Open Thread: Pray for rain


Photo Credit: Michael Dwyer, AP

Well that was an ordeal. The Yanks and Sox just completed a game that took roughly four hours to play, not including the hour-plus rain delay smacked in the middle. We’ll have our regular recap up later tonight, but thank goodness that mess is over with.

Anyway, here’s your open thread for the rest of the night. There’s NBA and NHL playoff action on, plus some late baseball games if your on the west coast or something. It’s Saturday though, go out and do something you’ll forget in the morning.

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  1. Pictures from last night’s game at Fenway. And to think I thought the 10-3 game would be the bow out of the weekend.

  2. bexarama says:

    Joe Buck looks REALLY STUPID for saying the Red Sox were “fired up” and such after the V-Mart home run after Pedroia was plunked.

    Tex is above the Mendoza line!!!!

  3. Anksy says:

    Boy, the the Sox sure made the Yanks pay for that retaliation pitch.


  4. Riddle says:

    A group of us are taking a class trip to NYC, DC, and Philly in a couple weeks (we’re from CA). Being a Yankee fan, I was stoked that they were in town when we were gonna be there, so about 25 of us got tickets for the May 29th game(had to be cheap, as the trip was expensive enough). We got tickets from stubhub in the bleachers, section 239, row 20. Anyone know what its like out there?

    • poster says:

      The bleacher seats are actually pretty nice. Never actually sat there but I was in NY last year on a business trip and I got seats to game 3 of walkoff weekend right next to the bleacher seats and honestly the bleacher seats looked pretty good!

    • Dirty Pena says:

      I’ll be in the bleachers that day for my birthday.

  5. Short Porch says:

    He is a class A dork. The National Car rental ads. If it wasn’t for nepotism…

  6. First Time Poster says:

    Ha! Tex’s SLG went up .101 after today.

  7. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    A ton of credit for our success so far has to go to the backups- Thames, Pena, Cervelli, and even Winn have gotten a lot of big hits and provided great energy and confidence. A lot of teams would be panicking with all these injuries piling up, but not the Yanks. And credit to Girardi for being cautious with his stars and trusting his bench.

    • First Time Poster says:


      In all honesty, what can we take from this double espresso Cervelli is having right now?– I say double espresso because it is far to good to be a mere coffee.

      40 ab’s is an obvious SSS, and he is/was not a highly touted prospect. All that said, however, he has done nothing but impress in the past two years.

      His defensive prowess, though intangible, seems quite valuable to the team. He provides everything you could ask for from a defensive catcher, and he hasn’t even shown off his arm yet– which from my understanding, is well above average.

      Not only has he impressed behind the dish, but his offense has been firing on almost all cylinders. Yes, he has shown little power, but he keeps on producing with men on base and showing good plate discipline. BABIP has certainly inflated that average, but by no means does it seems as if Frankie is overmatched by these big league arms.


      • mike c says:

        sounds just like how posada came up

        • poster says:

          Yeah…I am still 99.999999% sure Cervelli will not start for the Yankees. He’s on a hot streak right now…with a ridiculous BABIP and like no power.

          • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

            The sad fact is that the Yankees standards for starting position players is so high that we often develop nice, capable players who are capable of starting elsewhere and are too good to sit on our bench, i.e. Nick Johnson, Juan Rivera, Dioner Navarro. Frankie could be one of those. I highly doubt he’ll develop into our permanent starting catcher, especially with the system depth. However, I could see us keeping him around as a long time backup. Most teams go through a rotation of veterans for the backup C spot, but if Cervelli is really a .260.320 guy with great D, I think we can keep him-use him this year and next to rest Jorge, and then let him team with Montero or Romine when they transition in.

            • poster says:

              I don’t think he’ll even be that good, actually-he’s just incredibly lucky. I think he could start on some bad teams, but not most good ones. But hey, when you’re hot, you’re hot.

              • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

                Eh your probably right. He certainly has no power…although in a way he kind of reminds me of Gardner. He’ll hit alot less because of the speed difference, but he can still manage to be somewhat productive. In 700 minor league AB’s, he OBP’d .367. And he’s still only 24. The power keeps him from being even an average level starter, but I think it makes him a capable backup. Like a richer man’s Jose Molina.

        • First Time Poster says:

          Yeah, you can’t help but see the similarities. Cervelli was also a converted middle-infield (go figure). Now obviously that means nothing when it comes player development, but the similarities are stark, to say the least.

  8. Today is the one year anniversary of Alex Rodriguez’s first pitch home run.

  9. baravelli says:

    Didn’t you just feel that Tex went up there against Van Every knowing he was gonna get a BP ball to mash, and knowing that in the groove he was in that game, he wasn’t gonna miss it? It felt almost not really fair – like an empty net goal.

  10. 28 this year says:

    I loved when Joe Buck said you must be sick of listening to me after the past 4 hours (this was around the 8th inning).

    Another favorite moment was the moment of silence for similar reasons.

    Not to mention a 14-3 beat down of the Red Sox. Something just tells me we are going to weather this injury storm cause our pitchers are hot. (knocks on wood).

  11. Andy_C_23 says:

    Ugh. The Yanks left NINE men on base.


  12. Hangoverologist says:

    This is just a simple musing, but would anybody here like the Rays from just a baseball fan standpoint? I would. They have an excellent young roster and they appear ready to move on without Crawford or Pena. Also, their uniforms are among the classiest in baseball (second to the pinstripes of course).

  13. Bryan says:

    Has anyone seen Bruce Drennan’s epic rant on the Indians? Epic, just epic.

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