Yanks blow a pair of six run leads, fall to Tribe

Montero vs. Strasburg, Montero wins
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Photo Credit: Bill Kostroun, AP

The Yankees broke out of their offense slumber on Friday night, and there was plenty of reasons to feel good about Saturday’s game with CC Sabathia on the mound against one of the game’s worst teams. The offense was there again, putting 11 runs on the board, but the pitching staff completely blew this one, especially the bullpen. This might have been the Yanks’ worst loss of the season, but it feels like we’ve said that half a dozen times in the last two weeks.

What’s This … A Rally?

The game was very much in the Yankees’ favor early on, with Sabathia cruising and the offense pushing three runs across in the first three innings. The last place Indians wouldn’t go quietly though, putting a three spot on the board in the top of 4th to tie things up. Despite the eight run outburst on Friday, the Yanks’ are still trying to find some some consistency with the bats, so coughing up an early three run lead really stung.

Thankfully, the offense showed what made it the game’s base last season. Kevin Russo singled to left-center but ended up on second when Austin Kearns muffed the play, and 11 pitches later the bases were loaded following walks to Brett Gardner and Derek Jeter. A fly ball to bring in a run would have sufficed, but Nick Swisher got greedy, battling back from 0-1 and 1-2 counts to draw a walk and force in a run. Reliever Aaron Laffey then plunked Mark Teixeira after getting ahead 0-2 to bring another run in, but the big hit didn’t come until two batters later.

Alex Rodriguez swung through an 88 mph fastball for out number two, but the Yanks’ hottest hitter came to the plate with a trio of ducks on the pond. Laffey started him off with three straight fastballs, all off the plate for balls. Cano was taking all the way as Laffey threw a slider over for a strike, but he jumped all over the next pitch and drove it to the opposite field for a two run double.  Cervelli, up for the second time in the inning, bounced a ball back through the middle for two more runs after Marcus Thames walked, putting the Yanks up by six.

It was the team’s first sustained rally in who knows how long, probably going back to the 1st inning against Daisuke Matsuzaka 12 days ago. It was the first time the Yanks scored in the double digits since that game, so I feel good about my guess.

Photo Credit: Bill Kostroun, AP

The Bullpen Of Doom

Entering the 7th inning, the Yankees had a still comfortable five run lead and Joe Girardi was probably thinking about which veteran to pull for some extra rest in the late innings. David Robertson started the frame, but left after just seven pitches with a minor back strain. Sergio Mitre inherited a 1-0 count and threw three wide ones to put two men on with one run already in. Damaso Marte did his job by getting pinch hitter Russell Branyan to fly out, but then Girardi brought in Joba Chamberlain.

Ever since he exploded onto the scene in 2007, we’ve all expected to see great things from Joba. More than two full years later, those expectations still haven’t been met, and he’s not much more than another guy with a great arm failing to deliver on his promise. He entered today’s game with men on first and second, two outs, and a four run lead, and he yet he couldn’t preserve it. Let’s recap…

  1. Mark Grudzielanek singled in a run.
  2. Matt LaPorta walked on five pitches to load the bases.
  3. Lou Marson doubles in two after being behind in the count 0-2.
  4. Jason Donald doubles in two on a 0-1 count.
  5. Trevor Crowe singles in a run on a 1-2 count.
  6. Shin-Shoo Choo struck out to the end the inning.

Four hits and a walk scored six runs for the Indians, all with Joba on the mound and all with two outs. Three of the four hits, including the two doubles, came after Chamberlain got ahead of the hitter. His PA for the contest? How about -.701. This is the the third lead he’s either blown or contributed to blowing in his last five outings.

Joba’s been up and down all season, and given his performance in recent weeks, I can’t see how the Yankees could trust him in the late innings of a close game right now. At the very least, they should perhaps move him down in the pecking order into some lower leverage spots, but I also hope they’re seriously considering a demotion to Triple-A Scranton. You can’t keep running him out there if he’s going to keep blowing big leads, and you can’t let him sit around and think his job is safe.

If nothing else, hopefully this outing shows people who are hung on velocity that it isn’t everything. Joba was throwing 96-97 this afternoon, but it didn’t do him any good.

The Good

Cano and Swisher continue to mash, mash, and mash some more. They combined to go 6-for-9 with four runs driven in and three runs scored. Add in Jeter and A-Rod, and those four batters combined to go 11-for-18 with eight runs driven in. Tex was the only one of the top five batters in the lineup without multiple hits (or a single hit, for that matter), though he did reach twice on a walk and the hit by pitch mentioned above. When the top of your lineup does that, you should win.

