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Sometimes your options are so poor that it really doesn’t matter what you do. That’s the situation at the back of the Yankees’ bullpen right now. Chan Ho Park, Chad Gaudin, and Boone Logan have provided so little value that, in theory, you could call up a random AAA reliever to replace them and you’d realize equal, if not better, results. That appears to be just what the Yankees will do. By all appearances, Dustin Moseley will join the team tomorrow at the Stadium.

We learned yesterday that Moseley has an out clause in his contract that allows him to elect free agency if not on the 25-man roster by July 1. Last night he was scheduled to make his final start before that date, but as Donnie Collins reported in the early evening, Moseley would not make his start. Collins went on to confirm that the move did not involve an injury, and later that Moseley was throwing in the bullpen. That sounds like we’re just an official announcement away from seeing Moseley join the team.

That means the Yankees will have to jettison one of those three underachievers. Since they have a 40-man roster spot free they could simply option Logan and let that be that. That way they could keep both Gaudin and Park on the major league roster while stowing away Logan for depth. It sounds like the most likely move from a GM who covets his depth. But at this point I’m not sure it’s the correct move.

What, exactly, do the Yankees think they’re going to get from Chad Gaudin? Pick a stat, either results- or peripheral-based, and you’ll see nothing but dreck. ERA: 6.89, FIP: 6.10, xFIP 4.57, tERA 5.96. Oh, he has a 3.84 SIERA. His numbers have improved a bit since joining the Yankees, so maybe he’s not a total waste. But that doesn’t mean the Yankees have to keep him around. They can try to do better than simply not a total waste.

Now seems like as good a time as ever to start sending the bullpen cart to Scranton and picking up random relievers for auditions. Moseley starts on Tuesday. Albaladejo figures to get a shot soon enough, probably at the expense of Park or Logan. Moseley will get a few chances, and a lack of success will lead to his release, only to be replaced by someone like Romulo Sanchez or Jason Hirsh. Better to find out what they have now, rather than try to deal for someone at the deadline when there’s an answer right under their noses.

Will Moseley, or any of these guys for that matter, prove the answer to the Yankees’ bullpen issues? Probably not. But chances are they won’t provide a necessarily worse option than Park or Logan or Gaudin. At this point there isn’t really a reason for Gaudin to be on the team. Someone will have to go, regardless, when Sergio Mitre returns from his DL stint. Why not DFA the guy who will be DFA’d at some point anyway? At least that way Girardi will get to keep his coveted double-lefty tandem.

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  1. At least that way Girardi will get to keep his coveted double-lefty tandem.

    Let me just get this one out of the way.

  2. Mark says:

    Start it up for the rest of June, and all of July, and see if one of these guys can stick. If they don’t he can get a bullpen arm on July 31 if need be. You see Alby put up great numbers, and hear he has changed up his pitches, and you hope he gets a chance.

  3. Mike Axisa says:

    Dustin Moseley? Meh.

  4. sangreal says:

    Why not just send down one of the several AAA position players on the roster now that inter-league play is over?

  5. ROBTEN says:

    Long Version:

    To be honest, it seems at best a “push” and more likely that Gaudin ends up > Moseley.

    In virtually every stat available, Gaudin has put up better numbers over his career. In addition, it’s not like Moseley was tearing up AAA. Combine this with the fact that Gaudin is actually younger than Moseley, despite pitching in the majors four more years, and it seems like the idea that Moseley would be much of an upgrade over Gaudin, if one at all, is a stretch.

    To be clear, I know that players like Gaudin or Moseley are readily available — in fact, they have “forgettable” right-hander version 3.0 named Jason Hirsh ready to go — and so I don’t ultimately care if they give Moseley a shot over Gaudin or stick with Gaudin over Moseley or dump both for Hirsh (although, Gaudin has been better than both over his career). But, this is my point. It seems more like treading water than making an upgrade to the bullpen. I guess you hope to catch a few “magical” appearances before Moseley eventually turns back into a pumpkin (or you have to let him go when Mitre/Aceves returns).

    This, though, leads me to the short version:

    I agree with Mike.

    Dustin Moseley? Meh.

  6. Mattchu12 says:

    I remember seeing him pitch against us when he was with the Angels, he did a really good job driving his fastball down in the zone and was effective with his secondary stuff. I think there is a decent chance that he can catch on, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  7. Why not DFA the guy who will be DFA’d at some point anyway?

    Bingo. Unless Chan Ho Park turns into 07 Joba over the next few weeks, he’s going to be released, so just do it now.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Thank you.

      Chan Ho Park is awful and provides zero value to the team now, and will provide zero in the future. There’s at least a chance that Gaudin/Logan will be useful, in that they have skills Park doesn’t (spot starting/throwing with the left hand)

    • Unless Chan Ho Park turns into 07 Joba over the next few weeks, he’s going to be released, so just do it now.

      My retort (and Cashman’s): Then let’s wait those next few weeks and see if he does turn into 07 Joba. It’s just a few weeks. We have no sense of urgency here, no should we. We’re still winning games, we’re still in first place.

