When objective reporting goes wrong

Jeter captains Yanks to come-from-behind win
Game 23: Shot at redemption

As we wait for the second game of the Yanks-ChiSox series, I thought it was worth pointing out this piece of nonsense. Daily News reporter Kevin Deutsch apparently rolled into Citizen’s Bank Park last night for the Mets-Phillies series wearing Mets gear, and taunting Phillies’ fans. Chants of “FIRST PLACE METS,” and “”Phillies suck” were delivered not far from the city’s famed LOVE sculpture.

And people wonder why the newspaper industry is on life support. Facts and objective reporting have been benched in favor of brash over the top accusations and discernible bias. Deutsch is not part of the team, he’s a reporter covering the team. Apparently he’s also a Mets’ fan, which is perfectly fine, but his job description is to report facts and not taunt opposing fans. Report the news, don’t be the news.

His article ends with “First place never felt so good,” which is both sad and laughable. You know who was in first place last year on May 1st? The Blue Jays, White Sox, Mariners, Marlins, Cardinals, and Dodgers. Exactly two of those teams were in first place at the end of the year. Enjoy first place while it lasts Mr. Deutsch, there’s only 86% of the season left to play.

Jeter captains Yanks to come-from-behind win
Game 23: Shot at redemption
  • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

    I was rooting for one of the Phillies’ fans to spill beer on this guy. Sadly disappointed by the end of the article.

    • http://www.yfsf.org AndrewYF

      I kinda wanted to see one of them famous Philidelphia vomiters. If anyone deserved that, it’s him.

      • Beef Hammerdong

        Maybe they can call in a favor from McNabb.

        • Dave


    • http://mystiqueandaura.com/ JMK the Overshare’s Mystique and Aura

      Someone should have thrown up on him.

  • Raf

    This article will be even better when the Mets start bombing down the standings

  • ultimate913

    Why didn’t he get puked on?

    • http://www.facebook.com/adorador Ray Fuego

      This. I was about to post exactly the same comment.

  • Poopy Pants

    I hope he works his way into the photo op when Minaya and Manuel are fired (ala John Sterling).

  • pat

    Bragging about being in first in April to the team that has been in the World Series the last two years. If that’s not the epitome of a Mutts fan I don’t know what is.

    • Mike HC

      Exactly. Classic Met fan behavior.

  • teddy

    hopefully the yanks will humble him

  • Ro

    WTG Mike. I like that you are not afraid to call out one of your peers who trulyy deserves it.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    It IS his reporting that has the Mets in 1st place. He’s that inspirational.

    • pat


  • http://jorellrivera.blogspot.com Jorell

    That article is so absurd, I want to believe it’s some kind of spoof of overzealous sports fans. Because, you know, it’s insane to be so excited by this run the Mets are going on considering their recent history. It’s a joke. It HAS to be.

    • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

      it’s insane to be so excited by this run the Mets are going on considering their recent history

      it’s the mets. they have nothing else to get excited about.

      • Jack

        Not even Carlos Voltron?

  • Zack

    After the last 3 years, I really dont understand how any Met fan can actually brag about their position in the standings.

  • Rose

    In 2007 the Mets had a 7 game lead with 17 games to play and they blew it. In 2008, they had a 3 1/2 game lead with 17 to play and blew it.

    2010, this guy is taunting opposing fans because his team is in first place on May 1st…

    • craggy

      That will make the tumble all the more satisfying.

  • JobaTheHeat62

    This only proves the giant gap in between the Mets fanbase and mets, and the Yankees fanbase and Yankees. WE could be in first place and we would probably be bitching about something lol, mets get in first place and people get diffusional

    • JobaTheHeat62

      that would be delusional..my bad

      • http://richardiurilli.wordpress.com/ Richard Iurilli

        I prefer the original line calling them diffusional.

  • http://twitter.com/riddering Riddering

    (Not directed at you, Mike, but…) I have no problem with Mets fans being excited. Yeah, there’s a lot of the season to go but they’re on a nice run and their team is doing well after having suffered a horrible 2009. Plus, they now have a first baseman who looks like a young Bruce Springsteen. What’s not to be excited about?

    This, however, is not the case of a fan being pleased with their team. It’s misplaced bloviation and it completely discredits Deutsch’s writing from now on.

  • yankees=warriors

    Wow, what a joke of a reporter!
    And I hate to say this, but he doesn’t deserve the last name “Deutsch”. He stains the Germans’ name.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Is “Deutsch” German for “Gammons”?

      • yankees=warriors

        That’s a good one, LOL!

    • vin

      “He stains the Germans’ name.”

      Wow, that’s hard to do. I thought a guy named Hitler already did that.

    • http://www.yfsf.org AndrewYF

      Just pronounce it “Douche” like I do, and you’ll be all set.

  • Mike HC

    What kind of idiot not only acts like the biggest jackass in a stadium, but then writes about how much of a jackass he was, to a national audience. This guy has so few article ideas he has taken to making himself the retarded subject in one of them?

  • vin

    I never understood the whole “(Insert Team Name) Sucks!” chants when the team in question does not suck. I was at the Angels-Yankees game on Sunday, and the moron Angels fans went to the “Yankees Suck” chant numerous times.

    They obviously don’t suck. They had the second best record in MLB at the time, after playing a tough schedule, after coming off a WS winning season, all for a franchise that has won more than any other franchise in sports.

    Of course when the Yankee fans tried to rebut their chant, it resulted in a “Check the Scoreboard” taunt. Which means they held off on the “Yankees Suck” until the Angels took the lead. I could only just look around and shake my head at the nonsense people do at ballgames.

    Oh yeah, the Phillies also don’t suck. The Mets, on the other hand will resume sucking in no time.

    /Andy Rooney’d

  • http://twitter.com/YankeesGalaxy YankeesGalaxy

    I bet he like all other Mets fans are ordering WS tickets and waiting in line at Modells to get World Series Champions gear in April! They forogt they gotta go through May, June, July, August, September, & October.

  • Steve

    How are those Mets doing against the Phillies now? I hope he enjoyed how first place felt…