It was good to see Shelley Duncan play in the game, he’ll always be a fave.

The Bad

Photo Credit: Bill Kostroun, AP

CC Sabathia wasn’t good Saturday afternoon, continuing a trend that goes back four starts now. After cruising through the first three innings on just 31 pitches while allowing just a lone hit, Sabathia really had to labor over the next three frames, needing 82 pitches to record to the next nine outs. Five runs in six innings is pretty bad, and it’s certainly not what we’ve come to expect from CC. He flirted with a 4.00 ERA until early August last year, so there’s no cause for concern. But when you start your ace against the third worst team in baseball, you have to win that game. Period.

Brett Gardner getting picked off first in the 5th inning. Can’t do that Brett, especially not with a righty on the mound. He now has one stolen base in the last 16 days. One! If he’s not stealing bases, then what is he good for?

The Ugly

Photo Credit: Bill Kostroun, AP

No, not the bullpen, this was much more serious. With men on first and second and one out in the 3rd, A-Rod took a first pitch changeup up in the zone from Indians’ start David Huff, and smacked it right back up the middle. Huff couldn’t get out of the way, and the ball hit him above the left ear and deflected all the way down the rightfield line. It was a double and a run for the Yanks, but no one seemed to care about that.

Huff laid on the mound faced down for a few minutes before being taken off the field on a stretcher. Updates after the game said that he never lost consciousness or experienced memory loss, and that the CT Scan came back negative. He was kept in the hospital for a few hours as a precaution, but has since been released. It sounds like Huff will be okay, but still, that was a really scary moment.

WPA Graph & Box Score

Brutal. Just brutal.

MLB.com has the traditional box score, FanGraphs the nontraditional box score.

Up Next

Another day game tomorrow, with A.J. Burnett taking on former Red Sox Justin Masterson. First pitch of the third game of this four game set is scheduled for 1:05pm ET. The Yanks need a big outing from their number two starter.

Montero vs. Strasburg, Montero wins
What's up, ZZ?
  • RalphieD

    “Brett Gardner getting picked off first in the 5th inning. Can’t do that Brett, especially not with a righty on the mound. He now has one stolen base in the last 16 days. One! If he’s not stealing bases, then what is he good for?”

    i agree he should be stealing more but this sounds odd…hes batting .290, hes not JUST a stolen base threat…he does get the occasional basehit

    • http://www.thechuckknoblog.com/ JobaWockeeZ

      True but I doubt that stays. Even is OBP isn’t anything special. Anything can happen at this point but his only value is in his legs.

      • Jayare

        “If he’s not stealing bases, then what is he good for?”

        Gardner value is scoring runs. He is leading the yanks with Cano with the most runs scored (35).

        Anyway he is projected to steal 58 bags. I think that is more than enough. He got picked off because he is trying to steal which will happen from time to time.

        • http://www.thechuckknoblog.com/ JobaWockeeZ

          Runs are almost as bad as RBI’s. It’s team dependent and not 100 percent correlated to the person’s skill.

    • Depp

      The 9th hitter isnt the problem.

      Repeat that.

  • Bobby’s World

    Lets trade Vazquez and Joba for Oswalt…Lets get this done now.

    • Joe M.

      Might as well do Teixiera for Berkman as well.

    • http://www.thechuckknoblog.com/ JobaWockeeZ

      1. Complete knee jerk reaction.
      2. Makes no sense for either party. Why would the Astros want a struggling starter with a meh relief pitcher which the Yankees killed value with?
      3. The reason why this is created is because you think Joba and Vazquez are bad so why would two bad pieces get one good one?

    • JMK

      Haha. No seriously.

    • Depp

      y would they want Javy? I bet they’d ask for mr Jesus

  • Jimmy

    When did Russel Branyan become a Yankee killer?

    • JMK

      Since he started facing Yankee pitchers that are susceptible to lefty hitters?

  • ZZ

    Pull a Halladay on Joba. Completely break him down and hope you can establish some type of delivery he can repeat.

    He is not even a AAA pitcher when he has been completely off with his mechanics in the past year. And the off is becoming more and more frequent.

    • Drew

      +1. Joba clearly belongs below AAA.

