Swisher & Hughes bury Sox, but Yanks lose two more to injury

Romine extends hit streak in Trenton win
Yanks have a bit of an injury mess

Winners in seven of their last eight games, the Yankees rolled into Boston tonight feeling pretty good about themselves. Even though the Red Sox just laid a four game beat down on the Angels, even though Andy Pettitte‘s going to miss a start, even though Jorge Posada was still out of the lineup with a calf issue, and even though Javier Vazquez‘s problems had yet to be solved, the team showed up to the ballpark expecting to win, and win they did.

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson, AP

Biggest Hit: Nick Swisher breaks the tie

Through the first three innings of this game, Josh Beckett was absolutely devastating. He had already racked up six strikeouts, and the Yankees had hit one ball out of the infield. The 4th inning began with a first pitch ground out by Nick Johnson (more on that later), but Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez followed up with a walk and a single, respectively. The Yanks had finally showed a little bit of life, and their best hitter in the early going was stepping to the plate.

Photo Credit: Steven Senne, AP

Robbie Cano, 5-for-24 (.208) on the homestand, saw four fastballs in the mid-90’s, the last of which was foul tipped in Jason Varitek’s glove for the strikeout. No one wanted to see the Yankees squander the opportunity to break the scoreless tie, and Nick Swisher was there to deliver. The Red Sox ace fired a first pitch cutter in the inner half, which tied Swish up and resulted in one of the ugliest swings you’ll ever see. He took the next fastball on the outer half for a quick 0-2 count, but spit on the next two pitches to even things up.

The 2-2 pitch was Beckett’s worst pitch of the night, a hanging curveball that stayed up in the zone long enough for Swisher to give it his finest swing. He sent the ball deep to centerfield, and it eventually came to a rest in the camera pit beyond the wall, giving the Yankees what seemed like a gargantuan three run lead. With one swing of the lumber, just one pitch from the end of the inning, Swish improved the Yankees’ chances of winning this game by almost 30%.

Biggest Out: Dustin Pedroia flies out

After being staked to a three run lead, Phil Hughes spotted the Red Sox a run in the bottom of the 4th and appeared as if he was going to give them a little more in the 4th. After recording the first two outs of the inning without incident, Darnell McDonald and Marco Scutaro each pulled a ball for a single, putting runners on the corners for Boston’s 2-3-4 hitters. In years past, this is where the old version of Hughes would let things get away from him and start giving up runs.

But this isn’t that Phil Hughes anymore. He dug in and went after the 2008 AL MVP, getting him to fly out harmlessly to center on just two pitches. There was no nibbling, no throws to first, no shaking off, he just got the ball and threw it. The threat was over, and the rest is history.

Photo Credit: Steven Senne, AP

Hughes Your Daddy?

There’s been one constant in our recaps this season: when Phil Hughes takes the mound, we generally end up writing a glowing report of his performance. We’re not doing it because where’s unabashed homers, the kid just keeps on pitching well. Tonight’s effort featured seven innings of one run ball with seven strikeouts, seven hits, and just one walk. Just 31 of his 101 pitches were balls (69.3% strikes), and he went to a three ball count on just three of the 28 batters he faced.

The Yankees are one of the two or best teams in baseball this season, and despite all of their star power and future Hall of Famers, it’s the 23-year-old kid taking the ball every fifth day that’s the center of attention. Hughes’ starts are must see TV, and they’ve absolutely been worth the wait we’ve endured since 2007.

Total Meltdown

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson, AP

Early on, this game had the look of a good ol’ fashioned pitcher’s duel. Beckett struck out the side in the 1st inning, then tacked on two more in the 2nd. He skated into the 6th inning having made just one mistake – granted, it was a three run mistake – but he had given his team a chance to win. But not for long.

A-Rod led off the inning with a hard-hit double into left-center, then two pitches later Cano was standing on first after taking a cutter on the left knee. He stayed there for all of one pitch, getting lifted for pinch runner Ramiro Pena after the soreness became too much. Swisher struck out after having to duck out of the way of a 2-2 fastball that ran too far inside. Beckett was ordered to intentionally walk Brett Gardner (hah!) to load the bases and set up the force at every base. That’s when the wheels came completely off the bus.

