• BigBlueAL

    Best. Recap. EVER.

    • Ivan

      Nice and Sweet lol…

  • bonestock94

    That’s great man, almost makes the loss worth it lol.

    • RKelly39

      Almost but not quite

  • Pudge

    Game 67: Round 2. No FIGHT!

  • cjc

    could sum it up any better

  • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

    This game was stinky, this recap was great.

  • Pete

    god i love 162 game seasons

  • deuce bag poster

    This=new favorite RAB post, period.

  • Kevin
    • vin

      Besides both being closers, K-Rod couldn’t be any more different than Mo. That’s what makes Mo so great. He DOESN’T act like K-Rod. Mo’s greatness isn’t measured by his number of saves. Hell, he doesn’t even have the record (by a decent margin) but he’s widely assumed to be the greatest ever. The save stat makes RBI look like wOBA.

    • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

      On Twitter, Ian O’Connor said something like “Don’t get too hyped up Mets fans, you’re just beating another bad American League team.” Uh. I get the idea that there are no great teams this year yet (NOT EVEN THE GREATEST TEAM IN BASEBALL HISTORY THE 2010 TAMPA BAY RAYS?!?!?!0), but ahaha at the idea of the Yankees being bad.

      • deuce bag poster

        I think the Yankees will end the season as a great team.

        • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

          Me too. But like I said, I get the idea that there are no real amazingly great teams in baseball yet. There weren’t in the first half of 2009 either.

          • RL

            I don’t know. I’m certainly hopeful 2010 will be another great season, but I’m beginning to worry. Jeter isn’t hitting like Jeter, A-Rod’s power doesn’t seem to be there, Tex … Thank Mo we’ve got Cano and Swisher (but he seems to be reverting back to his norm of late as well.

          • Carcillo

            In the first half of 2009, they went 51-37, but before getting swept in Anaheim, they had been on a stretch where they won 13 of 15. They were hitting their stride, for the most part, going in to the break, and it showed in their 52-22 2nd half.

            This team would be hard-pressed to match that.

            The only thing I hate is how the race has tightened. I liked it more earlier in the year when it was the Rays, Yankees, and the Sox a good 8 back of both.

          • pounder

            Get some competent bench players, damn the cost.Huffman,Russo, Pena et al.Spend some bucks and get somebody who can hit.Automatic outs,all of them,and that includes Cervelli,fast moving down to where his offense belongs.

      • deuce bag poster

        BTW Bexy-I made a suggestion to you on the bottom of the previous thread. I’d post it here but that would be clearly off topic. You should check it out.

        • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

          Saw it, good idea. Will probably end up doing it. :)

      • Accent Shallow

        He’s just trolling us all.

      • ZZ

        The Yankees are on pace for 99 wins.

  • vin

    Best & Worst recap ever. Nicely done.

  • http://www.soxandpinstripes.typepad.com/ Angelo

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I must participate in the game thread in order for the Yankees to win.

    I haven’t particapated the past two days = Yankees lose.

    /Montero Watch’d

    • mike c

      hey montero went 3 for 4 today, that’s a plus

      • Accent Shallow

        OPS over .700! Out of the Eric Duncan zone!

      • http://www.soxandpinstripes.typepad.com/ Angelo

        Haha yes it is sir.

  • mike c

    time for cashman to crack skulls

  • Accent Shallow

    Innings 6-9 were one long tease. They threatened in each inning, and the threat was slowly snuffed out.

  • AJ

    You’re killing me smalls!


  • rek4gehrig

    Brilliant. Sometimes less is definitely more

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Sometimes less is definitely more

      It’s not the size of the recap, it’s how you use it.

  • http://instrumentsacrosstheworld.com Total Dominication

    Just got back. Toy Story 3 was quite possible the best movie I’ve ever seen. It helps ease the pain.

  • http://www.twitter.com/stophamm3rtime Dela G

    man i just turned the channel to palladia HD and they are playin “Empire state of mind”

    my night just got better

  • ned

    I don’t think it’s the end of the world, but it’s time to stop denying there are problems.

