2010 Draft: Yankees sign first rounder Cito Culver


Via Sweeny Murti, the Yankees have signed first round pick Cito Culver. The team has confirmed the deal. He shortstop from Irondequoit High School in Rochester will head to Tampa soon, and join the rookie level Gulf Coast League squad when their season begins next week. Buster Olney says the deal is for slot money, which Marc Carig reports is $954,000.

The Yanks reportedly reached an agreement with Culver earlier this week, but had to wait until he graduated from high school on the 20th to make it official. I suspect he actually graduated today, and it’s just the ceremony that will take place this Sunday. It’s nice to have a first rounder signed early, the last time the Yanks did that was 2005. Welcome to the family, Cito.

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  1. nathan says:

    I am very worried about this guy, maybe the CJ Henry comparisons are unfair but I hope this one works out. We need impact position players that are not catchers.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      The only thing he and Henry have in common are skin color and being first round picks out of high school by the Yanks. Very different styles of play and future projections.

      • nathan says:

        I was just worried abt the “High school, SS, a relative reach” kind of similarities.

        But the Yanks have 10s of guys paid to do this for a living, they know more than we do — always. Maybe the fact that he was no one’s radar was what shocked our systems. Lets go Yanks.

  2. Accent Shallow says:

    Here’s hoping he comes out and plays like a guy who got over slot.

    Upside: more money to spend on the late round picks.

    • pat says:

      Upside: He’s a lot better than Klaw,BA and BP give him credit for. Most didn’t see him this year and were basing their scouting reports on year old information. I find it very telling that the Dodgers GM himself made the trip out to Rochester to go watch this kid play. That seems a little strange if Cito was truly a “4th or 5th round pick”.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        Wait, you’re telling me teenagers can change greatly over the course of a year?!

        /bad scouting

        Yeah, I’m hoping that Klaw/BA/BP are wrong.

        • MikeD says:

          If Cito turns out to be a solid MLB player, or makes the majors at all, people like Klaw will still say the Yankees overdrafted him. They’re not saying he might not be a good player, just that they Yankees could have drafted him lower, or went for some other talent. Perhaps that’s true, but doesn’t really matter now. He’s ours. He’s young. He’s a position player. I’m looking forward to watching his development over the next few years, but have low expectations at the start. He’ll probably need some refining. (btw does he go by Cito or Chris? I’ve seen it listed both ways.)

  3. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Technicalities, FTW!

  4. TLJ says:

    Certainly it’s never too early to predict John Sterling’s Home Run call for him.

  5. Januz says:

    I felt that this was a deal that was made before the draft, that Culver would agree to sign for slot, in exchange for going first. This has two obvious benefits for the Yankees. 1: There will be no repeat of the Cole/Bittle mess of 2008, or the Heathcott/Murphy desperation of 2009. 2: No waiting on Selig’s office until August on this pick. Here is the big question: Does this cut in the first round bonus mean they have more money to spend on players than expected or are they cutting the budget? I am of the opinion that based on what I have read that Segedin, Kahnle, Encinas, Morton and Gamel will get done (If there not done already). Gumbs is likely to be signed. The question marks are Williams, Anderson, Burawa, Dean, Rutckyj, Jordan, Jacob, Viramontes and Kish.

  6. Chris says:

    My lame ones:

    - “It’s a four bag Culver for Cito”

    - “Cito goes Cul-ver the wall.”

  7. Greg G. says:

    “Cito, that was neat-o!”

    /goes back under his rock

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