Robertson leaves game with minor back strain

Game 49: Taking it easy on Curtis
Open Thread: Swish settles down

Update (5:52pm): Girardi said during the postgame that Robertson’s day-to-day, and he believes it stemmed from the Mauer shot the other day.

4:43pm: Robertson left a minor back strain. The replay showed him bent over to the side and cringing after he threw his final pitch. Not sure if it’s related to the ball that Joe Mauer hit off him last series in Minnesota. I’m not sure how I feel about this, as we’ve seen with Al Aceves, a minor injury can turn into a major one very quickly.

4:05pm: After throwing just seven pitches in the 7th inning of today’s game, David Robertson walked off the mound with the trainer apparently due to injury. He had thrown nothing but fastballs to that point, all in the 91-92 range, and there wasn’t an obvious issue. I’ll update this post with more info as we get it.

Game 49: Taking it easy on Curtis
Open Thread: Swish settles down
  • Dirty Pena

    Here comes Boone Logan! Sweeeeet

    • Dirty Pena

      I’d have said Melancon but the management obviously hates that guy, Venditte-style.

      • jesse

        Hopefully, Robertson’s injury isn’t too serious, and he can stay.

      • Cult of Basebaal

        If they “hated” Dancin’ Melancon “Venditte-style”, we’d have seen Albaladejo riding the SWB express this year, instead of him.

        They do like him enough to keep bringing him up from SWB, though he certainly hasn’t been given much leeway to stay up.

        In their defense, he hasn’t exactly pitched well at all, though in his defense, the nerves of knowing you likely have to be perfect when you go out to the mound probably doesn’t help you perform at your best.

        I’d certainly prefer that he got more chances then see NOgan out there again, no question about that.

        • Dirty Pena

          Based on the state of the MLB bullpen and the fact that Melancon now has 100 AAA innings, he shouldn’t be on any sort of “express.” He’s pitched 4 innings over a whole two appearances, so I’m not ready to acknowledge any “in their defense” points.

    • Jon G

      I really hope it’s Melancon if Robertson goes down, which would be a shame as he was finally starting to pitch well.

      On another note, Chamberlain certainly isn’t pitching consistently enough to have a lock on the 8th. What’s with him sometimes being at 91-92 and other times 95-98?! You certainly don’t see that kind of inconsistency in velocity from Zumaya, Bard or other top set up guys.

      Anybody have any idea why there’s so much variation in Joba’s velocity?

      Girardi needs to get in Joba’s face and tell him the 8th is his only if he pitches like it’s his, and otherwise, he’ll lose it.

      • Jon G

        So in reading about the game (which I turned off at 10-4 to take the dog for a walk), sounds like Joba’s velocity was there, but his location sucked and he left balls right down the middle for .200 hitters.

        What’s his deal..?? Typical inconsistency of youth…

      • The Big City of Dreams

        “Anybody have any idea why there’s so much variation in Joba’s velocity?”

        Poor mechanics. Joba has trouble repeating his delivery. That is why his velocity is inconsistent. There are times when chamberlain doesn’t finish his pitches

        • Jon G

          Well, at least that should be fixable. The Yankees have to know this and be on it..?

  • Cult of Basebaal

    On the replay it looked like he might have tweaked his back. Hopefully, whatever it is, it’s minor.

  • vin

    I’d hate to see K-Rob (are we going with that monikor?) go down, but I’d love to see Melancon get the call and actually pitch like he’s capable of.

  • mike c

    probably a stiff back from the mauer shot the other day

    • bonestock94

      “Minor back strain,” so maybe

  • bonestock94

    Did he call the trainers out or what?

  • bexarama

    Mild lower back strain, day-to-day, per YES and Twitter.

  • Captain Jack

    Regarding Aceves: especially with backs…damn. Shit’s fucking awful.

  • kenneth maynard

    what a pathetic loss!

    • Jon G

      Infuriating. I’m really starting to have my doubts about Joba. The huge variation in velocity seems mental. He had it there for awhile earlier this season and I certainly hope he can get it together again…

  • danny

    Thank goodnes I decided to stop watching before the meltdown.

  • Salty Buggah

    This injury, Huff’s injury (thank Mo he’s OK), and the game…


    • Salty Buggah

      Heh, meant to say : Pukes:

      The things that happened today definitely did not give me that face.