Possible trade target: Ty Wigginton


As we move closer to the trade deadline (barely more than five weeks away now), we’re going to take a look at a few players that may or may not make sense for the Yankees given their needs. It seems foolish to waste time writing about players that don’t make sense for the Yanks, but most of the time their names will be linked to the team just because, so we might as well give our two cents. We’ve already looked at one bench option in Jeff Keppinger, and now it’s time to look at another: Ty Wigginton.

Photo Credit: Rob Carr, AP

I’m not sure why, but Wigginton seems to have a lot of Mark DeRosa in him, in that lots of fans think he’d be the perfect utility player for the Yankees. He’s kind of a big name and has had some big seasons in the past, so it’s a match made in baseball rumor heaven.

Wiggy certainly had himself a huge start the season, hitting .300/.361/.613 with 13 homers in his first 167 plate appearances, which I’m sure the Orioles loved because it boosted his trade value. Since then though, the former Met is hitting a whopping .225/.349/.270 in 109 plate appearances, bringing his overall season line to .272/.356/.485. That’s still very good obviously, and it’s not completely out of whack because he’s produced like that over full seasons before. For what it’s worth, ZiPS rest of the season projection calls for .280/.343/.464 with 11 more homers the rest of the way, but that assumes he’ll be playing on an every day basis, which he most certainly would not being doing on the Yankees.

Photo Credit: Rob Carr, AP

Defensively, Wigginton does offer extreme versatility, having spent considerable time at every infield spot but shortstop, plus the corner outfield positions. He’s not very good at any of those spots though, with negative UZR‘s across the board over the last few seasons (some in the double digits) and there’s no reason to expect him to improve at age-32. Not that he would be asked to steal or anything, but Wigginton is 5-for-14 in stolen base attempts over the last three years, and has cost his team about three runs on the bases in non-stolen base situations during that time. For all intents and purposes, he’s a righthanded bat off the bench that can fake it at several spots defensively.

As for contract status, Wigginton is owed just a touch under $2M for the remainder of the season, and he’ll become a free agent this winter. He isn’t projected to be any kind of compensation free agent either, and isn’t even close enough to the Type-B threshold to make it interesting (more than 14 points away). Because he’s spend so much time at first base over the last two seasons, he’s lumped in with 1B/OF group, which is based on a different set of stats and knocks his performance down a peg.

The Orioles are reportedly seeking a young shortstop in return for Wigginton, which is perfectly fine as long as they don’t think they’re getting a franchise cornerstone. The Yankees have a few players that fit that bill, namely Ramiro Pena, Reegie Corona, and Eduardo Nunez, all of whom have their strengths, but generally aren’t considered future every day players. I can’t imagine that Baltimore will get a better return than those three, especially if they don’t want to eat any of the money left on his deal.

Yankee bench players have been a largely underperforming group this season, and the problem has been somewhat exacerbated by nagging injuries to Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada. Wigginton certainly makes sense on the surface, but the cost is rather steep (basically five to six years of one of those prospects for four months of Wiggy plus his salary). The Yankees showed last season that you can find valuable reserves on the trade mark for a pittance. Just because it can be done doesn’t mean that it should.

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  1. mike c says:

    wigginton for pena and russo? sign me up for that all day

    • tony c. says:

      all of these rumors going around.when all is said & done,we are all going to be surprised.every name mention,not one will be a yankee.we are all in for a surprise….

    • Irish Yank says:

      You are out of your mind to pick up Wigginton…. There are better options for the money the Yanks will have to fork out… let alone the players we will be giving up. One player that needs to go is Chan Ho Park… He sucked when he was a Dodger years ago and he still sucks. The Yanks could have just promoted a AAA pitcher rather than hire that douche bag. They need to look elsewhere if they want utility player help… plus look at the bullpen—middle relief…

  2. Dirty Pena says:

    When we start doubting the positives of a trade involving Reegie Corona, the terrorists have won.

  3. pounder says:

    It’s all about the Benjamins with Cashman.He’s going to go the cheap route in July,and save his schekels for the free agents.I believe we should trade now for Lee,paying for him twice doesn’t faze me,but seeing him with the Mets or Red Sox in October(Nov) would be brutal.Montero and Gardner plus, for Lee and Gueteriz….but I dream.

