Jeter named USA WEEKEND’s 2010 Most Caring Athlete

CHoP and the 2nd Inning
Eiland to return Tuesday

As if Derek Jeter needed any more hardware for his mantle, he was just named USA WEEKEND’s Most Caring Athlete of 2010 for his work with a youth league in Washington Heights. Jeter’s sister Sharlee arranged for the children for participate in the league, except most of them had never played baseball before and the team literally couldn’t score a run. Jeter volunteered to coach a game and help teach baseball to the kids, and then took them all out to eat after they scored the first run. Great guy, that Derek.

CHoP and the 2nd Inning
Eiland to return Tuesday
  • Dela G

    man that derek guy is something else.

  • Nostra-Artist

    I find it ironic that only one person cared enough to reply to this post, and that guy was just being a smart ass(h/t Joe Biden).

  • LarryM, FL.

    We expect much from our baseball players. How many of us take time from our schedules to assist unfortunate kids. Think hard. Just what I thought!

  • MoBoy2

    Jeter better win these awards because the one award he’ll never win is the MVP.It’s sad the most iconic baseball player in our era wasn’t the top ten player or hitter of he’s generation.