      /wait… what?’d

      • ZZ

        Not sure if this is sarcastic but it is really questionable whether Joba belongs on a major league roster right now. He has not been a good pitcher in over a year now and he is only getting worse.

        If you send him to the minors pitching AAA may not even be the place for him because just pitching is not going to solve this problem out of thin air.

        It may be time to completely start over with Joba, because when you cannot even repeat your delivery for a single inning out of the stretch, you have a serious problem.

        People can continue to close their eyes to how bad he has been over the past year and just expect him to get better, but it is very unlikely to just happen at this point. I have said all season that these terrible outings will continue to occur.

  • http://twitter.com/stophamm3rtime Dela G

    i seriously almost threw my computer out of the window during the rally. couldn’t believe what the hell was goin on


    get em tomorrow plz

    • JMK

      I’ve actually been legitimately sick all day (some sort of nasty virus). It got way worse during the 7th inning. Threw up all over.

      Thanks Joba.

      (I think it says a lot that the Yankees can do so much to my digestive system.)

      • http://twitter.com/stophamm3rtime Dela G

        man i hope you get better!

  • http://www.thechuckknoblog.com/ JobaWockeeZ

    Oh if Joba goes down to AAA I pray to Mo he’ll at least start. I will bet anyone one million dollars if a situation occurs it won’t happen.

  • DreDog

    Joba will be a case study for teams with young stud pitchers.

    • Depp

      Whats to study? They let him have 30+ starts and he couldnt do it. Now they are trying the pen aqnd its a fail. I dont see Hughes being a problem.

      • Joe D.

        Quick correction: They gave him 20 starts. In those 20 starts, he struck out 8 batters per nine, walked four per nine, allowed one homer per nine, allowed less than a hit per inning, and posted a 3.58 ERA over 110+ innings. In those 20 starts, the Yankees were 14-6.


        This was coming from a damn 23-year-old in the AL East in a park that was allowing home runs at a record pace through the early part of the season.

        Then Operation Innings Throttle started.

        ::Clears throat::

        Given how beautifully Phil Hughes has performed, I have no issue with him being in the rotation.

        I do take issue with the number of commenters who are asserting Joba failed as a starter, when he was great in said role in 2008 and 2009 right up until the point he started being treated like a faberge egg.

        Some people are just rooting for him to fail miserably, and use every poor appearance as an excuse to pile of the guy.

        Here’s a fun comparison: Fantastic SuperJoba (2007) versus Crappy FailJoba (2010)

        2007: 24 IP, 12.75 K/9, 2.25 BB/9, .38 HR/9, 36.7% GB rate
        2010: 21.2 IP, 11.22 K/9, 3.32 BB/9, .42 HR/9, ~50% GB rate

        My God, I can see what the haters mean. What the hell happened to him over the last three years!?

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUvg7Empjfg Captain Jack

          Oh FFS, you ignored how awful he was down the stretch, and blame how he was treated…he pitched poorly. Too many walks, too few Ks, compare his stuff from 2008 and 2009. His ERA was out performing his peripheral stats in 2009 up until the other shoe dropped. Yes, we all want him to succeed, he’s just been awful lately. Ignore the next ten starts he had where he pitched like Jeff Karstens, yeah they had a quick hook with him…why? Because he was bad and innings limits, but mainly he was just bad. No one really thinks he “failed” as a starter…40 or so starts isn’t enough, what’s really the issue is how he’s recovered since the injury. Yes, those strikeout and walk numbers are nice but it’s moot when he can’t go four outings without fucking the dog. The Joba defenders are getting worse than the Joba haters…

          • Joe D.

            I see.

            His ERA outperforms his peripherals in 2009’s first 20 starts (not by much, mind you) and you have want to chuck out the ERA in favor of the peripherals.

            Yet this season, when his peripherals outperform the ERA, you want to ditch the peripherals and focus solely on the ERA,

            Well which is it?

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUvg7Empjfg Captain Jack

          By the way a K/9 that drops a batter and a half an inning combined with a BB/9 that rises over a batter an inning is cause for concern.

        • Rob NY

          Quick correction, Joba gave up 1 earned run in 2007 and 14 so far in 2010. His strikeout and a half that has disappeared and the extra walk plus that has showed up are indicators whether you like it or not. You cherry picked some nice stats but I can do it too.

