Yanks on the other end of 9-3 blowout

Still no Montero as SWB wins again
Fan Confidence Poll: May 10th, 2010

Three games at Fenway, three blowouts. The Yanks, thankfully, found themselves on the winning end of two, leaving the Red Sox another game back. It doesn’t matter much at this point in the season, but it’s encouraging to be ahead early. The 24-6 advantage in the series’ first two games certainly made the 9-3 loss easier to handle.

Biggest Blunder: Thames can’t track it down

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Marcus Thames is a DH, and he reminds us of that nearly every time he plays left field. Last the Red Sox hit plenty of balls his way, including one that got them started. With J.D. Drew standing on second and two outs in the second, Jeremy Hermida took a 2-1 fastball the other way. Marcus Thames couldn’t handle it, and it dropped in for a two-base error. Burnett got out of it by throwing three straight curveballs to Darnell McDonals, and it didn’t seem like much to worry about at the time.

This didn’t feel like the tuning point of the game, though. It was just one run, and Burnett did get the next hitter. Maybe it was the biggest statistical swing, but the biggest emotional swing clearly came an inning later. First with the Ortiz ground-rule double, then with the Beltre double. It hurts to give up anything to David Ortiz these days, especially when it really gets the Sox going.

Biggest Hit: A-Rod ties Frank Robinson

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The only blemishes on Jon Lester’s performance came in the fourth, when his team already had a 6-0 lead. Nick Swisher led off the inning with a home run, and then two batters later Alex Rodriguez hit his third of the season. Lester was pretty sharp the rest of the way, allowing just two hits, walking a guy, and hitting another. The Yanks put up a fight at times, but they were short lived.

A-Rod’s home run was, as you surely heard on the broadcast or the highlights, was his 586th, tying him with Frank Robinson on the all-time list. That was just his third of the season, giving him one every 43 PA. That pace should start to pick up. He has a few more to hit before he reaches No. 6, Sammy Sosa, at 609. If he picks up the pace a bit he could accomplish that this year.

Umpiring bad, but no excuse

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Arguing with an umpire over balls and strikes is a fool’s errand, but I don’t blame Joe Girardi for registering his complaints with Tim McClelland. His strike zone extended as low as the shins at times, and that pitch to Thames was clearly outside. I’m sure that Girardi didn’t get tossed over one bad call, though. I’m sure he was miffed at how McClelland’s zone affected his starter.

A poor strike zone, though, doesn’t excuse a performance like Burnett’s. The Red Sox seemed to have a plan, hitting almost everything to the left side. Of the 26 batters Burnett faced, 19 put balls in play, and nine hit safely. Another was the Thames error. The three walks didn’t help either. All three of those batters came around to score.

As well as Burnett has pitched this year, a start like this was inevitable. If you choose to read the outlets that publish them, you’ll likely see an article or two about Burnett’s poor performances at Fenway Park. It’s poor timing, for sure. The Yanks had a chance at a sweep and set back the Red Sox even further. But as long as he reverts to his dominant form next start it won’t matter much in the long run.


Two out runs. Six of the Red Sox nine runs came across with two outs on the board. Yes, two-out runs will happen. They’re part of the game. That doesn’t make them any less annoying.

Ortiz’s ground rule double. I know I mentioned it before. It was that annoying.


A-Rod and Swish moving up on the all-time HR list. (Swisher now has 140, tied with Joe Crede, Pinky Higgins, Terry Pendleton, and Adam LaRoche for 464th all-time).

Romulo Sanchez enforcing. He took his job seriously, retiring 11 of the 13 Red Sox he faced, striking out three. Even if the Yanks send him back tomorrow in exchange for a fresh reliever, he’ll get another shot this year.

WPA Graph & Box Score

This one’s not so bad if you ignore everything from 3 on.

Box Score

Up Next

The Yanks fly to Detroit to meet up with some old friends for the next four days. The Sergio Mitre Experience plays the warm-up set tomorrow night against Dontrelle Willis.

Still no Montero as SWB wins again
Fan Confidence Poll: May 10th, 2010
  • Carl

    Do the Yankees have a home ballpark this year?

    • http://www.soxandpinstripes.net JGS

      Yup. And they are 10-2 there

  • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

    4-2 at Fenway. Breathe. Repeat.

    • Hummingbird S.

      That! Sure it was a bad game, but shit happens. Overall, this is a great team having a great season so far.

      • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

        (astounded stare)

        Wow. Props to you. :D

    • Sean C

      Precisely. Remember when we were 0-6 against Boston after 6 games last season? Yeah, that sucked at the time.

    • ARX

      Worst part for me was barely having a few minutes here and there to catch bits and pieces of Fri/Sat’s games, only to have a clear schedule and a front row seat to last nite’s beatdown. Meh.

  • YankeesJunkie

    Biggest shock of the game was the split with Burnett at Fenway and everywhere else. Over 11 at Fenway and barely above 3 everywhere else with the Yankees. I mean the disparity was incredible both way. A 3.09 in 35 starts away from Fenway is what the Yankees paid for and those bad starts at Fenway have made AJ look much worse than he has been.

    • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

      the “Burnett is terrible at Fenway” montage was partially hilarious and partially “wow, f-ck you ESPN”

  • Cecala

    How could the announcing not annoy you? Joe Morgan was pissing me off the whole game with his facts that he pulls out of his ass. I honestly was looking forward to Kay, thats how bad it was. Also the fact that Thames can not make a catch look easy. All of the ones he actually caught, he made it look extremely difficult. SSS I know but his UZR/150 is -47.2, at least have Winn in the lineup because Thames should avoid the field at all costs.

    • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

      The mute button is magical. Also the SAP button, but it didn’t work tonight :/

      • Cecala

        I try to watch a game with the mute on, but it just gets too boring to watch. Even though I want it to cut out the announcers, it also mutes the sounds of the game.

  • pat

    Obviously this wasn’t 100% the problem, but it’s pretty hard to be successful when the ump makes ten bad calls in the hitters’ favor.


  • ryan

    Joba gave my girlfriend a ball at the game today.. MINEEE

  • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

    Who’s worse, Buck/McCarver or the ESPN guys? I can’t definitively answer that, boo. Obviously, they’re both terrible and they get their facts wrong all the time. But then, they have things that make them individually terrible. Buck seems like he isn’t interested in baseball at all and McCarver is borderline senile. The ESPN guys talked about anything but the game for about 75% of the broadcast. It wasn’t just because the game wasn’t close; they did that last year during the Yankees/Red Sox game that the Yankees ended up winning with the back-to-back home runs by Damon and Teixeira off of Bard, which was a ridiculously close and exciting game.

    I think I have to go with ESPN just because I CANNOT STAND Miller’s voice.

    • Joe D.

      If it was McCarver solo, I’d say ESPN is worse.

      But Buck/McCarver are worse, and it’s Buck that seals the deal.

      You can hear in his voice he doesn’t care about the game at hand, or about baseball, period. And that would be okay, if he wasn’t — you know — announcing a damn baseball game.

      Argh, just thinking about Buck pisses me off.

      I’m gonna go watch a couple of Vin Scully clips on YouTube rinse that out of my brain.

    • Meat Loaf

      Joe Buck because I think he’s cocky. I think he knows he has a sweet deal (calling so many sports games across the nation) but it’s not a coincidence that his talk show got cancelled: no one likes the guy. They just listen to him because it’s that or mute. At least with Miller & co. you get people who have played the game or almost completely focus on baseball.

    • dalelama

      hey Bexy, you and I mix like oil and water…LOL…the only one I can stand is Miller because I find his voice soothing for the lack of a better word. I listened to the Yankee radio announcers for five hours while traveling and I was thinking the whole time, “Man these guys are really bad.” If you ever want to hear a great broadcaster listen, if possible, to an ex-Yankee announcer named Bill White. I don’t know if you are old enough to have caught one of his games but in my lifetime he was the best by anyone not named Vin Scully.

      • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

        the only one I can stand is Miller because I find his voice soothing for the lack of a better word.


        I still remember his cries of “THE SPLITTER!!!!!!!” when Schilling used to pitch against the Yankees on ESPN games. Insert vomiting icon here.

        Hey, at least we agree Vin Scully rules.

    • Kiko Jones

      I can deal with Buck and McCarver, and Jon Miller is not that annoying to me. However, Joe Morgan is rivaled only by Tino Martinez in his ineptitude. At least Tino hasn’t been doing it for 2+ decades, so what’s Morgan’s excuse? Good grief!

