Game 55: Hello, Toronto (and a Dave Eiland update)


I'm so happy he's in the NL now. (Photo Credit: Tom Mihalek, AP)

Hard to believe the Yankees and Blue Jays have yet to meet this season, isn’t it? I guess that’s a good thing though, because the Yanks have won 19 of the last 32 games between the two clubs, and that was when the Jays had that guy you see above. Not to sound arrogant, but it’s nice to have some wins in the bank for the second half.

They don’t have Halladay any more, but the one thing the Jays do have is the ability to hit the snot out of the ball. They lead all of baseball with 91 homeruns, 17 more than any other team and 30 more than the Yankees. Jose Bautista (16), Vernon Wells (13), and Alex Gonzalez (11) (!!!) have all hit double digit homers, then you’ve got John Buck, Aaron Hill, and Adam Lind with at least eight each. Someone should check the water up there.

Here’s the lineup that will have to slap hit and small ball it’s way past those big bad Blue Jays and starter Brett Cecil…

Jeter, SS
Swisher, RF
Teixeira, 1B
A-Rod, 3B
Cano, 2B
Posada, DH
Thames, LF – ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
Granderson, CF
Moeller, C

And on the mound, the former Jay, A.J. Burnett.

First pitch is scheduled for 7:07pm ET, and can be seen on YES. Enjoy the game.

Dave Eiland to take personal leave

Update by Ben (6:45 p.m.): Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland is taking an indefinite personal leave from the team. While neither Joe Girardi nor Brian Cashman said why Eiland needed the time off, the Yankee skipper said this was not indicative of a rift between the coaches. “Everything is great between Dave and I,” Girardi said.

During Eiland’s absence, current bullpen coach Mike Harkey will move to the dugout to serve as the temporary pitching coach. The Yankees will probably add a coach from the minors next week. “We’ll carry on as business as usual,” Girardi said. “Just as when you have a player go down, we’ll make it work.”

The Yankees do not know when Eiland will return, but the team is willing to give him time and space to straighten out whatever personal issues are taking him away from his professional duties. “He’s going to take the time he needs,” Cashman said. “That’s it. We’ll get him back as soon as practical.”

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  1. Tom Zig says:

    Thames’ UZR is a negative OVER 9000

  2. bexarama says:

    I hope all is okay with Dave Eiland. =/

    The Blue Jays’ offensive explosion is just bizarre to me.

  3. Andy_C_23 says:

    Does anybody else not give a shit about this boxing match at Yankee Stadium?

  4. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Granderson, please be fast today okay? Play as close to Thames as possible… y’know, just in case…

  5. bonestock94 says:

    I would really like for the Yankees to reclaim that HR lead in the majors this season. Shit, half those guys half to stop hitting homeruns now to fall in line to their past seasons lol.

  6. Jim S says:

    Why do we continue running Thames out there in the OF? I know we want his bat AND Posada’s, but seriously.

    • pat says:

      Grandy needs a day off and a LHP on the mound.

      • Marcos says:

        Gardy has hit lefties better than righties throughout his career. Of course, Joe G is oblivious to any facts other than “He’s left handed, he CANT POSSIBLY hit a lefty pitcher, simply impossible”.
        Don’t get me wrong, I thing Joe is a very good manager, but he gets WAY too cute with match-ups.

        As for the day off, that seems like a legit reason.

  7. markinCali says:

    Just read on Espn that Eiland is taking indefinite leave of absence.

  8. I guess the plan is to tell AJ to throw balls in locations that they can’t hit to LF?

    Maybe MLB will grant us an exemption from the rule that states you need 9 guys on the field and will allow us to play a 10th man out there, softball-style.

    Thames’s UZR is higher than Pi.

    Oh man…

    • pat says:

      Isn’t Pi 3.14? I wish Thames’ UZR was that high.

      • I’m not so hot at math but my rudimentary understanding is that it’s a number without physical units. It can’t truly be quantified.

        In other words, we know Thames is bad, but how bad he is may never be comprehended.

    • Marcos says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by his UZR being higher than Pi, but I CAN tell you that if we put a blueberry pie out there in LF instead of Thames, we’d have a better defensive team. Too bad blueberry pie can’t mash lefties…

  9. bexarama says:

    Top four teams IN ALL OF BASEBALL in runs scored: Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Blue Jays. JFC the AL East should be illegal.