    Don’t you think some of the AAA guys might have a chance to do a little better than some of the guys we’re relying on?

    Park, Logan, Gaudin and Joba are more inconsistent than AJ.

    How much longer are we going to rely on the bats of Pena and Russo; not to even mention Granderson and Huffman.

    Can we really do a lot worse by giving some of the hot position players and relievers a chance to show what they have?

    Every time Tex has a good game or two people talk as if he’s back; he’s not. Maybe it’s time to move him down in the batting order?

    It’s past time Giardi stops relying those he knows and try those that are actually performing, or at least have potential. He’s to into his comfort zone.

    • Rob Has no Innings Limit

      The shortsightedness of this comment is deplorable.

      If Teixeira doesn’t end the season at least at .280/.380/.510, and Grandy with 20 HRs and a 3.0+ WAR, I will smother a Red Sox batting practice cap with Papi’s En Fuego Steak Sauce and green and red jimmies, sit down to a candlelight dinner with Jimmy Fallon, Bill Simmons and Jackie MacMullan, and force myself to savor the atmosphere of the eve over the next five hours as I agonizingly choke down my dinner of wool, raised stitching, chipotle seasoning and artificial coloring.

      But it won’t happen. Have faith in Mo.


      • OldYanksFan

        Teix finish with .280/.380/.510?
        Really? God, I hope so, but… and this is just ballpark, but with his current .733 OPS, he will need slightly above a 1.000 OPS over the rest of the season to hit your .890 prdiction.

        • Rob Has no Innings Limit

          He did just that with both the Braves and Angels over a 3 month period. We forget with his current struggles just how bonkers he is capable of going for prolonged periods of time.

  • http://conservationvalue.blogspot.com/ Jon G

    Time for some changes to bullpen and bench.

    Having to keep Moeller on the roster is a big minus. Pena is a minus (would Nunez be better at this point — perhaps time for his cup of coffee..?) It will be great when we can send Moeller back down and call up Miranda or even Vasquez if he gets hot…

  • Cecala

    This had to be the worst season of the year for me. I went to the game today which was great when I arrived because the weather could not have been more perfect. Javy pitched fantastic keeping the Yankees in it after that one run. I went with my girlfriend who is a Mets fan and she said if the Mets win I will have to see Twilight Eclipse. I figured the Yankees could score one run to tie the Mets especially with Javy dominating till the 7th. The bullpen meltdown then made it worse, so now I have to see Twilight Eclipse. I am depressed.

    • ShuutoHeat (GGBG > DP)

      Owch, Twilight? Man…
      Did she say you can’t sleep through the movie?
      You know, just be there next to her.

    • RL

      ” … Javy pitched fantastic keeping the Yankees in it after that one run.”

      This had to be the worst part of the game for me. While I was indifferent to Javy when he came over, ya gotta feel bad for the guy now. He has some excellent outings, and we can’t get him a win! One run in 7 innings!!! What more do we expect they guy to do? If he blanked them he still would have lost!!! The offense needs to wake up. This is getting painful.

  • http://conservationvalue.blogspot.com/ Jon G

    OK, if you were Cashman:

    1) Who do you bring up from AAA (or even AA) to see if they can be good MLB relievers to see if you can solve the problem internally before the trade deadline?

    2) Who do you give shots to on the bench?

    3) If internal options fail, who do you trade for by the deadline? Seems like our needs this year will be similar to last year, except this year we need an 8th inning guy. There’s nobody on the roster who I feel confident in for that slot at all right now.

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Here’s what I do if I’m Cashman:


      Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would put up, personally, Jon G.

      • http://conservationvalue.blogspot.com/ Jon G


        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          Boring, but effective.

          Just like Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA).

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          But, if you insist on an actual reply:

          1.) Who do you bring up from AAA (or even AA) to see if they can be good MLB relievers to see if you can solve the problem internally before the trade deadline?

          I bring up Albaladejo, Romulo, and Melancon (but only after the latter starts getting guys out again). But I don’t bring up any of them at the expense of DFAing anyone other than Gaudin. Chan Ho Park gets a full season to prove that he can’t be an effective reliever. I’m not whacking him just to give Mark Melancon another shot; he can wait his turn.

