Up, down and out with Romulo, Greg and Jorge


Updated 4:47 p.m. (scroll down for more on the rotation and Mariano): As the Yankees gear up for a weekend showdown with the Red Sox, the team announced a pair of complementary roster moves this afternoon. With Andy Pettitte expected to miss a start and Sergio Mitre all but officially penciled in for Tuesday, the Yankees have recalled Romulo Sanchez from AAA. To make room on the roster, the team has optioned Greg Golson back to Scranton.

Meanwhile, Jorge Posada isn’t in the lineup tonight, but neither he nor Pettitte are going on the disabled list yet. For the Yankees, then, the team is effectively struggling to make do with a 23-man roster. Until they know the extent of Posada’s and Pettitte’s injuries, they will play with a short bench and a long bullpen. Sanchez, scheduled to start tonight for Scranton, will replace Mitre as the team’s long man, and Randy Winn will be expected to be the versatile back-up outfielder in the event of a catastrophe out there. Hopefully, this roster holding pattern will clear up soon, and for what it’s worth, Posada, who says his tight calf may limit his running, says he could play tomorrow.

Going forward, this move suggests that the Yankees will send out Sergio Mitre, Javier Vazquez, Phil Hughes and CC Sabathia to pitch against Detroit next week. Pettitte wants to pitch, but the Yanks keep saying no no no, according to Amy Winehouse Jon Heyman. Posada, who took BP today, should be back in the lineup soon, and if he’s not, then Chad Moeller will be activated. The team can’t go too long with Ramiro Peña as the emergency catcher.

Sanchez, 26, is a big guy with two cups of coffee in the majors. Listed at 6′ 5″ and 260 pounds, the right-hander made 26 appearances for the Pirates in 2007 and 2008, and he arrived on the Yanks in a trade last year for Eric Hacker. In his limited big league career, he has thrown 31.1 innings while giving up 16 ER on 14 hits and 14 walks. He has struck out 14 as well. This year for Scranton, he was 0-2 with a 6.48 ERA but impressed the Yankees during Spring Training.

According to Greg Fertel at Pending Pinstripes who has a full scouting report on Sanchez, the righty can dial his fastball up to 99 but sits in the mid-to-upper 90s. He has a good change and some decent enough breaking pitches that he has trouble keeping under control. Despite starting at AAA, the Yanks seem to view him as a bullpen option only in the big leagues, and for the weekend at least, he’ll be the team’s 25th guy on a rather inflexible roster.

Mitre to pitch Monday; Rivera available tonight

The updates for the walking wounded continue to pour in. Joe Girardi announced a few minutes ago that the team is reshuffling its rotation next week to give Andy Pettitte a few days off. Sergio Mitre will start Monday’s game against the Tigers, and Javier Vazquez will pitch on Tuesday. Pettitte, says Girardi, will likely pitch next weekend against the Twins and will avoid a trip to the DL. No word yet on why Mitre and Vazquez are getting flip-flopped. The Yankees, though, are in need of a long outing from Vazquez.

In good news, Mariano Rivera is available to pitch tonight, and if the Yanks have a late lead, Girardi will not hesitate to call upon his future Hall of Fame closer to save a win. Take that, Sports Illustrated cover jinx.

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  • Jamal G.

    Peittitte wants to pitch, but the Yanks keep saying no no no, according to Amy Winehouse Jon Heyman.

    You’re a regular Andy Kaufman, there, Kabak.

  • pat

    Clearly Romulo ate Humberto. Hopefully he absorbed his powers.

  • Jose

    I love when the Yankees make roster moves that no one saw coming.

    I’m putting the over/under for his K/BB ratio at 1.5

  • CountryClub

    Jorge wasn’t going to play tonight and tomorrow anyway. Might as well give him tonight off as an extra day of rest.

    • SF Yanks

      Good point.

  • Steve H

    I’m excited for the Romulo era. Maybe some dumb GM will see him throwing gas and think he’s a good pitcher and trade for him. Hell, he’d be right up Dayton Moore’s alley right?

    • nathan

      Paging Omar Minaya

      • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

        yeah moore is more of a trade for the guy with the shitty obp while minaya is the trade the starting pitching prospect for the fireballing shitty reliever

        • Steve H

          I had visions of Kyle Farnsworth in my head, but you’re right, Moore loves the low OBP first baseman in particular.