  10. Kristen says:

    Bob Lorenz & John Flaherty in the booth – this should be an interesting combination.

  11. bexarama says:

    Lorenz and Flaherty? Is this Spring Training? o_O

  12. Marcus Thames’ UZR is -2.8 this season in the OF. Just wanted to post that for reference.

  13. Zanath says:

    I thought I was going insane when I saw Bob Lorenz in the booth. What’s going on here?

  14. Mark says:

    I like Bob Lorenz in the studio, but it is nice having a weekend off from Kay. Good luck to you Bob.

  15. Poopy Pants says:

    Conspiracy theory time:

    Bob Lorenz is in the booth because…
    - Kay, Singleton or someone else was arrested at customs with drugs in their bum?
    - Dave Eiland got in a fight with Al Leiter on the plane last night? (two-for-one)
    - Michael Kay is banned from Canada b/c of prior sex crimes?

  16. Mike Axisa says:

    Swisher’s teaching this kid a lesson. Bring that weak shit and I’ll stand here all damn day.

  17. dygg says:

    awesome AB to start the game off

  18. bexarama says:

    Even though he made an out that was a ridiculous AB. Good job Swisher.

  19. Is it just me or does Mike Harkey look fucking awesome in the dugout?

    • pat says:

      I have an irrational affinity for Harkey. probably because he is intimidating as hell, he kinda reminds me of an Easter island head.

  20. Andy_C_23 says:

    Cecil B. Demented

  21. bexarama says:

    Teixeira I love you but whenever any pitcher has a good changeup I tend to know how the at-bat is going to end ;_;

  22. cjc says:

    not sure many would have had a shot at the ball up the middle but Jeter looked like he was stumbeling after it

  23. cjc says:

    yay Curtis fuck you Lind

  24. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    Take that Austin Jackson :p

  25. claybeez says:

    Great catch!

  26. bexarama says:

    Curtis! That was completely insane. Kay would have JIHP’d.

  27. baby carlos says:

    who the fuck is this guy doing the Yankees game?

  28. Jose the Satirist says:

    Is this the official Spelling Bee thread? I don’t know how you guys can be talking baseball when that starts at 8pm. What word will win this year? Will it be schadenfreude? Or maybe pfeffernuss?

  29. cjc says:

    don’t love this matchup a good change up against this lineup could be trouble

  30. claybeez says:

    A Yankees fan and from MD – I like this guy. Just lose tonight.

  31. baby carlos says:


  32. cjc says:

    that ball was on a tee but wtf is going on with this guy I mean seriously something just not right here

  33. bexarama says:

    Well that was ridonkulous.

    Also it’s cute how all these young lefties look up to Pettitte. Mmm.

  34. pat says:

    Can’t let that guy hurt you, AJ.

  35. forensicnucchem says:

    Thames should’ve caught that. Gardner would have…

  36. James A says:

    I think this Dr. Galea investigation needs to look into the 2010 Jays

  37. MikeD says:

    AJ, focus. Focus. Do not look at the blonde serving girl who keeps appearing in the front row.

  38. baby carlos says:

    ahh it is one run. BFD!

  39. forensicnucchem says:

    Geez, Thames tried to slide into an out there…

  40. pat says:

    Does that count as a sacrifice?

  41. cjc says:

    is there like a farm or something in canada that just keeps pumping out these water/popcorn chicks for sky dome

  42. pat says:

    Just a base knock PLZ

  43. forensicnucchem says:

    Harkey looks a little confined in the dugout. I think he needs the larger expanse of the bullpen.

  44. Mike Axisa says:

    Nice clean turn. Well done.

  45. forensicnucchem says:

    Wow Baltimore. Chris Tillman threw 57 pitches in 1.1 innings and is already out of the game.

  46. Andy_C_23 says:

    A-Rod goes deep this inning. Fact.*

    *This may not be fact

  47. forensicnucchem says:

    I love field microphones.

  48. forensicnucchem says:

    Atta boy Swish. Two nice AB’s.

    Hopefully now Tex will try to recognize the changeup better.

  49. pat says:

    Lol, Sterling couldnt remember the type of turf that Jays play on. Something turf, he says.

    10 mins later Suzyn goes .. “The surface here is field turf”

    John goes “Ohhhh ok field turf.” Like it’s some substance from Mars that’s new to humanity.

  50. cjc says:

    there you go hit it before he can throw you a changeup

  51. cjc says:

    well that sucked

  52. baby carlos says:

    the result of poor base running. not good.

