Aceves feels no pain during throwing session

Game 63: Sweep the 'Stros
Posada leaves game with soreness in right foot

Via LoHud, hobbled reliever Al Aceves threw off flat ground today and felt no pain in his lower back. “Nothing hurt,” he said. “Everything was normal.” Aceves has been on the disabled list since early May with a bulging disc in his back, and he received an epidural after suffering a setback last month. He threw for about eight minutes at 60% effort, and believes he could throw again tomorrow. Of course, it all depends on how the back feels in the morning.

Hopefully this is the first step back for Aceves; his absence has really made his importance to the team obvious. We knew he was important before, but good grief.

Game 63: Sweep the 'Stros
Posada leaves game with soreness in right foot
  • Cecala

    Good to hear I miss Aceves. We were fortunate that the bullpen has improved as of lately, but then again we were playing a lot of sub .500 teams.

  • JobaTheHeat62

    yea the disaster that is the Yankees bullpen has really improved it seems lately…I mean even CHOP is pitching well, and Boone Logan is no longer on the roster so things are going well.

    • JobaTheHeat62

      that being said Aceves can replace Chad Gaudin anytime he likes.

    • Mike

      What Chan Ho Park is doing right now is just a fluke. All of these appearances lately have been against bad teams: Indian, Orioles, Blue Jays and Astros. Very soon he is gonna come back down to earth against good hitting teams and go back to having a 7 or 8 era. Then hopefully Cashman will finally realize his mistake and do the right thing by cutting him.

      The guy I would like to see in Park’s place is Ivan Nova. I liked what I saw from Nova in the small sample we got to see of him in relief. It could be the perfect way to break Nova into the big leagues incase he becomes a member of our rotation next year. I know alot of you don’t like that idea because he is starting in the minors but we don’t need another starter because all 5 guys hve pitches well and the rotation doesn’t look like it needs any help. Plus Mitre has pitched very well so he could step in if someone misses a start. Also, the idea of putting Nova in our pen worked with Hughes last year it I bet it could work again for Nova this year.

      Hopefully Aceves can start getting health so we can get him back. I think the earliest we could see him is after the all-star break. When we get Ace back then we can let Gaudin go. I liked the idea of bringing Chad back but he has not looked good at all since coming back.

      • bexarama

        I dunno, CHOP’s been pitching really well, I have to say. It’s not like he’s leaving big ugly hangers that guys are just missing. That Gardner play today was amazing no doubt but that was the first super solid contact I’ve seen against him in a while. I have hope!

        The Blue Jays are certainly not crappy (yet, I still think they finish under .500), either.

  • Hector

    i really hope this means gaudin is gone when aceves returns

  • Dante

    Hopefully…Gaudy Gaudin is a goner as soon as ACE returns.
    Inventory him down in SWB along with Logan and Thames?

    • MikeD

      Gaudin will be picked up by some other team. I know it’s easy to pick on Gaudin, but players like him serve a purpose on a team, even if it’s as a back-up when the pen is burnt, or during blow-out games, etc. Unfortunately, Aceves is going to be a question mark the rest of the year and I’d be very surprised, even shocked, if he made it through the year without more back problems. This has been an issue with him since last year and it’s popping up more frequently. This is not going to go away. My guess is the Yankees and Aceves are hoping to patch him together for the season.