          One other thing; Joba 2007 ERA+ 1221
          WHIP 0.75

          Joba 2010 ERA+ 70
          WHIP 1.43

          Clears throat. Which guy would you rather have?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUvg7Empjfg Captain Jack

      Could it just be that he got hurt while being handled correctly and never recovered? Why is it that the Yankees did something wrong?

  • stuart

    2nd or 3rd time gardner has been picked off. I do not remember him getting thrown out at the base yet this year..

    if it is not joba the bum, which other bum is pitching the 8th?
    park, marte, gaudan(he is truly awful), etc.

    really all these guys suck. joba could not get 1 out. he gave hits up to 4 A players. pathetic.

    tex gets an rbi on a hbp. the guy has not gotten a hit in driven in a run in his 17 previous opptys. that is hard to do……he is a joke.the yanks should have scored 15 runs today, they blew many iopptys.

    • http://twitter.com/stophamm3rtime Dela G


    • Drew

      This is full of fail..

  • DreDog

    The crazy thing is that their best hitter went 0-6!!!

  • poster

    What are you talking about? The Yankees didn’t play today. It was an off day. The only interesting thing baseball-related that happened today was Halladay’s perfect game. Oh, and did you see that shit with Kendry Morales? Bizarre.

    But I have absolutely no recollection of a Yankees-Indians baseball agme today.

    /I totally believe this’d

  • Drew

    Missed the game today, was busy catching fish and getting hammered.

    Forget that our Ace was on the mound and we were playing the worst team in baseball. Our Ace was on the mound and we scored 11 runs. That’s a win every time.. Except when it’s not. CC has to pitch better in this sort of game.

    • poster


      Now I’m getting scared. A baseball game was not played today between the Indians and Yankees, amd certainly not a loss this ridiculously unlikely. I mean really. You honestly expect me to believe the Yankees blew a six run lead to the worst team in baseball? Or that they lost after having scored eleven runs with their Ace on the mound? I refuse to believe it. It’s not true.

      You’re all crazy people! [Deep breathing; crazed look in eyes]

  • Salty Buggah

    More The Bad:

    – Tex once went 0 for 3, though he had a walk and a run.
    – Jeter GIDP after Gardy walked to start the 7th. He’ll do that and he got on base 4 times, but it was still frustrating.
    – Cleveland scored TWELVE (!!!!!!) of their 13 runs with 2 fucking outs. That will correct itself in the season but still, damn!

    • Salty Buggah

      Correction: Tex had 2 runs. Doesn’t excuse his 0-fer again.

  • Depp

    The Joba should start people have got real quiet.

    • http://www.soxandpinstripes.net JGS

      Joba should start

      • poster


      • ZZ

        For who?

        He can’t even pitch 1 inning. Why would he be able to pitch 6 or 7?

        The only thing good coming out of Joba starting right now is that he could only hurt the team once every 5 days, instead of multiple times a week.

    • http://twitter.com/riddering Riddering

      Meanwhile, the “Joba should relieve” people are making noise? Please.

  • Troll-bot

    “He now has one stolen base in the last 16 days. One! If he’s not stealing bases, then what is he good for?”

    …maybe scoring runs? (35, tied for team lead).

    Above-avg fielding, when OF has been a horror show at times, this yr.

    Hitting well over .300 for a month, when the big guns weren’t…

    Playing every inning of every game for the past month….

    Dude had a 2-wk slump.

    • V

      d00d has NO power. None. A guy who hits .200 with power > .300 with NO power. Gardner’s ‘power’ is his ability to turn singles and walks into doubles.

      When he’s not doing that…

      • ZZ

        That is completely false.

        Anyone hitting .200 over the course of the season has no business in a major league lineup.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUvg7Empjfg Captain Jack

          Adam Dunn’s had years where he’s hit in the .210s and the .230s and still been a well above average hitter.

      • Troll-bot

        hey man, don’t let any facts stand in your way

      • Pete C.

        So the only way to “belong in the majors” is to only hit with power. Look I’m the worlds biggest fan of what Earl Weaver once called Oriole baseball; and I paraphrase ‘A walk, a single and a three run homer”. The part folks seem to forget is somebodies got to get on base in order for his teammate to hit the 3 run homer. Does this mean because Brett Gardner will in all likelihood never hit many 3 run homers he doesn’t belong? Which brings me to this point that several coaches made to me when I played: “baseball is a team sport played on an individual basis”. All you stat guys might want to read that again. Basically what it means, to me, while individual performance is important, it really is how the TEAM performs that counts.
        I was no fan of Brett Gardner at the beginning of the season, and while he will never be the prototype corner outfielder, he sure as hell is doing something right, and to, at best damn him with faint praise like some on this blog do doesn’t do the team justice, there’s that pesky word team again.