  53. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Tie this Cano!

  54. bexarama says:

    I hate scalded outs booooooo

  55. baby carlos says:

    Robbie can’t hit the change.

  56. BigBlueAL says:

    If Im a pitcher facing the Yankees all I would throw is a high 80′s fastball and changeups on the floor. Nothing else. Would dominate them. lol

  57. BigBlueAL says:

    Nice bunt by Wells.

  58. bexarama says:

    AJ’s reactions have been kind of funny this game.

  59. MikeD says:

    Make this man pee in a cup.

  60. shrek says:


  61. Mike Axisa says:

    Are you kidding me?

  62. forensicnucchem says:

    Well, that didn’t go well.

  63. bexarama says:

    WTF? This is ridiculous. And AJ’s not even pitching anywhere close to badly.

  64. baby carlos says:

    well there goes the neighborhood

  65. baby carlos says:

    .255 hitter – twice.

    • bexarama says:

      Hardly the only person who’s given up a HR to Bautista this season.

    • forensicnucchem says:

      He did come in leading the majors in homers.

    • baby carlos says:

      .255 hitter, that is all I am saying.

      • baby carlos says:

        .239 career and has never hit more than 16 HR’s prior to this season = juice

        • bexarama says:

          There’s testing. I mean, I know, it’s weird, and it’s not like the testing is perfect or anything, but I get so uncomfortable tossing around steroid accusations.

          • MikeD says:

            I don’t, especially when I’m pissed because journey-man players start going all Brady Anderson on the Yankees. :-)

            Seriously, though, players can mask steroid use pretty easily, especially when they’re not doing blood tests, just urine tests. Manny got caught last year because he was stupid. (Hey, Manny being Manny.) I do think PED use is down quite a bit form a few years ago, but there’s always going to be group of players who will take the risk. I think it’s especially more likely to come from players on the cusp of having a starting job, or sent to the bench, or sent to the minors. Bautista is in that category.

            I’m not saying he is, espeically since there does seem to be something else going on in Toronto with the long-ball this year, but…

      • MikeD says:

        Reggie Jackson was a life-time .266 hitter. For some reason Bautista has decided he’s a major power hitter and is on pace to hit 54 HRs. I don’t get it. He sucks.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      Harmon Killebrew was a CAREER .256 hitter.

      • baby carlos says:

        um, that is not a fair comparison. Killebrew consistently hit 25+ HR’s

        • Cg says:

          Bautista hit 23 hr in one of his two full seasons in the minors. He’s always been a good fastball hitter with surprising power. Take that and add the blue jays new hitting philosophy of “smash the baseball” leads to a good amount of hr.

          He’s hot right now and there is noway he is going to hit 50-60hr but he has 25- 30 hr ability.

    • baby carlos says:

      from Twitter: BloggingBombers

      Fun fact: Jose Bautista’s wikipedia page is titled “Jose Bautista (utility player)”

    • mike c says:

      glad that toronto went with molina instead of keeping barajas. his production so far on top of what they have already done so far would just be absurd

      • MikeD says:

        John Buck is their main catcher. He has 9 HRs, including three in one game. He also sucks. Yet sucky hitters seem to be hitting a lot of HRs this year in Toronto.

  66. Frigidevil says:

    Just turned on the game, I guess Bautista’s legit huh? That’s ok, because it’s a beautiful day WITH NO MICHAEL KAY! I don’t have anything against the guy, he just gets on my nerves sometimes.

  67. James A says:

    Jays fans really getting on Burnett
    also if it was 2002, i would have no doubt that Bautista was on roids

  68. cjc says:

    well now he’s lost the plate

  69. baby carlos says:

    So is Mo the official bullpen coach while Eiland is gone?

  70. forensicnucchem says:

    I don’t know why, but I find it funny that the pitching coach is now bigger than the pitchers.

  71. cjc says:

    come on can an ump call a guy out on a check once this year

  72. forensicnucchem says:

    There’s a boxing match at Yankee Stadium??? I had no idea…

  73. baby carlos says:

    time for the boys from the bronx to start doing something ..

  74. cjc says:

    arg this game has Dallas Braden frustration written all over it

  75. bexarama says:

    Guys, not an ideal inning.

  76. Hector says:

    this game blows

  77. baby carlos says:

    Mike Axisa – can we get poll questions during the game like you do with the chats?

