Two tickets available for tonight’s game

Was Aceves's back affecting his stuff?
Pushing the depth limits

A reader has two tickets available for tonight’s game, located in Section 434B, Row 13, Seats 35-36. That’s in the upper deck in left field. Face value of the tickets is $25 each, so $50 for the pair. They’re hard tickets, so you’d have to be able to meet the seller in midtown (39th and 3rd) to pick them up. Email me if interested.

Was Aceves's back affecting his stuff?
Pushing the depth limits
  • Steve H

    Insert joke about how this team is playing so bad you can’t even give away tickets (after a loooooong 2 game losing streak)

  • Scott

    Doe anyone know when Colin Curtis comes off the DL? If recovered, would he be call-up-worthy?

  • Aj

    Wow these are terrible seats, but I guess 25$ for a Yankee game these days isn’t bad.

  • KingOfNY

    1. These tickets are $20 if the fan has even a partial plan
    2. Enough of the posting terrible seats and/or seats to weak games. HEY I have ONE seat to June 3rd day game against the O’s–i am a reader and does anyone want to meet me in Parsipany—ahhhh, nope didnt think so!

  • Mike

    Not sure why the negativity. I think posting tickets allows true yankee fans to go to the game last minute without having to spend extra at the stadium paying scalpers and/or paying fees on stubhub.

  • KingOfNY

    The reader is charging a premium. If he wanted to charge more than face, he shoulda signed up on Stubhub.
    And if “true Yankee fans” (whatever that means) wanted to go last minute, they could go to Stubhub right now and get way better seats for less.
    Anytime seats are posted on here, I mean 10 outta the last 10 going back to last season, there are better seats to be had for less online. So its far from the altruism that it appears.

    • Mike Axisa

      It’s a $20 ticket with a $5 service charge. He’s not pocketing anything.

      If you don’t like the tickets posted here, then here’s a tip: don’t buy them. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • KingOfNY

    There is never a service charge for $20 tickets. EVER. See, if it cost $20 as you say, then it is a Full Season Ticket or Partial Plan Ticket which HAS NO SERVICE CHARGE.
    Here’s a tip: don’t get caught up in semantics like accuracy?!?!
    It’s a great website, and this facet sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • W.W.J.M.D.

      If you’re going to argue with someone, at least reply directly to them.