  • ZZ

    Gardner has been extremely consistent for this team so far this year. You cannot disregard how important he has been at the plate.

    Basically him, Cano, and Swisher have been the only guys in the lineup who have routinely shown up for the first 2 months of the season. Factor in Granderson going down and him sliding into CF and he has been an integral part of this team’s success.

    Stealing bases takes a huge toll on a player. Gardner has played every game for 6 weeks now and could be feeling the effects of that.

    Also and very important, with Granderson out stealing less limits the risk of Gardner getting hurt or wearing down. He absolutely needed to be in the lineup everyday with Grandy and Swish out and stealing more often would make a day off more necessary.

    Gardner himself has said he wouldn’t try to steal 75+ bases. It would wear him down too much. 50-60 is more than enough which he is on pace for.

    He is still 3rd in all of baseball in steals. The steals will come and he will be near the top or at the top of that leader-board a the end of the year.

    But really, the point is you cannot underestimate the wear and tear stealing takes on a player. Carl Crawford only stole something like 16 bases post All Star break last year.

    • V

      Last 14 days: .224/.291/.306 with 0 stolen bases.

      That’s not consistency.

      • ZZ

        Fortunately SSS like say 14 games are often skewed disproportionately by 1 or 2 bad games.

        With an injury riddled lineup and a #3 hitter playing below replacement level Gardner has stepped up so far this season and been a huge part of this team.

        • mac1

          No one hated Gardner more than me, recent slump aside (and he did walk 3 times yesterday), he’s been so good I wonder if the Yanks really need Carl Crawford and his soon to be huge contract.

          Gardner should get 500+ AB’s this year, for me it will be one of the most interesting parts of the Yanks season – if he can post .290/.375/.400 with 60 SB’s (not saying he will) and a Ppa over 4, I think he’s going to save the Yanks a ton of money.

          Also, whoever said the #9 hitter isn’t the problem is 100% on the money.

          • JMK

            No one expects him to hit .290/.375/.400, not even Brett Gardner himself.

            I have never been a BG fan, but if he can get on base at a 34% clip while playing the great defense we’ve seen and stealing bases, he’ll be more than adequate.

  • Jeff

    Most managers will keep bringing in different relievers until they find one who is getting outs. Girardi apparently will keep changing until he finds a guy who isn’t. This loss rests squarely with the (over)manager.

  • dkidd

    glad i skipped this one

    sounds brutal

  • ramez hanna

    we should have sent joba and jesus for halladay
    that was a big mistake ,jesus and joba are very bad this year while doc is having a perfect game yesterday

    • http://www.teamnerdrage.com dr mrs the yankee

      This is the worst comment.

  • Mitch

    Girardi managed like it was game 7 of the World Series. Granted, Robertson gets hurt…OK…Mitre issues a walk….he removes him because he doesn’t really trust him in a big spot….debatable…but after Marte gets Branyon he takes him out and uses his 8th inning guy in the 7th! It is easy to 2nd guess, but marte has been a closer. He could have left him in and then gone to Joba in the 8th. And when it is apparent that Joba can’t get anyone out, he has exhausted all his options and the Yanks are doomed. I’m not panicking, but Girardi can be clueless as in Joe at times. Joba looks out of shape and his demeanor on the mound is atrocious. I don’t see any passion from him when things aren’t going well. He doesn’t seem to know what to do when things go wrong. The Yankee bullpen reeks!

    • Troll-bot

      “but Girardi can be clueless as in Joe at times”

      sorry, what? I don’t understand that at all…

  • Pete

    The good: we’re still going to win the world series this year.

    The bad: none.

  • Daniel

    I hate reactionary analysis as much as the next guy, but I think it’s time Joba gets the hell on out of here. He sucks. Through some combination of the Yankees’ wrecking around with him and Joba lacking the work ethic to stay in shape and make himself better, he’s gone from being one of the best pitching talents this team has seen in decades to being a gas can.

    Demotion or trading, I don’t care. He’s not doing anything good for this team, so get him off the roster.