  78. pat says:

    Hahaha what the fuck is going on here?

  79. baby carlos says:

    that just might do it.

  80. cjc says:

    come on AJ WTF enough throw strikes early

  81. mike c says:

    isn’t HGH legal in canada?

    • Yeah, which is why it was a bit weird that the US Government was after that Canadian Doctor that Reyes, Alex and Beltran went to. They traveled to Canada to see him, not sure what the problem was.

  82. Hector says:

    3 hr’s….damn!

  83. mike c says:

    btw gardner would have caught that last homer

  84. bexarama says:

    Aaaah this inning is making me O_O

  85. baby carlos says:

    So that managerial change in Baltimore is paying of.

  86. shrek says:

    c’mon AJ hold them here

  87. Pat D says:

    I’m having such a horrible night at work right now I think I’d rather be watching AJ make the Jays look like the ’61 Yankees.

  88. forensicnucchem says:

    Ok, this is getting absurd now.

    Javy better figure something better out or he’s going to get demolished with all these homers on Sunday.

  89. Steve O. says:

    Damn bandbox.

  90. Brad Toughy says:

    Pretty easy .. just pitch Bautista away. Demolishes stuff in.

  91. pat says:

    Moeller, so dirty. He could be a closer in the NL.

  92. I generally don’t mind solo shots, but 3 HRs in one game (one a 2-run HR) is a bit much.

    On the plus side, my Japanese Lillies are going to bloom any day now. Dahlias are still about a week away.

    • Angelo says:

      This has to be one of the more random comments I’ve ever read on RAB. I laughed pretty hard. Thank you sir, in reference to your Japanese Lillies.

  93. Tom Zig says:

    Who the **** is Jose Bautista and why is he smacking balls all over the place?

  94. Steve O. says:

    Moeller with the nice piece of hitting. Perfect storm…

  95. bexarama says:

    Aaaagh at least we scored?

  96. FIPster Doofus says:

    BABIP hates Teixeira this year

  97. Angelo says:

    Few…Bautista had a 2-0 count. I got scared. Damn it, now it’s 3-1

  98. baby carlos says:

    fucking double plays = 1 run. damn.

  99. CNight_UP says:

    Dear football mentality baseball fans. Stop living and dying on every pitch. That run doesn’t matter? I guess we will take it off the board and play for the grand slam then….

    • dark side of the goon says:

      Funny thing is that when I have to travel and go to bed early and get up at like 3 am I leave the RAB game thread up on the computer and then when I wake up I hit refresh and read it all the way through before I check the scores. Most nights I think we’re losing when we wind up winning the game. I’ve come to find it amusing.

  100. forensicnucchem says:

    At least they learned that Bautista is killing fastballs and not to put one anywhere near the zone.

  101. Frittoman626 says:

    Hopefully the Blue Jays bullpen sucks like it did against the Rays :(

  102. Frittoman626 says:

    I hate you bad Burnett >:(

  103. Dela G says:

    damn it moeller

  104. bexarama says:

    Oof, I feel like AJ’s pitched way better than 6 runs in less than 6 innings. I mean, not great. But not as bad as his line. Does that make sense?

  105. Angelo says:

    I’m really banking on the Twins helping us out.

    Any day now

  106. cjc says:

    trash me all you want but I’m calling it Cecil looks great AJ was total garbage cant play Baltimore everyday time to go out

    get em tomorrow boys

  107. kunaldo says:

    Well, that escalated fast.

  108. Sean C says:

    These Jays announcers JITP every time one of them hits a fly ball. Settle down, dudes.

  109. Dela G says:

    man cecil is good, but not this good

  110. Frittoman626 says:

    Game set done. Red Sox leading 8-0, Rays leading 4-2, they are in danger of going a GB of these three loser teams

  111. YankeeScribe says:

    Bad AJ making an appearance tonight :(

  112. baby carlos says:

    good thing about doubles, harder to GIDP

  113. mike c says:

    the jays’ bullpen are going to get killed

  114. Dela G says:

    who is the guy filling in for kay?? i like this guy

  115. Reggie C. says:

    There’s no real ace in this staff, though Morrow does have great great stuff. I havent watched the game till now, but Cecil’s pitching some game.

    • Frittoman626 says:

      His name is Ricky Romero, and tell me this in a few years

    • Angelo says:

      Romero has probably been their ace. But I understand what you mean by no real ace. Morrow has great stuff, but I wonder if he’ll ever put it together. He’s still pitched badly this season.

