into a DP in his first AB to score a run.

    Huffman followed with a double and was then plated by a Gorecki single.

  10. Mike Axisa says:

    Hopefully Nunez’s inevitable out will at least move Russo to third.


  11. Mike Axisa says:

    You don’t reason on Jesus.

  12. pat says:


  13. JESUS!! Jose Tabata was meat.

  14. Of course the one time they’re on TV I’m at internship. Fuck you, Master’s Degree.

  15. rbizzler says:

    Jesus guns down Tabata trying to steal second. The release did seems to have some sort of a hitch but he hosed him regardless.

  16. How many times have you seen it? A player makes a great play in the field and then…..

  17. pat says:

    His change is filthy.

  18. Mike Axisa says:

    I can’t believe Reegie Corona is on the 40-man roster.

  19. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Nunez gets lucky A LOT.

  20. bexarama says:

    Take that Kratz!!!

    (I tuned in to see him strike out and he had a funny name so I just wanted to say that.)

  21. V says:

    Wow, Montero CRUSHED that. A couple feet shy of an HR to dead center.

  22. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:


  23. pat says:

    WTF didn’t that hit the bushes?

  24. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Nice play Jose.

  25. Thomas says:

    Is Crotta really bad?

  26. pat says:

    I’d want to pitch around Russo too.

  27. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Warning track power, right Mike?

  28. Mike Axisa says:

    Nice try, Eduardo.

  29. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Someone get Romulo some of CC’s pants. He doesn’t look comfortable.

    And the commentators notes are wrong.

  30. bexarama says:

    Announcers just said Montero was having a good game and has a nice swing. But I thought he HAD to be demoted and his swing was long and awkward!

  31. poster says:

    Montero’s slow, isn’t he?

  32. pat says:

    Jesus didn’t lollygag that one.

  33. A.D. says:

    6 Walks for Romulo…damn

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