Cervelli stepped the plate after getting his tower buzzed in his previous at-bat, and he worked the count full thanks to a series of high fastballs and foul-offs. The seventh and final pitch of the duel came up and in, knocking Cervelli down and forcing in a run. Randy Winn jumped all over a first pitch changeup to drive in another run, then Beckett wasted no time in planting a first pitch fastball into Derek Jeter‘s ribs. The Yanks pushed some more runs across, but not before Teixeira had to duck out of the way of two inside fastballs.

You wouldn't like CC when he's angry. (Photo Credit: Winslow Townson, AP)

Given how utterly dominant Beckett had looked in the first several innings, locating two kinds of fastballs and a breaking ball with deadly precision, the sudden disappearance of his ability to get the ball over the plate was staggering. I don’t think he meant to hit Cano or Jeter intentionally, nor do I think he threw inside on Cervelli on Teixeira with the intention of sending a message. I just think he had a completely unmitigated mental breakdown and was hung out to dry. It’s not something you want to see from your supposed ace, but that’s Boston’s problem.

Injuries, injuries, and more injuries

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson, AP

It’s been one hell of a week for the Yankees. They’ve seen five significant players go down with injuries, the most serious of which was Curtis Granderson‘s strained groin. We were all hoping the team would be able to escape this series without adding anyone to infirmary, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Photo Credit: Steven Senne, AP

After grounding out in his second at bat, Nick Johnson was replaced by pinch hitter Marcus Thames, and it turns out that he’s dealing with some wrist soreness. It’s the same wrist he had surgery on in 2008, and Johnson is headed back to New York for tests. He’s going to wind up on the disabled list for an unknown amount of time, and suddenly the Yanks are missing about 388 points worth of on-base percentage in front of the heart of their order.

But wait, it gets better. Not long after Johnson was forced out of the game, Cano took a Beckett fastball to the knee and had to exit the game himself. At this point he’s just classified as day-to-day, just like Jorge Posada was when he took a Jeremy Guthrie pitch to his knee two weeks ago. Hopefully Cano won’t be out very long, but the Yankees have the luxury of being a little extra careful with him to make sure he’s 100% before returning. Johnson and Cano make it seven injuries in the last seven days, and a roster move is coming tomorrow to help shore things up.

Happy Moments

Phil Hughes. What more do you want? The guy’s a stud. Also, the BABIP gods continue to smile upon Cervelli, and even Randy Winn picked up a few hits. Oh, and Gardner being intentionally walked. How awesome is that?

I’m also glad the Yanks didn’t stoop down to Beckett’s level. He was hitting guys and backing them off the plate left and right – intentionally or not – but Hughes and the rest of the pitchers took the high road and let the scoreboard be their retaliation. Beckett probably feels like a tough guy, but he’s a tough guy on a team that’s seven games out of first.

It was also just the third time the Boston righthander had allowed nine earned runs in a game, but the second time the Yanks have done it to him. You gotta love it.

Photo: Winslow Townson, AP

Annoying Moments

Walking Jason Varitek, and needing six pitches to do it. That’s a major no-no, and pretty much the only blemish on Hughes’ line.

Beckett’s overall wildness was frustrating too. Yeah I know I just said I didn’t think it was intentional, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be angry about it. For a guy making that much money and getting held in such high regard, you’d think he’d be able to step back and control his emotions. I’m not sure what it says about you when a 23-year-old displays more maturity and composure on the mound.

The injuries man … when it rains, it pours, eh?

WPA Graph

This one’s a beaut. Individual player breakdowns are at FanGraphs box score.

Up Next

Same two teams tomorrow on a FOX broadcast matinee, weather permitting. First pitch is scheduled for 3:10pm ET, and will feature CC Sabathia vs. Clay Buchholz.

Romine extends hit streak in Trenton win
Yanks have a bit of an injury mess
  • Ivan

    Who the fuck Beckett think he is. I should walk ova there and smack the shit out of him for that and straight fuck this dude up. Punk ass mothafuckers,ya don’t want it bitch. All of ya can get u fucking pussies

    CC Sabathia other “Black side”/d

    • http://mystiqueandaura.com/ JMK’s Mystique and Aura

      I counted seven explicit words (eight, if counting “punk ass”) in three sentences. Efficient and effective!

  • poster

    You know what the most mind-boggling thing is about these injuries?

    We’re still winning!