  116. Dela G says:

    man this sucks ass

  117. bexarama says:

    Waaaaah. Just one of those games I guess? (And no, it’s not over yet.)

  118. mike c says:

    good AJ gets the fruit platter, bad AJ gets the meat tray

  119. Dela G says:

    boy lewis swings at everything

  120. Dela G says:

    cmon meat tray

  121. Reggie C. says:

    Jim Callis released an updated mock draft today. he’s pegged RYAN LAMARRE (OF – U. of michigan) as the yankees’s selection.

    What is with all these draftniks prognosticating a low-upside, boring, slot-friendly college pick as our next Yankee first-rounder??? I hate to say it , but i’m actually getting worried that this might be Opp’s direction.

    • Angelo says:

      Isn’t Ryan Lamarre a very toolsy player with a lot of upside?

      • Angelo says:

        Axisa said he’s more fit as a second round pick though.

      • Reggie C. says:

        LaMarre can run and covers lots of ground. He’s a slap hitter. 1st round bats should never be slap hitters. Its a poor selection for a team like the Yanks that should ALWAYS be willing to pick the best talent on the board.

        • Angelo says:

          Hopefully the Yankees don’t take him then. And Oppenheimer usually goes for the high ceiling guys anyway. Relax.

          Just check the track record.

          Hughes, Joba, Brackman, Heathcott. He will go for the high upside pick.

  122. baby carlos says:

    can’t remember who made the comment… Texas just tied the rays bottom of the 4th with bases loaded and 1 out

  123. Frittoman626 says:

    Lets score some runs

  124. Cecala says:

    Have we ever one a game where Thames started in LF?

  125. Dela G says:

    man i can’t believe i forgot to start cecil on my fantasy team

    i’m a moron

  126. I’m happy I didn’t have to watch this game.

  127. CapitalT says:

    Did Moeller get a ring with the Diamondbacks in ’01

  128. Dela G says:

    how dumb is this game plan against bautista??

    stop feeding him fastballs


  129. Dela G says:

    Thames with the throw!!

  130. mike c says:

    thames flashing the leather

  131. CapitalT says:

    Thames will get a web gem on the throw!

    You come to the ballpark and see something new every time

  132. scooby says:

    Roidtista going for Barroid’s record?

  133. Dela G says:

    wait so that is strike three, but the 0-2 pitch was a ball??

    oh wells

  134. CapitalT says:

    Yankees are not working the pitchers like in past years. This was a perfect game for it considering how poorly Tor’s pen has been lately.

    • Angelo says:

      I love how some people make baseball sound so simple. Yeah, you’re right Cecil can’t throw strikes. In fact, he is an awful pitcher. One of the worst in the league.

  135. Looks like I missed a not great game. Were the Yankees just out of this from the start?

  136. CNight_UP says:

    Can we trade Firtoman to Lohud for a Betsy to be named later?

  137. Sean C says:

    I don’t see 5 runs happening right here, but I’ll be perfectly happy if they put couple up.

  138. bexarama says:

    That game stunk. You move on.

  139. scooby says:

    get em tomorrow

  140. Hummingbird S. says:

    Didn’t get to watch the game tonight, just got home. So, what happened? Did Cecil pitch great or the offense sucked? How bad was AJ?

    • bexarama says:

      Cecil was very good, AJ wasn’t particularly great but he was better than his line, IMO

      • poster says:

        I’d have to disagree, I thought A.J. was pretty sucky all game. Lots of hard hit balls.

        That being said, I thought it was more bad luck/Cecil being great than the offense sucking.

  141. Jake H says:

    Yankees mailed it in. I believe that Cecil had 20 pitches through the 1st inning. Then he needed just 80 pitches to get through another 7. That my friends is mailing it in. Teix is terrible right now, I want him out of the lineup. Give him 2 days off. The guy needs a wakeup call because he is killing this lineup right now. If you don’t want to bench him then you need to move him down in the order to 6th.

  142. bonestock94 says:

    I was at the gym all night and (thankfully) missed the game, can I get a quick recap please?

  143. bonestock94 says:

    I was offered manny for lance berkman. I’m sooo confused!! I asked both the rotographs and RAB chats what they thought and was blown off.

  144. poster says:

    Coaching legend John Wooden dies at the age of 99. Sad.


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