    • Stryker

      it’s my belief that the organization spoiled joba’s development in order to fill a big league need. this part of your comment i agree with. i would explain myself further but that’s been done to death around here and i’m sure others could put it eloquently and in more of a succinct fashion than i ever could.

      however, questioning his work ethic and ability/desire to make himself better is premature and ignorant. we have no idea what kind of effort joba puts into his side work or other training regimens. just because we don’t hear that joba is busting his ass in the weight room on exercise bikes or requesting to work on stuff with dave eiland doesn’t mean he doesn’t do those things. perhaps having that kind of information on hand would make joba’s struggles a bit less frustrating. perhaps not. all we see is his appearances in games and all we hear is his could-be scripted comments in few post game interviews. therefore, that should be the only thing we attack.

  • Zooboy

    Joba rues.

  • Pete C.

    No fan of Joba here, but, in a game when the other teams starter gets knocked out (no pun intended) in the 3rd, and are forced to use their pen from then on, there is no excuse for blowing a game like the Yanks did. Disgraceful is a good way to put it.
    Blame Chamberlain all you want, the fact is he’s been mediocre this season and for some reason Girrardi keeps trotting him out there in gut check situations, and now somebodies beginning to notice he’s not performing.
    AAA is definitely an option at this point, but from the way he’s answered questions about his ineffectiveness in the past (and I couldn’t watch the post game to see last nights) I suspect the message won’t get through. Unfortunately I believe so much was made of his spectacular start that he’s begun to believe the hype, and maybe a break him down session as was done to Roy Halliday as suggested above is in order. It seems to have worked for “Doc”.

  • Alex K.

    how does a Joba and a low level prospect for Heath Bell trade sound?
    Pretty sure Heath has 1.5 years left of service time, and for the Yanks him now is what they hope Joba will become. He can be dominant 8th inning guy.
    Then look from the Pads perspective and a money starved team moves a reliever for someone who they could move to the rotation who has loads of talent in a pitchers park with almost no pressure on the guy in SD.
    I think it should be done

  • Reggie C.

    How the hell do the Yankees blow a game in which it scores 10 runs and hand a 5 run lead to the ‘pen against an AWFUL indians squad?

    Embarrassing performance yesterday from the ‘pen. I can forgive the fact that the offense could only muster 2 runs after the 4th b/c putting up a 10 spot by the 6th inning should be enough.

  • Michael Kay but not THE

    Its unfortunate that Joba is doing a Kyle Farnsworth impression, I’d hope he’d further along at Mo & Andy University.

    Also is it just me or has CC PUT ON weight since opening day? I remember actually being impressed with how slimmed down he appeared when he reported for spring training. Its like after that game against Texas he celebrated by downing a Ben & Jerry’s Bronx 7-Eleven bound delivery truck.

    If the pen continues to struggle, and I’d say if thats the case by mid June its gone on far too long to just be a “rut”, what to do? Trading for bullpen help, aside from going after sure things that are surely unavailable, is always such a gamble. I started pondering this yesterday as Kay discussed him, but if Cleveland decided they just wanted whatever they could get for Kerry Wood and go with their youngsters, is he worth a try? His velocity looks fine, and maybe with more regular work (I’d imagine The Indians see very few close opportunities) out of a set-up role he’d find more consistency? I have to think going from starter to closer for a pseudo-playoff team like The Cubs to basement cleaning with The Tribe might be a tough transition for a guy used to having the ball in big spots?

    • Michael Kay but not THE

      and to add, obviously as a Yankee fan that watches YANKEE GAMES and has given up on SportsCenter and the abomination that is “Baseball Tonight” I see very little of Wood & The Indians on a regular basis.

      • rek4gehrig

        mlb network

  • Mitch

    @ Troll-bot…

    It was an attempt at humor…the old headline was “Clueless Joe” when Joe Torre was hired. I used it to draw a parallel to Girardi. Now that I explained it isn’t so funny. He is clueless when it come to his bullpen …He mixes and matches too much and does not go with his gut. Yesterday, I would have left marte in there so he then could have started Joba in the 8th.

  • http://instrumentsacrosstheworld.com Total Dominication (The Commenter Formerly Known as William)

    So I watched the game yesterday, pretty awesome right. I stopped watching when K-rob came out, since we were up by 5 anyway, not worth watching. I haven’t felt like checking the final score yet, what ever. I’m gonna just assume we crushed the, what else could have been the outcome?

    • rek4gehrig

      It still seems like a very bad dream