  • Tom Zig

    Posada, who says his tight calf may limit his running

    Limit his running? So he’ll be slower than Jose Molina?

    • First Time Poster

      Limit his running? So he’ll be slower than Jose Molina… how do you write something without the strike continuing?

      • Benjamin Kabak

        Close the strike tag.< / strike >

        Without the spaces though.

        • First Time Poster

          Thanks. Everything is strik’d on RAB… is it just my PC?

      • pat

        put a / before strike to end it. /strike

      • TheLastClown

        You have to close the command.

        Withough the spaces though

        • TheLastClown

          Oops, refresh fail, demonstration fail, everything fail.

        • pat

          Hahaha, you killed everything!

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Posada, who says his tight calf may limit his running

      Hit it over the fence, Jorge. Then you can trot.

  • First Time Poster

    Knock on wood.

    If the unfortunate situation arises in which either Andy or Jorgie spend some time on the DL, does the stint begin the day after their last game played? Is that what retroactive DL means?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Correct. If a player is out with an injury, a team can put them on the DL retroactive to the day after the last time they appeared in a game. So Pettitte could go on the DL retroactive to yesterday and Jorge retroactive to May 4 since he last played on May 3.

      • First Time Poster


        Also, just for fun: Say if Pettitte went on the DL tomorrow with his stint beginning on the 5th, with the game ending at 5:00 pm. Would Pettitte be eligible to come off the DL at 5:00pm on the 20th?

        • Benjamin Kabak

          I’m not sure of the technicalities of timing, but he 15 days counting the 5th means he would eligible to come off the DL after the 19th.

          • First Time Poster

            Thanks again. I love how many technicalities there are in baseball rules. I don’t think anybody knows all the rules… except for Bud Selig of course.


    • nathan

      I think yes. But if its long-term like you fear, retro-active is moot I think given they wont know the recovery time.

  • A.D.

    This really doesn’t make much sense, with the off day everyone is available in the pen today, they might have waited to see how tonight went and then make this move if necessary tomorrow.

  • nathan

    Regarding the bullpen, how will is K-Tex doing for Seattle. Anyone aware of his results?

    • pat
    • Benjamin Kabak

      Try this.

      In all seriousness, he’s 0-1 with a 4.35 ERA in 10.1 IP but he has an ugly 1.935 WHIP to go with a nice K/9 of 8.7.

  • Steve H

    Odds Romulo plunks someone if he gets in a game this weekend?

    • First Time Poster

      I’m not sure he’ll hit anyone… might take a bite out of Pillsbury Taco-boy.

  • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

    the game tonight goes 15 innings, i really want to see ramiro catch lol

    • lardin

      IMHO, Cervelli is going to catch no matter what, unless he gets hurt. If he gets hurt during the game we will see Posada. its one thing to use Pena for three batters to close out a game its another to have catch 4-5 innings.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    TSJC’s kid is so blessed that he gets to see at least 1/2 of “The Fat Sanchezes” in pinstripes.

  • ultimate913

    I’m hoping they just DL Posada. The roster spot is being wasted. Same for Pettitte. I’d rather have them get the rest now and come back at 100% when their DL stints end. Better to be safe than sorry.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      If Posada is well enough to play tomorrow, why would they DL him? Not every injury requires a full 15 days to heel, and the Yanks need Jorge’s bat. Plus, the team’s medical staff isn’t going to do something in May that jeopardizes the long-term strength of the team. That’s why Jorge will be back tomorrow and why Pettitte won’t be allowed to take the ball until next weekend. A DL trip just isn’t that necessary.

      Anyway, we can’t really say that Pettitte’s roster spot is being wasted until his turn comes up in the rotation and he doesn’t make it. It’s not being wasted until Tuesday. But also, keep in mind that part of balancing a roster is knowing when to DL guys and when to not. The Yanks are better with Pettitte and Posada even if it means they miss a handful of games now. Unnecessarily shelving them for 15 days doesn’t help the team.

    • nathan

      There is nothing to be sorry about, they wont rush anybody. It sucks to have a 23 man team, but it also says they think its a matter of a few days not 2 weeks.

  • Cecala

    Where is his glove, did he eat it?

  • Jack

    Take that, Sports Illustrated cover jinx.