    It almost feels like the Twilight Zone…I feel like as long as we keep our four best pitchers running out there every fifth day we could play the triple A team out there and win. That’s the type of freaking roll we’re on. It’s crazy. I can’t remember a team withstanding this many inuries so well.

    • mike c


      • poster

        Of course it is. But hopefully, these injuries will only last for the SSS.

        • poster

          Anyway, it doesn’t make anything I wrote any less true.

          • mike c

            Injuries are still a major concern, Miranda should be called asap

            • http://mystiqueandaura.com/ JMK’s Mystique and Aura


              • mike c


              • poster

                No? Really?

                I’m assuming that Johnson is out for a significant amount of time, 2 weeks or more.

                • http://mystiqueandaura.com/ JMK’s Mystique and Aura

                  Right, this is all based on assumptions right now. Calling up Miranda ASAP doesn’t solve the roster problems right now.

                  It seems more likely that they’d call up Kevin Russo with Cano ailing for a few days and maybe work in Moeller and Golson over the next week.

                  Down the line if Johnson is hurt for an extended period, yeah, maybe you bring Miranda up.

                  But, if I’m not mistaken, he’d be out of options if he’s called up, so he’d have to pass waivers (unlikely). If Johnson is only out for a few weeks, they’d probably rather have someone more versatile like Golson or Russo up and weather the storm with Jorge DHing more and Thames in there a bit than risk losing Miranda after having him platoon DH with Thames for a few weeks.

                  Again, until there’s something more concrete, there should be no “ASAP” with the DH spot.

                  • poster

                    True. For that matter, while it’s likely, we don’t even KNOW he’s on the DL. Don’t get me wrong, he probably is. But hey, for all we know it could be simple tendinitis.

                  • http://yes yankeewanabe7

                    Iwould think jorge posada will dh alot to get ceville more time

            • poster

              I know they are. Obviously. And I agree that Miranda should be called up. But right now, we’re winning, and that’s still great.

  • PaulF

    I think CC will take out his rage on the Sox tomorrow, but he’s not going to hit them, he’s going to shut them down. Shut out coming up for big C tomorrow.

  • Salty Buggah

    I am sacrificing Carl Pavano’s now healthy buttocks to the injury gods and will pray that there are no more freakin injuries. I would sacrifice Chris Garcia’s arm but I’m not sure they want it, and I still have some hope left he will contribute at the MLB level.

    • Salty Buggah

      On the bright side, Sabathia + Burnett + Pettitte + Hughes = 16-1, 2.16 ERA (h/t PeteAbe).

  • Jim S

    *Waits for all the Nick Johnson haters…*

    Despite the injuries, this is an incredibly fun team to watch. Watching our non-vazquez starters has been an absolute treat.

    • mike c

      He’s probably a good player, but has yet to produce anything worthy

      • Jim S

        If they had been hopeful and hesitant, that’s one thing. But people were flat out HOPING he’d suck and get injured so they’d be right.


        Screw those fans.

        • mike c

          Screw those kind of people in general. .. but regardless he’s going to have to get healthy and produce or he’s going to get shit

        • dalelama

          “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”
          George Santayana

          • poster

            “Those who don’t use logic STILL sound pretty dumb no matter who they quote.”


            –No, wait, never mind, that one was me

        • Joseph M

          You still don’t get it, it’s not hating Nick Johnson, it’s being realistic about Nick Johnson. In the last three seasons he has missed 65% of the games his team played in. Being available to play is more important than his OBP, if he can’t play his OBP doesn’t really matter, does it? Surely you don’t believe that the “Nick Johnson haters” had anything to do with his struggles this season, or his trip to the DL, it is what it is.

          • Dalelama

            They will never get it because in their mind Cashman can’t make a mistake. Why it is “illogical” to expect a guy who has been hurt alot in the past to get hurt again in the future is beyond me. Most people understand the term injury prone, whether it is caused by poor karma or conditioning I can think of many examples ranging from Mickey Mantle to Joe Namath to Bill Walton not to suggest NJ Is of their caliber.

      • Jim S

        Also a .388 OBP would have you singing a different tune were it not for the absolute suckitude of arod and tex.

  • http://twitter.com/marcos_aguirre Marcos

    I know that Beckett didn’t hit anyone on purpose, but I wouldn’t have minded a bit of retaliation, I mean, enough is enough!

  • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

    That game got weird quickly. The first few innings Beckett was just ridiculously nasty. Like, no-hitter-type stuff. Then, he absolutely imploded. It was almost scary to see. 3-2 count and you come up and in to the backup catcher with the bases loaded? Then you plunk someone in the back first pitch? I absolutely loved when MARIANO was standing in the dugout when things were getting heated. Not that I think he should or would get involved in a fight, but really.

    Was the YES gun maybe a little juiced tonight? It seemed every pitch of Beckett’s was 96 and every one of Hughes’ was 95.

    These injuries are aaargh. It’s annoying that I can’t fully enjoy an absolute beatdown of Boston, especially their dirtbag ace, and Hughes’ excellent start. Seriously, that kid rules.

    Also, I’m re-reading the Game Thread right now, and allow me to say lol Hummingbird S. (sorry, Hummingbird S.)

    • Salty Buggah

      I checked Gameday only twice when I saw 95 on YES but it matched the YES gun both times.

      • http://yanksdraftsandprospects.blogspot.com/ Jake H

        I’m planning on looking at pitch f/x tomorrow to see what it says. It seemed that Phil was at a low 93 and hitting 94 and 95 a good amount of time.

    • http://www.retire21.org Mike R. – Retire 21

      NESN had the same readings.

  • Ivan

    Well these injuries are getting ridiculous but the yanks continue to win and smack teams around, as the Sox were the latest victim. Hughes has been terrfic and this start was no exceptions. I gotta say, over the years when Hughes struggled, he lacked a third pitch, his Velo was at 90-91MPH and his command was not good. Now his Stuff is way back from his 06 top prospect days. I mena he’s throwing 95-96MPH in this start with a sick cutter. Maybe those years when he was struggling he was hand cuff because he never really had his original stuff until now.

    Man has time change.

  • http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0902/mlb.alex.rodriguez.through.the.years/images/1993.alex-rodriguez.jpg Drew

    Mike, I have to disagree with the “high road” thing.

    I do not think Beckett hit one Yankee on purpose tonight.

    However, I do think he pitches inside with no regard for the batter.

    Now, the general consensus over the past billion years is that players police themselves. So, when a pitcher doesn’t give a shit about hitting opposing batters(Padilla anyone?), it’s the team that gets hit that should respond by doing the same thing.

    To me, it’s not about stooping to their level. It’s about sending a message. I liken it to the 100lb kid in highschool, does he take abuse, or does he defend himself and send a message?

    Now, my fear as I expressed in the game thread, is that CC will not tolerate the beanings and will respond by drilling Youk or whoever is convenient at the time. I’m afraid that will result in a warning, thus, putting pitchers at a disadvantage. But that’s a separate issue from my initial point.

    • mike c

      BS he was screaming at swisher, and went for cervelli’s dome twice

      • http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0902/mlb.alex.rodriguez.through.the.years/images/1993.alex-rodriguez.jpg Drew

        Eh, he just wanted to send a message to Cervs. I don’t think he was aiming for his head. He just threw up and in and his fastball was moving like crazy.

      • sleepykarl

        The first one to Cervelli was the only one with obvious intent to send a message as it came right after he called timeout on him. God forbid the batter calls timeout when he is taking forever to choose a pitch.

  • Hey ZZ

    It may not have been intentional, but what he did was just as bad.

    It was also not just a case of a pitcher losing his command. He went into full on melt down mode on the mound and just stopped caring. He was just rearing back and throwing, where it ended up be damned. He was not “pitching.” Nor was he trying to.

    He literally threw a temper tantrum on the mound. It was something a child does. They get frustrated and throw their toy or plate or whatever. They do not “mean” for their Mom to get hit by that object but the results are the same. Because when they threw it they did not think or care about where it would go or who it would hit and it is just as reprehensible as doing it intentionally.

    He gave up on his teammates and that is embarrassing and pathetic. Especially since this was a game where his team needed him most. They are scuffling to stay afloat in the division and “Big Game Beckett” put himself above his team.

    You can bet his teammates are not happy. They know what he did. They also know retaliation is coming at some point. In his last 2 at bats, I have never seen a player of Pedroia’s caliber look so scared. He literally could not have been further from the plate and he could not wait to get out of there.

    For the next 2 days there are going to be a lot of scared and jumpy Red Sox hitters at the plate just like Pedroia was tonight. You can count on that and Girardi is going to use that to his advantage.

