Gardner day-to-day with right forearm contusion

The Burnett identity
Could Super Two changes affect the Yanks?

Monday, 3:00pm: Turns out that Gardner did up getting x-rays, though they came back negative. He is day-to-day with what is being called a right forearm contusion. With Cliff Lee scheduled start tomorrow night, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Chad Huffman in left not just for matchup purposes, but to also give Gardner that extra day of rest. As weird as it is to say, he’s a really important player for this team and they can’t afford to lose him for an extended period of time.

Sunday, 10:00pm: Gardner has a bruised right forearm and is day-to-day. No x-rays were necessary.

9:28pm: Brett Gardner left tonight’s game after being hit by a pitch in the hand/wrist during his first at-bat. Joe Girardi said during the in-between inning interview that there was some swelling, and that he’s going to be checked out by the doctors. Great.

The Burnett identity
Could Super Two changes affect the Yanks?
  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

    Jesus, Mo and Joe DiMaggio that’s so totally not what they need right now

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      When is Marcus Thames due back? Midweek?

  • Hunter

    No X-Rays needed? Now, that is grit!
    Awesome news.

  • Ellis

    (giant sigh)

    I skip right to Gardner when I check out a game’s box score- I’ve loved watching him develop and adjust over the last couple of years. So glad he’s alright.

    • LarryM, FL.


      I agree but I still believe he watches too many pitches. Being aggressive on certain pitches will bring more productivity from him as far as total bases. But, .319 or so ain’t bad. Doubles takes the pressure off of his legs during the long season and slide feet first, protect yourself.

  • Jim

    Thames would’ve struck out. Can’t field or hit…and Winn had to play behind him….

  • NYC Exile

    Gardner is a great player, and can only improve. He is so much fun to watch. I hope he gets center field next year. Granderson should hit eight, permanently. Yankees need to stick by some of the young ones, even Joba (LOL).

    • whozat

      Garder is an exciting player, has put up several very good months, and looks to have made adjustments to the league that have helped him succeed. Kudos to him. However, he’s far from great, and “can only improve” is patently false. He’s figured out a new approach that’s working for him now, but they’ll figure him out and he’ll have to adjust again…that’s how baseball is. The fact that he’s made the adjustments he’s made bodes well, but it’s the ability to keep doing so that is the hallmark of a really good player. Like how jeter takes the ball the other way all the time, until they start really pounding him inside…and then he rips a couple balls deep to left for a few games until they start to work him away again.

      • The209

        how do you know he’s not going to continue being a great player (assuming we’d agree he’s putting up great #s this year…)?

        just wondering…

  • Total Dominication

    383/472/533 in June! Weird part is he had just 6 sb’s, least for any moth this season.