    • nsalem says:

      You must be a huge Mariner fan

    • Tom Zig says:


    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Paying him for him twice with no need is exceptionally brutal and not needed. I know people would like the big name but it’s not needed.

      And Montero for one of the better pitchers in the game and Gardner for the BEST defensive outfielder in the game? I think that is a dream.

      • pounder says:

        Thanks for shattering my dream,oh well,back to reality.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          Heh sorry. Don’t worry, there’s a good shot he’ll be in pinstripes in 2011. And you don’t have to worry much about the Sox and Mets. The Sox are at a payroll of 175 million which is almost Yankee territory and I’m sure John Henry would hate that. They have to extend him if they are going to trade for him because big prospects will have to get involved. I don’t see them trading prospects and I don’t see them spending on another big pitcher when their rotation is expensive enough.

          The Mets on the other hand probably seem content with their rotation right now. I mean Omar hasn’t tried to get one during FA, I highly doubt he’ll do something this deadline.

    • A.D. says:

      but seeing him with the Mets or Red Sox in October(Nov) would be brutal.

      I couldn’t care less who’s on the Mets, if it matters, then its the world series.

      He’s going to go the cheap route in July,and save his schekels for the free agents.

      Trading for Cliff Lee is the definition of not the cheap route.

    • tony c. says:

      you are absolutely right,cashman hasn’t the money to trade big.im thinking at the end of the season depending on how the yankees do,that will tell which way they will go…..

  4. Mark from Chicago says:

    Wigginton’s bat would great, though I think a deal for Craig Counsell from Milwaukee would be much more realistic….1. He can be had for much less than what Baltimore will probably want for trading within the division; 2. At 40, he play decent defense and can play both 3B, 2B and the all important SS, which allows us to demote the light hitting Pena; 3. He’s clutch (.278 with RISP, .310 RISP w/ 2 outs, .333 with bases loaded); 4. He’s cheap (due only $2.1 million this year); and 5. The dude has won a few rings (Florida in ’97, Arizona in ’01)

  5. I wonder which shortstop Axisa is hoping Wiggington gets traded for?

  6. Paul Canales says:

    I’m down

  7. joe says:

    what about mike aviles for pena ?

  8. Rose says:

    Rumors were going around that the Yankees might try to get Adam Dunn.

    But the Yankees are always thrown into these kinds of rumors…especially when you have a wide open DH spot available. But there were talks earlier about Dunn signing an extension with the Nationals. I don’t really buy them…but he’d definitely be a pretty nice DH guy haha.

    • I highly doubt that. Dunn and the Nats have recently been talking about an extension, I believe.

    • JC says:

      link? article? anything? or is this just your “rumor”?

      • Rose says:

        It was on ESPN (the television). My deepest apologies for not predicting the conversation and recording a copy for you. I really hope you can forgive me.

    • Tom Zig says:

      I wish, Rosaxavelli, I wish. Dunn would fit wonderfully, but the Nationals are going to ask for a lot in order to pry him loose. Most likely a lot more than we would be willing to give up.

    • bexarama says:

      I don’t actually personally like Dunn but as long as he could strictly DH and never go near the field with a glove in his hand I would seriously cry in joy if we got Dunn for the right price.

      • What do you think the right price would be?

        • bexarama says:

          One of the reasons I do not like trade threads is because I have absolutely no idea what a good “price” would be. :X Of course, I would suggest a bag of balls and I’ll even personally throw in a Yankee hat, but I doubt the Nationals would take that. ;)

          • Would you start w/Nova or Z-Mac?

            • bexarama says:

              Probably not for just a half-year of Adam Dunn unless I thought he was THE GUY that could put us over the top. I don’t know if I’m overvaluing them, though…

            • Captain Jack says:

              Considering he’s a strict rental, the Yankees could offer him arb and probably get picks…yeah, sure. That being said the Nationals seem to want to keep him, as they should, they’ll probably re-sign both Dunn and Willingham. They have the makings of a nice team there in the capital. Jordan Zimmerman’s a pretty good pitcher and when he gets in there they’ll have a really nice top of the rotation. They’re not too far off from being a dark horse WC contender, I don’t think they’ll really be “sellers.”