    • Jairus

      I have never seen a player of Pedroia’s caliber look so scared. He literally could not have been further from the plate and he could not wait to get out of there.

      I want to see that at bat, too bad, I can’t watch Yankee games here. Is there a video of that at bat?

    • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

      This is extremely well-written and I agree with everything. Martinez looked freaked out too. Of course, that’s kinda just his face.

  • http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0902/mlb.alex.rodriguez.through.the.years/images/1993.alex-rodriguez.jpg Drew

    Swish has just been on fire. At some point he’s got to cool down, but I hope he stays hot while a couple other guys may be on a bit of a cold streak.

    Also too(/leiter’d), Hughes has been unreal.

  • http://yanksdraftsandprospects.blogspot.com/ Jake H

    Phil Hughes was great tonight. Coming home to watch this game I thought that Beckett was going to dominate the Yankees after watching those first 3 innings. Hughes maturity is amazing. I thought he would melt down a bit but no he grinds out an inning with only giving up 1 run here and another there.

    Watching Hughes pitch now it makes me think what it would have been like to see him pitch 06 in Trenton when he dominated every time out. Difference is that he is doing it against the big boys. Also Phil has 31k’s to 32 innings. Very impressive. C.C has 30 k’s but in 42 innings.

  • poster

    I just have the weirdest felling…like, totally Zen. These injuries are pretty bad. I SHOULD be worried. But I’m not, like, at all. It’s weird. I just have total confidence in the Yankees right now to beat pretty much any opponent they play.

    • cheech

      Hey man, pass over that vaporizer!

      • poster

        I can’t, I’m too drunk.

    • AJ

      And you should. They are now 20-8 without a strong Teixeira and A-Rod, with an injured Mariano, Pettitte, Granderson, and Nick Johnson, starting with a rough schedule to the season. The Yanks have to keep winning games like this so that when the team comes together, they can go on a real run and take over them cowbell ringing Tampa Bay lunatics…

    • http://mystiqueandaura.com/ pete



  • AJ

    I see Joba throwing at Youkilis and a huge brawl erupting. Citing what someone said before, this is the only time I miss large Tanyan Sturtze and larger Kyle Farnesworth. They were good for rumbling, if anything.

    • http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0902/mlb.alex.rodriguez.through.the.years/images/1993.alex-rodriguez.jpg Drew

      The Mexican Gangster rolls 12 deep and keeps a shank on his side. He’s ready to go.

    • sleepykarl

      Farnsworth was the perfect goon, 100 MPH fastball and is known to spear a guy (only pitcher I have seen charge a hitter as he did w/ the Cubs).

  • mustang

    Happy Moments:

    Winn 2 for 4 hey I like the guy and the way Nick ” M*A*S*H Unit” Johnson is going we might be seeing a lot of Mr. Winn.

    • Poopy Pants

      I say let Posada DH and Cervelli catch.

  • mustang

    Can someone please tell me how regular DH keeps getting hurt?

  • Pepe Popo

    Watching the first few innings I thought to myself that Beckett was either going to dominate the game or implode; just had that feeling. I nonetheless thought that Hughes would make us proud and he did. Man, he’s been amazing and pray that this is his year!

    As for the hitsbatsmen, yeah, Beckett had no control but c’mon, enough’s enough. This guy was wild and dangerous out there. I hope we’re winning big Saturday and CC shows them da Bronx, and if not him I’d love to see Joba scare the bejesus out of someone. I don’t want anyone hurt but I would like someone from the Sox bruised the same way they bruised Cano.

  • mattb29

    Phil Hughes:

    Opp Avg. — .157 (1st in AL)
    OBA — .246 (2nd in AL)
    Opp Slg. — .183 (1st in AL)
    Opp OPS. — .429 (1st in AL)
    H/9 — 4.78 (1st in AL)
    WHIP — 0.94 (2nd in AL)
    ERA — 1.69 (4th in AL)
    DIPS* — 2.94 (4th in AL)
    ERC* — 1.43 (3rd in AL)
    Opp.BABIP — .198 (2nd in AL)
    K/9 — 8.72 (8th in AL)
    Ks — 31 (19th in AL, note he was skipped the first time through)
    W — 4 (T-2 in AL, same note as above)
    HR — 1 (T-5 in AL)
    K/BB — 2.36 (23rd in AL)

    Might be time to for Michael Kay to consider progressing from the bold statement that Hughes “might not be the Yankees #5.” SSS qualifiers. bur at this snapshot in time, and with all due respect to Mr. Kay,.forget about where Hughes ranks in the Yanks five man rotation and start considering whether he’s one of the best five pitchers in the AL.