          Yes, that means that when Mitre and Aceves return, all the above names go back down to Scranton and wait for September expansions. You don’t make decisions emotionally.

          2) Who do you give shots to on the bench?

          Nobody. The bench isn’t an issue. I don’t care. Whether Kevin Russo or Ramiro Peña or Eduardo Nuñez or Cody Ransom or Luis Sojo or Alvaro Espinoza (R.I.P.) is the backup shortstop doesn’t matter.

          We like to whine and bitch and moan about them, but benches just don’t really matter that much. Whomever it is, he’s not going to be a complete player in one way or another (or he’d be starting). Don’t waste your time worrying about it.

          3) If internal options fail, who do you trade for by the deadline?…

          Meh, I don’t care. See the above comment about benches. If our internal options fail, we’re still the best team in baseball. If they don’t fail, that’s just the icing on the icing. Either way, we’re still going to win the World Series.

          …Seems like our needs this year will be similar to last year, except this year we need an 8th inning guy. There’s nobody on the roster who I feel confident in for that slot at all right now.

          Joba Chamberlain is currently sporting a .385 BABIP against and a 54.4 strand rate. Joba’s getting jobbed by the bad luck gods at the moment, which explains why his ERA is an unsightly 5.72 even though his FIP is a sparkling 2.28. Give him a few months of regression to the mean and he’ll be just fine down the stretch.

          • Phranchise

            im not advocating just dfaing chan ho park right now, but saying that he gets a full season to prove that he can’t be effective is retarded. hes on a cheap one year deal, he’s old, and easily replaceable. in about a month or so if he’s still sucking then he absolutely could/should be dfa’d. at the rate hes going the guys at AAA could easily match, if not better the work hes doing.

          • http://conservationvalue.blogspot.com/ Jon G

            Good stuff – thanks for the reply.

            I hope Joba’s FIP proves to be more accurate than his ERA…

            That said, the bench in our case — with several aging players who need breaks — could prove to be fairly relevant. Hopefully A-rod’s groin issues fade quickly, and that becomes less relevant. Same goes at catcher. But we need guys who can play IF positions and contribute more than Pena has, and more than Moeller will.

            When Moeller goes down, we probably see Miranda (or perhaps Vasquez if they need someone who can also play third). Given his performance this year, could sending down Pena for a look at Nunez be a possibility, to see if he can provide a bit more pop from the utility role?

          • Jay

            I don’t see how TsJC thinks making no moves is the right decision, nor do I understand the keep Park all year. Why didn’t they keep Vargas all last year? or Edwar? I realize Huey had a larger sample size of sucking, but Chop is an NL guy coming to the AL East.

            I agree not to make drastic changes, but the reason the Yankees dominated was they shuffled players around until the mix fit. Just my opinion.

  • larryf

    Is Nick Johnson able to put a stick of gum in his mouth yet? The pitch count machine will lead us to a dominant second half!

    Just kidding actually

  • Carcillo

    It was frustrating enough seeing the Yankees lose games against the Jamie Moyer’s and Kyle Kendrick’s of the world, but it could be rationalized as being “part of baseball”. Even the best teams lose at least 59 games a season.

    But seeing the Yankees get shut down AGAIN by Takahashi, after Swisher said they had “gone to school” over him…that’s just a bad loss altogether, and not one to easily write off in the present time. It would be one thing if the past three nights were some incredible display of Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Johan Santana (in his prime), but three scrubs?

    That can’t happen.

    • Rob Has no Innings Limit

      Hitters slump, teams have off nights. It happens. I’ll take three losses in a row to scrubs in June over three losses in a row to Beckett, Shields and Garza in a September pennant race.


      • Carcillo

        But my point was is that if they were getting shut down by three legitimately great pitchers, it would be hard to find fault in that. It wouldn’t make us happy, of course, but it’d be explainable.

        Moyer, Kendrick, and Takahasi? Seriously?