    • Jammy Jammers

      The ESPN crew had a lot of wierd sentences last night. Many times they were just speaking nonsense. It wasn’t that I disagreed with them, they were just stringing random words together, then would give up halfway through the sentence.
      Joe Morgan said something like “Batter A is 3 for 10, which means he’s 3 out of 10…out of the 10…opportunities…”

      Plus, Jon Miller looks like an old Bozo The Clown.
      Their chemistry is terrible. Joe Morgan attacks everything Orel says.

      All that said, I hate Fox more. They go out of their way to be biased and they make brain-numbingly bad and wrong statements.

      • http://www.facebook.com/adorador Ray Fuego

        Joe Morgan was getting on my nerves last night I couldn’t stand it I had to mute the game. I think we should go old school and trade for a better radio announcer(yes teams used to do that) so i could mute the tv and listen to the radio during the games.

  • sharp shooter

    9-3 is HARDLY A BLOWOUT, you must’ve missed the first 2 games,beantown declared their season OVER !

    Headline should have said, “Boston finally won a game, after being beaten like a drum in back to back games, by the Yankees

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

      So, because the Yanks won in two blowouts, last night’s game couldn’t have been a blow out?

  • beantownbosox(fans)h8er

    Ok so I went to the game last night, I forgot how much I truly despise the Saux fans.

    At one point a group of them were chanting Yankees suck to a bunch of kids (anywhere from 9-13yrs old) and their parents.(on Mothers day)
    I am starting to think that it isnt the red sox the team that I dont like it is their fans.
    All teams have fans that take it to far, but they seem to take the cake. there was a time where you could have a baseball ,fact based discussion with a saux fan , no longer, their side of that arguement is either “(insert Yankeees player here) sucks” or just “Yankees suck”
    I do believe that I am done with that urine smelling, not all seats face the playing field , wait in line for 1 full inning for a beer, dump of a ballpark. I have had enough of them.
    I feel better now.
    As for the Game , the umpiring was terrible but another series win? Ill take it!
    We have only lost one series this whole year so far …correct?

    • Jammy Jammers

      To be fair, I’ve seen Yankees fans yelling at little kids wearing Sox shirts and telling them to get the F out.
      At one game, I saw a Sox fan girl (19-ish adult) crying that people pushed her down a stairway and stepped on her head. That made me laugh hard. She wouldn’t stop crying.

      You kind of have to expect that kind of thing from both sides, whether it’s right or not.

      In every group of people, there is a certain percentage of idiots.

      • beantownbosox(fans)h8er

        gonna find them everywhere, just seems to me that they as a whole are buttheads.
        they hate the Yankees more then they love their own team.
        The mentality shows when down by 11 runs on Saturday what did they decide to chant? you know it Yankees suck.
        they worse they do the more venom they will have for Yankees and their fans.

        • http://www.facebook.com/adorador Ray Fuego

          I was watching the game while I was on a game chat. The Red Soxs fans couldn’t come up with a coherent argument against the yankees being better than the red sox. They just said “your championships don’t mean anything” and the famous “yankees suck”. Then I remembered why I don’t do game chats.

  • Rick in Boston

    Don’t know if anyone gets Lee Sinins’ daily emails, but today’s headline is “Braden pitches a perfect game; Rodriguez ties Robinson on the HR List”. Somehow, fitting.

    As for the game itself, I’m somehow not surprised that bad AJ finally made an appearance – it took a month, but I think everyone knew it was going to happen. But, 4-2 at Fenway and 0.5 games out of first with just 12 home games? I’ll take that anyday.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

      A couple of years ago Lee Sinnis was overly confident that Robinson Cano would amount to nothing. I know one bad prediction doesn’t make a bad analyst, but his analysis of Cano was so flimsy — he doesn’t walk therefore he won’t succeed — that I’ve ignored everything Sinnis has said since.

      • Rick in Boston

        I ignore anything else he writes outside of his daily emails – there’s no analysis there, just facts. It helps keep me up to date on standings/injuries/who did what last night in one easy format.

        Sinins is a bit weird, though. He doesn’t believe in World Series wins, but bases his “championships” off of who has the best record. So the Yankees have something like 32 “championships” (including 2004).

  • Tommy Fusco

    Seems like Joe G is fed up with Thames, at least from his comments post-game.

    You gotta go with Winn tonight in left. Never thought I’d say that.

    Ok ‘predict the player’ returns tonight, as i was busy lately.

    But there will be a twist.
    We have to guess A-Jax’s numbers.