    He’s had some luck, no doubt, esp. on BABIP against and HR per FB rate =- but his defensive independent stats and component numbers are stellar.

    Going beyond the numbers, dude’s four seamer is just a devastating pitch right now. I’m waiting to see the PitchFX data tonight, but I’m guessing he averaged around 94 on the four seamer with a ton of life. Demonstrated ability to throw the cut for strikes, to mix up speeds between the 87-90 range, providing a real differential from the for seamer, to get it in on lefties and to backdoor righties. Bear in mind he’s at this level while only throwing his plus curve maybe 15% of the time – and without really throwing the change at all.

    Bottom line for me: if he can in fact throw a passable change – which remains to be seen and we’ll certainly see as the book on that cut gets written – and continues to develop an ability to throw his curve in any count, he’s an ace, a legit #1, and anything else you want to call him. Right now.

    While I loved the results from him in the pen last year, I hated the concept and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Whatever the pen did, this is the Hughes fastball that his prospect status was built on – electric late life, and he can spot it on both sides in the plate and he can go up in the zone with it – and now it’s legitimately and comfortably sitting 93-96. You can see it in the body language.

    He has ace written all over him — let Mo watch over the health of that arm.

    *ESPN’S version of FIP, “Defensive Independent Pitching)
    *Component ERA

    • Frigidevil

      Being in the pen didn’t do anything, but being God’s pupil sure did.

  • sleepykarl

    God I want a picture of Tek up with the hand out when Beckett was intentionally walking Gardner…

    • Double G

      me too!

    • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

      Someone please screencap this. Brett “Feared” Gardner.

  • PaulF

    I think the Yankees should wait until maybe the next series at Yankee stadium to retaliate. Right know they are too short handed and can’t risk suspensions or injuries from brawls. Beat them the rest of the weekend, get healthy, and then throw at someone next time.

  • mustang

    Baseball Tonight’s John Kruk said this week that the Rays are the best team in baseball. The Yankees have lost a starter, HOF closer, CF, catcher, DH (?), a reliever and are 1.5 games back of the Rays. Am I missing something?

    • poster


    • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

      There isn’t anything wrong with saying the Rays are the best team in baseball right now, frankly. But I mean, let’s wait until September until we’re comparing them to the 1998 Yankees, Buster Olney.

      • poster

        Aren’t they only a half game up or am I just wrong?

        Anyway, I really do think the Yanks are better.

        • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

          They’re somewhere between .5 and 2 games up, I’m not paying attention to the standings AT ALL at this point. I do think the Yankees are better overall and that will show up over the season as a whole, but it’s not like saying the Rays are the best team in baseball right now is some kind of horrible insult to the Yankees or something terribly wrong or homerish of Kruk.

      • mustang

        If I remember correctly the Yankees won their series vs. the Rays out scoring them 26 to 6 in Tampa.
        Olney and Kruk need to get off that ESPN crack pipe.

    • mustang

      Oh forgot and the heart of their line-up not really hitting like normal for the first month. I must be watching a different league.

  • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

    Seen on the ESPN Box Score thing:

    With the Yankees’ “core four” spending some time on the DL lately…


    • vin

      Accuracy has no place in journalism.

      • poster

        For Diamon Cutters, I’m Peter Gammons, ESPN.

        • poster


  • Double G

    Eh, I think the Cano HBP was intentional. If anyone still has the game DVR’ed or is watching the encore, watch Beckett when Tek throws the ball back to him after Robbie gets drilled, he’s got this smug smirk on his face. Jeter, Cervelli and Tex were wild pitches, I think, but I still think Cano was on purpose because he was pissed. Here’s hoping AJ puts some Sox on their ass on Sunday.

    • sleepykarl

      Not saying it was intentional, but the knees are the spot if you want to do damage and get away with it to some extent. The head is always seen as intentional, yet the knees always seem to be dismissed as an innocent mistake. Odd how it happened with first base open and to the hottest hitter on the team this year.