              Side note:

              If Arenas comes back and the Wizards do something they’ll be right in there too, along with the Caps and my man Ovi, obvi. There’s some good sports happenings in the Nation’s capital, except the Redskins of course.

          • tony c. says:

            i’ll go one better..a bag of balls,yankee cap & m.thames..

        • vin says:

          His contract expires after this season, so it wouldn’t be much of a salary dump for the Nationals. So there wouldn’t be an Abreu-type heist. They’d probably want a fairly legitimate prospect. Melancon? Phelps? Nunez?

      • Tom Zig says:

        I don’t actually personally like Dunn

        What? How come? Did he tell you that Andy has a big butt chin/kick your dog?

        /just messing around
        //taking things out of context

        • bexarama says:

          It’s completely irrational. I do not like watching him play the field at all and I think he looks like Curt Schilling.

          Also Andy DOES have a big butt chin but he makes it work.

          • Yeah, his fielding is atrocious.

          • Ross says:

            Have you seen Dunn play the last few years? The guy is an absolute beast. He hovers around 40 HR every year (17 already this year, so he’s on pace) walks a bunch (.398 OBP in 09), and last year even started hitting for average (.267, used to be a .230 hitter). He could look like Hillary Clinton for all I care, with those types of numbers you’d be hard pressed to find a better DH.

            • bexarama says:

              Yes I have and I’m well-aware of how awesome he is as a player. He’s like a Nick Johnson who can stay healthy times ten as long as you don’t put a glove on his hand. Like I said, if he came to the Yankees for the right price I would be overjoyed. He is indeed a perfect DH.

              • Dela G says:

                wait how do you compare dunn and nick johnson? the only things those two have in common are their skin color, propensity to walk, and can play 1B. Other than that, dunn is a power machine and has no long-term injury history. Dunn, if he keeps it up, is on pace for a hall of fame career, and i really wanted the yanks to trade for him in the offseason last year. I mean you can pencil the guy in for 100RBI, 100BB, and 40 HRs each year. Nick johnson would kill for a season like that

  9. George da animal steele says:

    Where is Andy Fox when u need him!

  10. Bret says:

    Wiggington is not going to the Yankees and I’m not sure why the Yankees would want him. The infield is covered, he will not be happy as a full time backup with little room for playing time plus the O’s won’t trade him within the division. My prediction for what the O’s do.

    Wiggington to the Rockies for Esmil Rogers
    Tejada to the Twins for Trevor Plouffe
    Millwood to the Mets for a decent prospect
    Guthrie to the Rangers for a good prospect
    Scott somewhere for a prospect
    Will Ohman for a prospect (like the George Sherill deal last year).

    O’s will save money and significantly upgrade the farm system with these moves, plus they are historically bad WITH all of them.

    • This comment started so well, with so much logic and promise. That first paragraph is really well reasoned and is 100% on point.

      As for the second and third paragraphs… meh.

      • Bret says:

        Who are you, F. Scott Fitzgerald? I don’t need you to analyze what I write.

        The O’s are going to dump every decent player over the age of 30 for prospects which is exactly what they should be doing. The Esmil Rogers deal was reported the other day. That may not interest you but for some people the earth doesn’t spin around the Yankees bench players.

    • Captain Jack says:

      As far as the Os not dealing in division, Adam LaRoche seems like a better candidate, he can DH, back up Teixeira at first, and pinch hit too. Ideally I’d prefer a guy that can play the OF…but there’s a lot of “buyers” so you gotta take what you can get.

  11. ADam says:

    Baltimore and McPhail will be far to arrogant to deal wiggington to the yankees, they’ll ask for Romine or something crazy… but they’ll trade him Minnesota, Boston or Texas for nothing… I would live TW but dont think the orioles will deal him to the yanks out of spite

  12. Ross says:

    As strange as it sounds, I think Wigginton is too good to go after. He’s an every-day player on every team except the Yankees right now. The Yankees offense, while inconsistent lately, isn’t so bad that we need to pluck a starter and ask him to turn into a DH/Bench player. Last years pickups are the type of players we should go after – good bench guys wasting away on bad teams.

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