Yankees recall Melancon, option Golson


Via Bryan Hoch, the Yankees have recalled righty reliever Mark Melancon prior to tonight’s game. Greg Golson goes down in his place. The Yanks are now carrying 13 pitchers, so presumably Melancon’s time with the big league team is presumably limited. Maybe if we cross our fingers and wish really really hard, he’ll stick around and Boone Logan will be optioned back down. I’m not going to hold my breath though.

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  1. Your finger tips to Mo’s eyes, Mike.

  2. PaulF says:

    I’m really tired of Logan being on this team. He makes me want to scratch out my eyes when he walks a lefty leading off the inning.

  3. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    Is Boone Logan a cat? Cuz he sure has a shitload of lives.

  4. yoo-boo says:

    I have no problem with it. The way Girardi is managing Golston is useless.

  5. Kevin G. says:

    Please stay Melancon!

    /We are LeBron’d

  6. Accent Shallow says:

    Can Logan be demoted? His MLB debut was in 2006 — I thought we said Hughes couldn’t be demoted (without his consent, or without passing through waivers) once we got to May, since his MLB debut was in April of 2007.

    Wouldn’t this apply to Logan? I don’t know if he’d make it through waivers, but what the hell do I know.

    • JAG says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if someone claimed him and we were rid of him? That way the decision to bring him in would finally be out of Girardi’s hands.

    • vin says:

      As far as I know, this is his last option year – so he can be sent down any number of times this year. However, next year he would need to clear waivers in order to be demoted to SWB.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        He may have an option left — Hughes has at least one, and Chamberlain has at least two.

        However, as I said above, he’s three years past his debut, so this may pose an issue.

  7. tbord says:

    For your information his Dad is the guy in the Dos Equis beer commercials. Boone Logan is the man!

  8. YankFanDave says:

    Boy did this move backfire. Not that Golson will see much time with the Major yanks but they cannot go into late innings with Thames in the OF.

  9. andrew colin says:

    chamberlain stunk, so did rivera, bad defense, and some lousy umpiring, yankees lose a tough game. Bottom line, bad relief pitchng, terrible bench. Rivera gets a pass as he was inactive for an extended period. His command seems to be lacking and his cutter seems flat. Maybe he just needs to pitch more. Chamberlain stinks right now. No trust in his stuff. No command. TIme to take him out of the 8th inning role. Since every other relief pitcher right now stinks, who knows what to do? May be Tampa’s year. Too many high draft choices and they are dealing.

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