    • http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0902/mlb.alex.rodriguez.through.the.years/images/1993.alex-rodriguez.jpg Drew

      He always has a smug smirk on his face, especially after he hits or brushes someone back. That doesn’t make it intentional. He had the same look after Cervs was on the ground and when Jete got hit in the back. Also when he was walking off the mound after Tito pulled him.

      • poster

        True, it doesn’t make it intentional. It just makes him a jackass.

      • BklynJT

        That is just the douchebag face that his mother gave him.

    • Frigidevil

      Oh I saw that smirk too. I’m not sure he wanted to do that, but it looked like he thought it was funny. Sometimes I wish we were in the natinal league to show him what that feels like.

    • Poopy Pants

      I agree. They had a little chat on the mound before the at-bat. I think 1B was open. Catcher probably told him ‘don’t give him anything to hit’, so Beckett probably aimed for the knees.

  • http://twitter.com/YankeesGalaxy YankeesGalaxy

    All these injures, we’re still 20-8!

  • Tom Zig

    7 injuries in 7 days??

    God damn.

  • JobaTheHeat62

    what a game…Phil Hughes > Josh Beckett and its not even close..I hope that cock sucks balls all season. Nothing would please me more to see him go 10-15 with a 5.00 ERA on the sinking ship that is Boston baseball. As far as the beanings, there is one thing I would do to get the “revenge”…Wait until Sunday and after CC and AJ have a series sweep locked up bring in Joba and do what made him so loved back in 2007. Throw fastballs hard and aim for the douche bag that is Kevin Youkilis. Hes a hothead moron who will charge the mound, and hopefully the dumbass gets suspended. Yankees sweep Boston at Fenway, and the biggest tool in baseball is suspended. Sounds beautiful to me.

    CC, AJ, Andy, and Phil are putting up some stupid good numbers, I have never been so happy for a Yankee rotation. It is epic.

  • Baseball Guy

    With Nick Johnson hurting… always…

    And with the Yankees tradition of bringing back popular players after they leave…

    And with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim playing poorly…

    it’s time to begin to consider the idea…


    Once the Angels fall out of the race, they no longer need him, it’s only a cash move – he’s signed only for the remainder of this year…

    The Yankees should bring back Hideki Matsui for the stretch drive and the post season…


    • ari

      Matsui has been awful this season

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Once the Angels fall out of the race

      They play in the AL West. At 13-18, they are only 3.5 games out of first. A 13-18 record in the AL East would be 10 GB.

      The Yankees should bring back Hideki Matsui for the stretch drive and the post season…

      After a torrid start, Matsui has cooled off considerably and is now sports a 230/307/389 line. We could probably get similar production from Miranda at league minimum; no need to pay $6 million for it.

  • WhizzoTheWize

    Game time: 3:01.

    Why are the Yankees and Sox pandering to Joe West?

    Whizzo is sad to see two proud franchises surrender to a bloated blowhard.

    5 hours or bust today, boyos!

    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Melvin-To-America/193013541601?ref=sgm Andy In Sunny Daytona

      It’s going to be a good day whenever WhizzoTheWize makes an appearance.

      • http://mystiqueandaura.com Steve H

        Agreed. WhizzoTheWize posting is like seeing a shooting star, or finding a 4 leaf clover. Only good things can come out of this.

    • DF

      Oh shit. WhizzoTheWize? This seriously made my morning. You need to post more. There hasnt been enough Whizzo wisdom ’round here lately.

  • Zooboy

    What’s CC singing? Why I think I hear chin music!

    • Beef Hammerdong

      What’s CC singing?


  • Tom in GA

    maybe somebody on here has noted this already, but Frankie Cervelli, with his oversize helmet, looks like Deniro in Bang the Drum Slowly. doncha think?

    • Pete C.

      Who’s Michael Moriarty?

  • pat

    Goddamn, Hughes was throwing GASOLINA last night. 94.3 with the FB, maxing out at 96 (!). 42 of 60 for strikes.


  • Richard Griffith


    You have an obligation to your fans and YES to keep people like IVAN and comments like this off this site.

    It is an embarrassment to me as a father that i have to explain garbage like this to my kids.

    • RobinsonKanoWinsFatality

      No father should be forced to explain syntax that poorly constructed.

      /Grammar Nazi’d

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Maybe you should explain to them how to use the REPLY button.

  • Pete C.

    Josh Beckett should be taught a lesson.