  8. Tank Foster says:

    I disagree with your assessment on Park. Yes, he has bad numbers this year. Last season, he had very good numbers in Philly. He has a relatively long MLB career with a record that, while not great, is solidly above the generic replacement pitcher level. His performance this year could be due to the injury early in the year, and rust as he gets reconditioned post-injury, etc.

    I have no objection to DFA’ing Gaudin if that is preferred over optioning Logan, but I personally wouldn’t give up on CHoP yet.

    • Ross says:

      I’d agree if we were a couple weeks removed from his injury. But as it stands, it’s been a couple months since he came back. There should be no more lingering effects, and if there are, he has no business pitching in the situations Joe has been bringing him in. He’s being trusted to keep 2-3 run deficits where they are, and he’s doing the exact opposite almost every appearance. Sorry, but we don’t need a long man who can’t be a long man and gives up a ton of home runs. Those are back-breakers. I’d rather keep Gaudin (because he can actually throw multiple innings) and Logan (because he throws 98 with his left hand) than keep CHoP.

      • Dirty Pena says:

        and Logan (because he throws 98 with his left hand)


      • Tank Foster says:

        Nobody knows the true nature of his injury, and how long a reasonable recovery should take. And pitchers go through bad patches.

        The Yankees have the best record in baseball. I don’t know what Girardi is thinking, but the way I look at his management of the pitching staff, he seems to do alot of “experimenting” as the year progresses, and by the end of the year, he usually has a good relief corps established. Granted, it may be more like a corpse now, but it will be a good corps for down the stretch.

        Every pitcher is expected to hold leads, or keep the deficits they inherit at bay. But sometimes it just takes alot of time and work for a pitcher to find his groove. Just because he isn’t having success doesn’t mean he has “no business” being used.

        You may be right (I may be crazy), but I think the Yankees can afford to string along a pitcher like Park with potential upside.

        • Ross says:

          Well, look. I’m not trying to sound like a cliff-jumper who wants to DFA every player who has a bad game. And I’m all for giving a guy a chance to work himself out of a rut. But, my point is Park is simply non-competitive and that while a AAA replacement couldn’t do worse, he could certainly do better.

          In Park’s 17 appearances, he’s had a negative WPA in 9 of them. He’s had only 3 appearances where he did not allow a baserunner.

          In his last 4 appearances alone he’s expanded deficits from 5 to 6, 1 to 3, 4 to 7, and 3 to 5.

          If you take out one 3 game stretch against Baltimore, Houston, and Philly he’s been downright awful.

  9. Rose says:

    Chad Gaudin makes the rest of the Yankees bullpen look like the Dean Brothers in the Gashouse Gang.

  10. bottom line says:

    I found a reason to call up Mosely. With a career WHIP of 1.55, giving up more than 11 hits per nine innings, he will give our defense more time on the field. That experiece should help younger players like Pena and Russo.

    Can’t think of any other reason to keep this guy. Gaudin has a history of success at several points in his career, including last year with the Yankees.

  11. Chris says:

    By all appearances, Dustin Moseley will join the team tomorrow at the Stadium.

    Or it could be that they have a trade lined up (or thought they did). I don’t see how he would be an upgrade over the options they currently have. If they’re looking to call up a AAA reliever, then I’d pick Albaladejo or Melancon before Moseley.

  12. Chops says:

    So…when is Aceves back again?

  13. Don says:

    I think Moseley will be traded for a bench piece (maybe Iwamura if the Bucs eat salary?)

  14. Pete says:

    here’s an idea: let’s put together an awesome lineup and and awesome rotation so that we don’t have to worry about this stuff!

    /refusing to get stressed out about the bullpen’d

  15. Rich says:

    Why in the world would we bring up Moseley when we do have someone having a superior year in AAA. Moseley’s ERA is 4.21 and he’s
    given up 83 hits in 72 innings. Jon Albaladejo is pitching
    fantastic out of the bullpen. He’s only given up 22 hits in
    38 innings and has an amazing WHIP of 0.89. I would certainly bring him up before Moseley Or trade for some other team’s castoff.

  16. Jorge says:

    Chad Gaudin just does not look like the capable pitcher he was for us in his brief time last year. If Moseley, while no world-beater in his own right, is going to be allowed to walk if we do not bring him up, we’re not losing much by letting Gaudin go and seeing if Moseley is the better hand as long reliever right now. We’re not going to be kicking ourselves later for whatever decision we make here.

    I like Gaudin, but wouldn’t mind seeing him gone for Moseley, and agree that Logan belongs in AAA in favor of anyone, really, anyone. Forgive me I feel that Melancon has lost a bit of his luster at this point.

    • tomaconda says:

      Melancon has shown way more than Moseley!

      • coolerking101 says:

        If Moseley pitches as well in the bigs as he did in AAA, people will hardly be impressed. That’s doesn’t say much for the guy. Regardless, I get the feeling we’re going to spend way more time talking about him than he’ll spend on the Yankees 25 man roster.

        Look on the bright side…at least now there’s an open slot in AAA rotation for Phelps.

      • Jorge says:

        Even though it could have been implied, my intention wasn’t to compare Melancon and Moseley. I would jettison Gaudin for Moseley. I’m just not sure that Melancon should get the first call if the team were to send Logan down.

  17. Ross says:

    No love for Royce Ring? He had a great spring and seems to have put up good numbers so far!

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